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What Are You Lookin’ At? Top Posts on Dakota Free Press in 2019!

What was in vogue with Dakota Free Press readers in 2019? Here are the 116 posts (including a few from previous years!) that drew more than 1,000 views in 2019:

Title Views in 2019
Girls Stater Expelled After Posting Photo of Noem and Anti-Trump Message 23,921
Arabic Numerals in School Draw Strong Opposition in Brookings Register Poll 9,831
Bryon Noem Can’t Sell Crop Insurance to Hemp Farmers Yet 8,748
Governor’s Brothers Get $346K in Trump Farm Welfare Checks 8,077
Supt. Bruns Suggests Aspirational Slogan for K-12 Against Noem: “Funding: We’re On It.” 7,713
The Dope Is in Pierre, Says New Bumper Sticker 5,031
Trumpist White Boys Mock Native Men at Indigenous People’s March in Washington 4,746
Governor Noem Sees Meth Victims, Does Nothing to Help 4,719
Noem Makes First Daughter’s Wedding a Trump Fest 4,626
Kennecke Catches up with Noem’s Nepotism for Kennedy and Kyle 3,942
Herb Jones Leaves Team Noem; Governor’s Daughter, Son-in-Law Get Raises 3,786
Trump Begs the Question: “The News Is Fake Because So Much of the News Is Fake.” 3,712
Trump Flags Violate SD Laws on Flag Defacement and Right of Publicity? 3,575
Shoot That Bull: Cattlemen’s Chief Publishes Trumpist Rant About Transgender Folks, Fake Meat, Coastal Kooks…. 3,420
Noem Embarrasses SD with Inaccurate Claims Against Industrial Hemp in WSJ Op-Ed 3,278
South Dakota Personal Income Booming… Thanks to Big Government! 3,231
Noem to Spend First Day in Office Excluding Non-Christians 3,092
The Sacklings Were Hung by the Governor with Care… 2,853
Pastor Kristi Tells Everyone to Pray and Fast on May 4 2,752
At Wingnuts Lunch, Napoli Says Noem Doesn’t Respect Legislature, Tells Rhoden to Shut Up 2,749
Mistake to Arrest Walworth County Auditor for Violating Open Records Law? 2,734
Noem Targets State’s Attorney with Prohibition-Era Law, Refuses to Answer Questions About Her Own Alcohol Use 2,718
Man Contacts Woman, Says Says “We’re Related”; Woman Sues for Cyberstalking 2,570
Dakota Free Press Continues Madville Times Tradition of South Dakota Blogging 2,385
Scyller Borglum Is Running for Something… and Making Her Own GOP Nervous 2,099
White Thugs Wage Terror on Aberdeen—Build a Wall! 2,078
Stace Nelson Quits Politics, Blasts Corruption of Noem Regime 2,077
Noem Rejects Hemp Capitalism, Economic Opportunity for Farmers and Tribes 2,072
Lederman Gets $10K/Month as Saudi Agent 2,030
GOP Right Wing Attacks Noem’s Nepotism 2,026
Trump Kills Ag Markets, Wings Proposal to Nationalize Farms 2,001
Doctors Allege Sanford Made Millions on Medicare/Medicaid Fraud with Implanting Unnecessary Bone Screws 1,987
Noem Rejects Tribes’ Call to Expand Medicaid 1,987
Northwestern Area Superintendent Asks Noem to Take Standardized Tests to Benchmark Complaining 1,986
Baumeister Considers Post-Impeachment Scenarios 1,979
Baumeister: Biden Not a Racist; He’s Democrats’ Best Shot 1,930
November Puts SD Budget $14M in Black; Conservative Budgets Shift Cash from K-12 to Executive Splurge 1,902
Remove Haugaard for Abuse of Speaker’s Authority 1,889
Kristi Noem Says We’re on Meth 1,886
Fiona Hill Ends Trump Presidency 1,841
Brown, Spink, Roberts Lead in Trumpfare Checks 1,839
Treasurer’s Legislative Liaison Kyle Peters Right Man to Testify on Nepotism in State Government 1,791
Noem Skips Meeting with Black Hills Sportsmen Who Cite Science Against Her Predator Bounty Plan 1,767
New USD Law Dean Had Hand in EB-5, Made Stuff Up to Help Rounds Hide Public Salaries 1,764
Nelson Wants Four Badges: Milbrandt, Lunzman, Erickson, and Wollmann 1,764
Talk Isn’t Cheap: Noem Pays Utah Speaker $17,750 for New Conference 1,762
Farmers Ignore Evidence, Contradictions, Believe Trump Trade War Will Work Out 1,730
Rebuking Ravnsborg, Five Largest SD Counties Won’t Prosecute CBD Possession 1,712
Local Cops Raid Rapid City Store, Seize CBD Oil with THC Traces 1,670
Borglum Teases Monday Senate Announcement 1,660
Solution to Noem’s Tyranny: Dissolve South Dakota, Let Neighbors Annex! 1,653
Flustercluck: Greenfield, Novstrup Nuzzle Noem’s Nepotism, Needle Nelson 1,644
Ross Says Sen. Killer and Other Democrats Intimidated Her to Keep Quiet About Candidate Residency Questions 1,609
Pischke Offers Three Angry-Dad Bills Affecting Custody and Child Support 1,598
Rounds Excuses Trump’s Adultery Payoffs as Expression of Love for Family 1,573
Lana Greenfield, Enemy of Public Education and Civil Rights, to Chair House Education 1,564
Complaint Filed Against Noem, Sioux Falls for Police Costs During September Trump Rally 1,548
Former Yankton Stockyard Owner Expresses Regret for Role in Pollution 1,541
State Finance Officer Declared Pride in Traitor Flag After 2015 Charleston Church Murders 1,524
Noem Gets Million Bucks for Pheasant Habitat on Multiple Rule Violations 1,523
China Suspends Ag Purchases from U.S. 1,497
Regulate the Militia, as the Founders Intended 1,493
South Dakota Is Closed! Flooding, Snowing, Blowing… 1,468
Noem Flies to Florida to Rally Trumpist Youth with Platitudes 1,467
SFPD Tackles and Arrests Man for Flipping Bird and F-Bombs at Cops 1,464
Noem Budget: No Raises for Teachers or State Employees, Lower State Share of K-12 1,449
Minnesota Shrimpers Take Welfare, Skip Work Requirement 1,429
Noem Clamps Down on Capitol Access: HP Will Search Everyone at the Door 1,422
Noem Gets Naked on Committee Desk During Midnight Health Care Hearing 1,378
Look, Little Donnie! Fireworks on Mount Rushmore (and Litter, Firefighter Costs…) 1,373
Brookings HS Faculty Violate Tribal Regalia Law at Graduation 1,356
Nelson to Waste More Legislative Time with Feckless Resolution on Trump’s Wall 1,327
Thune Serves Baloney to Sturgis Brown HS Students 1,315
Noem: “I Don’t Decide Teacher Salaries.” 1,287
SD Complicit National Christofascist Legislative Push 1,283
Hawks, Burnette Resign from SDDP, Declare Need for Alternative Means of Supporting Candidates and Fighting for Future 1,281
Do Fence Me In: Kristi Wants $400K Barrier Around Governor’s Mansion 1,252
Jensen and Jensen Blame Mass Shootings on Liberal Democrats 1,246
Secretary Barnett Forwards Noem/Sioux Falls/Trump Complaint to DCI 1,245
Taxpayers Provide Boffo Wedding for Noem’s Daughter 1,237
Taylor Sues Haugaard for Retaliatory Floor Ban; Schoenbeck Says Speaker Goofus Broke Federal Law 1,225
Noem Hemp Veto Based on Absurd Contradiction of Noem’s Record 1,209
USD Staff Declining to Remove Unauthorized Anonymous Racist Posters from Student Center? 1,208
Iowa Company Botches Keystone XL Road Prep, Slaps Liens on Ranchers to Pay… Riot Boosting Ensues? 1,199
Best Way to Fight Climate Change: Plant a Trillion Trees 1,195
Noem Videographer Gets $60K to Moonlight in Capitol 1,190
Oglala Sioux Tribe Slaps Travel Ban on Kristi Noem 1,188
Mobridge Woman Boycotting Kristimas at the Capitol 1,186
1984 in South Dakota: Noem Declares Fake Emergency, Creates PEACE Fund to Fleece Protesters and Pay Keystone XL “Riot” Costs 1,184
Noem Orders Ravsnborg to Investigate McGowan; McGowan Opens Up, Welcomes Scrutiny 1,179
SD Advertisers Disappointed with Noem’s Minneapolis Meth-Thud 1,168
142 SD Farms Get Trump Welfare Payments Above $125K Cap 1,165
Noem Trying to Smoke Industrial Hemp, Delaying Bill, Not Talking to Legislators 1,158
SD Dems Failed to Report $2.5 Million in Transfers to Clinton 2016 Campaign 1,156
Indians All Look the Same to Tim Goodwin 1,156
Noem Can’t Distinguish Industrial Hemp from Wacky Weed 1,154
SD Dems Can’t Afford Office Space or Black Hills Fundraiser 1,152
First Son-in-Law-to-Be Peters Gets New Job and Raise in Noem’s GOED; McCaulley Back to Lobbying 1,141
Noem Says Industrial Hemp Program Will Cost $10M–$12M 1,134
Dusty Johnson Agrees: White House Abandons Kurds, Helps US Adversaries 1,127
On Trusts: South Dakota Leads Globe Back to Feudalism 1,125
Woster’s Proposed Response to SDDP Demise: Infiltrate SDGOP? 1,122
Drunk Augie Jock Sleeps in Wrong Bed, Faces Charges for Attacking Fellow Student 1,109
Judge Kornmann Wants to Hear SD Voice v. Noem II Before Christmas 1,109
Citizens for Liberty Lists Who Responded to Impeachment Survey 1,106
Georgia Six-Week Abortion Ban Would Erode Women’s Equality; Do Women Dare Stay? 1,103
Noem Appoints Republican Flunky with No Environmental Resume to Run DENR 1,084
Put Down the Bible, Fill Some Sandbags 1,081
Madison HS Subjects Students to State-Mandated Religious Indoctrination—Time for Instructive Annotation! 1,077
In Trusts We Trust: $3.2 Trillion Parked in South Dakota 1,066
Video: Dale’s Encounter with Cop-Calling Cable Crew Illustrates SD “Conservative” Hypocrisy 1,063
Republicans Abandon “Diversity”, Demand Closure of Diversity Offices and Hiring of Conservative Professors 1,062
Words on Immigration: “Black Wind of Death” Blowing from Within 1,056
Tru Shrimp Spending South Dakota Corporate Welfare in Minnesota 1,029
South Dakota Sanctuary State for Vehicle Registration Cheaters 1,022
Westra to Counties: Approve CAFOs or Else! 1,015

The short takeaway here is that if you’re writing about South Dakota and want to get people’s attention, write about Kristi Noem, Donald Trump, farm welfare checks, hemp, meth, and school funding!


  1. bearcreekbat 2020-01-03 10:55

    Interesting choice of videos Cory!

  2. Debbo 2020-01-03 17:47

    Wonder why the Girls Stater post so far outpaced everything else? Did it get picked up by other media?

  3. bearcreekbat 2020-01-03 19:10

    96 has a point.

  4. jerry 2020-01-03 19:58

    Indeed, 96 is spot on.

  5. Debbo 2020-01-03 20:13

    I’m seeing reports on Twitter that financial records now becoming available from Deutsche Bank reveal that Pootie guaranteed Traitorous Tot’s loans. I haven’t found a link. Anyone else?

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-03 20:21

    96, that’s an apt video response and a fine parody effort.

  7. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-03 20:26

    Debbo, I don’t have the referrer stats handy for the posts listed above. I don’t recall for sure, but I think the Girls State story was prime pickings for the social media crowd: no hard public policy, just some juicy misbehavior by the Governor’s staff.

  8. Debbo 2020-01-03 20:27

    Rep. Elissa Slotkin wrote a multipart tweet about the killing of the 2 Iranian military leaders based on her years of experience and ME expertise. She knows her stuff. The tweets are here:

    I think you can read them without an account.

  9. Debbo 2020-01-03 20:31

    3 Deutsche Bank execs have suicided in the past 5-6 weeks. They know what’s coming. Reuters has the last one.

  10. Donald Pay 2020-01-03 20:35

    I think the Girls State story had a lot of interest from high school students. Madison Howard is from Sioux Falls, has a lot of state wide reach as a runner up in public forum debate last year and she may also run track. Among her peer group she probably has more name recognition than Noem.

  11. Debbo 2020-01-03 20:36

    Daily Kos on Deutsche Bank, Pootie and Impotus.

  12. Porter Lansing 2020-01-03 22:01

    Great Tweets from Rep. Elissa Slotkin, Debbo. She’s got the proper perspective and experience. Slim chance that Impotus has thought out the repercussions. It smells like a war of distraction is about to begin.

  13. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-07 20:25

    Donald, good observation about the Girls State story. I don’t have much contact with the under-18 online reading crowd, and even when they do read, they aren’t the types to leave comments with us old fogeys. Plus, their sharing happens largely on channels from which I am entirely absent.

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