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Lederman Gets $10K/Month as Saudi Agent

South Dakota Republican Party chairman Dan Lederman is a paragon of religious tolerance. While he promotes the cancerous Islamophobia that riddles his party, the Dakota Dunes denizen who does most of his business in Iowa continues to make good money promoting the interests of Saudi Arabia, the nation that gave us fifteen of the 9/11 hijackers and whose government killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Journalist Lee Fang provides Lederman’s latest filing as a foreign agent of the Saudi government:

Lederman foreign agent Saudi Arabia
Dan Lederman, Foreign Agents Registration Act, received by U.S. Dept. Justice 2019.12.02, p. 1.
Lederman foreign agent Saudi Arabia
Dan Lederman, Foreign Agents Registration Act, received by U.S. Dept. Justice 2019.12.02, p. 2.
Lederman foreign agent Saudi Arabia
Dan Lederman, Foreign Agents Registration Act, received by U.S. Dept. Justice 2019.12.02, p. 3.

When it first became known that Lederman was working for the Saudis, his FARA registration listed his fee as $8,500. Lederman has apparently proven himself a valuable asset: he now reports drawing $10,000 a month for his work on behalf of perhaps paradoxically repressive Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Lederman is one of fourteen members of Larson Shannahan Slifka Group LLC, also known as LS2 Group, a Des Moines PR firm, who registered in November as Saudi agents. LS2 signed a contract with the Saudi Embassy to provide public relations, media management services, and government relations work for $126,500 a month.

Lederman will tell us that radical Islam is a threat, but radical paychecks from an Islamic kingdom are not.

Related Reading: Lederman’s party spin blog is quick to respond to the publication of Lederman’s lucrative foreign agency by branding original document poster Lee Fang as a “reporter for liberal online news publication ‘The Intercept’” and portray this work for Saudi Arabia as key to promoting South Dakota trade. Lederman’s lapdog made no comparable mention of the actual Egyptian trade delegation that Democratic Representative Michael Saba brought to South Dakota earlier this fall… without needing to register as a foreign agent or take a $10K/month contract to serve our economic interests.


  1. Nick Nemec 2019-12-23 07:29

    Lederman’s fealty to the Saudi government does not surprise me, anything for a price. $120,000/year is a nice sideline for a bail bondsman.
    What raises my curiosity is the seemingly odd ($11.67) amount donated for some entities.

  2. jerry 2019-12-23 08:36

    Curious, wonder if Lederman bailed out any of the Saudi’s that were involved in the terror attack on the very recent killing of our troops in Pensacola, Florida?

    When will Saudi Arabia be taken to task for the mass killings of Americans on American soil?

    Lederman is Himmler like, to Stephen Miller” Joseph Goebbel’s mantra, the hateful Jew that’s Chubby’s right hand man. Happy Hanukka to both the frauds, a real source of pride for the Jewish religion.

  3. David Hubbard 2019-12-23 09:38

    Honestly, his hypocrisy seems to be the rule rather than the exception in the Republican party.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2019-12-23 12:48

    Nick, might those fractional amounts are donations on an automatic monthly installment plan? Or maybe he had to convert from Saudi riyals?

  5. JW 2019-12-23 14:27

    This seems to me to be just an elaborate form of money laundering.

  6. jerry 2019-12-23 17:05

    Lederman fits right into the ghouls called Saudi leadership. The SDGOP is about as anti-American as you can get with the proof being it’s association with the murdering autocrats their leader represents for blood money.

    “Saudi Arabia has been accused of engaging in a mockery of justice by shielding the alleged masterminds of the killing of the dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi, after a court effectively exonerated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s inner circle of involvement in the murder.

    The gruesome killing in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018 stunned Saudi Arabia’s western allies, plunging the kingdom into its worst diplomatic crisis since the 9/11 attacks.”

    This “gruesome killing” did not deter Lederman though, as he has made a killing dealing with the same crew that has killed well over 3,000 Americans. All in a days work for Lederman and the SDGOP.

  7. Debbo 2019-12-23 18:09

    We used used to have a cattle water tank that got so scummy we had to drain it and scrape the crud out twice each summer. It was thick, gooey, slimy and smelled so disgusting!

    Just came to mind for some reason.

  8. Porter Lansing 2019-12-23 18:36

    Well. This doesn’t pass the smell test, does it?
    What we suspect …
    -Trump defends the House of Saud at all costs.
    -The costs are campaign donations.
    -Saudi royals need a way to funnel money to Trump, because it’s illegal to accept donations from foreign governments.
    -Lederman was just at the White House, last week.
    -Lederman controls The Rushmore PAC.
    -South Dakota has the least regulated trust laws in USA with nearly non-existent reporting rules.
    -Lederman has carte blanche to do as he pleases with a political blog in his pocket for cover.

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