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Baumeister: Biden Not a Racist; He’s Democrats’ Best Shot

Dave Baumeister, DFP columnist
Dave Baumeister, DFP columnist

[Guest Column by Dave Baumeister]

Greetings, Blogophiles!

This week I will be joining the Dakota Free Press world with a weekly opinion piece. For 11 years, my columns and editorials saw a great deal of success with the South Dakota Newspaper Association, and I am hoping to continue that tradition every week with my friend Cory.

Our friendship was forged in the heat of competition in high school interscholastic debate. And it is in the spirit of that friendship I wanted to share some thoughts this week.

All of you good Democrats will, no doubt, be watching the second round of Democratic presidential debates next week on July 30 and 31. The big night will probably be the rematch between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice-President Joe Biden on Wednesday, July 31.

In the last debates, Harris scored big when she went after Biden on the question of federally mandated busing in desegregating schools. I can’t say why Biden didn’t do better in standing up to her questioning, other that he was just stunned at her line of attack.

She stated, “Mr. Vice-President, I don’t think you’re a racist, but…,” which is doublespeak for “Yes, I think you are a racist and here’s why…”

I honestly believe the man who was vice-president to the first African-American president was taken aback by the entire line of questioning. Maybe Biden felt his commitment to fighting racism is beyond question.

As to the busing issue specifically, Harris’s claim that she was the beneficiary of a better education due to busing; however, the type of busing she was part of is exactly what Biden was in favor of.

This was not forced busing in the deep south to desegregate white schools, but it was voluntary busing in Berkley, Calif. In subsequent interviews after the debate, Biden clarified his position in 1972 in that busing was not the best option.

Any South Dakota farm kid who has had to leave home two and a half hours before school to ride a bus can attest to that.

But even Harris was not part of a federally mandated program that would move her from her neighborhood to integrate schools, she was a volunteer in one of the most progressive areas in the country who took a voluntary option to get a better education.

As I watched that debate, I was waiting for Biden to turn the tables on Harris, the former prosecutor by asking, “Senator, I don’t believe you are a racist, but how many African-American men have you put in prison?”

Biden may have been too stunned, or he knew it would be unfair to do that.

However, Donald Trump wouldn’t hesitate to do something like that in both the presidential debates, and at all of his rallies.

In fact, I can hear him now… “Sen. Harris has made a career of locking up Black men and women, and now she wants us to think that everyone else is a racist. Well, you know what I think, instead of locking up African-Americans in general????”

And this will allow his base to bring back the chant they love so well.

So, in the debates next week, I look forward to seeing Biden going after Harris, even though he still might want to play nice with his Democratic brethren.

And that is exactly who Democrats need to run against Trump next year. We don’t need someone who will level the term “racist” to get ahead, even though it doesn’t apply.

We don’t need someone who touts progressive legislative plans (i.e. Medicare-for-all, paid college tuition, etc.), as it is the Congress, not the President, that needs to put plans like that forward.

Things like that make good campaign promises for candidates, but they are empty promises. In our system, a president cannot make any of those things happen.

People like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and others can do much more toward getting new, progressive ideas passed if they stay in Congress.

No, the only thing that needs to happen in 2020 is for President Trump to be beaten and beaten so soundly that he will have trouble spinning it as to how he really won.

Of the 20-plus Democrats running, Biden is likely the only one who can accomplish that.

From there, I do think a President Biden should pick a young, progressive running mate (Mayor Pete is my early favorite), and he should also embrace some of the others’ progressive ideas.

But absolutely nothing will matter if Trump is elected to another four years.

—Dave Baumeister writes and teaches in Sioux Falls. He has published newspapers and coached high school debate. Dave also looks good, with or without a hat. 


  1. cibvet 2019-07-27 09:27

    Biden was asleep at the first debate and at his age will probably sleep thru the second.He’ll go down in flames against trump by playing the nice card. As for Harris, as a prosecutor, her job was to incarcerate people. I’m sure the race card would be played if she had let the blacks go and jailed only whites.

  2. jerry 2019-07-27 09:43

    Welcome Mr. Baumeister. cibvet, is correct. Biden cannot think quickly on this feet. A prosecutors job depends on that, and that is why I’m in the Harris, Warren camp. I still like Bernie and I like his ideas, but I believe that these two fighters, will be more than a match for trump (if he is still in office). Biden had his day in the sun and for that, he did a great job of taking care of veterans and our issues. I don’t forget what President Obama and VP Biden and their wives did for us veterans as many trump veterans have.

  3. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 09:57

    Here’s my story about forced bussing. My daughter had finished Kindergarten. We were told she would be bussed across the city to a dilapidated, elementary school in one of the worst areas of the city. Not a black folks part of town. A worn out, empty factories, wino’s sleeping on the street, part of town. Denver bussed kids from first grade to fifth grade and then your kids went back to school in their own neighborhood. White flight occurred and we moved to the town my wife had grown up in. Forced bussing ended a few years later. Had she been relocated to a black majority or Latinx majority school, we’d not have moved.

  4. jerry 2019-07-27 10:02

    So, how is that school today Porter?

  5. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 10:11

    Long torn down, Jerry and not replaced. Today it’s part of a giant, freeway expansion, under construction. To any ranchers, it was within a mile of the National Western Stock Show complex.
    Denver Public Schools has never recovered from the white flight. The bussing ended but we never moved back to Denver and few families did. Denver has been revitalized by the massive number of millennials moving here but they haven’t needed primary schools, yet.

  6. jerry 2019-07-27 10:45

    Sounds to me like that was the plan from the beginning. That whole area needed revitalized, so moving all people out, made it possible. Land prices went down so developers could come in and get the land on the cheap and reap massive profits.

    I think we’re gonna see the same thing here in South Dakota with land prices getting depressed, not from bussing, but from another form of manipulation. The fun never ends.

  7. Brian 2019-07-27 10:49

    So here’s my take…

    Biden was a great VP. He has done many great things over his career. But I do agree that he was wrong on the busing issue. I’ll explain. At the time this came up in Congress, it was apparent that many areas were still very segregated because of where the schools were built. If the closest school to you is all black that’s because of who lives near it. And the same went for the other side of town being all white. Now that doesnt sound like a problem at first unless you take into account that the cities and schools were set up that way on purpose. So the obvious answer was to provide busing between the areas in order to integrate the schools. On one side people say (and I agree) that without busing the schools and city were allowing de facto segregation to continue. On the other side, Biden, said that is wasn’t the federal government’s place to mandate that change. Except it is the role of the federal government to step in when local governments are not following the law.

    Now, as for Harris’s history as a prosecutor, you are absolutely correct. She prosecuted many more black people and POC than she did white people. You could argue that she was doing her job and that is who was arrested or that the dicersity of the population was skewed that way. Except you would be wrong. According to the most recent numbers, San Francisco is 47% white and about 6% Black, with the other 47% being various POC mostly of Asian and Latinx heritage. Also a prosecutor has every right to decide which cases to bring to trial. She could have fought against the obvious racial bias in the police department by dismissing many of the charges brought (such as non violent first offenders as one example).

    Finally, you do make a fair point about the work needing done in Congress but we also need a strong liberal President to lead that fight. Likely it will also be up to the next President and not Congress to roll back many of the inhumane immigration policies we currently have. Not to mention federal judge appointments and potential Supreme Court nominees. As well as a strong negotiator for foreign policy and actual professionals as cabinet members.

    Personally, I still am for Bernie. I don’t know yet who I would want as his running mate though Harris and Warren are both good options. Regardless, whoever wins the primary, even if it is Biden, I will support them at that point in order to remove Trump.

  8. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 10:55

    That’s part of the story, for sure. We lived in a beautiful part of Denver. Tudor style homes. Great parks. Great schools. Bussing my kid 15 miles across the city to an area already dead and dominated by stock yards and slaughter houses solved little in the way of racial balance in educational opportunities. IMHO Soon after white flight the economy collapsed (Neil Bush was highly involved) and those beautiful, now vacant, homes were foreclosed on and investors made billions.

  9. tom schmitz 2019-07-27 11:12

    I think folks pitching Biden or any of the faux progressives fail to understand that the youth are the future and only hope for 2020. And if the nominee isn’t Bernie or one of the faux progressives who somehow sheds his/her faux-ness — the combination of legitimizing hate and nice fat 401ks from the planet’s destruction and labor’s continued decimation is gonna lead bigots and so-called moderates to give us 4 mores years of Trump – the youth will vote their conscience — and it won’t be for a neo-lib or a fake.

  10. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 11:21

    My experience with forced bussing in no way encapsulates the experience. But, it was one reason Biden called bussing a terrible thing. The more common experience were stories like Kamala Harris who got to go to a very white school and many of my friend’s kids who got to go to a very black school. The benefits of those two occurrences are almost to many to list. My friends kids are now grown and do definitely have a more ethnically, diverse group of friends. I wish my daughter would have had that opportunity. Kamala Harris is absolutely on base to point out how bussing gave her opportunities she’d never have had. There you go, Biden team. There’s your response to being attacked as being anti-bussing. Joe’s constituents during bussing had a very different experience than people in Kamala’s neighborhood had. Overall, bussing was a failure because it had the inherent problem Obamacare has. It told people what to do. Programs do best when people are given choices. (Obama is half German and it showed in his authoritarian approach to many things.)

  11. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 11:50

    Biden can’t win and Biden shouldn’t win. That’s because Joe Biden isn’t a deep thinker like Obama is. Even Trump thinks deeper than Biden. Trump only thinks about how something will affect him, though. Biden tried to solve the bussing problem, without thinking of how it affected minority people. Biden tried to solve the cocaine problem by differentiating cocaine from crack cocain, without thinking of how it affected minority people. Biden’s not a racist but his decisions have no deep analysis of how they’ll affect others than his personal ethnic group. That’s not racism. It’s just shallow.

  12. Debbo 2019-07-27 15:23

    Old white men, old white men and more old white men. We should get rid of that old white man and replace him with another old white man because that’s what the old white people want and they vote the most.

    Or we could nominate Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg or Amy Klobuchar, Kamala with fire in the belly and whip smart, and start right now building a GOTV even better than Obama’s. Maybe ask the Obamas to lead it.

    Harris/Buttigieg can create passionate support and enthusiasm, an absolute must, to scare Chinless Wonder McTurtle out of some hyper treasonous Pootie supported actions to steal the election. Also good, the AF pilot whips his ass in Kentucky, rigged machines and all.

  13. Porter Lansing 2019-07-27 18:44

    Debbo. I like the way you think. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  14. jerry 2019-07-27 19:10

    Joe Biden “”I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    — Joe Biden, describing fellow candidate Barack Obama. The remark was made the same day Biden filed the official paperwork to launch his presidential campaign. Biden later apologized and said the remark was taken out of context.” Joe Biden, clean and articulate and clean…and such an old white guy.

  15. leslie 2019-07-27 19:49

    Well said jerry. CLEAN? Come on!

    I like kamela, liz, maybe amy…but we have several other exceptional candidates. Ageism-well 2016 we had spoon-fed young people who failed the nation because of HRC hate. In a way Biden has had his time, same with Bernie.

    Welcome DB!

  16. Debbo 2019-07-27 19:59

    Thanks Porter.

    I expect one of the highest turnouts of young people ever because their physical, real world is on the line and they are afraid and angry. They should be!

    Democrats need to give them someone to vote for and policies to vote for.

  17. Brian 2019-07-27 20:04

    Leslie what do you mean Bernie has had his time? He has been fighting for the same things his whole career and has made real progress. Plus he excites the younger voters too. While yeah, he is an old white man, he is the only one with a strong record on so many issues.

  18. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-27 20:17

    Way too early to pick winners and losers for 2020, many of these candidates will be falling off by the time of the debates in Sept.
    Old white men, young white men, old white women, young white women, or black women. I’m for the one that is willing to kick Trump in the groin and keep on kicking him. Once he is down just keep on kicking him.
    Democrats need to look at the 2020 campaign for the war that it is going to be.

  19. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-07-27 21:41

    Biden is responsible for some of the worst laws of the panoply of Jim Crow-under-the-cover-of-“protect the kids” laws that quintupled the federal prison population from 1970 to 2000. He hatchet-jobbed Anita Hill and handed us Clarence Thomas.

    I can’t think of anything he did that was particularly beneficial. The only good thing I have to say about him is that he, as president, might be preferable to twitterpate45. In that respect, he’s right up there with about 40 million Americans.

    By all means, let’s make him POTUS.

  20. PaulT 2019-07-27 22:05

    You don’t out voters will centrists. Obama won because he was radical. Progressives believed he would fight corruption, but he didn’t and we aren’t ever going to be fooled again. Not by Hillary and certainly not Biden. You want to see a worse turnout than 100 million Americans pass on voting – nominate Biden.

  21. Debbo 2019-07-27 23:45

    Roger, I’ll vote for whoever is opposing Rancid Racist, unless it’s Chinless Wonder McTurtle or Pootie himself.

  22. Clyde 2019-07-28 06:51

    The democrats don’t stand a chance unless they run a Sanders/ Warren ticket.

    Biden never was any good when he was awake. Harris prosecuted people till she got to the big ones that should have been incarcerated like Mnuchin. Why else would the DNC want her except to let off the big money.

  23. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-07-28 07:35

    Sitting out and allowing Donald Trump four more years to destroy the free world is not an option. Let’s have a vigorous, even raucous primary debate, and then let’s all show up to vote and reclaim our country from the reckless racist Republicans in November 2020.

  24. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-07-28 07:39

    Remember, every Democrat in the field would do more good for America as President than the current occupant of the White House. Anyone spending this primary season tearing down any one of the candidates as unfit for the Presidency is missing the point. (I will consider excepting criticism of Marianne Williamson.)

  25. Clyde 2019-07-28 08:19

    Cory, I’m afraid that four more years of Trump are probably what we are looking at. He is polling the highest since he was elected right now.
    The mainstream media and the DNC keeps wanting candidates running against him that are so called “centrists”. A mealy mouthed centrist democrat that is willing to kow tow to big money just as all the republicans are isn’t what this country need’s or can stand.
    The big money owned corporate media is, so obviously, out to make sure only a do their bidding “centrist” becomes the candidate. I’m sure that Debbo and Leslie have been heavily influenced by the “corporate” media.
    Just the other day I chanced on Rachel Maddow’s interview of Bernie Sanders on you tube. She had him for her entire show but the only spot put up on you tube was her asking him if he just wasn’t too damn old to be running. That is clearly the influence that is being pushed by the “media”.

  26. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-07-28 08:40

    Clyde, your fears are actionable. Everyone get and vote for the other guy, or the other gal.

  27. PaulT 2019-07-28 08:41

    “Sitting out and allowing Donald Trump four more years to destroy the free world is not an option. ” Destroy the free world?

    I am hopeful people will seek out the number of combat deaths and civilians deaths caused by the wars these “liberals” voted for and created while in office, and learn that the reason they happened is because many people simply aren’t taking the time to educate themselves and are too comfortable trusting what others say. Voting for any of them is what shouldn’t be allowed by any person who claims to be educated and a humanitarian.

    That isn’t “sitting out” Cory – that is actively demanding better and not settling for less.

  28. mike from iowa 2019-07-28 08:52

    This should be mandatory viewing for all wingnuts and then look them in the eye and ask how they can still ignore and enable the racist scumbag in the kremlin annex. That is right, Putin’s puppet, the racist, pathological lying 2 year old spoiled brat, Drumpf.

  29. Clyde 2019-07-28 09:28

    PaulT , I don’t know your political leanings but I personally am trying to avoid the “conservative/liberal” labeling that the media wants to put on everyone nowadays. We are all citizens of this country and we all should be looking out for whats best for each other.

    Having said that from your post I hope you are a fan of Ms. Gabbard.

    And I agree that we need to be demanding better and not settling for less.

  30. PaulT 2019-07-28 09:41

    I love Tusli Gabbard and actually spent the day with her campaign manager back during her visit here over McGovern days.

    The Trump 2020 campaign is going to be an indictment on the FBI and the corruption of the DNC which lead to Russiagate. Sadly, this is going to be a winning strategy unless the Democrats nominate a candidate that is beyond the reach of establishment corruption. Tulsi Gabbard fits the bill but unfortunately, her reputation and story has been so smeared and corrupted by corporate media, there would have to be a near complete repudiation of corporate news (which wouldn’t shock me) for her to become a front runner. She would possibly be the only candidate to get more votes than Bernie in a general election – or at least there is that potential.

  31. mike from iowa 2019-07-28 09:41

    The pathological liar in the kremlin annex, no liberal he, was for the Iraq war before he was against it and lied about it both ways.

    We can auger all day whether HRC voted for war (I doubt it). Libs voted to give dumbass dubya the authority to use whatever means necessary t0 deal with dubya’s lies about wmds. Of course he chose an illegal war because that was the only option conjured up by neocons.

    As long as I am pounding worthless wingnuts, Drumpf’s amazing super economy had 2018’s GDP downgraded to a paltry 2.5% growth. That equaled Obama’s 2016 growth which Drumpf trashed as a disaster. 2019 has been downgraded to expect 2.1% GDP growth which Drumpf won’t accept responsibility for.

  32. Clyde 2019-07-28 10:01

    Well, I was behind Sanders last time and will remain behind him. He has walked the walk and talked the talk since he got into politics. Unlike some of the competing johnny come lately candidates that have suddenly taken up his stands.
    Its been proven that the electorate picked him over HRC and the DNC took the nomination away from him. It’s also been proven he would have beaten the jerk we have in the white house now. Anyway my likes are Sanders, Gabbard, Yang, and Warren. But I really believe that only a Sanders/Warren ticket could win this thing

  33. Clyde 2019-07-28 10:32

    PaulT, I agree that the Russia, Russia, Russiagate thing is going to just be ammunition for Trump and the republican party in 2020. The media’s fixation on HRC’s excuse for two years will only help the Republicans. I’m afraid that most of the candidates against Trump have not insulated themselves from the fiasco.

    Guess we will see what transpires.

  34. happy camper 2019-07-28 10:50

    Deb don’t want no old man Sanders (77) just another white guy one year older than Biden talk about ageism. If ever the country wants (and needs) a moderate candidate it’s now. They ain’t radical so they don’t get your juices flowing, but they are the largest voting block who have finally been roused from their slumber. Rational, willing to compromise, they do not want extremes. Keep pushing lax border controls and Trump will get reelected. This necessary voting block wants a return to normacy as others have stated. While I doubt you’re capable of doing it, you must put this voting block in front of your own specific politics if you really want to get rid of Trump. There are also swing voters on the conservative side who hate Trump, like the George Will crowd, but they will not vote for a leftist. Did you know he is an atheist?
    From his recent interview

  35. Clyde 2019-07-28 11:11

    Happy, I couldn’t disagree with you more. The country doesn’t need or want another “moderate centrist”. It needs a revolution and only the corporate media can convince the electorate that it needs more of the “moderate” change nothing candidates that have been sent to Washington now for decades. Why do you suppose no one votes any more? Sanders campaign last time around brought out a big share of the electorate that would never have come out for a “moderate”. The young non voters aren’t going to come out for a “moderate” but would flood the polls for someone that really would fight for a just change. That is the demographic that needs to be catered to if the democratic party wants to be viable in the future.

    As to the border, do you really think the fence will do anything? The folks wading the river pales compared to the steady stream of trucks hauling goods into this country from Mexico that can not be stopped because it would hurt big business.

  36. Clyde 2019-07-28 11:20

    Happy, I think you forget D Trumps ” radical” ideas that won him the election last time around. He was going to dump the TPT that “moderate democrats” were in favor of. He was going to get the troops out of the middle east that the “moderate democrats” were unwilling to do. He was going to fix the infrastructure that the “moderate democrats” had been unwilling to do.

    Of course he did none of those things but the promise of those “radical” ideas won him the election.

  37. happy camper 2019-07-28 11:45

    Centrist Hillary lost, worth remembering just barely, for many identifiable reasons, but mainly because she came across as so unlikeable, didn’t take Bill’s advice but tried to pull in leftist voters and tossed out solid working-class Democrats. “Basket of deplorables” her injuries were mostly self inflicted by a very flawed candidate it was a simple matter of demographics. Trump did a reset this is not the last election. If the left pushes a leftist candidate they will lose and it will be their own fault. They refuse to look beyond their own belief system to understand the voting makeup of the whole nation. Sometimes it’s necessary to be pragmatic.

  38. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 11:48

    In an earlier comment on this thread Debbo said that she is for any Democrat that is willing to take Trump down.
    There are no Johnny-come-latelies in the Democratic Party, we have a lot of new fresh faces and fresh ideas that come with them, we as Democrats have an obligation to welcome them.
    I don’t know where Clyde is getting his polling information, but he is wrong. Trump through a fit on Friday because a FOX poll had Biden beating Trump by nearly ten points, in South Carolina, a red state no one, including Trump is even close to Biden.
    The liberals that supported republican middle-east wars have apologized for their votes supporting these wars, there hasn’t been one republican that apologized for their votes.
    Rehashing the 2016 election will serve Democrats absolutely no purpose, we can leave that to the Russian troll farm, Internet Research Agency.
    And finally, those thinking that not voting is an act of protest, study after study has shown that those that didn’t vote for Hillary and with the help of Putin money, caused the election of the liar we have now.

  39. happy camper 2019-07-28 12:07

    I know I’m just giving her a hard time the way she blasts old white men I could call her ageist, racist, and sexist. You were a Hillary fan and probably saw how the left side of the party did not get behind her fast enough if at all. She definitely did not excite them. I know many people who quietly voted for Trump because they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her. Those same people today are willing to vote for Biden, but it doesn’t have to be Biden. There’s nothing exceptional about him, and maybe he is too old, but we need a candidate with mass appeal to push out Trump. He’s a horrible creature that does not represent mainstream American values.

  40. jerry 2019-07-28 12:15

    Tulsi is a moonie, trump is a goonie, pretty much wraps it all up nicely.

  41. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 12:19

    How much older is Biden then Trump?
    Would you agree that not only is Trump more senile acting then “sleepy” Joe he is dumber then the whole field of Democratic candidates.
    Hillary rand in 2008 and 2016 and those campaigns are long over. Like I said, I’ll leave it the Russian troll farms and Trump supporters to “Lock Her Up” in Trump’s 2020 campaign.

  42. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 12:21

    Tulsi doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell in getting the Democratic nomination.

  43. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 12:23

    happy camper … I couldn’t agree with you more about the majority desiring a return to the center and some form of normalcy. I agree with Debbo about older, angry, white, males being what we don’t need. But, it doesn’t matter a hill of beans what I want. My impressions and opinions aren’t going to flip anyone on DFP because high value voters (voters who’ve not made up their mind) are very scarce among Cory’s readers. That said, Cory’s right about the need for a vociferous discussion about who the nominee should be. I’ll try hard not to jump down the throat of ideas I disagree with. That water’s gone down the stream with Jason, Ol Sarge, Pearson etc. and produced no benefits.

  44. Clyde 2019-07-28 12:38

    The fact is that BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON!!!!! There has been poll after poll that says he would have won and it has been absolutely proven that the DNC cheated him out of the nomination.

    Any discussion about not wanting a leftist but a moderate after the facts I just mentioned are ridiculous.

    Roger, as Mark Twain once said: “Statistics don’t lie but liars can make statistics”. There is so much disinformation and mistruths out there now that who knows what is accurate. If you only poll old people you are only going to get the opinion of old people!

  45. jerry 2019-07-28 12:52

    In the proven collusion testified under oath by Mueller, it should be noted that all 50 states, including South Dakota, had Russian voter interference. Nothing said on South Dakota news about Russian tampering, so I guess we’re all okay with that racism in the trolling from the Rooskies. Gwaad we are so damn easy to be taken over, just like in the movies.

  46. happy camper 2019-07-28 12:57

    I’m getting some surprising overlap here. Trump scares me he’s not stable but knows how to play his base but also swing voters who don’t like him but under certain circumstances will vote for him nonetheless. Get to know the mainstream voting block. They do not want free college. They do not want open borders and support more controls. If a Democratic candidate goes down these lines they will lose because moderates will vote for Trump. Biden is vastly superior to Trump and can bring out the moderate voters. He can win having an electable candidate is simply necessary. We never get everything we want I sense Cory has moved his needle a bit in this regard and accepts being pragmatic sometimes is the better answer.

  47. jerry 2019-07-28 13:01

    Why conservatives are racist can be found in their messaging. The set a message and then they all follow it, case in point was Hannity being parroted by Nunes in the questioning of Mueller.

    “America is changing and conservatives are scared. They have plenty of reasons to feel that way. But that doesn’t make them what many progressives call them.
    Indeed, a recent Pew Survey found damning evidence of conservative fears about the future. In nearly every way you look at it, conservatives seem pessimistic about the future. A future where America is MUCH browner. Where most older Americans will be broke. Where healthcare for all (single payer) becomes the norm. And religion becomes less important.”

    Older folks lost their shirts in the republican 2008 meltdown of our economy forcing many to do menial jobs in order to keep the lights on. People see these folks in Walmart working as greeters or as shelf stockers and even standing for hours doing check outs. These folks are scared as hell and they need the brownies to blame it on rather than the banks who put them in the poor house.

  48. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 13:16

    happy camper … You’re welcome to look at my ten point series, “How To Lose To Trump” on my Facebook page. I’ve already covered that free college, immigration, and The Squad are losing issues for Dems. I’ve not yet posted the big one, which is why Trump is ahead. Abortion.
    As you say, pragmatic solutions to USA’s problems is the proper path. Hickenlooper 2020 (Colorado under Hick has used a pragmatic approach and now has America’s #1 economy). CO Republicans voted for Hick over extremist Republican for 16 straight years. He’ll catch fire on the trail because he’s centrist, moderate, and a proven CEO of a major state.

  49. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 13:25

    Listen up, if you wish to go down the Hillary/Sanders rabbit hole of the 2016 election by all means go there but don’t expect me to go there with you, 2016 is over.
    You are the one that brought up polling with your claim that Trump is polling higher then ever without providing a source, I disagreed with your assessment.
    I seriously doubt that FOX news only polls old people nor do I think that any polling service would do that in a generalized opinion poll, so that is a ridiculous notion.

  50. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 13:35

    The mistake Democrats are already making is thinking that 2020 is going to be about issues, progressive issues, centrist issues and who is more of what. Some may think that even debate performance will matter and it may to some degree.
    The 2020 presidential campaign is setting up to be the bloodiest race we have ever witnessed. By this time next year swords will have been drawn, guns loaded, and Molotov cocktails fueled for some of the largest race riots we have seen in our lifetimes, and I lived through the 1960 Vietnam protests and the 1973 occupation of Wounded Knee.
    Buckle up, gentlemen, Trump is determined to lead the charge against people of color and the poor.

  51. bearcreekbat 2019-07-28 16:04

    Anybody ever wonder how someone who

    . . . came across as so unlikeable . . . [with] injuries were mostly self inflicted . . . [who was] a very flawed candidate . . . . [and who] the left side of the party did not get behind . . . [who] definitely did not excite them. . . . [and who many voters] couldn’t bring themselves to vote for her . . . .

    could manage to win the popular vote in the USA by about three million votes?

    Wouldn’t seem all thoses self inflicted flaws and injuries and vast unlikeability, if they actually existed, might have resulted in a more McGovern like loss, rather than a strong multi-million win in the popular vote only to lose the electoral college by about 78,000 votes?

    The “unlikeability, unpopular, flawed candidate” analysis has a nice Trump-like ring to it, but seems a bit incongruous with the reality of the actual vote count.

  52. Debbo 2019-07-28 16:38

    Clyde said, “I’m sure that Debbo and Leslie have been heavily influenced by the ‘corporate’ media.”
    I’m assuming you’re saying that because I like Harris. Seems your assumption is that can only be because I’m unable to do any in depth research and reach my own conclusions. In addition, your assumption apparently further concludes that I am unable or unwilling to use any sources other than “corporate” media.
    That’s a really big bucketful of assumptions! Do you see a problem with that? I will tell you that you’re about 95% wrong. Other than that, you did pretty well. Next time try ASKING me why I prefer the candidate I prefer. In addition, keep in mind that it’s a long time till the election. I may change my mind.

    HC my pal. How have you been? I know you enjoy accusations and you’ve done well on this post regarding me. That’s not really a commendable trait.
    I’ve never been a Bernie fan and Biden has always creeped me out. I always got a slimy sense from him and apparently that was on the money. So no, it’s not ageism, though I’m in the same generation, also old. I like Warren, but I want her to be Secretary of the Treasury because she’d be awesome in that role. My generation, Boomers, has had our hands on the reins of everything for many decades. Some things we’ve done well, others we’ve really messed up and the rest was a middling result. It’s time for the next generations. Happens all the time you know, without being a major issue.

    So yeah, I like Harris and that could change.
    Nope, I’m not simple or ignorant.
    Not ageist either, just recognizing the natural turn of generations.

  53. happy camper 2019-07-28 16:46

    No BCB, the outcome is actually exactly in line with the vote count. Two hugely flawed candidates Trump was given the benefit of the doubt Hillary had too much history. If this wasn’t so serious we could laugh about it Trump is a little Mussolini he really does have dictatorial tendencies. I do think it’s important to rehash and learn from that unmitigated disaster of a campaign, the DNC corruption, but mostly it was just Hillary without an ounce of authenticity and even less charm. For many, even acknowledged here, Trump was a breath of fresh air. That air is now stale reality has set in and he is vulnerable, but he’s playing the things Porter mentioned and does have a gift for manipulating the American public. The way he humiliated the other Republican candidates on the debate stage he has no moral or ethical center he’s a dangerous man but also not one to be discounted a second time. The stupid, arrogant mainstream press couldn’t believe he won while he’s disgusting learn from the man so you can take him down.

  54. Clyde 2019-07-28 16:50

    Well, 2016 is over and apparently a number of people haven’t learned anything from it. The mainstream establishment media has been doing their job and I think a Trump win in 2020 is inevitable.

    I’m bowing out.

  55. happy camper 2019-07-28 16:56

    Biden reminds me of the joker, that creepy smile all the time. They’re politicians though they aren’t regular people none of them. I do think you place too much emphasis on the negative traits of old white men granted too many did have privilege but we have to judge each person individually. I don’t care if a person is purple as long as he or she is rational, sensible with good leadership skills that can kick Trump’s butt right out of office. He’s a destructive force that needs to be stopped even by old white Biden who by most accounts is actually quite decent.

  56. Debbo 2019-07-28 16:59

    I think the USA would benefit greatly from the insight, experience and perspective of a woman of color. I’m absolutely dead serious when using the words
    “Benefit Greatly.”

    She sees things and gets things and knows things and reacts to things and imagines things and learns things and more — in ways white women don’t and men don’t.

    The old ways are no longer working. They did once, for the majority of the country, poorly for a minority, very poorly at long times. Those old ways are no longer working. I don’t think there is an argument with this paragraph.

    We will be smarter to not put the same people in charge who got us here. We’ve used the exact words of the previous sentence in several political instances, the economy comes to mind, diplomacy (Bolton=war), etc.

    The office of president is not different. Remember, it’s not only that individual, but everyone she puts in place in her administration. (Rancid Racist’s deministration.) The people someone like Kamala Harris or Stacy Abrams might populate her government with would be far from what we’d see from Biden or Bernie because the vision of a Harris or an Abrams or a Maxine Waters or a Debra Haland would be far different.

    Last, it takes an old person to know that “too old” is a real thing. Some physical decline begins in the mid to late 50s, but in the 60s it really hits. The body just plain isn’t as efficient. Cells don’t reproduce as quickly or recover as swiftly or completely. It’s simple biology. Keeping oneself in good shape with exercise and activity is critical, but it can’t reverse biology. I doubt that anyone in the 70s can really physically and mentally hold up 18 hour days, travel across multiple time zones, interrupted sleep, etc.

    Feel free to argue my opinions. 😁

  57. Debbo 2019-07-28 17:01

    “Biden who by most accounts is actually quite decent.”

    By dozens and dozens of accounts he’s quite indecent.

  58. Clyde 2019-07-28 17:21

    Once more….

    Debbo, I apologize if you were offended by my assumption. I admit that it was poorly stated and I appreciate your opinion on most things.

    All that is needed for me to dislike Harris is the fact that she was the person that should have put Mnuchin behind bars and instead tossed the case out. Throw in the fact that she likes big money donors and she is a no go for me. I see her continuing to hand it to people like Mnuchin.

    Roger, I did not keep track of where I heard that Trumps approval rating had risen to 44%. It would have been some mainstream media not long ago.

  59. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 17:26

    I did see that Trump’s approval rating did rise to 44%, but still averaging the same as approval.
    As you know, approval ratings are different from presidential polling.

  60. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 17:42

    People like Clyde, who continually blame the “mainstream establishment media” show unhealthy psychological tendencies towards perceived “hostile media projection”. They attack even neutral stories as hostile simply because they are not supportive enough of their position. Those who mistrust the neutral media are less willing to accept that media’s presentation of the world often because their own world is in disarray.

  61. mike from iowa 2019-07-28 17:53

    From daily kos- On the OneWest issue, it’s a misnomer (ie, lie) that Harris “didn’t prosecute Mnuchin.” He was never under investigation, and Harris didn’t receive a referral to criminally prosecute anyone. What she got was a recommendation to file a civil enforcement action against OneWest. In such a filing, no one person is accused of anything. Instead, an entire company is looked at, and perhaps fined for wrongdoing.

    So why didn’t she file the action? Well, Senator Harris isn’t exactly free to openly discuss that, because we don’t openly discuss investigations. It’s not appropriate to discuss partial evidence, suspicions, or rumors. This harms the party under investigation, who has a right to a presumption of innocence.

    But the reasons this didn’t go anywhere are likely far simpler. The civil enforcement action requested by the consumer law division would have potentially fined OneWest in order to encourage them to fix their internal issues. Those fines would have been entirely passed on to shareholders. Sen. Harris likely saw no reason to invest time and energy in pursuing fines to be levied on people already losing their shirts, just so that OneWest would be encouraged to shape up, when the recession was ensuring banks were going to be forced to do that anyway

    Is this true or not?

  62. jerry 2019-07-28 17:56

    True that mfi, great post.

  63. happy camper 2019-07-28 18:06

    Thanks for arguing which at least means you’re open to the possibility of being wrong. I’m troubled by your consistent assumption women or people of color have had a certain set of experiences and therefore must learn a similar set of lessons therefore making them more capable than others. To me this is blatant discrimination based on color and gender and a broad judgment against a group of people, old white men lets say, that they are all the same, or so similar you’re comfortable tossing out these judgments. Obama learned some of his keen insights from being of mixed heritage and his mother dragging him around the world. He learned first hand what it was like to be “the other” and mistreated by a dominate society that was not white discrimination happens everywhere. So let’s say a more white looking child was drug around the world and learned all his same valuable lessons you’d still be assuming a black woman from the U.S.A. is more fit. Prejudgement of personal qualities based on color and gender is simple discrimination.

    And on ageism this varies wildly. My older sister in her 60s outruns and outrides 40 year-old men. My uncle in his 90s liked to show off and jump off the back of a pickup truck he was sharp as can be, drove and lived alone until he hit 100. He didn’t make it to 101 but you’re getting my point we’re living much longer than ever before, know how to take care of ourselves so much better, so you are again judging based on outside factors rather than the person, not to mention all the experience that person brings to the table.

    Some of the most intolerant, narrow-minded people I’ve met are categorized as minorities by those of who must think that way. That is something from which you could graduate imo.

  64. bearcreekbat 2019-07-28 18:09

    For what it is worth, in my view Hillary was not a flawed candidate at all. She was worthy of the office and of the nation’s respect and admiration. Her history suggested to me that she was authentic, charming, empathetic, self-sacrificing, caring, honest and brilliant. Apparently, a plurality of the voters in the 2016 election shared all or some of my views. That offers one rational explanation why she did so well in her head to head contest with Trump, besting him by nearly 3 million votes.

    Biden has his pluses and minuses, but he is no more qualified or caring (nor is any other current Democrat candidate) than 2016 candidate Hillary.

  65. Debbo 2019-07-28 18:43

    There you go again HC, drawing conclusions I didn’t make.

    “women or people of color have had a certain set of experiences and therefore must learn a similar set of lessons therefore making them more capable than others.”

    Yes indeed, women and people of color have a certain set of experiences. So do white men. So? More varieties of viewpoints and experiences within government is a plus. You’re saying that all experiences are fundamentally identical, regardless of skin color or gender?

    I’m not sure what you’re saying in the second part of what I quoted. I’ll take a stab at it, nonetheless, and I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m misunderstanding.

    I don’t think white men have to be like women and POC, but in governing a diverse culture, it’s good to have a deep level of understanding of those diversities. You do not know what it’s like to be a woman like I do. The reverse is also true. Neither of us knows what it’s like to be a POC like they do.

    We’ve had governance strictly from a white man perspective for 235 of our 243 years. Probably most of those white men had the best of intentions to serve all citizens and residents of the USA. Still, enough is enough. Others have valuable wisdom we’ve been squandering. Let’s use all our resources.

    Last, there is value in and use for old people. Sanders might make an excellent HUD Secretary. Warren for Treasury. Biden for ??? (Don’t know.) I’m opposed to any of them being president, though I’d really like to see Sanders at HUD. He’d raise the roof there. 😆😆

    Thanks for the anecdotes about the healthy and spry old people you know or are aware of.

  66. Debbo 2019-07-28 18:45

    BCB, I’m with you on Hillary. She would have been a great president, though Chinless Wonder McTurtle and the hyper sexist GOP would have gone ballistic to stop anything and everything she tried to do.

  67. happy camper 2019-07-28 18:52

    Ha, then BCB you haven’t read much of her history and how people felt about the election. The “plurality of voters” are simply numbers, you have no understanding from them alone how they actually felt about their two choices which seems odd considering most people I know said they both stink and many refused to vote for either. Talking to people can be as much or more meaningful than the data. I had something else to say but I’m getting so, so old …… my time is up!!!

  68. mike from iowa 2019-07-28 18:54

    Can you imagine Madame HRC going all gangbanger racist on whites like Drumpf does on POC? And never forget it was Drumpf who came up with 2nd amendment solution for HRC’s Scotus appointees.

  69. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-28 18:57

    Thank you, bear, thank you.
    You have articulated exactly what I have always felt about Hillary. Even President Obama said that she was one of the most qualified candidates to ever run for office.
    There is so much misinformation out there it is actually nothing short of Russian and Trump propaganda, it is difficult to believe that she actually beat Trump in the popular election if she was so horrible.
    Long story short, if it weren’t for the long hand of Russian interference into our election, Trump would not be president.

  70. happy camper 2019-07-28 19:02

    I know you didn’t say the paragraph in quotes. That was the only reasoning I could give for your blatant discrimination so lets pretend I didn’t say it and go back to your words: I think the USA would benefit greatly from the insight, experience and perspective of a woman of color. I’m absolutely dead serious when using the words “Benefit Greatly.”

    That’s blatant discrimination. You have no idea what “their” insight, experience, and perspective is based on their color. This is exactly what went wrong with Hillary and the DNC. It’s time for a woman President. What could be more discriminatory than insisting someone be of a certain race, creed, color. It’s total hypocrisy.

  71. Clyde 2019-07-28 19:17

    Porter, I take your post as an insult from someone who has become blind to the “neutral” press.

    Come on….Mnuchin WAS One West. The investors that would have been hurt were the very well heeled elites in this country not the poor people having their homes repossessed. One West did a number of things that should have been acted on.

    You guys have at it… I said it looks like Trump is a shoe in!

  72. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 19:22

    Hillary didn’t lose to Trump. She was cheated by Trump and a cadre of Russian computer hackers paid by Putin. They used profiling techniques from Cambridge Analytica to identify 250,000 mentally vulnerable voters in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania and then bombarded those vulnerable voters with massive amounts of fake Facebook posts. These fraudulent Facebook posts appeared to be from reputable people but they were actually from people who’s Facebook pages had been hacked. Stories were circulated telling lies about Hillary and her campaign. 78,000 of those targeted voters (simple minded as they were) believed the Russian propaganda and voted against Hillary.
    When your opponent cheats you don’t lose. When you cheat, you don’t win. America lost and we’re even more vulnerable this time.

  73. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 19:28

    Clyde, buddy. Network news is neutral. Cable news is biased. Your subconscious trust issues are coddled by you not being able to face reality. You need someone to blame because the majority thinks differently than you. Try honestly analyzing yourself and your extreme views because that’s where your relief and mental stability will eventually come from.

  74. Debbo 2019-07-28 19:30

    No, HC, that’s not what discrimination is at all. I made a statement of value, not exclusion.

    The US benefitted greatly from the insight, experience and perspective of white men. Now let’s add to that with the insight, experience and perspective of women of color. It’s past due and bound to be of great benefit.

  75. happy camper 2019-07-28 19:33

    Don’t give up Clyde. Engaging is how we learn. Trump is in a very precarious situation he knows he won by the skin of his teeth and that he’s very unliked. The thing he has going for him to a greater extent than most politicians he cares less about public opinion so the Republicans have fallen in line behind him simply to stay in power against their own stated principles. Sadly it’s politics but we have checks and balances that are still working to some extent. For a reality check read more about Russia and Putin and how he is able to control the country and the oligarchs. Power is truly a very scary thing which Trump likes and why we should thank our founders so much for their wisdom and why allegiance to the constitution is so critical. We take a lot for granted in this country. I’ve babbled long enough. ttfn

  76. happy camper 2019-07-28 19:40

    Sorry, one more thing. Deb: WRONG!!! You’re placing greater value of one person over another based on race and color (because it’s long overdue). You’re horribly discriminating but refuse to see it. Whoever has the best answer wins!!! Whoever is the most qualified wins!!! Anything else is discrimination.

  77. Porter Lansing 2019-07-28 19:56

    That’s white, male, false victimhood.

  78. jerry 2019-07-28 21:41

    Clyde, check out “The Great Hack” and you can see how it all was done and how it will be done again in 2020 thanks to Mike Rounds and John Thune, two of the biggest crooks and liars in the senate.

  79. Debbo 2019-07-28 23:18

    That’s a very distorted view HC. Why do you think it feels so threatening that we as a nation will be better off with the full incorporation of women and POC into positions of power and authority?

    I see it as adding more. You seem to see it as a threat and a subtracting. That doesn’t make sense to me. I think Porter may be on the right track with you.

  80. bearcreekbat 2019-07-29 01:34

    happy, I will try to keep an open mind. Perhaps you have credible factual information that I have overlooked that will affect my evaluation of Hillary. If there is some written materials from credible sources that you might recommend to help me understand your view of Hillary’s “history and how people felt about the election” I would consider it. All too often I just see unsourced claims and assertions on blog comments similar to what you have been asserting on this thread, which standing alone aren’t particularly informative.

    Of course this may be asking too much given your follow up statement that “Talking to people can be as much or more meaningful than the data.” If your assertions are based on other people’s statements to you rather than any actual factual data then you rely on different sources than I would find persuasive.

  81. mike from iowa 2019-07-29 10:49

    Clyde, I got less than 2 minutes into this clown and he lost me claiming exoneration is not a legal term and means nothing.

  82. jerry 2019-07-29 10:52

    No kidding, Clyde, did you watch and listen to this drivel?? completely….? If so, how many beers did it take for you?

  83. Porter Lansing 2019-07-29 11:03

    For those backstroking daily through South Dakota’s depleted gene pool of ignorance, gazing fearfully at the growing, dark, clouds, “Wear your lifejackets. Liberals are comin’ for ‘ya, pilgrims.”

  84. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-29 11:34

    Cory has always stated that a link without a form of introduction is not acceptable on his blog and as such I have not clicked on to any of your youtube links.

  85. Clyde 2019-07-29 11:48

    Just trying to give you folks other points of view! [ Insert smiley face here!]

  86. Clyde 2019-07-29 12:04

    You know, really folks, I’m the same way on most things on FOX. Tucker Carlson makes some sense occasionally. It’s hard to listen to opinions that you are opposed to but really we should all do it. Its why politics now days are so polarized.

    Why wasn’t Assange questioned by Mueller? Assange said he would testify. He is being blamed for being a Russian agent.

    BTW they are right. You are either guilty or not guilty. There is no category for “not exonerated”. That statement is just to keep the media circus going.

    They are also right that this whole two years of “collusion” hype is only going to help Trump get re-elected.

    BTW, I’m a liberal democrat!

  87. Porter Lansing 2019-07-29 12:31

    Good column, Dave Baumeister. Hoping you feel the welcome love. Your Biden column is up to 88 and in second place for most commented on. May we have another story with national emphasis? Cory tries hard to stay within his statewide boundaries and does such a great job. A little national is fun, once in a while.

  88. mike from iowa 2019-07-29 13:04

    Sorry this post got hijacked, but, special prosecutor Horowitz and crew spent 16 hours in June, in London, interviewing Steele and determined he and his dossier are both credible.

    I’m sure this is all fake news to Drumpdf supporters.

  89. John Dale 2019-07-29 13:35

    In a stunning twist of lack of investigation, you neglect the two most important relevancies in the Democrat party situation.



    And, just for good measure:

    In return for doing your homework, I would like a pack of bubble gum.


    Consider yourself initiated.


  90. jerry 2019-07-29 14:05

    Clyde, how could Mueller speak to Assange under oath? Assange was in London at the Ecuadorian embassy, under asylum. As far as I know, only trump people came to see him…that and Pam Anderson..wha??

    Maybe Mueller could have given Pam Anderson sticky notes with blanks by yes or no, and then she could’ve presented them to Mueller for his review. That makes more sense that asking the question you did.

  91. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-29 14:36

    Holy irrelevancy! Tulsi Gabbard isn’t even a serious contender for the nomination, she’s on the C list if a list exist.
    I’m not certain I trust The Washington Examiner as a news source, you’ll have to provide a more credible source.
    Seth Rich, you don’t even want to go there and have your credibility seriously challenged.

  92. Clyde 2019-07-29 14:52

    Jerry, as Mike just commented they went to London to interview Steele. Why not Assange? It’s not like he was locked up and denied visitors like he likely is now!

  93. Clyde 2019-07-29 15:03

    Plenty of creditable news agency’s have visited Assange. That is creditable news agency’s from country’s other than this one. He wasn’t inaccessible.

  94. John Dale 2019-07-29 16:14

    One of my favorite moments in television history: AJ takes-out PM, who eventually does go back to GB, where he becomes a Trump supporter.

    Note the bit about “mass murder suicide pills” – Unlike your bad logic, SSRI’s are the enemy, Jerry.

    Let me know if you need another dose of true veritas intellectualism. You should take at least two-a-day.

  95. John Dale 2019-07-29 16:20

    Roger Cornelius – challenges to my credibility have withstood thus far.

    Seth Rich is though to have stolen the DNC’s information. In Roger Stone’s accredited testimony, it was determined that the transfer of DNC data to Wikileaks would not have been possible over the public Internet. Therefore, it was transferred on a jump drive.

    If you want to know how you’re being manipulated, I triple dog dare you to try this.

    Enter the following search terms into both Google and DuckDuckGo and examine the (differences) in results:

    “seth rich robbery hoax stolen jump drive”

    Google and DuckDuckGo both derive from the same fundamental link state index. Given that Google has been caught manipulating their index results by Project Veritas, it stands credulity to conclude that their results have been doctored to favor the DNC.

    I was watching some vacuous MSNBC type talking head yesterday (I think Ronnie Deutsh or something like that) state that the DNC needed to cheat to win.

    It’s not often that I agree with a neolib left wing statis pundit.

    Now, what was this you were saying about how you’re going to affect (not effect) my credibility?

    Careful quoting neo-left fake news. Given how much they’ve gotten wrong in the last three years, THAT might affect (not effect) your credibility.

  96. bearcreekbat 2019-07-29 16:33

    Dale posts one of his “favorite” links that shows Alex Jones yelling and screaming instead of answering straightforward questions, while encouraging using guns to murder government agents for trying to do their duty if you disagree with the law they are trying to enforce.

    Under this philosophy, it appears Dale is okay with murdering a police officer attempting to make an arrest or confiscate a gun pursuant to law.

    How does anyone hope to reason with screaming and homicidal tendancies?

  97. John Dale 2019-07-29 16:47

    bearcreekbat misses the ad hoc fallacy. Just because murder rates decreased in the UK does not mean gun confiscation worked. Pierce was trying to make his lunch with that fallacy. A credit to AJ’s superior reasoning, “all violent crimes” go down in areas with little/no gun control or laws favoring firearm based self defense. People really think twice about other types of violent crime if there is a good chance they’ll get shot in the face for being a physically violent bully/a-hole.

    In areas where they take the guns, violent crimes of numerous kinds fill the void. While areas with guns have gun violence, the majority of gun violence is suicide (Prozac was correctly cited as a sponsor of Pierce’s show before he tried to change the subject), and SSRI’s were implicated as a valid precursor to mass murders (they are present in nearly every case).

    By listening more to the manner of the speaker or paying attention to the physical appearance, you miss the juicy information, much like a finger pointing to the moon.

    bearcreekbat, don’t watch the finger:

    That AJ/CNN piece is the most amazing interview in the history of CNN. The day their Earth stood still, and the beginning of the end for CIA News Network.

  98. jerry 2019-07-29 17:16

    Is an ad hoc fallacy, an advertisement for erotica at the hoc shop? Is Biden a racist, sounds like he might have been. Sometimes you just get smarter as you actually are around folks of color.

    Most of you like barbecue, correct? Where do you think that came from? So, if you like to grill out and cook barbecue, then you loves the black folk and the Native Americans (Caribbean tribes) who gave us that. Kinda makes the 4th of July special, no?

  99. mike from iowa 2019-07-29 17:18

    Piers Morgan and Alex Jones are two of the least believable mouth pieces ever recorded.Jones is certifiably bat guano insane and Morgan might just as well be.

  100. John Dale 2019-07-29 17:23

    jerry – I’m not sure I follow what you wrote. Must be intellectually punch-drunk.

    mike – you should qualify that and say why. I know, I know .. -inserts string of cnn/cia talking points like sandy hook and gay frogs-

    Although, Pierce Morgan seems to have come to his senses in calling-out Antifa as fascists/terrorists.

  101. jerry 2019-07-29 17:27

    Must not like barbecue, how un American of you. Now take your pills and watch reruns of Fox and Friends.

  102. John Dale 2019-07-29 17:37

    jerry – Just keep repeating it over and over. That’s what we do. “Biden is not a racist. Biden is not a racist. Biden ..”

    I bet you a plug nickel you see more Fox and Friends than I do.

    Okay, I’ve had enough fun .. now, it’s off to my local city council meeting.

  103. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-29 17:42

    Why won’t Trump designate the KKK, White Nationalism, Neo-Nazi’s as terrorists groups?
    These groups continue to lead the crime statistics for hate crimes.

  104. jerry 2019-07-29 23:12

    Isn’t that a description of all women?

  105. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 01:35

    Here is what Jones said at 1:14 through 1:23 in Dale’s “favorite” video:

    . . . the Second Amendment is not there for duck hunting, it’s there to protect us from tyrannical . . . government thugs. . . .

    then again at 2:17 through 2:23:

    . . . I’m here to tell you 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms. . . .

    So according to Jones and Dale, guns are needed to eliminate government thugs who try to enforce gun laws and for violent revolution like in 1776 against the people who enforce such laws enacted by our local, state, and federal government.

    Neither killing people nor screaming and yelling are rational means of objecting to duly enacted laws. Dale’s “ad hoc fallacy” policy arguments devolve into meaningless noise that is drowned out by Jones’ threats of murder and violent revolution as a remedy against public policies that Jones and Dale dislike.

  106. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-07-30 07:05

    PaulT: “actively demanding better and not settling for less” is fine… until November 3, 2020.

    Donald Trump threatens the good of this nation for years to come in a way no other candidate does.

    Kamala Harris will be a better President than Donald Trump.

    Joe Biden will be a better President than Donald Trump.

    Debating whether Harris will be a better President than Biden is acceptable. Refusing to vote for one because the Democratic primary/caucus electorate nominates the other and thus increasing the chance that Donald Trump remains in the White House is morally inexcusable.

  107. Clyde 2019-07-30 08:24

    Those are fine sentiments, Cory, but it doesn’t matter who will be better than Trump because first you have to beat him. My dog would be a better President than Trump but if the rest of the country doesn’t think so that is all that matter’s. To say that this tiny audience not voting for one or the other is morally inexcusable is over the top IMO.

    If the DNC or the media play the same games they played last time maybe the country deserves four more years of this jerk. After that revolution of some sort will be inevitable.

  108. PaulT 2019-07-30 09:20

    It’s not me that is going to take down the Democratic nominee – it is going to be the 100 million people who don’t vote.

    I’m surrounded by young liberals and working people who don’t live politics. None of them care much about Trump because they stay away from the corporate outrage industry. Their life is no different than under Obama. They are still wondering how they are going to pay off their college, the lack of job opportunities, and unsure how they will ever be able to afford a family. They are not joining a political party or have left the Democratic party after seeing their best hope (Bernie) get screwed.

    And I can say this for sure. They aren’t going to vote for Hillary version 2.0 no matter how much they sound like Bernie. They aren’t stupid. They want Bernie. I will actually consider voting for Trump over a pro-Israel, pro-military, pro-regime change Democrat but young people and independents will just not show up. Just like they left the Democratic party in record numbers and have not signed back up. So let the establishment throw hundreds of millions of dollars to take Bernie down and do nothing but apology for them. You will get the corruption you deserve.

  109. John Dale 2019-07-30 12:00

    PaulT – Rand Paul is the Bernie of the Right, but Rand knows better than to try to run at this time. Trump is second fiddle with more money. Bernie Sanders is a career millionaire politician that was screwed out of the nomination. Trump, sadly, is better for the country than Bernie or Hillary, but Rand Paul is head and shoulders above them all. How about a Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard independent ticket?

    That’s what it would take to pull me away from Trump at this point. There is no way I can vote for anybody in the clown show that is the modern day DNC; unfettered illegal immigration, partial birth abortions, government manage redistribution of wealth, cow-towing to corrupt intel, and the list goes on.

    I feel bad for everyone who had to watch in slow motion as the deep state ran out the clock on Bernie Sanders. What Hillary’s team did to him in the primary was un-American.

    The best source of raw political news is still

  110. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-07-30 12:29

    The current manager is incompetent. To sit idly and refuse to help replace that incompetent manager with a competent manager is irresponsible.

    So is voting for Trump, for any reason.

    This isn’t the “corporate outrage industry” talking. Zero progress toward the daily practical concerns imputed to the hundred million sitter-outers has been made under Trump. Zero progress will be made under an incompetent manager who is more concerned about ratings and controversy than practical governance. If the hundred million sitter-outers turn into stander-uppers and vote reasonably in November 2020, they have a much better chance of seeing progress on the issue that matter to them. They will also re-establish the United States as a reliable participant in international trade and diplomacy.

  111. John Dale 2019-07-30 12:58

    Cory – I think this neglects the dynamic of International competition. No single president can order things to get better. Any president under the type of scrutiny that Trump has been under creates inaction.

    Trump is doing dirty, hard, slogging type political work with the help of people like Steve Pieczenik. The first thing he had to do was roll-up a Catholic pedo ring. NOT EASY.

    Then, for better or for worse, we cannot have 100,000’s of undocumented people streaming across our Southern borders.

    I think it will be very difficult to unseat Trump. Tulsi is the only candidate with a chance, which signals that even the underpinning leadership of the DNC wants Trump since they have undermined Tulsi. Like I said, with the right running partner she could do a lot of healing and do a great job for our country.

    Then again, I’m always nervous about military people occupying positions traditionally and importantly reserved for civilians.

  112. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-07-30 13:04

    John Dale says: “Any president under the type of scrutiny that Trump has been under creates inaction.”

    As just a casual observer, I think that any president who daily posts multiple public statements which are obviously racist, nationalist and/or outright lies invites scrutiny.

    I agree with the “dirty” part of JD’s characterization of Trump’s political “work.”

  113. John Dale 2019-07-30 13:23

    “obviously racist, nationalist and/or outright lies”

    So rhetoric much political.

    What housing or employment decisions has Trump made that were racist?

    That Trump has a direct line of communication with his supporters and can get his message direct and not indirectly via sound bites edited by detractors makes this the most interesting presidency in the history of The US. For once, the media can’t spin, selectively edit, and manipulate POTUS. This is what a president looks like when 1) he actually tries and 2) doesn’t give a crap what people think about him and 3) has extremely detailed painstakingly compiled information about the corrupt elements in the US who were honey potted (hint, it’s mostly Israeli Mossad compromising THOUSANDS of Americans and taking-out the twin towers).

    Most of the people that left the DNC hate the commandeered MSM. They are quiet, closet Trump supporters afraid of physical violence for coming out in public. Sound familiar?

    Since the truth is out there, the more the MSM pushes the big lie the more entrenched we become.

  114. Anne 2019-07-30 13:37

    It is a mistake to try to make something coherent out of incoherence, but I assume that reference to “Catholic Pedo ring” is to the sexual abuse within the Catholic church. When did Trump ever address that problem and how? These kind statements and those that accompany them tarnish other people’s efforts to comment within the bounds of intelligence.

  115. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 14:14

    I want a candidate who is going to be progressive and tough. Tough, but not vicious or venial like Trump. It’s going to have to be someone with the “wow factor” and I’m thinking that’s not Biden. JMHO.I like Joe but he’s not wow. Trump has the wow factor whether we like him or not, and that’s going to work in his favor. The person who opposes him has to have it too, without being the liar that he is. Tall order.

  116. John Dale 2019-07-30 14:40

    Anne – not all Catholics are pedos, but the Catholic church has a HUGE problem with child sexual abuse that has been neglected by its membership and exploited by its enemies for DECADES. It never made MSM (imagine my shock), but as soon as Trump took office, white hat intel started rounding up sex traffickers and ring masters and going after Clinton’s child sex pipeline to the Caribbean (Epstein is a capstone/lynch pin).

    It’s almost too strange to believe. Almost. I’m getting a lot of my information from Steve Pieczenik. I strongly you suggest going back and watching his youtube videos very closely. This is Trump’s unofficial Intel field general who publishes TROVES of amazing and accurate information about (and while fighting) the dark side.

  117. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 14:56

    And Cory, Marianne Williamson should be the first to go. (Yes, I know Eric Swalwell is already gone.) Nothing against love or or lovers, but we just need a clear focus on today’s reality. Love ISN’T all you need. First we need to wrest the world from the claws of the gargoyles who have captured it. (Tend to be a macro-thinker.)

  118. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 15:00

    Just for the record John Dale, since you declare ” Steve Pieczenik . . . . publishes TROVES of . . . accurate information about . . . the dark side.. . (my italics and bolding),” can you share with DFP readers exactly how you have verified the accuracy of his publications? Is there some other objective source that reports on whether the statements of Pieczenik are accurate?

  119. John Dale 2019-07-30 15:17

    Bev Harris and Black Box Voting verified his claims about vote fraud in Broward County. That was a biggie.

    A lot of Steve does is history (verifiable).

    I recommend you read his bio on Wikipedia and do some research. There will be some misinformation, but also you’ll find that he has a storied history in US intel and psychological operations.

    Much of Steve’s content is not predictions per se, but recommendations based on cogent review of material and information from his own life experience. In this video, he drops the names of agents. “Predicting” Epstein’s downfall is a bit like predicting tomorrow’s sunrise. It was always going to happen.

    But really .. don’t take my word for it. You should go straight to the source.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Dr. Steve Pieczenik:

  120. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-30 15:24

    John Dale is spending far too much time promoting content that is not relevant to Joe Biden or any other candidate.
    Quite frankly, John has become exhausting.

  121. John Dale 2019-07-30 15:44

    Roger Cornelius – FWIW, my grandma taught me it is more respectful to address someone “in the room” directly.

    In reading the flow of content in this chat session, you’ll see I’m only responding to questions regarding previous postings. There is no randomness or shamelessness in what I have been adding to this chat.

    I am sad to see you’re too exhausted to read the thread and make this discernment for yourself.

    Grandma also said it’s never really a good idea to attack a person, but their (bad) ideas are always fair game. Rather than take the low hanging fruit and name-calling, why not address the information and ideas I’ve provided?

    I’ve posted a lot of good information (sure, my opinion) for the group that can tangentially contribute to a more informed decision leading up to the DNC primaries. In particular, Bev Harris’ black box voting project should be of keen interest. It exposes a twisted and illegal/criminal culture within the DNC that was used to undermine Sanders, who I thought should have been given a chance to beat Trump. sells a product called Turbo Force (the ingredients are amazing) that should help with your exhaustion. Life is too short for being tired in the face of a lot of important information!

  122. mike from iowa 2019-07-30 15:48

    Dr Steve is a bosom buddy to Alex Jones and has no credibility.

  123. Debbo 2019-07-30 15:52

    Well Roger, dale does get the comment numbers up, though his entertainment value is quite limited. 😐

  124. Debbo 2019-07-30 15:55

    Ms. Friday, I agree about Williamson. In a utopia she would be a prime candidate, but at this time in the USA she needs to get off the stage and leave time for candidates with some qualifications.

    I’m disappointed that she’s in it again. I wonder if saboteurs are contributing to keep her there? Is she 2020’s Jill Stein?

  125. John Dale 2019-07-30 16:01

    Debbo – given this community’s propensity to pile on an poke fun of moronic neocons, I’ll take that as a compliment.

    I’m just entirely too sensible to poke fun of and get away with it? ;)

    mike from iowa – guilt by association doesn’t count. Again, you actually have to focus on ideas. That’s why the Democratic party is struggling, IMHO. Tea Party (or whatever you want to call them) modern conservatives are dominating because they learned to win the arguments and ignore the individuals.

    If I’m creating cognitive dissonance, good. We need to get on the same page, and not everybody is right about everything (well, maybe George Carlin).

    FWIW, I appreciate interacting with you all and hope we can meet and share in person someday.

  126. John Dale 2019-07-30 16:03

    Steve Pieczenik and Alex Jones disagree on many things, but they always keep the communication going.

  127. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 16:13

    The rounding up of pedophiles within the Catholic Church had more to do with (1) socialmedia/public outrage, (2) the retirement of a pope who didn’t know what to do and wasn’t up to doing anything, and (3) the election of a progressive (if the word cn be used to describe The Church) as pope than any sudden dawning of integrity. Pedophilia and outrage about it have existed forever in the church, and BTW, they also exist overwhelmingly in evangelistic fundamentalist protestant churches and their clergy.

  128. John Dale 2019-07-30 16:22

    I don’t think Trump’s people care where it is or what church. The fact remains that they are doing something about it, and both sides should cheer the arrest of Epstein.

    As far as Biden goes, he’s probably an innocent old man who gets a little too touchy with little kids in an age when the will of society to protect the children from sexual exploitation and predation has reached a critical mass.

  129. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-30 16:24

    John Dale,
    We aren’t in the same room as each other and there are times that I question whether or not we are in same universe judging by some of your posts.
    After a quick search of my comments, I could not find where I called you any names.
    There is no way I’m going to follow you down one of your ridiculous rabbit holes.

  130. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 16:24

    That’s the way I feel too, Debbo. I’m a first amendment person, and a firm believer in freedom of speech (and also of love), but our debate stage is leaking credibility from too many good size six to thirteen feet. Good problem to have, but nevertheless, somebody has to go and the sooner the better. We need tough now.

  131. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 16:30

    Biden is not a racist, but I haven’t forgiven him yet for cutting off debate when they had three women there and lined up to corroborate Anita Hill’s testimony and they wouldn’t let them testify. I still blame John Danforth more than Joe Biden, though that’s what i mean when I say Biden’s manipulable.

  132. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 16:43

    Roger said “John Dale is spending far too much time promoting content that is not relevant to Joe Biden or any other candidate.
    Quite frankly, John has become exhausting” My thoughts exactly, Roger. Free speech advocate here who also believes in fairness in taking up space without discernable reason.

  133. John Dale 2019-07-30 16:56

    Roger Cornelius – “exhausting” – for whatever that means. I just take that to mean that you are confronted with information that you do not have the energy or ability to countermand, so you called me a name – exhausting – rather than focusing on the information I presented.

    I don’t really care about being called a name, but I would like to see more effective vetting of ideas (mine included). In case I’m wrong, I want to know it.

    I hope you aren’t too exhausted to look past biases. If Trump was a Democrat, I think he’d have way more support from the Democratic side. Unfortunately, he’s just not a Russian, so that’ll never happen. da da, CHING! ;)

    I’ll be happy to answer any more questions anyone has. As well, I will address any name calling or attacks leveled at me or my ideas that I feel are defensible.

    If you don’t want me to write anymore, don’t address my ideas and don’t call me names or I’ll assume you can’t or won’t take the effort to countermand properly. Also, try not to post anything stupid or ignorant, because that will also very likely illicit a response. :D

    Have a super day.

  134. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 17:03

    The best thing we could do is ignore him when he’s off-topic, which I’m sure has been suggested. But when he gives credit to TRUMP of all people for eliminating pedophilia, what can you do? Guilty as charged here.

  135. John Dale 2019-07-30 17:09

    Dear Robin – I would take issue with the notion that President Trump is promulgating pedophilia. Would you be referring to the disgusting rumor that he is dating his daughter?

    You require of me a burden of proof. I, now, would require that of you. One of Trump’s first actions was a weapon that he could use, technically, to seize the assets of The Vatican.

    I think he’s not playing around.

    At all.

  136. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 17:09

    “elicit”, not illicit. Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

  137. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 17:11

    mfi, since John Dale suggests you avoid guilt by Pieczenik’s association with Alex Jones, who advocates using guns to murder law enforcement and to commit the violent overthrow of our government if it enacts laws resulting in the confiscation of guns, you can consider Pieczenik’s own assertions to judge him. For example Wikipedia reports that

    In 2013, Pieczenik spoke on Alex Jones’s radio show denying the Sandy Hook shooting occurred as reported, labeling it a “false flag” operation.

    If this report about Pieczenik’s position is accurate it speaks volumes about his credibility.

  138. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 17:13

    And “eliminating” is the opposite of “promulgating”.

  139. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-30 17:13

    Of course you are right, Robin. You have been reading my posts on DFP for a long time and know that I am well read and do my research before I post.
    There have been numerous large scale arrests for pedophiles for sometime, it was not something that Trump came up with.
    It will be interesting to see if Trump pardons his buddy Epstein before leaving office.
    I’ve been watching the pre-debate coverage and this crowd needs to be thinned as soo as possible, hopefully tonight’s debate will do just that.

  140. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 17:18

    Agreed Roger. Pedophilia, as well as sexual abuse of other adults, has been rampant in the Catholic Church for centuries. It’s nothing new, but it’s been time for it to stop centuries ago. I speak from experience, not as a victim, but as a former Catholic. Going ut to dinner with my family now. So long.

  141. Debbo 2019-07-30 17:20

    Robin, I ignore the high pitched whine that comes from grudz and have found DFP more useful and interesting as a result. I think I’ll do the same with the pitiable drone emanating from dale.

    In the meantime, I give most of the credit for blowing up the RCC child and women trafficking business to the Boston newspaper, forgot the name. Vatican Inc is still working pretty hard at covering up its ongoing pedophilia and nun abuse.

    But back to the subject at hand, Biden and Democrats. I plan to watch tonight and tomorrow. Should be interesting. I hope Cory gives us a discussion post. It would be fun to live comment!

  142. John Dale 2019-07-30 17:26

    bearcreekbat – that is a very big IF regarding Steve Pieczenik and Sandy Hook.

    What show? Date? Do you have the video or audio? What was the context? Analysis or cognitive conviction?

    Wikipedia has some issues with its own credibility because it allows crowd sourcing of information it also allows informational attack vectors that can change documentation of reality.

    I see a lot of criticisms like this without the video or access to the means by which we can accredit such claims. If he did say it, and it was incorrect, it doesn’t change his own impressive service history. Everybody is wrong at one time or another.

    But I still question whether he was wrong about this event and events like them being false flags.

    MK Ultra – nearly all of these perpetrators are on “mass murder suicide pills” (SSRIs) that would be unnecessary if the economy and its markets were free, fair, and open (prosperity has a way of naturally obviating depression).

  143. John Dale 2019-07-30 17:27

    Respectfully, I appreciate having such a great forum to interact with politically active folks. Thank you.


    John Dale
    Spearfish, SD 57783

  144. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 17:31

    As for Trump’s alleged pedophilia, what sort of proof would you consider John Dale? Would sworn affidavits from an alleged 13 year old Trump victim and an eyewitness to the alleged rape filed in federal district court help, if the affidavits had never been withdrawn nor recanted, and Trump administration law enforcement has never charged the affiants with perjury?

  145. John Dale 2019-07-30 17:55

    bearcreekbat – that is evidence, although without conviction the burden of proof has not been satisfied. Is there any evidence of organizational sex trafficking included with this? How would you compare this accusation to that against Epstein? Could we agree that dark networks could have orchestrated this accusation under threat of blackmail, violence, or extortion in retaliation for Trump’s brazen pursuit of the Catholic church and its globalist network of human traffickers?

  146. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 18:36

    John Dale, Wikipedia cites the following video as a source for Pieczenik’s Sandy Hook theory:

    “Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Sandy Hook was A Total False Flag!”. March 27, 2013. Retrieved May 5, 2017.

    The video has been removed from youtube but I imagine it can still be accessed if you know how to find removed videos – this seems to happen frequently.

    As for your speculation about the sworn pedophilia affidavits possibly being from your “dark networks” for blackmail purposes, that still leaves the question – why haven’t current Trump sycophants in Sessions’ or Bar’s Justice Department charged each affiant with crimes under the federal perjury statutes to clear Trump’s “good” name?

  147. John Dale 2019-07-30 18:50

    bearcreekcat – The problem with censorship: the video has been taken down off youtube. If you cannot watch view the clip, you must acquit. You can find all sorts of sordid content on youtube, yet the full video of this analysis and commentary went curiously missing, except for this out of context 41 seconds, where at the end Alex Jones stops to question Dr. Pieczenik, then abruptly cuts-off. Context is very important to a hot button issue like this. Can you post a link to the entire interview? I’ll suspend judgement until I get the entire context but I’ll remain open to the possibility that Pieczenik got this particular issue incorrect:

  148. bearcreekbat 2019-07-30 19:09

    Sorry John Dale, I’m not trying to “prove” anything. I’m just sharing facts that I can access that appear to undermine your guy’s credibility. The video you posted seems to fully confirm the Wikipedia report despite your personal doubts, but if you want the full interview then that is okay by me.

    Incidentally, “censorship” is government action. Apparently the full interview was an Alex Jones product and I speculate it was removed by Jones rather than the government due to the lawsuits pending against Jones for spreading this false flag defamation.

  149. John Dale 2019-07-30 19:42

    bearcreekbat – Full confirmation of Steve Pieczenik’s position is impossible given that the video was selectively edited.

    YouTube and Google removed Alex Jones’ youtube account, not Alex Jones.

    For clarification, lawsuits against Jones were for statements made in the heat of live analysis of the event wherein he questioned whether people died in the event.

    The possibility that the event was a false flag is still supported by evidence while the notion that nobody died is not in doubt.

    The MSM pushed the “nobody died narrative” more than Jones, who retracted the statement nearly 3 years before any lawsuits were filed. The agitation created by CNN and others, who pushed the families of victims to sue as weaponized legal opposition to Trump’s base, was the source of pain for the victims’ families. News outlets make mistakes all the time and retract. Alex Jones has issued – as I understand it – 3 retractions in 30 years.

    I fail to see how anyone was defamed from the story. How did Alex Jone’s accounts of the event damage someone’s reputation in a measurable way?

    So, people don’t like Jones and use the legal system to poke at him. Sandy Hook is their favorite stick, and they’re wearing it out.

    Since it is impossible to evaluate the acommpanying evidence provided by Steve Pieczenik in the interview since the video was selectively edited, what are your thoughts on Steve Pieczenik’s analysis of Epstein and Mossad?

  150. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 20:14

    I’d like to watch, Debbo, but I have visiting company and family is more important. I’m recording, but I’m sure I’ll get more from the “highlights” and news clips which will be abundant all over the media.

  151. Robin Friday 2019-07-30 20:23

    I believe it was the Boston Globe, Debbo, and it was fantastic. Won the 2003 Pulitzer.

  152. mike from iowa 2019-07-30 20:41

    No one died at Sandy Hook School? Jones was drug into court before he finally admitted Sandy Hook happened.

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says No Fatalities in Las Vegas False Flag Event; Just Like Sandy Hook [video]

    Video was removed for violating You Tube’s standards.

  153. mike from iowa 2019-07-30 20:43

    No one died at Sandy Hook School? Jones was drug into court before he finally admitted Sandy Hook happened.

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik Says No Fatalities in Las Vegas False Flag Event; Just Like Sandy Hook [video]

    Video was removed for violating You Tube’s standards.

    If no one died in Las Vegas massacre there is gonna be a woman from Sutherland, Iowa in her grave that will be wondering what the heck happened.

  154. Debbo 2019-07-30 20:51

    Mike, I think you’ll probably need a ballpeen hammer to gently “tap” the truth into Dale’s head. That’s probably the only way he’ll get it, if that. 😄

  155. John Dale 2019-07-30 21:32

    mike from iowa – Dead people aren’t entitled to damages.

    The upload date of your video was way after the fact .. looks like a third party and it, too was removed. If we’re not careful, we’re going to take another turn to discuss censorship and how it affects truth telling. In this case, the context of the analysis is important.

    I think if you review the court documentation you’ll discover that Alex Jones acknowledged that Sandy Hook happened long before CNN and others took up the cause of shamelessly leveraging the poor families to mount a legal attack by proxy against Alex Jones and President Trump, both of whom were clear and present threats to the CNN/MSNBC MK Ultra program.

    This is a huge picture with actors on all sides all to willing to spread misinformation.

    Jones’ coverage of the Las Vegas massacre was stunning. You might recall that there was a little violence in Saudi Arabia after that event.

    Debbo, it’s easy to get information into my head. It just has to be intellectually honest and truthful information. :)

  156. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-30 22:08

    Censorship is a government action not that of the private sector.

  157. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-30 22:11

    mike from iowa,
    The estates of dead people are most certainly entitled to damages and compensation.

  158. John Dale 2019-07-30 23:21

    Roger Cornelius – legal remedies available to an unsuspecting public regarding censorship and access to the digital public square are designed to be intentionally gray.

    My flippant remark about legal remedies available to dead people was intentionally flippant. In reality, there were no discernible damages IMHO.

    People get their feelings hurt all the time. Sometimes it’s a deplorable utterance on the part of the speaker, but has SCOTUS not been quite clear regarding the need to protect free speech even when it hurts feelings?

    Even Alex Jones expresses remorse for the families who endured not only his short sighted analysis, but also CNN’s legalized weaponization of the information.

    For what it’s worth, here is some true defamation:

  159. jerry 2019-07-30 23:51

    John Dale, do you believe that Sandy Hook happened?

  160. John Dale 2019-07-31 00:56

    jerry – I have full faith that it happened and that it was tragic.

    I think it is very unfortunate, however, that anyone would focus on Alex Jones’ words over Lanza’s prescriptions and upbringing.

  161. mike from iowa 2019-07-31 07:20

    ps, I said nothing about dead woman seeking monetary damages. I was thinking she would wonder why she was shot to death in a massacre that did not happen.

  162. bearcreekbat 2019-07-31 09:52

    John Dale, I have enjoyed our discussions, but on your question about Steve Pieczenik’s analysis of Epstein and Mossad I am not inclined to enter that discussion on this thread (other than to observe that on the surface it just looks like another crackpot theory further undermining Pieczenik’s credibility) since it seems evan further off Cory’s Biden topic than we have already strayed.

  163. John Dale 2019-07-31 11:21

    mike from iowa – I am very familiar with Alex Jones’ statement of his own “kind of” psychosis.

    In context, he makes a very good point. Our government has lied to us so much and been victimized by global banking cartel psychological operations that it is now normal to question everything.

    You’re making his comment into something it’s not for political expediency and in the process furthering a dangerous and short sighted identity politic.

  164. John Dale 2019-07-31 11:27

    bearcreekbat – in case you’re interested, here’s the Opus. Dr. Pieczenik names names. I would also love to watch the entire Sandy Hook discussion again. I remember watching it live and being intrigued by the evidence in context.

    “Pieczenik was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance and James Baker. His expertise includes foreign policy, international crisis management and psychological warfare. He served the presidential administrations of Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush in the capacity of deputy assistant secretary. At the Department of State, he served as a specialist on hostage taking.”

    It’s a heck of a resume.

  165. mike from iowa 2019-07-31 11:39

    Jones made that statement UNDER OATH in court. He was lying/trying to save his ass from being sued for false and inflammatory statements that were not true about 6 year old kids murdered by a nut who was probably a Jones devotee.

    Interning under Kissinger is grounds for questioning yer doc’s mental state. You are defending the indefensible Alex Jones.

  166. John Dale 2019-07-31 11:52

    mike from iowa – Alex Jones is easy to hate, but watching his show enough I think he is on the right track. I love how he doesn’t rely on external advertising dollars for his operation although he will win his multibillion dollar lawsuit against Google/YouTube when the time comes. Jones will be able to demonstrate that Google was uneven in its application of community standards.

    Regarding his statement, I stand by what I said. When government and “deep state” interests constantly social engineer and manipulate, everything starts looking like a hustle. We really have that problem in SD where the population is manageably low.

  167. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-31 11:54

    Hey! Did you all watch the first night of the Democratic presidential debates?
    Joe Biden wasn’t on stage for the first debate, but he will be there tonight.

  168. David Newquist 2019-07-31 13:38

    This comment thread has deviated far from the subject of the post, but is illustrative of the inherent vulnerability of internet communications to misdirection and disruption, which Russian operatives have manipulated so skillfully to reduce our election process to incoherent gibberish.

    The academic world has been pulled into the conspiracy theories because some of the theorists have been professors. A professor at Florida Atlantic University was fired after he blogged that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. An organization to which I belong, the American Association of University Professors, defended him on the grounds that his academic freedom and freedom of speech was being compromised and firing him would have an intimidating effect on the exercise of academic freedom. However, other professors pointed out that the profession has a responsibility to zealously maintain standards of academic integrity and the university has the right and obligation to rid itself of professors who violate those standards through plagiarism, mendacity, fabrication of evidence, scholarly slovenliness, and gross incompetence.

    Last month the father of a Sandy Hook victim won a defamation suit against deniers who claimed that the father had falsified information about his son. An author of the book which claims that Sandy Hook was a government contrivance is a retired professor of history from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and the trial was conducted in Madison, Wisconsin, home of the University of Wisconsin. The plaintiff’s lawyers built their case in part by gathering together all the documentary, verified, and authenticating evidence that refutes the contentions of the book. In effect, the lawyers did what a peer review of the book would do and proved the book to be the product of gross academic incompetence or fraud. That leaves the University at Duluth, the Minnesota higher education system, and the profession to deal with the matters of academic integrity and credibility raised by the conspiracy theorists.

    And that leads to the matter of a source cited in this thread, Steve R. Pieczenik. A biography of Mr. Pieczenik appears on many internet sources citing academic accomplishments and government service. The problem with some of the academic citations is that they are in contradiction to the way accredited universities establish credentials for those who study in them or the way in which medical professions issue certification. As for government service, Mr. Pieczenik lists positions which Congressional staff members say do not exist. Furthermore, the nature of Pieczenik’s public statements are inconsistent with the way professionals present controversial information. His credentials need a thorough process of verification. They strain credulity.

  169. John Dale 2019-07-31 13:58

    David Newquist – That interconnectedness of information exists is not evidence of vulnerability of communications or Russian interference. Inherent in information are graphs of related information. “High Information” means following graphs and keeping context. In the case of Sandy Hook and many other situations, too focused an approach neglects context which roots semantics!

    This is a concept developed in the academic community despite being infiltrated by operatives from various origins both foreign and domestic because education is up stream of culture, politics, and law.

    “won a defamation suit against deniers who claimed that the father had falsified information about his son” — Good. Was this Alex Jones? If not, it this relevant to Alex Jones’ lawsuits from Sandy Hook parents at the behest of MSM? Would it be defamation of Alex Jones to say he lost his lawsuits if he settled or to say that because a father of a Sandy Hook victim won his lawsuit against the author of this book that Alex Jones is guilty in the same fashion?

    Regarding Dr. Pieczenik, you are correct that his credentials should be vetted. I think everyone should be paying closer attention to the information he presents, but in an intellectually honest way that recognizes the potential for and diligently avoids confirmation bias. But without an intellectually honest investigation of Pieczenik’s information and sources taking place, is it premature to conclude that his credentials strain credulity? Because his citations do not follow traditional academic processes is not a sufficient predicate to conclude that he is not a trustworthy source of analysis. To claim that universities are a central source of accredited information makes them a more valuable target for nefarious actors to commander the culture of a nation, its politics, its laws, and eventually enslave and murder its dissidents.



  170. Robin Friday 2019-07-31 16:01

    It’s really said that a fine guest article discussion (whether anyone agrees 100% or not) can be ruined by an off-topiic detractor bent upon ruination upon the blog and any reasonable discussion thereof.Quite obviously, that’s the intent. Alex Jones craziness is not the topic.He’s Clearly Certifiable, but just trying to make a buck with it.

  171. John Dale 2019-07-31 17:08

    Robin Friday – Some comment sections devolve into name calling and disgusting assertions. This is not that by any means, and just because a discussion ensues does not qualify a negation of the original article, past which you were not coerced to read.

    “an off-topiic detractor bent upon ruination upon the blog” – since this assigns a willful intent to detract value, since that is not true, and since someone might make an incorrect judgement about my character, this could be considered defamation. I have an agenda to increase the visibility of Cory’s work and generally raise the IQ and cognitive capacity of everyone with whom I interact online and in person. Did this thread break a record for comments, yet? If not, well, maybe next time.

    Upon further examination, I am confident that, from my quarter anyway, you’ll find a very valuable, fruitful, and respectful conversation between people interested in intellectual pursuits, gentle humorous barbs, and making a difference in the world for good.

  172. John Dale 2019-07-31 17:13

    mike from iowa:

    “”Mr. Pozner has sought for years to try to get these conspiracy theorists to understand that his son really was a person and that his son really did die and as a last resort we initiated this defamation case,” Pozner’s lawyer, Jake Zimmerman, told NPR.”

    Or, he could have just watched Alex Jones’ youtube channel which had a full retraction and apology for the families. Oh wait .. that was banned from YouTube.

    Well, they could have just gone to – oh wait, that’s a cardinal sin among the neoleft. So, we are left with out of context sound bytes and second hand accounts from ex CIA interns on CNN.

    Alex Jones had over 20 lawsuits filed against him. Most have already been dismissed, and it is up to his legal team to win the rest by demonstrating CNN is the real culprit in the families’ pain and suffering.

    Jones apologized and retracted. CNN and others pushed outdated information in front of the families like it was contemporary news in order to weaponize the information and take out a tough competitor in the competition for mindshare.

  173. mike from iowa 2019-07-31 17:39

    Only lawsuit against Jones dismissed was a flag burning case. In Texas, there is a one year statute of limitations on defamation suits, so Jones might wiggle out of a case there.

    Jones allegedly apologized to prosecutors for accusing them of sending him child pornography without any evidence. Jones allegedly apologized in a radio rant. The judge claimed she did not see or hear any apology so Jones drumpfed himself deeper into legal slime with his lying mouth.

  174. Roger Cornelius 2019-07-31 17:46

    Hey guys, remember Old Sarge? How about Jason?
    Cory made them disappear for much the same reason as John Dale and his constant interruptions and going off topic.
    In the mean time, do you have your popcorn ready for the 2nd night of the Democratic debates?
    Candidates are lining up hoping to take a shot at Biden and mortally wounding him, but he is looking well prepared.

  175. Debbo 2019-07-31 17:57

    I’m with you, Robin and Doc Newquist.

    I’ve watched the first round of this week’s debate and was pleased by the vigorous give and take. They really went at it with ideas, plans, disagreements, etc. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

    Warren, Sanders and Williamson want BIG changes. The others argued for various forms of less dramatic shifts. My Senator Klobuchar had good things to say but she didn’t seem inspiring at all. O’Rourke was better than the first time, but not compelling to me. Sanders is too much Old Man Yelling At Us. Warren came off passionate and smart. Buttgeig is really intense and focused. The other men sort of blended together for me. I think it was Delaney who struck me as Democratic Lite.

    Williamson is not nuts. In fact, she sees the nation more holistically and names the real issues more honestly than all the rest. She goes where politicians fear to tread. I don’t think she has what it takes to be president, but she should be listened to and she should be a presidential advisor to the Democrat who wins. She has critical insights.

  176. Clyde 2019-08-01 09:04

    Debbo its nice to see that this topic is getting back on the tracks. I have avoided watching the debates but find plenty of critique. My wife has been watching with a friend so I get plenty of input there as well.

    Looks to me as if Sanders and Warren are clearly in the lead!!

  177. Debbo 2019-08-04 14:06

    Regarding racism, here is a paragraph from an outstanding LTE in today’s Strib. It defines “white privilege” and is written by Ellen Schousboe, Edina, Minn.

    “White privilege doesn’t mean being rich. It means that white men don’t worry that the police will pull them over and maybe shoot while they drive home at night. But black families continue to lose fathers, husbands, brothers and sons to random murder. It means that white women aren’t routinely abducted and never seen again. But thousands of Native women have disappeared and the police do not investigate. White privilege means most white people (but not all!) have homes on land stolen from Native Americans. But thousands of Natives are homeless in Minneapolis. It means getting jobs building oil pipelines that spill toxic waste in black and Native neighborhoods. White privilege makes it easy to vote for politicians who lock thousands of refugee children in cages. After all, white children aren’t being kidnapped.

    “It means we get to ignore racism, because it isn’t killing us.”

  178. Porter Lansing 2019-08-04 14:44

    It’s not determined by a bad cop’s race. It’s a bad cop’s commanding officer that gets black males killed.
    – On any given day, in any police department in the nation, 15 percent of officers will do the right thing no matter what is happening. Fifteen percent of officers will abuse their authority at every opportunity. The remaining 70 percent could go either way depending on whom they are working with. ~ That remaining 70 percent of officers are highly susceptible to the culture in a given department. In the absence of any real effort to challenge department cultures, they become part of the problem. If their command ranks are racist or allow institutional racism to persist, or if a number of officers in their department are racist, they may end up doing terrible things.
    ~ It is not only white officers who abuse their authority. The effect of institutional racism is such that no matter what color the officer abusing the citizen is, in the vast majority of those cases of abuse that citizen will be black or brown. That is what is allowed.
    *Article written by a black, ex-cop.

  179. John Dale 2019-08-04 15:22

    Opposed to “me” or “my ideas”, of political and cultural expediency, morphs into opposed to “my race”.

    Identity politics and the superimposition of the root causes of one’s shortcomings onto a group identity is the root cause of the overuse of the “racism” label.

    Divisions based on race are largely artificial and serve the interests of the wealthy. The real discrimination is against economic class, and racial identity politics only distract from this reality and devolve true progress in equality in access to opportunity.

  180. happy camper 2019-08-04 18:49

    Does Deb still want a black woman President? And no more old fogies!!! Agest, sexist, racist all rolled up into one Undergodder (my favorite part) just waiting for her to turn homophobic. I’ve been thinking about this, that it really is time to simply and unequivocally embrace meritocracy. The problem with anything else people learn to game the system rather than simply strive to be their best. I think Deb and others are well-meaning but their beliefs, while packaged as “progressive” are antiquated and an insult to those who they view as minorities but others see as equals. Their prejudicial “help” is not required it was fun to see Tulsi Gabbard blow Kamala Harris out of the water all she could say was “fancy speeches” over and over. Go white girl!!!

  181. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-04 19:03


  182. Debbo 2019-08-04 19:11

    The chief practitioner of identity politics is the GOP. They’re very clear about it through their president, voter suppression of POC, the skin color of the members of their party, their comfort with white supremacists, their push for a citizenship question on the census, gerrymandering based on skin color, etc. It’s a very old tactic, which Rancid Racist exploits continually, to assign one’s biases to the Other.

    HC, I do want a Black woman. Old white guys is a fitting description of all past presidents except Obama. All those old white guys, plus 1 Black one, have gotten us here. This is a very bad place.

    Rather than sticking with the same people who got us here, I think it’s time for a shift, time to try something new and different. A new point of view coming from different experiences and history certainly can’t hurt.

    You are probably familiar with this definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results.

  183. mike from iowa 2019-08-04 19:28

    Chief racist had this to say today about dual white supremacists mass murders, ‘Hate Has No Place In Our Country’. Wonder where all the hate is coming from? Pick me, pick me. From Drumpf’s pie hole.

  184. John Dale 2019-08-04 19:40

    mike from iowa – what makes you think they were white supremacists? Because they were white? Seriously .. it’s like you’re hearing a wireless mind control deep state dog whistle. Let’s not fight because some deep state intel operative is just doing his job to cover up the massive exploitation and pedo network is getting its legs cut out. Before propagating this kind of information, ask a couple of questions. Like clockwork, here come the anti-gun, open borders, race baiters.

  185. Debbo 2019-08-04 19:51

    When white supremacists think the terrorists are theirs, like they think of Rancid Racist, they’re probably right.

    Do they think so? Just keep listening, but not to wackjob Jones. 🤪🤪🤪😆😆😆

  186. Debbo 2019-08-04 19:55

    Duck dale! Like clockwork, here come the facts:

    International research has found that U.S. mass shootings cannot be explained by a violent culture, racial divisions or mental health, the N.Y. Times’ Max Fisher and Josh Keller write in “The Interpreter” column.

    It’s simply the “astronomical number of guns.”
    “The United States has 270 million guns and had 90 mass shooters from 1966 to 2012.”

    “No other country has more than 46 million guns or 18 mass shooters” — the U.S. is way worse than the Philippines, Russia, China or India.

  187. John Dale 2019-08-04 19:56

    Exactly – do not listen to Alex Jones. No matter what. Especially the video link I posted. Because you can just trust other peoples’ assessments, especially the FBI’s. ;)

  188. Porter Lansing 2019-08-04 20:03

    I read,
    -Divisions based on race are largely artificial.
    -The real discrimination is against economic class.
    -Agest, sexist, racist all rolled up into one.
    -People learn to game the system rather than simply strive to be their best.
    -An insult to those who they view as minorities but others see as equals.
    ~ What I see here are two white guys with overwhelming, subconscious, “white guilt”. They’re too embarassed to admit what their race does and has done to POC, so they invent justifications and false assertions to salve their repressed pain.
    You see, it’s not what minority races are (there are no DNA differences among races); it’s how minority races are treated that we progressives vow to change. White deniers be damned.

  189. John Dale 2019-08-04 20:33

    Debbo – “International research has found” — which international research?

    Did it also report that mass shooters and SSRI drugs are like peanut butter and chocolate?

    In the Pierce Morgan interview of Alex Jones, AJ cites FBI statistics that support that violent crime goes up when you take the guns away, as do the murder counts of tyrannical government regimes like Mao and Stalin.

    If it’s not guns, it would be trucks. If not trucks, knives. If not knives, swords. If not swords ..

    The facts that are stated here are part of a bigger plan to disarm The American people as a precursor to exploiting the resources of our country. It seems simple to me since it’s happened so many times. I mean, for Pete’s sake, haven’t you ever watched El Cid?

    Porter Lansing – as the draw bridge goes up, I think the monumental leap you’re taking in your comments fall straight into the water.

    I was talking with a history professor Friday who confirmed two things. First, the percentage of Black Slaves that actually made it to The US was very small compared to the overall slave trade of the early period of US history. Second, throughout the history of the slave trade, begat mostly by northern African Muslims, more whites have been sold into slavery than blacks.

    I have never been a slave of a another person, but likely like you, I am a slave to this system that indirectly benefits very wealthy people of all colors.

    If you aren’t seeing the target, you should stay out of the fight lest innocents get hurt from an errant shot.

  190. Porter Lansing 2019-08-04 20:41

    I see the target, Dale. You have a bulls-eye on your Alex Jones rhetorical bulls-hit. You don’t know what black people know. Nor does any white history professor (making a misdirecting assertion) know what black people know. I know discrimination, white nationalism, and totem pole, zero sum, misconceptions when I see them. Saying it doesn’t exist may make you feel less guilty but guilty you are, pilgrim.

  191. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-04 20:45

    I listened to Alex Jones off-and-on for 20 years, on 1380 KOTA AM radio both in his regular appearances on Art Bell’s show and its successor, George Noory, and on his TV show. He proposed some credible (to me) charges against the government. He made predictions. NONE of them came true.

    My conclusion is that Alex Jones is delusional. I am suspicious of governmental claims in “delicate” matters, such as the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City Blast, and the Triple Towers 9/11. Jones has voiced the same concerns–along with many more with which I don’t hold a parallel view–about those three events. But, in all the time I wasted listening to him, NOT ONCE did one of his predictions occur.

  192. John Dale 2019-08-04 20:52

    Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices – Which predictions? Just this week AJ predicted a mass shooting event, and that Q and Antifa would be labeled terrorist groups.

    He predicted that the shooters family would have ties to psychology and the military (both are true).

    So, again, what predictions that he made did not come true? What did you think of AJ’s CFR predictions? His infiltration of Bohemian Grove?

    You speak in absolutes. Only Siths speak in absolutes.

  193. John Dale 2019-08-04 21:00

    I see so many targeted and hateful comments and actions toward Alex Jones it makes me fear for the long term health of our country.

    No individual should have to endure weaponized legalities, personal threats, and actual racism (whites are bad and should not have access to opportunity is as racist a notion as exists today).

    Much of the hate comes from people who don’t even watch the broadcast or really understand Alex Jones’ disposition, respect his humanity, or recognize his personal contribution to human freedom and emancipation from the terrible forces in control of much of our societies.

    It’s just hate hate hate hate hate Alex Jones. Hate anything he likes. Hate hate hate hate hate Alex Jones. Cheerful when he is hurt, damaged. Gleeful at the prospect of Alex Jones becoming injured or killed. This is a true love of hatred in the name of hating hatred.

    I hope you’ll all find it within yourselves to break the spell, watch the broadcasts with your own filter, and make your own decisions. We are Alex Jones, in full view, discernment a precursor to membership in the open society he has created at the behest of the closed, dark, secret societies that drive the hate of nothing more than a successful competing interest.

  194. Certain Inflatable Recreational Devices 2019-08-04 21:09

    I am a Sith. Serd the Sith. I always wanted to be a Sith. I found out it was only a matter of deciding to be a Sith.So, I am a Sith.

  195. Debbo 2019-08-04 21:09

    There’s the link dale–
    Not that it will matter, since you’re delusional enough to love your pal “AJ.”

    One of the things I’ve learned in my work with delusional clients is their delusions cannot be reasoned away because their brains aren’t functioning normally.

    So, you and “AJ” enjoy your conspiracy theories, secret knowledge, grand plans, future predicting and all the rest. I know in your mind it’s the wide majority of Americans who are delusional because we don’t “see the light” as clearly as you and “AJ” do.

    So be it. I’ll not waste my effort trying to disabuse you. Bye.

  196. Debbo 2019-08-04 21:12

    Here’s where the white male terrorists hang out and post their hateful intent.

    8chan Is a Normal Part of Mass Shootings Now

  197. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 21:27

    Trump said after the 2016 campaign that he loved the uneducated, the uneducated are the biggest supporters of Trump.
    The back to back mass shootings this weekend had one thing in common, they were both incited by hate. The cowards that murdered 29 innocence’s and wounded dozens more both posted manifestos filled with racist comments about Mexicans and blacks. Oh, and they are both Trump fans.
    Tomorrow the republicans will show their denial about how these racial shootings actually happened. They will blame mental health, video games, and naturally prayer in schools.
    You don’t have to read to far into these stories to see the truth.

  198. John Dale 2019-08-04 21:36

    Debbo – if you would have watched the AJ broadcast today, you’d know that you’ve been roped into the Q conspiracy, created by secret societies to counter InfoWars. He goes into detail, I’ll let AJ speak for himself in today’s 1.5 hour broadcast. I recommend you take some time and watch. I know about 4Chan and 8Chan and Q. In fact, I dug into it for awhile before realizing it was just a deep state anonymous hit job factory that convinces people they actually have a line to Trump.

    What I like about InfoWars is it’s a loose association of free thinkers representing the majority of people nationwide, and billions globally.

    By calling me delusional, you concede the argument. But it was an impossible argument to win in the first place, and was inevitable. The best way to win an argument is to be correct. Q is bull pucky. InfoWars has no secret rituals, rights of passage, or hierarchies. It is 100% in tune with humanity’s unrelenting thirst for freedom and liberty.

    Conspiracy theories become conspiracy laws (as per science) when they withstand scrutiny.

    The JFK coroner’s report confirmed that there was a conspiracy (two bullets through his head on two different vectors). The Conspiracy Theorist DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE.

    Get thee behind me deep state (and I’m not even Christian, but I like the sound of that).

    Be on the right side of history. Support it or not, at least watch and discern lest we all fall prey to confirmation bias (a form of psychosis in and of itself).

  199. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 21:36

    Dr. Newquist over at Northern Valley Beacon has an excellent post up on brain washing.

  200. John Dale 2019-08-04 21:39

    Roger Cornelius:

    “they were both incited by hate”

    “they are both Trump fans”

    You say this ~24 hours after the first event when law enforcement is still gathering the evidence. If you work with The Internet you know how simple it is to falsify information (look up XSLT .. it’s design to modify information in transit, just one example).

    My sources indicate that, after examination of the way back machine, the TX shooters profile was modified to indicate he was a republican after he indicated he was a democrat in social media.

    InfoWars and CNN will be a good polar sampling of information regarding the investigation. Watch them both, make your own decision, but only after carefully digesting both sources of information. Fox News usually reports the strongest arguments from either side.

  201. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 21:45

    I refuse to lower my standards by watching Infowars or FOX news. Give it up John, I’m not taking your bait.
    I’m comfortable with my news sources since they haven’t let me down yet and I’ve relied on them for years.
    I stand solidly behind my comment.

  202. John Dale 2019-08-04 21:48

    Roger Cornelius – what are your thoughts on CNN’s 2017 presidential election predictions?

    Or, how about the MSM’s predictions that Trump would be impeached by now, or that he would never take office, or that he was in league illegally with Russia?

    I guess I am trying to bait you out of your information bubble. Let’s consider information from all sources, not just those that reinforce our biases, because that’s a great way to be disappointed.

  203. Debbo 2019-08-04 21:57

    Roger, I’ll check Dr. Newquist’s post. Thanks.

  204. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 22:15

    John Dale,
    I don’t pander to anyone’s predictions – CNN, Inforwars, or anyone in between.
    You simply are not qualified to “bait me out my information bubble”, whatever the hell that means.
    Like I said, I’m comfortable with my news sources and if they are wrong, I’ll correct them.

  205. Debbo 2019-08-04 22:15

    That was outstanding Roger! dale really ought to read that, though it probably wouldn’t help. Or should we call him Mr. D-K? 😆😆😆

  206. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 22:19

    Yes, Debbo, Dr. Newquist knocked that one of the ball park.
    Everybody should read the article, although not all will understand it.

  207. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-04 22:22

    Mr. Claussen
    The Washington Post article is hidden behind a paywall.

  208. Debbo 2019-08-04 23:53

    The title of this commentary is “Want to End Mass Shootings? Start With Toxic Masculinity.” Brandi Carlisle wrote it in Sojourners. It’s short, no paywall and she offers a helpful definition of toxic masculinity. Please read it.

  209. John Dale 2019-08-05 00:36

    Is toxic femininity a thing? I might define it as a feminine being with constant propensity to constantly diagnose toxic masculinity, which, as I understand it, is the presence of a surplus of back hair and a propensity for flatus.

  210. jerry 2019-08-05 00:57

    Well yes John Dale, you have it. I was wondering why you have that thing for Jones, now I know. Toxic femininity.

  211. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-08-05 17:22

    No, John, toxic feminity is not a thing. Men—or, specifically, machismo, and men who have the wrong understanding of masculinity—are hurting and killing a lot more people than women of any sort are.

  212. John Dale 2019-08-05 18:21

    Corey – Cleopatra murdered two of her siblings.

    Nobody has a monopoly on violence regardless of its rate of exaction.

    Slow moving social engineering from the teacher’s unions could be consider violent against the free will of the victim, for instance.

    The problem of conflict and competition is much bigger than men or women. It’s a part of the human condition. It’s a problem that won’t be solved by blaming a whole group of people. That, in and of itself, might just be the problem.

    Toxic masculinity refers to the bad traits of men. As such, toxic femininity might simply refer to the bad traits of women, of which there are none?

  213. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-05 18:49

    Most DFP commenters spell Cory’s name correctly.

  214. PaulT 2019-08-05 18:51–MrFAk6AAbyx4NToXSCqR8fb1Nk1GS3bA6jeaNIQXYxqiIr79mM18

    South Dakota has given twice as much money to Bernie as ALL OTHER Candidates combined. Not surprising that not a single democratic “leader” in this state is supporting him – that would make TOO MUCH SENSE. Most that money is coming from people who actually understand his policies because they listen to him. Is Democratic leadership SO DUMB they will run another Republican lite in SD and for President – why yes, I not only think so, I know so. This blog is proof of it.

  215. mike from iowa 2019-08-05 19:40

    Cleopatra was a right wing nut job aka the queen of denial. If she had a Jiohn Dale sibling she might have made it the trifecta.

  216. John Dale 2019-08-05 19:45

    Roger Cornelius – if there was an edit button, I’d use it. I meant no disrespect. I have a cousin I write all the time with the “e” spelling, and I suppose it just came out. Other than that the post was FIRE, no?

    What do you have to say about the ideas behind the words? Grammar and spelling smack.

  217. John Dale 2019-08-05 19:48

    mike from iowa – so, we should only consider left wing women, and the right wing women can go to heck? Your dispositions seem to be self serving.

    Also, did you realize you just humorously advocated for my murder in a public forum? Isn’t that precisely the kind of dangerous and careless talk that people are accusing Trump of right now?

    I get it. It’s a joke. But what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Maybe you and Trump have more in common than you thought.

  218. Debbo 2019-08-05 20:50

    dale is a perfect example of why racism is such a problem in the USA and why white male terrorists are slaughtering American citizens, residents and visitors at such a shameful rate.

    The cries for #MoscowMitch to get off his a$$ and bring the House’s gun bills before the Senate is getting very loud. I’m sure he’s waiting for Pootie’s permission. #MoscowMitch is worse than Rancid Racist because he’s saner. He’s a cruel and inhumane psychopath, but saner.

    And there we have 21st century GOP politics in a nutshell.

  219. John Dale 2019-08-05 22:08

    Debbo – of the 98 people this year who murdered more than 3 people at a single time, 19 of them were “white”. In not a single incident did a gun kill a person. To quote Bob Dylan, “Two eyes took the aim, behind a man’s brain..”

    In your writing, I read of personally direct attacks and dehumanization. This is typically a precursor to violence. Then, you claim the psychological high ground.

    We’re Americans. With that comes responsibility in thought, action, and speech.

    You say I’m a perfect example of why racism is a problem. Yet, dehumanization is a characteristic of racism.

    There will be no substantive gun control. People are not responsible enough with the power of psychological analysis to prevent false positives and unfair weaponization.

    Events like these warrant patience and methodology to get to the bottom of what happened. Let’s not rush to conclusions or start throwing around these things like political footballs.

    My working hypothesis is that both shooters’ families are into psychology, have ties to DARPA/CIA, have trouble with girls, play a lot of video games, and are taking an SSRI or some other psychoactive suggestibility pharma. I’ll be combing the evidence for this, and calling for a ban on “mass murder suicide pills” long before gun control.

    In fact, my advice to everyone here is to carry a weapon in case you need it to save yourselves and your loved ones. I’ll do the same, and the violent crime will continue to be relatively low in our communities.

    At the same time, I would appreciate if the media wouldn’t glorify their cowardly actions – killing people they don’t even know – and posting pictures and body counts We should not give so much attention to these LOSERS.

  220. Debbo 2019-08-05 22:33

    Not playing your little games to get around the facts. The USA needs gun control and real action to concretely address racism.

  221. John Dale 2019-08-05 22:42

    Debbo – “The USA needs gun control and real action to concretely address racism”

    You’re queen. Do you just ban guns outright? How does one concretely address racism?

  222. Debbo 2019-08-06 00:23

    These guys believe something has been taken from them that they were entitled to, that they deserved, and it was given to people who don’t deserve it, like immigrants and gay people and women. Joining up is a way to get it back, to restore your masculinity. The white nationalist organizations are fairly explicit in this: “Join us and you feel like a real man. Join your brothers, your comrades. We have a sacred mission to preserve the white race.” All this stuff is designed to say, “I’m retrieving what’s rightfully mine.” The feeling of being emasculated comes from a feeling of entitlement. Entitlement is what fuels the anger and desire to restore what’s “rightfully ours.”

    That’s from Mother Jones,

  223. tom 2019-08-06 01:40

    how do I stop getting notified via email of updates to this thread? I’m getting swamped.

  224. bearcreekbat 2019-08-06 02:08

    The idea that loose gun laws are needed because “everyone here is to carry a weapon in case you need it to save yourselves and your loved ones” didn’t work particularly well in the recent Texas murders at Walmart and in Ohio.

    The gun laws in Texas and Ohio are relatively lax, with both states allowing concealed carry, among other less restrictive laws.

    Where were all the good guys with guns during these mass killings? Texas in particular has somewhat of a reputation as a state with lots of gun slingers, yet it seems only cold blooded killers were willing to show their guns. The good guys with guns apparently kept their guns hidden.

    Since loose laws did nothing to stop the murders in Texas and Ohio, maybe, just maybe, it might be time to try a different approach by recognizing John Dale’s claims to be what they are – the results of listening to too much Alex Jones and NRA money making con jobs. It would also help to reject the rants of Trump that dehumanize others based on skin color, religion or where they happen to have been born.

  225. John Dale 2019-08-06 05:43

    bearcreekbat – There was one story out of TX about a black man who covered a group of children with his pistol as he attempted to take them to safety.

    I’m as shocked as you that nobody returned fire, although this WAS El Paso, not Luckenbach.

    In the hysteria following the event, I would caution everyone to calm down and realize that guns do not kill people. Why was this young man so irrational and ready to die himself?

    Is our country under attack from a very sophisticated psyop? This is what my gut is telling me .. that these types of people can be activated through a combination of pharma, technology, and conditioning.

  226. John Dale 2019-08-06 05:48

    Debbo – what specifically do “they” feel entitled to? The resources of colored people? The description there seems like it could apply to the wealthy, not “blacks” or “whites”. Ultra wealthy – regardless of color – have the tools to exploit society and abuse people. Some wealthy people are good people, but some are the dregs.

    Great song:
    “.. and the poor white man is used in the hands of them all like a tool ..” — Bob Dylan, Only a Pawn in their Game

  227. John Dale 2019-08-06 06:05

    Speaking of Comrade – this is a longer view of the previous video.

    Thanks for the extensive discussion. I’m always happy to keep exploring knowledge, issues and work together.

  228. mike from iowa 2019-08-06 06:55

    In Luckenbach, Texas they’d all be stoners and no one would mess with guns or violence.

    Dale, what makes yer hide any more valuable than the hides of POC that Drumpf and right wing nut jobs disparage all the time? I have yet to hear you condemn Drumpf the way you did me, except I didn’t say anything that could be taken as a threat or a suggestion for someone to do violence against your hide. Drumpf has advocated violence against people he considers enemies and offered to pay legal fees for his followers that assaulted Drumpf’s enemies.

    Nutjobs with guns are not my choice to protect me from nutjobs with guns. That is why we have police paid for with tax dollars. It is their job to protect all of us from nutjobs with guns. Arming civilians makes their job that much more dangerous. And that is why I think your are a nut.

  229. mike from iowa 2019-08-06 06:58

    Tom, contact Cory through his contact at the top of the page and you can chat with him in private about the problem.

  230. John Dale 2019-08-06 07:10

    “Hate has no place in our country.” — President Trump

    Show me a comment from President Trump that is anywhere near yours and I’ll condemn it.

    But I’m just not seeing that.

    “Rosie O’Donnell is a pig.” — this is nowhere near as offensive as what you wrote, technically, although I have no real consternation with either statement because I understand the context of both.

    But trivializing the death of another human being, while a nice job on your part, creates cognitive dissonance with your core message that “Trump is a hate factory”.

    It is clear to me how the media operates. They (over)use the straw man nearly every day. It’s a very mentally ill strategy to mis-assign attributes to someone, then use that to demonize them.

    Again, thanks for engaging. It’s important that we work this out together.

    Also, props to Cory for letting this continue. Shadow banning is un-American and un-Free.

    Cory – have we set a record for comments, yet?

  231. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 11:42

    “colored people” – really?

  232. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 11:46

    Tom, do I like I do and simply delete unwanted emails, it is really quite simple.

  233. John Dale 2019-08-06 11:53

    Roger Cornelius – Yes. Colored people. People of color not of northern european descent.

    The weaponization of language for political points has got to stop. Straw-manning every statement that refers to colored people, people of color not of northern european descent devolves culture, language, and progress.

    Manufacturing outrage and screaming racism devalues the contributions of millions of people who have fought for equal rights, and people who are truly victims of racism.

    So yes. “”Colored people”” (I am quoting your quote). What is your problem with that statement in the context of everything else I have written other than manufacturing a conflict gets out out of having to answer all of the valid points I’ve brought-up about the issues?

  234. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 12:11

    John Dale
    I’ll just let your pathetic defense of the term “colored people” speak for itself.
    I was mistaken to have believed that race relations and terminology have advanced.

  235. John Dale 2019-08-06 13:23

    Roger Cornelius – “I’ll just let your pathetic defense of the term “colored people” speak for itself”

    That’s not acceptable to me at all. The burden of proof is on you, my friend.

    “Hand waiving the argument does not win.” — Yoda

    If the prosecution rests without argument or justification, the defense wins de facto?

  236. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 13:25

    SHRINKING DALE … He verbally jumped Debbo because she’s got the most accurate read on him. He’s pretty common, really. A guy who made loads of bad choices and needs to blame others. Pretty intelligent but a max underachiever. Lost everything that means anything to him (except some child custody) and can’t accept his failures. Doesn’t take his meds like he should; instead blames psy-ops, FBI, government, minorities, women, immigrants, LBGTQ’s for his need for medical stability. As Debbo mentioned, definitely believes his “entitlements” have been usurped by outside influences.
    Were he in CO he’d be quickly “red flagged” as not stable enough for gun ownership. Hoping for the best but could be SD’s first mass offender.

  237. John Dale 2019-08-06 13:37

    Porter Lansing – I am taken back at your preoccupation with me. Regarding the “Hoping for the best but could be SD’s first mass offender” comment. Where do I serve the lawsuit?

    I imagine that would not help my chances of getting hired onto my next project, and your assertions …

    .. strain credulity.

    I would love it if you would tell me more about my life, circumstances, misgivings, and struggles! :D


  238. John Dale 2019-08-06 14:00

    Porter Lansing – Interestingly, through your own defamatory writing you disprove your own point. There are indeed other actors and forces that can have a profoundly negative effect on a person’s ability to be successful.

    s.l.o.w c.l.a.p

  239. Anne 2019-08-06 14:04

    A biblical passage that even the most ardent atheists find wise: “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” (Proverbs 26:4).

  240. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 14:05

    Dale, you have asserted your psychoses into this blog. Usually, upset people do that looking for help. Making your response about me instead of facing your poor choices in life is also a tell. The charge that you’d be red-flagged in Colorado is what you should be concerned about. Anything to say about that?
    PS … subconsciously labeling yourself reckless is something Trump does continually. It’s a sign of mental instablility.

  241. John Dale 2019-08-06 14:55

    Porter Lansing – my wife and I just reviewed your comments. We believe that if this is circulated as a framework for defamation your reckless comments could do damage to my family and I in terms of our ability to secure new clients for our small business, make friends, and generally fairly pursue opportunity within our community.

    Any reasonable review of my contributions to this forum will yield that my writing is measured, fair, and well reasoned. Leading up to an election year, I am doing an uncompensated civic duty by discussing ideas with intellectual honesty.

    At times my words become sharp in response to personal attacks straying from assessment of ideas, but nothing that I have written drives to the level of defamation you have exhibited.

    I think your post should remain if only to serve as an example of the kind of intellectual sputum that would be retracted by any sane individual.

    I think your attacks on me are a call for help.

    Get some.

  242. John Dale 2019-08-06 14:58

    Anne – my concern with the advice in that passage is that when only one idea (bad or good) permeates the public square unanswered, it becomes the law, after which opponents are lamented for not saying something earlier. I do appreciate the sentiment, though, and thank you for writing (even if you are directing that toward Porter).

  243. John Dale 2019-08-06 15:01

    And just to reiterate ..

    “There will be no substantive gun control. People are not responsible enough with the power of psychological analysis to prevent false positives and unfair weaponization.”

  244. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 15:04

    Tell Jessica hi. I love mung bean sprouts. ❤

  245. John Dale 2019-08-06 15:13

    Porter Lansing – “Tell Jessica hi. I love mung bean sprouts.”

    Just not that impressive.


  246. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 15:16

    Johnny Christopher … LWIY (last word is your’s)

  247. Debbo 2019-08-06 15:28

    “Public speech that may incite violence, even without that specific intent, has been given a name: stochastic terrorism, for a pattern that can’t be predicted precisely but can be analyzed statistically. It is the demonization of groups through mass media and other propaganda that can result in a violent act because listeners interpret it as promoting targeted violence — terrorism. And the language is vague enough that it leaves room for plausible deniability and outraged, how-could-you-say-that attacks on critics of the rhetoric.

    “Trump fails to shame white supremacy. That is all anyone needs to know. And a responsible president — one who was appalled that his language might have been misconstrued and was contributing to the greatest terror threat in America today — would surely change his rhetoric. The failure to do so doesn’t mean Trump welcomes the violence; it does mean that he isn’t shaming its adherents.”
    Strib paywall,

  248. John Dale 2019-08-06 15:58

    Porter Lansing – “Johnny Christopher”

    Again, just not impressed.

    “John” Christopher Dale
    239 W. Jackson Blvd
    Spearfish, SD 57783

  249. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 16:44

    John Dale
    Two things:
    1. I am not your friend.
    2. I am not making a presentation for trial and therefore not trying to win an argument. Your use of the phrase “colored people” in this day and age is repulsive.

  250. John Dale 2019-08-06 16:45


    That beautifully exquisite and immortal moment when you ferret-out a psyop trying to convince you that psyops do not exist.

  251. John Dale 2019-08-06 16:48

    Roger Cornelius – I challenge you to justify your position that you find “colored people” repulsive.

    You are not allowed to use the “but I have black friends” argument.


  252. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 16:56

    Trump called the neo-Nazis and KKK in Charlottesville “very fine people”, before he called them repugnant.

  253. John Dale 2019-08-06 17:13

    Roger Cornelius – “I am not your friend.”

    You should not not be my friend, too.

    Kind of baffling to draw that line in the sand over politics.

    If you should need me, don’t hesitate the call, and if I can help a fellow traveler, I will try my best to be on the ball.

  254. John Dale 2019-08-06 17:15

    Roger Cornelius – “very fine people”

    Not exactly. He called some of the people calling for the destruction of historical southern artifacts very fine people. He was not referring to everyone in the group.

  255. Cory Allen Heidelberger 2019-08-06 17:51

    Well, now we’re not having any fun, are we? That’s what happens when we stray from the topic and start talking about each other instead of the public good.

    Quantity of comments is irrelevant without quality.

    Roger is right: we should avoid obsolete racial language.

  256. mike from iowa 2019-08-06 18:06

    Not exactly. He called some of the people calling for the destruction of historical southern artifacts very fine people. He was not referring to everyone in the group.

    And you know this for a fact, how? OMG! You can read Drumjpf’s mind!

  257. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 18:12

    Who’s talking about Biden? Nobody. Not on Twitter, Facebook, IG, blogs or in person. I think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could beat Trump. I’d vote for her and I’m Mr. Moderate.

  258. Roger Cornelius 2019-08-06 18:34

    CNN did a pretty extensive and eye opening interview with Biden last night.
    If any candidate keeps pushing Trump on his racism they can beat him.
    And as someone said, if a challenger continually points out Trumps lies they will confuse him.
    It is not hard to paint Trump for what he is, a fraud and conman.

  259. John Dale 2019-08-06 19:28

    Cory – “Well, now we’re not having any fun, are we?”

    Actually, yes. I’m having a great deal of fun deep on the bowels of your site, I think I found something impacted. ;)

  260. Porter Lansing 2019-08-06 19:56

    Agreed, Roger. The Dem in the first Presidential debate should open with, “Tonight I’m going to make a public list of your President’s lies.” Then, even if they have to interrupt and get reprimanded, document and number the lies, as they happen. Should easily top fifty lies per hour.

  261. Debbo 2019-08-06 20:14

    From Axios, Mike Allen:

    White nationalism — a racist extremism that was confined to the ugly fringes for most of our lives — is a growing major danger in America:

    Racial resentment and anxiety have been a central appeal for Donald Trump and his rhetoric among the working-class, forgotten Americans who put him over the top, and who are at the core of his re-election strategy.
    The appeal to alienated young men, combined with the country’s gun culture, creates a leading incubator of the mass shootings now plaguing the country.
    In the past 18 months, white-extremist active shooters in the U.S. have been responsible for 65 deaths in seven episodes. (N.Y. Times)
    Both parties are calling out the ideology after the El Paso massacre by an Anglo who complained online of a “Hispanic invasion”: George P. Bush, a Hispanic Republican who is Texas land commissioner and the grandson and nephew of former presidents, warned this weekend of “white terrorism here in the U.S.”
    The FBI says homegrown violent extremists are now a top concern — “a persistent, pervasive threat,” Director Christopher Wray called it in April.
    Two weeks ago, Wray said the bureau had made 100 arrests for domestic terrorism in the past nine months, with many tied to white supremacy.
    The data: “Right-wing extremists killed more people in 2018 than in any year since 1995, the year of Timothy McVeigh’s bomb attack on the Oklahoma City federal building, according to the Anti-Defamation League,” per the N.Y. Times.

    The reality: 2019 is worse.
    We’re seeing all this unfold before our eyes on social media, Axios media trends expert Sara Fischer reports:

    “The Great Replacement,” a white-nationalist conspiracy theory cited by the El Paso suspect, has gone viral on fringe platforms.
    The suspect’s online manifesto spread widely, despite efforts to contain it: An analysis by the social-media intelligence firm Storyful found the manifesto was shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter.
    Storyful found that white nationalists drove a substantial amount of online conversation during last week’s Democratic debate.

    Sen. Kamala Harris has been the target of right-wing nationalist conversation online, largely due to her background and race.
    Why domestic terrorism is hard to stop, via the N.Y. Times:

    Compared to broad powers to disrupt foreign terrorist plots, “domestically, federal officials have far fewer options. A federal statute defines domestic terrorism but carries no penalties. The First Amendment … makes stopping terrorist acts committed by Americans before they happen more challenging.”
    Between the lines: White nationalism is the subtext and text text of the 2020 presidential race — as the reality of a shrinking white population sets in, and big states, including Texas, turn increasingly diverse — and blue.

  262. Debbo 2019-08-23 14:11

    Basic logic and critical thinking tell us A-Butt is purely racist, head to despicable toe.

    Try that logic and critical thinking thing Dale. It will lead you to the same conclusion, unless you twist it with propaganda from your pals, AJ, Faux Noize, and the rest of Stephen Goebbels Miller’s buddies.

  263. John Dale 2019-08-23 14:27

    Debbo – but your assertions .. just might be .. the big GOEBELS fib.


  264. mike from iowa 2019-08-23 14:58

    Since when did wingnut nut jobs start spelling quackery c-r-i-t-i-c-a-l?

  265. Debbo 2019-08-23 20:19

    Mike, I keep saying, the bizarre things Dale says are too absurd to argue, but they are entertaining.

  266. leslie 2019-09-07 14:05

    Not that i can add to the thread. Dale: pretty big “if”, eh? “SSRIs … would be unnecessary if the economy and its … [yadayada].” Geez, u make no sense here. Waste of cyberspace. (PM: paul maccartney?

    Dems: Watching the debates is original source news. i like yang and others i previously mention, while 70s is likely too old. Bernie is not a dem and mired 2016 instead of helping. Tulsi disappoints with deer in the headlights responses. I stood in memorial park for 3 hrs to see the burn. i worked to elect HRC. Young voters worked against her. Non-voters elected trump. Stupid stupid stupid. The worst possible outcome. The GOP runs controllable idiots for office.

    I like news outlets that are honest, liberal and intelligent, and i hate for-profit corporations and privacy-destroying social media, yet communicate directly via tweet with Rachel and Chuck, Nancy, Jerry and Adam when necessary. Blaming big media (“mainstream” is Limbaugh/Fox negative messaging) is a bit dangerous. Its our high capacity magazine. I’ll take nyt guardian bbc atlantic the nation ect any day. Rachel is a primary source. Matt Tabbiei worries me. Murdoch, Fox, Limbaugh, AJ ect are complete propagandist frauds.

    i’ll vigorously support whoever gets the party nomination; but IMPEACH the mthrfker 1st! :) …and i’ll watch that practice of posting non-descriptive links w/o context. Thx Roger and those other sensible posters we know here.

    Aside: Sometimes paywalls contain the best news articles. That’s where we are headed. No free right to vote and no free news. PBS and SDPB often sound like AM radio and TV advertising. Cyber ads are even more intrusive.

  267. John Dale 2019-09-07 14:39

    leslie – “Geez, u make no sense here. Waste of cyberspace.”

    Sorry, there were some implied premises.

    A driver of depression is lack of economic opportunity and the systemic proverbial rape of the middle class. Instead of fixing the economy, huge drug companies are pushing Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac, which have been in the systems of most of the mass shooters in the contemporary age.

    Manipulation by Masonic infiltrators, secret societies, deep state actors, overzealous psychology businesses eager to generate more business, and other social engineering unions have manufactured the depraved state of mental affairs driving violence.

    “debates is original source news” — I don’t get much out of the 30 second sound bytes. The MSM is corrupt as hell. Andrew Yang, with 3% favorability rating, was not even represented over 1% favorability of “Beto” for the next round of debates! If Hillary can steal it from Sanders, I think the credibility of debates as a news source is greatly diminished. You can only get a “feeling” about a candidate. Joe Rogan is doing long form interviews with candidates that I would recommend to inform an opinion.

    “Non-voters elected trump” – Huh? 60 million plus tea party conservatives, blue dog Democrats, women, and minorities elected President Trump in a free and fair election. Most people in The US just want the DC corruption to stop. Check this out:

    “IMPEACH the mthrfker 1st!” — on what grounds? That his opposition (neoliberal Democrats and neocon Republicans) don’t like him?

    “paywalls contain the best news articles” — this is not an absolute. Although I do like the notion that a news organization is crowd funded like InfoWars, I am not so sure that CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, et al will have any more credibility behind a paywall since they’ll still be sponsored by pharma and other questionable huge multinational anti-constitution corporations.

  268. leslie 2019-09-07 16:02

    Muller Report Vol.; and MTHRFCKR-his sexual predation is legion. Republicans impeached Clinton for his affair (he lied about it, as most humans do). Stupid question Dale.

    cite? ” in the systems of most of the mass shooters in the contemporary age.”

  269. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-07 17:36

    When all is said and done, Donald Trump remains a liar, he lies about everything.

  270. mike from iowa 2019-09-07 17:59

    He’s worse, Roger. His campaign is selling sharpie like markers for $15 each and the money goes to Drumpf. Not a word about donating to hurricane relief or anything other charity

    With Drumpf, charity starts and stays at home..

  271. John Dale 2019-09-07 18:03

    “he lies about everything” – assuming you understand the hypocrisy of this statement, maybe your keyboard is busted.

    Case in point, “if you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl” — a very true statement from President Trump

  272. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-07 18:15

    “he lies about everything” is not a hypocritical statement, it is a statement of fact and only a fool would believe otherwise.

    mike from iowa, the only thing Trump has given away is probably a social disease.

  273. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-07 18:17

    Last week Trump told 76 documented lies, 24 were about Robert Mueller.

  274. Debbo 2019-09-07 20:34

    Roger, the only title he has Ever Actually Earned is Liar-in-Chief.

  275. bearcreekbat 2019-09-08 18:09

    Erectile dysfunction is way off topic, but once again Dale spreads a falsehood by suggesting that Donald Trump told the truth about why a man might need viagra. Trump’s statement is just another lie, and a most pernicious lie at that because it demeans women by falsely attacking their insecurities, which seems to fit Trump’s M.O. to the tee. It reveals alot about the attitude, hostility and/or lack of respect for women by those who would falsely claim that such a hurtful lie is actually the truth.

    . . .

    “Women internalize things — they tend to blame themselves first, thinking it’s because they have done something wrong, or that they are no longer attractive to their partner. In fact, the first thing a woman thinks when a man can’t get an erection is that it’s her fault, and nothing could be further from the truth,” says Andrew McCullough, MD, director of sexual health and male infertility at NYU Medical Center in New York City.

    ED, or erectile dysfunction, is medically defined as the inability to achieve or sustain an erection long enough for sexual intercourse. Virtually all men experience some erection failures at certain points in their lives. It can be the result of stress, depression, or sometimes even for no reason at all. For some, the problem becomes chronic. . . .

    . . . [In] truth he most common causes are undiagnosed physical conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or even the earliest stages of heart disease. Even more often, it can be the result of certain medications used to treat these conditions, particularly some high blood pressure drugs.

    Unfortunately, experts say a lack of education about the causes of ED are frequently behind a woman’s self-blame, as well as her increasing anxiety, and sometimes, even feelings of hurt and anger when the problem occurs.

    . . . .

  276. John Dale 2019-09-08 19:13

    bear creek bat – “It reveals alot about the attitude, hostility and/or lack of respect for women by those who would falsely claim that such a hurtful lie is actually the truth.”

    Every viewpoint you and a few others here hold against President Trump is nothing short of extreme and deranged. You have to realize this.

    Therefore, I assume most of what you write is pure punditry. 80% of what I’m reading in the comments here is an inglorious isht show that can be quickly dismissed using Hitchens Razor.

    That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

  277. mike from iowa 2019-09-08 19:33

    Drumpf is a moron, but he is smarter than Johnny Fraud.

  278. John Dale 2019-09-08 20:06

    mike from iowa – “Drumpf is a moron, but he is smarter than Johnny Fraud.”

    I think this is some kind of progress for you to admit that the President of the United States Donald J Trump is smarter than someone with an advanced degree from a top program.

  279. John Dale 2019-09-08 20:07

    I’ve figured it out. You are all closeted conservatives that are gaming the social credit score. I guess I’m the dumb one. That is .. until someone else gets control of the heuristics.


  280. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-08 20:20

    John Dale finally says something correct, “I guess I’m the dumb one”.
    Trump is a liar, he lies about everything.
    Does anyone know the most recent count of the number of lies that Trump has told since being in office?

  281. Debbo 2019-09-08 20:37

    Roger, last I heard Liar-in-Chief was up past 12,000, but that was a couple weeks ago. Just with his trusty Sharpie he’s added several hundred.

    BCB, “It reveals alot about the attitude, hostility and/or lack of respect for women by those who would falsely claim that such a hurtful lie is actually the truth.”
    That’s certainly true.

    I think we can thank Johnny for showing us just how fervently true believer trumpelstilskins hang on. It really is amazing. They are the few with the real, true knowledge and all the rest of us around the world are the deceived ones.

    It seems like fanatics are always like that, don’t you think? The more they are questioned and called to account for their silly claims, the tighter they grip their specialness. The very acts of doubt convince them all the more of their unique and superior place.

    Trumpelstilskins are much like religious zealots in that regard. Any sense of being persecuted, even when created from thin air, they interpret as a sign of their righteousness. Facts will not sway them, because it’s not about facts. It’s about the feeling of specialness they get from their Dear Leader, a position Liar-in-Chief is perfectly suited to.

    That, gentlemen, is why I simply find Johnny entertaining. He’s not going to make sense or be reasonable, any more than other fervent trumpelstilskins are. Then he’d just be one of the herd and what’s special and exciting about that?

  282. jerry 2019-09-08 20:38

    Roger, how about the latest one about a meeting with the Taliban? Lie after lie.

  283. John Dale 2019-09-08 20:52

    Debbo – I love it when your posts make me the subject.

    Trump has told at least 400,000 lies this week. There, am I a member of the club, now?

    The overlords will be pleased, won’t they?


    Are you all three just really one person posting as an alias from some kind of mental institution?

  284. Debbo 2019-09-08 21:25

    “I love it when your posts make me the subject.”

    Perfect. Oh Johnny, you are the poster child.

  285. John Dale 2019-09-08 21:33

    Debbo – “Perfect. Oh Johnny, you are the poster child.”

    That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. (TWCBAWECBDWE).

  286. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-08 21:54

    M E M O

    Quit acknowledging and responding to John Dale.

  287. John Dale 2019-09-08 22:09

    Roger Cornelius – For what its worth, I don’t think either Biden or Trump is a racist. It’s an overused ploy these days.

    Question: Is it okay to respond to people responding to John Dale (thanks for having the basic respect to dignify and address me by my name)?

    Have a super week everyone!

  288. Debbo 2019-09-08 23:18

    Gotcha Roger. 😘

  289. bearcreekbat 2019-09-09 01:06

    Roger has the right idea. That said, it still seems important to post accurate information in an effort to correct verifiably false or incorrect statements posted by commenters on DFP, including Dale, especially false statements like repeating and vouching for Trump’s viagra lie, since such false claims can cause to harm to vulnerable or naive individuals if left to stand unchallenged.

  290. John Dale 2019-09-09 08:18

    bearcreekbat – “false or incorrect statements posted by commenters”

    You latch onto the one thing that most people recognize as a troll, yet ignore the “everything Trump says is a lie” propaganda.


  291. jerry 2019-09-09 08:27

    Christian nation? My arse “Trump admin changing the rules in order to refuse entry to survivors of Hurricane Dorian from the Bahamas.”

    Pale Dale and Chubby trumpy belong together…in the zoo of their minds.

  292. John Dale 2019-09-09 08:33

    jerry – I agree with you. Trump orange man bad. Me bad like orange man. Orange bad man fat, and like orange man bad fat, too.

    Hey there fellow high schoolers – where do we check our social credit scores?

  293. mike from iowa 2019-09-09 08:44

    Roger. let’s use some numbers Johnny Fraud can handle such as the number of times Drumpf has told the truth….. exactly zero. JF can possibly wrap his twisted gray matter around the nothingness of nothing.

  294. John Dale 2019-09-09 09:14

    mike from iowa – “JF can possibly wrap his twisted gray matter around the nothingness of nothing”

    I imagine your comments said with gusto as Alvin the Chipmunk.

    But I’m with you. Orange man not just bad, orange man real bad, orange man move mouth no fact, just more bad orange man words. Orange man sharpies too black, orange man racist.

    Hello fellow high schoolers – yo, where the cafeteria at, dawgs? You guys see that awesome episode of saved by the bell last night? Hey, where do we check our social credit scores at, anyway? I want to get a little look see after recess ..

    Orange man no like recess. Like you with me I think orange man very bad. We in club no orange man in. Orange man fat, too.

  295. bearcreekbat 2019-09-09 10:19

    In support of Roger’s point, in my view the categories of arguments that are not worth a response include;

    – arguments that ignore a major problem or deficiency and try to refocus on insignificant details, such as whether Trump actually told the truth once, rather than the damage a U.S. President’s constant lying causes both individuals and the nation, or the untrustworthiness of public statements by such a frequent prevaricator

    – arguments grounded in sarcasm, insults and name calling

    – arguments that seek to redirect a discussion of harmful behavior with claims that someone else engaged in such behavior at an earlier time

    – arguments that attempt to distract by trying to change the subject to unrelated or marginally related topics or details

    – arguments that refuse to accept objective evidence of the underlying facts, such as “don’t believe what you see or hear,” or “who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

    These are only a few examples of arguments that are simply not worth a response as responding only validates and encourages such tripe. I stand by the idea that correcting false factual statements may be appropriate, even if the statements could be construed as pernicious trolling or a mean, hurtful joke.

  296. John Dale 2019-09-09 10:52

    bearcreekbat – the inception and promulgation of these rules is exactly what I have been striving for after enduring the gauntlet of Debbo, mike from iowa, jerry et al tripe.

    Thanks for taking the time to contribute this, and for what it’s worth, most of the anti-Trump contributions would be affected by these sensible guidelines.

    As you know, and as I’ve stated, I’ll vote for a better candidate if there is one. I’m not a Trump Zealot, but right now, given what I know about the state of affairs in the US right now and the ramifications to our way of live of pursuing a globalist agenda first, Trump is (in my humble opinion) our best option.

  297. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-09 13:27

    Everyday since the inauguration of Trump there has been chaos and lies, everyday. He has made absolutely no effort to unite the country, in fact quite the opposite.
    Everyday we have seen the blatant violation of the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, today it is scamming money from his golf course in Ireland.
    This week most patriotic Americans will note the anniversary of 9/11, so what does Trump do? Invite our enemy the Taliban to walk on U.S. soil.
    Trump supporters like Dale are a clear and present danger to the survival of this country. They refuse to acknowledge the number lies Trump has told and the corruption in his administration that provides cover for the wholesale theft from the U.S. Treasury.
    John Dale claims he is not a Trump zealot and would support another republican if there is one out there. Well, Mark Sanford announced for president yesterday, Sanford is a better republican candidate and should be deserving of the support of “real republicans”.

  298. John Dale 2019-09-09 13:35

    Roger Cornelius – “Everyday..”

    I have a strong belief that these things are what MSM and the federal network of employees (like a huge union) has made you believe.

    Trump has not been perfect, but he’s also been engaged in a political cage match for his entire presidency.

    We have never seen anything like what has happened to his presidency.

    Obama was not treated this way by people like me. I did not like Obama’s policies, but he was still our President.

    The MSM is populated with a lot of very weak and compromised people, I think. Many of them got caught up in the sexual weaponization. Even Bill Gates is getting pulled into the Epstein thing via MIT.

    The whole thing is VERY sordid and horrifying. The American people (even .. especially .. the good ones) are getting slapped in the face as we confront the true evil of our age: that we protect eagle eggs and kill our unborn (and even the born, now!)

    50 states have now signed-on to the Google anti-Trust probe, which will be the big reveal on the extent of the debauchery.

    My advice to everyone .. keep your minds open and careful who you bed (insert Trump sexual prowess references here).

  299. Porter Lansing 2019-09-09 14:09

    Well, that explains why Trump lies pathologically. It’s because he’s the real victim. The normal media, who get fact checked as intensely as Trump, aren’t discovered to be lying at the super sized rate he lies. But,Trump’s the victim? The American people are the victim? Fetuses are the victim?
    Dale lives to be the victim. He claims the false state of whine-mind, every post. Totally invalid mindset, disturbed by paranoia, rock bottom self esteem, and neuroses.

  300. John Dale 2019-09-09 14:21

    Porter Lansing – “disturbed by paranoia, rock bottom self esteem, and neuroses”

    We should add ad hominem to the list of things to be ignored.

    Maybe also psychoanalysis performed through Internet chat forums.

    .. and projection.

    I think our President is doing a fantastic job.

    Nothing here has convinced me otherwise. President Trump has failed at some things and succeeded at others. But a failure to present evidence that he “always lies” can dismiss the hypothesis since it is so absurd.

    Trump is your president.

  301. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-09 14:22

    John Dale – Unlike you and the propaganda Trump feeds you everyday, nobody makes me believe anything, only facts and reality make me believe.
    MSM doesn’t have the power to make me believe either.

  302. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-09 14:34

    My new daily mantra:

    Trump is a Liar, he Lies “everyday”.

  303. Porter Lansing 2019-09-09 14:37

    Neurotic losers can’t face the truth that they’re their own biggest problem. So, they blame any and all people and situations, to protect their own fragile self esteem. You see, it’s much easier to invent a false victimhood than to self-analyze and change your deviant behavior. Dale is just plain lazy. That fully explains his massive lifelong underachievement. Sits at home, smokes weed all day, and blames the world for his failure. Hell. He’s in his early 40’s and he spends his days hanging out with a group of retired folks 20-30 years his senior.
    Trump ain’t my President. Only President’s who didn’t cheat to win can be in that category.

  304. bearcreekbat 2019-09-09 14:45

    Yet another Trump lie is thoughtlessly repeated – “we . . . kill . . . even the born, now!”

    ‘Executing Babies’: Here Are the Facts Behind Trump’s Misleading Abortion Tweet

    Infants are rarely born alive after abortion procedures, and if they are, doctors do not kill them.

    The lies and false claims spread by Trump keep on coming from some commenters like damaging hailstones during a monster storm in SD. Take heed whenever the sources for such garbage pens a comment.

  305. o 2019-09-09 15:14

    John Dale: “Obama was not treated this way by people like me. I did not like Obama’s policies, but he was still our President.”

    I seem to remember there was one right-wing jerk who made a big deal about the President being illegitimate because he was not a US citizen. That wasn’t you . . . Who was fanning that flame again?

  306. mike from iowa 2019-09-09 15:32

    Political cage match of Drumpf’s own choosing, He is the one accusing the entire world, except himself, of lying.

    Drumpf’s fat mouth has forced the to bring home a spy from Russia Drumpf may have compromised when he spilled top secret info to Russian agents in the kremlin annex. That info from Israel was not to be shared with anyone and compromised an Israeli spy embedded with Taliban, too.

    But, but HRC had emails.

  307. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-09 15:35


    In the 80’s my kids used to watch ‘Saved by the Bell’, I worry about an adult that watches Sunday reruns.

  308. Robin Friday 2019-09-09 17:19

    I think Joe doesn’t realize or recognize the few vestiges of sexism and racism still floating around in his psyche. I like him a lot and will vote for him if he’s the candidate, but I am left with this feeling that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. He is a fine man and will make a fine president, (gaffe-prone? yes, he is, but look what we’ve got in the White House now). But he cannot continue to be as manipulable as he was, when he let Clarence Thomas onto the Court. I haven’t really forgiven him for that. I don’t expect I ever will.

  309. Debbo 2019-09-09 17:27

    I’m with you Robin, about Thomas and how Biden treated Anita Hill. 🤬🤬🤬

    Biden is not my choice at all, but he’s far superior to the Liar-in-Chief, groper, harasser and all around jacka$$.

  310. Robin Friday 2019-09-09 17:42

    Sanford is a better candidate for president only if we toss aside the ancient concept of honesty and marital fidelity. . .which I guess is pretty much a given with “the Christian Right” and “the base” now.

  311. Robin Friday 2019-09-09 17:43

    You got it, Debbo.

  312. John Dale 2019-09-09 18:42

    Roger Cornelius – If you wouldn’t mind sourcing some of your information, we’ll see how much of it comes from the MSM.

    “My new daily mantra: Trump is a Liar, he Lies “everyday”.”

    Oh my. Well, any of you other critical thinkers want to tackle this one? :)

    “being illegitimate because he was not a US citizen”

    The evidence about Obama’s birth certificate was compelling. IF (big if) he was not a US citizen, he should have been impeached, right? Unless he was a member of your party? Since that never happened, I accept that Obama was my President during his term. If some evidence comes out that he was not born in this country, I suppose everything he signed was not valid.

    “top secret info to Russian agents in the kremlin annex”

    So, you bring forward CNN (MSM). “Waves hands, cites deep sources within intelligence community. CNN could not corroborate their own report, and used only hear-say as their “source”. “Great reporting.”

    This election will be a tale of two parties.

    One side will say “Russia meddled in US elections and Trump wants to be their friend”.

    The other side will say, “The Deep state is harvesting baby body parts and eating them, has been engaged in sexual extortion and blackmail for decades, and is engaged in a massive criminal conspiracy to overthrow the republic.”

    Both will be true.

    mike from iowa – not letting people into the US from the Bahamas is standard procedure. Did he say why? Source?

  313. mike from iowa 2019-09-09 19:03

    Morgan said Border Patrol agents “will accept anyone on humanitarian reasons that needs to come here” whether they have proper travel documents or not. “We’ve already processed people that have travel documents and don’t have travel documents,” he said.

    “This is a humanitarian mission,” Morgan said. “If your life is in jeopardy and you’re in the Bahamas and you want to get to the United States, you’re going to be allowed to come to the United States.” He said there would still be some vetting to “make sure that we’re not letting dangerous people in, taking advantage of this.”

    Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan speaks during a briefing at the White House on Monday.
    Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images
    But a few hours later, President Trump appeared to contradict Morgan. “We have to be very careful,” Trump told reporters Monday afternoon, “Everybody needs totally proper documentation.”

  314. John Dale 2019-09-09 19:07

    mike from iowa – Talk to me when the proceedings make it out of the house, and Pence is one Senate vote away from the Presidency.

    How long is this fake news going to pacify you and help you forget that Donald Trump is President? It’s been nearly three years, Austin. Things have changed .. so much.

  315. John Dale 2019-09-09 19:09

    This will be an interesting test of Trump’s pull.

    I’m just as curious as everyone else, but probably a bit less .. shall we say .. emotionally invested.

    Where is Roger Stone, anyway? ;)

  316. John Dale 2019-09-09 19:29

    “Everybody needs totally proper documentation.”

    This doesn’t mean he’s going to reject everyone without a pass port.

    Everybody that comes in will be vetted since bad guys would use these storms as cover to get in and wreak havoc.

  317. mike from iowa 2019-09-09 19:30

    Where is Roger Stone, anyway? ;) Hiding in the shallow dark recesses of yer mind.

    And Bahamians are not prevented from coming to America as a matter of course. Moar Drumpfian caca del toro.

  318. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-09 20:07

    mike from

    I don’t know where Roger Stone is presently, I know where he should be.

    I do know where Trump’s fellow nasty guy Billy Bush is, he is doing a tell all book about Trump.

  319. mike from iowa 2019-09-09 20:26

    Stone is like Drumpf, he can’t listen to and process simple instructions from a judge. Hopefully he is firmly ensconced in a Fed lockup where he will be forced to stay away from social media, as required by a judge at different times.

  320. mike from iowa 2019-09-10 11:40

    Soros backs Drumpf. The sky is falling! Brrrrraaaaccccckkkk! Brrrrraaaaccccckkkk! Brrrrraaaaccccckkkk!

  321. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 12:15

    More Happy News … 5G is almost in my pocket. Hip Hip Hooray!
    ~ Apple has agreed to buy Intel’s smartphone modem business for $1 billion. … Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously predicted that two of the three 2020 iPhones would be 5G-ready but has since amended that to include all three phones. (12 hours ago)

  322. John Dale 2019-09-10 13:02

    Soros’ endorsement of Trump is not a good sign for the neolibs. :)

    5G – you really think this will complete? Deployment of 5G is a signal of full scale digital Marshal Law. It is not about faster speeds. It’s about weaponized biometric targeting. It’s like having a homing missile in your pocket, and opposition against it is massive and organized. Will it get through? I don’t know .. but I’m trusting the science that consistently concludes it is a carcinogen.

    If you keep it in your pocket, you can expect serious problems in the tissue around where you carry the phone, which will be broadcasting your social credit score to China, then back to the US and giving you cancer. It’s the trifecta!

    That you are rooting for 5G is .. well .. very strange.

    If it weren’t for the border issue, we wouldn’t be considering 5G on every street corner to police the people dumb enough to use “smart” phones. If we solve the border, we increase the likelihood that we do not need 5G.

    People who buy 5G are also the people who buy pet rocks. Why bother with the phone? There are many other more interesting and dumb ways to die.

  323. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 14:58

    That’s silly, John D Ale. You’re just making that stuff up. Be serious, OK?

  324. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-10 15:08

    I agree Porter, John D seems to have gone off the deep end.
    Envision if you will thousands of people dropping dead in the streets with their cell phones in hand.

  325. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 15:50

    I know, Roger. Billions of people have smartphones and cancer rates fall every year. Why would John care about me, anyway? Is he Jesus? Geez … Maybe he wants people to think he’s smartest?

  326. Robin Friday 2019-09-10 15:58

    Roger, I don’t think I can envision thousands dropping dead with their cell phones in their fists. But I’ve seen a lot of them walk into street poles. That’s gotta hurt.

  327. John Dale 2019-09-10 16:48

    I envision 100’s of thousands dropping dead.

    80 million were killed after Mao pushed Communism in China.

    My theory is that when the “Tornado Sensors” were installed in so many cities, the microwave radiation damaged DNA (just like we knew it would from Carlo back in the 90’s .. from the first commissioned study), and Breast Cancer tissue was most susceptible for some reason.

    Also, from

    “While rates for many types of cancer have declined in recent years, diagnoses of certain cancer types are increasing. The most rapid increases are being recorded for thyroid cancer – incidence rates are rising by more than 5% per year in both men and women.”

    I have a massive research file on this issue. I am correct. 5G is a killer that kills passively or actively through biometric targeting.

    With the Chinese getting busted around the country for stealing IP, it won’t be long before the public learns just what all those LED light poles were really going to be used for. Spoiler alert: they are a Trojan Horse for a remotely targeted weapon.

    Do you think there were a lot of people that denied the existence of Auschwitz as vehemently as you folks are denying the dangers of 5G (and 4G, and 3G, and 2G, and Wifi)? Seriously, you’re supposed to be Democrats? Aren’t Democrats really smart and read stuff like scientific studies?

    Spread the word – JUST SAY NO TO 5G!

    BTW, this is not John Dale typing. It’s someone else.

    And John wanted me to relay a message.

    He wants to know where he can go to check his social credit score.

  328. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 17:05

    You’re all over the place. Credibility severely lacking. You have research? No you don’t. You just believe whatever scares you the most.
    SD doesn’t know why these cancers increased but you do, John Dale? Seriously. How can people be so stupid all the time? How do these people even stay alive? They’re all boneheads who don’t even know what they want or what’s good for them. You feel like the one intelligent person who was dropped into a land of imbeciles, don’t you John Dale?
    John. People are really smart. Not all people but lots of them. They invented math and science and toilets and the internet. Did you invent any of these things? No? Then maybe you’re not the smartest person in the world. You need to learn to listen and realize that maybe you’re not right about everything. If everyone around you is so dumb you can barely handle it, the problem is likely you.

  329. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-10 17:19

    In the mean time, whether you like him or not, Joe Biden really isn’t racist.

  330. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 17:27

    No, probably not an actual racist, Roger. But … when he was on his own as a Senator (before Barack Obama became his guiding principle) he was absolutely a racist enabler. Whether he knew the consequences of what he was doing or not, it shows he’s not a deep thinker and shouldn’t be President.
    IMHO … Elizabeth Warren is the best choice, this election cycle.

  331. mike from iowa 2019-09-10 17:29

    Everybody knows breast cancer is caused by breast feeding in public and if that don’t get you, having an abortion will. And if that doesn’t get you, George Soros and Libs will get you breast cancer.

  332. John Dale 2019-09-10 18:08

    “You’re all over the place.”

    You mean like Bruce Lee all over the place, or Dr. Samuel Beckett all over the place?

    Like Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris, it’s like I’m ripping out your intellectual chest hair.

    Porter Lansing – do you or your immediate family have an interest in the wireless telecommunications industry? Stock, mutual funds, employment?

    “Credibility severely lacking” — if only you were talking with someone who had 20 years of experience in technology and someone who is reading the studies.

    If I had any investments in wireless, I’d get rid of them IMMEDIATELY. One of the things that Google did right was fiber over the last mile.

    “You need to learn to listen and realize that maybe you’re not right about everything” — you know what? You’re right about that. I try not to run my mouth about issues that I know little about. In the meantime, I try to learn about issues before I run my mouth.

    And when I don’t know much about something, I try not to make wild ass claims about it just to feel important.

    “Hypothesis” implies that I do not know, but that I have an idea. It implies that I am seeking input and help from others to validate the idea/claim. So, do you have any evidence to the contrary of my claim that is not an industry funded study, or are you just running your mouth regarding something about which you really know little?

  333. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 18:17

    Internet-connected light poles and fixtures are systems that provide actionable intellegence and will benefit us all. They provide the “perfect infrastructure” to build a new network “to gather important, life-saving, information about people and the planet. Does this scare you? Get over it, kitten. If the light poles had been smart, the Boston Marathon bombers would have been stopped before their murderous actions. That man who had a heart attack and died laying on the sidewalk would still be alive. Those meth dealers in the alley will be gone. That goof who backed into your Corvette and took off won’t get away with it.
    Sorry not sorry that progress scares you. You’re the problem, not new things and ideas.

  334. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 18:54

    It’s obvious why you’re afraid of this tech, Dale. It’s because mentally unstable people like you are the ones that “need” to be watched. You’re half a bubble off, leaning to the violent end of the level. You sir, are a walking, talking, red-flag in progress. I know this because you rant and rave that you’re not. That’s the tell on how red flagging is devised. If you’d fight to keep your guns, then you’ll not get them back, after the cooling off period. Those who realize they don’t NEED their weapons are the ones who can safely possess them. That’s how it works and why we don’t need to “take” guns from the violent natured. People voluntarily hand them over, so they can prove they’re responsible and calm enough to not be a threat to any of us. You’re afraid of being watched tells me you’ve got a reason to be. Freedom is earned and you’ve not made that grade.

  335. bearcreekbat 2019-09-10 19:17

    In response to yet another off topic position that has the potential to mislead and frighten, here is a link to some info about the safety or lack thereof of 5G. The author relies on information from: the U.S. Food and Drug Association (FDA); the American Cancer Society; and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (none of which apparently having any financial interest in 5G development or sales) to reach her conclusion that as of Feb 2019 (the date of the article):

    “According to expert agencies and the studies we have so far, there’s nothing to suggest 5G mmWave is a significant health risk. . . .”

  336. Porter Lansing 2019-09-10 19:35

    Significant mental health risk to John Dale, though. Mental health isn’t a subject I feel comfortable joking about, so enough said.

  337. Debbo 2019-09-10 21:01

    Seriously gentlemen, as Roger said, it might be best to ignore Dale’s blatherskite. You can’t make headway with a “true believer” so mentally coopted as him.

  338. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-10 21:11

    Debbo, the good news is that recent polls are showing that 60% of voters think Trump does not deserve a second term.
    That is 60%. not looking good for Trump.

  339. John Dale 2019-09-11 09:46

    Porter Lansing – “because mentally unstable people like you are the ones that “need” to be watched”

    Your hustle isn’t working. Try switching it up. Also, wave your hands harder if you like, but what you are saying is really vitriolic and un-credible.

    Credibility is everything, and “integrity is all you’ve got” — Karl Eller.

    Viewpoints like yours are precisely why red flag laws won’t work. You’re not responsible enough with your armchair psychobabble to be trusted with such great power (to disarm others).

  340. John Dale 2019-09-11 09:52

    bearcreekbat – “nothing to suggest 5G mmWave is a significant health risk”

    You sourced this to “digital trends”.

    What studies did they review? Were they industry funded?

    In the article below, it cites a meta-study stating that 67% of non-industry funded studies identify wireless as a carcinogen 5G is the highest power, worst of them.

    There really is a nexus of negligence (or just evil) around China, The Democratic Party, and 5G.

    The cat is out of the bag.

    The tooth paste is out of the tube.

    Rank and file lay down your arms.


    FYI – I’m getting advances of declassified intelligence reports and DOD research/white papers.

    You should stop, now.

  341. Porter Lansing 2019-09-11 09:55

    JD Ale … Your comment was received.

  342. John Dale 2019-09-11 09:57

    Porter Lansing – “Mental health isn’t a subject I feel comfortable joking about”

    Debbo – “mentally coopted”

    63% of voters in NC last night appreciated Trump’s leadership. #scoreboard

    Greetings again fellow high school students – can you point me in the direction of where another fellow high school student like yourself can get his social credit score?

  343. Porter Lansing 2019-09-11 12:13

    Through my channels, you’ve been scanned and processed. No word yet on results.
    ~ Fast Company currently operates a number of franchises such as “Most Innovative Companies”, “World Changing Ideas”, “Innovation By Design”, and “Most Creative People”. For their Most Innovative Companies feature, Fast Company assesses thousands of businesses to create a list of 50 companies it considers the most innovative. The Most Creative People in Business is a list of 100 people from different industries.

  344. John Dale 2019-09-11 12:16

    Porter Lansing – “Through my channels, you’ve been scanned and processed”

    The false positive for the wrong person brings untold legal exposure.

    Good luck.

  345. John Dale 2019-09-11 12:18

    When the walls .. come tumbling down .. when the walls .. come tumblin’ tumbin’ .. dooooown.

    “One other comparison from the Fast Company article deserves note — the Chinese communist government’s partnership with tech platforms like Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Far from aiding dissidents, Chinese social media companies like Weibo and WeChat aid and abet the government in the persecution of its citizens.”

  346. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-11 14:12

    Speaking of credibility, John Dale seems to think Breitbart is one.
    I can hear all of the DFP regular commenters laughing out loud.

  347. John Dale 2019-09-11 14:50

    Roger Cornelius – and right on cue you commit the ad hominem fallacy of reasoning.

    “TWCBAWECBDWO.” — Christopher Hitchens

    Giddyap keyboard cowboy!

  348. John Dale 2019-09-11 14:59

    I’m glad you’re saving us all the mental anguish. I hope the Democrat party in SD returns to a position of moral and intellectual authority someday. Here is what we would have missed ..


    “Here is evidence contrary to your belief” — John Dale

    “That evidence is from a source of which I do not approve.” — Roger Cornelius

    “But the source and truth/falsity are independent.” — John Dale

    “You are stupid and Trump is fat.” — jerry

    “Drumpf John Dale zealot likes cheese and orange man really bad.” — mike from iowa

    “I know personal details about you that you have actually published on your radio broadcast at Plains Tribune and your argument should be afraid .. very afraid.” — Porter Lansing

    “Here is some other tangential information about Trump’s trade war and all farmers hate him and illegal alien infants are being put in cages gold plated by Trump himself.” — Debbo

    Who did I miss?

  349. mike from iowa 2019-09-11 15:26

    “Drumpf John Dale zealot likes cheese and orange man really bad.” — mike from iowa

    I never said this.

  350. John Dale 2019-09-11 15:37

    mike from iowa – google “sardonic” and “satire” and “comedy” and “humor” and “president trump”

    .. and remember. My door is always open, but my fly is usually closed.

  351. mike from iowa 2019-09-11 16:33

    Flock yer sardonic and satire, you have quoted me saying something I never said.

  352. mike from iowa 2019-09-11 16:35

    Yer walking a thin line for someone claiming to be smart.

  353. John Dale 2019-09-11 18:44

    mike from iowa – if you take a little closer look at the post, you’re realize that I quoted you in the future in a sardonic tone.

  354. mike from iowa 2019-09-11 18:50

    I repeat, Yer walking a thin line for someone claiming to be smart.

  355. John Dale 2019-09-11 20:33

    mike from iowa – Very dramatic.

  356. leslie 2019-09-14 17:21

    DB-Still think Biden is our only guy? You seemed to focus on Joe and Kamala but she was talking about racism more subtlety I think, than you give her credit. I disagree she was calling Joe a racist. Kamala is one with a lifetime perspective of racial experience and a high level professional career of ethics, not one ‘who will level the term “racist” to get ahead.’ I don’t necessarily think, however, that prosecutors always have a liberal enough vision. Prosecutors are more so Republicans in general.

    Brian-Bernie and Joe are ancient. Liz is getting there but women generally live longer. We need a woman’s perspective in this top role. But as we learned with HRC, no one is “entitled” to “My turn!” in THIS line. We need a leader with vitality AND wisdom. And empathy.

    Dale, what is a “neoliberal Democrat” as it pertains here? cite?

    …welcome to this thread? Party? I was here a month ago before you rightwing spearfisher 57601 turned it into a carnival.

    I am pretty sure neocons were initially the hawks surrounding cheny, rumsfeld and the rest who got us into the last war because Republicans again nominated and elected an unqualified, malleable president, like they paired Palin w/ McCain, and their last B movie actor, Reagan. So who are you referring to now? My guess: Noem (the new State emblem appears to be a silhouette of a B-2 type nuclear bomber, maybe with a skunk tail, along with In God we Trust), Trump’s high-tech advisors, rogue lawyers and accountants, the Mercers, cabinet members, Miller, the mustache (recently resigned/fired), Scalia (d. 2015), Kavanaugh, Gorsuch, Barr, McConnell, Thune and Rounds.

    “…Hillary can steal it from Sanders”. A bit of an overstatement underlying your logic.

    “Manipulation by Masonic infiltrators, secret societies, deep state actors, overzealous psychology businesses eager to generate more business, and other social engineering unions have manufactured the depraved state of mental affairs driving violence.” I think EVERY word here is a product of the Murdoch/Fox/Limbaugh right wing press (not journalism) and fits Trump’s 12,0000 falsities in a little over two years in “office”.

    Skull and Bones forevs, eh? Art Bell WAS a talented entertainer but Sorry Geo Norrey is a mere sibling of Hanity and Ingram. Non-journalistic propaganda from your shallow, but currently winning (on electoral vote) Deep State in your mind. 40s is a bitch, man.

    You and your deplorables have cost the nation and the world in security in every way; i.e. again, Bob Mercer PHD Cambridge Analytics: “Burn it down…”! And you have wasted cyber space on this thread.

    “Sometimes paywalls…”, Dale. “Watching” is original source. Omission is a lie.

    Humorous aside: Two Alabama farmers leaning on an adjoining fence, look up, seeing the distinct black SHARPIE line of manipulation and one says to the other, “Gee, maybe we ARE gonna get it!” Trump is an utter embarrassment. I don’t even think he knows what science is.

  357. mike from iowa 2019-09-14 17:30

    Biden will get torn apart by the press with the help of right wing scaremongers claiming Biden is mentally unfit to serve. Mentally unfit is a litmus test for wingnut candidates. Dems have to select much better and it doesn’t matter whom they pick, Drumpf will be on twitter lying about the candidate from the git go.

  358. John Dale 2019-09-14 17:59

    leslie – “Dale, what is a “neoliberal Democrat” as it pertains here? cite?”

    Secret societies are well documented. Rule #1 of secret societies, deny the existence of secret societies.

    “Neoliberal” and “Neocon” are the same group using the respective parties to forward the agenda of the deep state. The deep state is the bureaucratic establishment established as a result of the Continuity of Government plan; a group of unelected officials that evolved into a seething group of power mongers who were eager to bring about the enactment of their tragic-power.

    The illuminati are real, but there is no membership role, meetings, etc. In my view, it is a de facto, ad hoc, loosely knit organization of like minded individuals who infiltrate organizations to usurp their power.

    I just finished Leo Zagami’s book, Confessions of an Illuminati. I recommend that as well as Bill Cooper’s Behold a Pale Horse. Both go into detail and present troves of evidence of the secretive power structures that coordinate life in what is perceived to be a free and fair market.

    Or, if you’re strapped for time and/or don’t read much, just watch InfoWars. Alex Jones’ record of correctly anticipating outcomes and exposing deep state plans stands for itself. Start with his famous documentary End Game, which can be found on still, amazingly.

    Society writ large is still coming to terms with this, and faces a tough decision about whether to let it continue.

  359. John Dale 2019-09-14 18:05

    I did an amazing beer rant last night on my Internet radio broadcast. It’s called “To the Tunnels!” and you can listen at

    It is an hour an twenty minute unscripted, teleprompter free rant that allows a deep look into my innermost desires.

    Some theater, some fact, some history, a technological survey, some fresh ideas just off my most recent read (Confessions of an Illuminati). Unbelievably, the deep state has a plan to soft kill the population and retire to the bunkers to wait-out the immediate aftermath.

    It’s an impatience born of frustration of the obstinance of the Christian social engineers, and creates some pretty outstanding theater of the mind (if you’re into that sort of thing).

  360. Porter Lansing 2019-09-14 20:12

    I’m Deep Pillow. I’m planning on soft kissing the population and retiring in my bunker to wait out tomorrow’s Broncos game. 🏈 🎩 😎

  361. leslie 2019-09-17 14:14

    “DEMOCRAT party”…Dale? What mfi says….

    Dumb troll, you, Dale.

  362. leslie 2019-09-17 14:18

    soft kill-soft coup. we have an imbecile in office and his trolls here.

  363. John Dale 2019-09-17 14:25

    leslie – define dumb. :)

    You can have 1000 names for me; troll, drumphian, etc etc ..

    Really, I am just a free thinking American white male and there is not a single thing wrong with that.

    Anyone furthering economic and social persecution of an individual is doing a disservice to humanity; my opinion.

    Beyond arguing (in the classical sense), any action taken against an individual holding and/or exploring an idea is tyranny.

  364. leslie 2019-09-17 15:47

    another dumb:

    Donald Trump’s disordered personality—his unhealthy patterns of thinking, functioning, and behaving—has become the defining characteristic of his presidency. It manifests itself in multiple ways: his extreme narcissism; his addiction to lying about things large and small, including his finances and bullying and silencing those who could expose them; his detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary; his affinity for conspiracy theories; his demand for total loyalty from others while showing none to others; and his self-aggrandizement and petty cheating.
    It manifests itself in Trump’s impulsiveness and vindictiveness; his craving for adulation; his misogyny, predatory sexual behavior, and sexualization of his daughters; his open admiration for brutal dictators; his remorselessness; and his lack of empathy and sympathy, including attacking a family whose son died while fighting for this country, mocking a reporter with a disability, and ridiculing a former POW. (When asked about Trump’s feelings for his fellow human beings, Trump’s mentor, the notorious lawyer Roy Cohn, reportedly said, “He pisses ice water.”)

    The most recent example is the president’s bizarre fixation on falsely insisting that he was correct to warn that Alabama faced a major risk from Hurricane Dorian, to the point that he doctored a hurricane map with a black Sharpie to include the state as being in the path of the storm.

    “He’s deteriorating in plain sight[!]” And he keeps pursuing his dumbness. So, imo do all Republicans and Trumpanistas. Dumb to the end. Protect those billionaires!

  365. John Dale 2019-09-17 15:59

    Leslie – everything you’re writing about is shady and/or debunked.

    The most offensive, that he sexualizes his daughters is based on a normal photograph that was fantasized by TDS sufferers.

    In your rant, you may as well claim Trump is an alien, a woman, a Russian, a Canadian, a Swedish Meatball Chef .. it’s a string of unsubstantiated drivel that escapes credulity.

    I’m not a fan of President Trump as much as I am a fan of the Truth, and of The USA. People like me who elected President Trump only entrench in our opinions when we read this kind of self-dubunking assertion.

  366. Roger Cornelius 2019-09-17 16:28

    Donald Trump is a liar, he lies about everything.

  367. John Dale 2019-09-17 17:20

    Not everything.

    “My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.” – Donald Trump

  368. bearcreekbat 2019-09-17 19:34

    I almost never lose says the guy who was divorced twice, filed 6 bankrupcies, and has had to pay more settlements and awards from being sued for fraud, breach of contract, racial discrimination, tax violations, among other things, than most people have dreamt of in a lifetime.

    Indeed, Trump’s election result was not even a result of winning the votes of America since he lost by about 3 million votes. Any normal person with Trump’s history would lok in the mirror every morning and say to himself, “It looks like I’m going to lose again.”

  369. o 2019-09-17 19:36

    “Winning” and “losing” assumes a game with outcomes not fixed; one does not win a fixed game – one only performs in theatre. “Winning” and “losing” also assumes following rules; another element of any game our President chooses not to follow.

    More precisely, I believe John Dale’s Presidential nugget SHOULD say, “I never publicize my many, many losses; instead I over claim my victories.”

  370. John Dale 2019-09-17 20:04

    In America, financial success is treated like a big pile of dung that attracts all the legal flies looking for a mouthful of isht.

    That Trump has had lawsuits means he doesn’t take any isht.

    That he has had a lot of lawsuits is indicative of the problem – that our economic system is overwhelmingly lawfare and character assassination.

  371. o 2019-09-17 22:06

    In America, financial corruption is treated like a big pile of dung that attracts the legal flies looking for a mouthful of isht.

    That Trump has had lawsuits means he has broken the law.

    That he has had a lot of lawsuits is indicative of the problem – that Donald Trump does not follow the rules of commerce.

  372. John Dale 2019-09-18 06:18

    o – your analysis belies the fact that a lawsuit can be brought against an innocent person, who in turn can settle for less than the cost of mounting a legal defense.

    This is the loophole that makes lawfare possible and effective.

    I once saw an elderly woman get out of jury duty by saying, “I believe where there is smoke there is fire.”

    I don’t think she really believed that .. the just didn’t want to be on the jury.

  373. mike from iowa 2019-09-18 06:21

    Dear delusional Johnny Fraud, still pimping Drumpf lies, I see.

    Calling HI(S daughter hot.

    Saying he would date her if she wasn’t HIS daughter.

    Agreeing that Ivanka is a “piece of A$$,”

    Discussing Ivanka’s ‘voluptuous body.

    ‘Sex’ is Trump’s favorite thing they have in common

    And there’s more….

    This is yer perv Drumpf talking about HIS daughter, the fruit of HIS loins?

  374. John Dale 2019-09-18 06:41

    I would choose different words, but President Trump, on Howard Stern, saying that he respects Howard Stern’s right to speak as he wants is not an impeachable offense.

    If Trump was unable to speak like this about his daughter in a public interview in a known raunchy talk radio forum, I would be more worried.

    Furthermore, why don’t you go dig into Howard Stern’s past comments? If you hold Stern to the same standard, you’re going to be busy.

    The tactic of digging up past comments and passing them off as impeachable offenses proving questionable character belies the fact that everybody has said something that someone’s enemies can trump up as offensive.

    Get a grip, man. Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a pig and terrible person.

    We who elected him don’t give a isht about words that do not damage the reputation, vitality, economic opportunity of others. For instance, Rosie O’Donell’s own actions and words damage her far beyond the President’s words.

  375. mike from iowa 2019-09-18 07:35

    Johnny Fraud proves, once again, why he is a fraud. Howard Stern isn’t the perv here and not a word was said about impeachment except by the Fraud.

    From the piehole of the fraud hisself….

    Leslie – everything you’re writing about is shady and/or debunked.

    The most offensive, that he sexualizes his daughters is based on a normal photograph that was fantasized by TDS sufferers.

    In your rant, you may as well claim Trump is an alien, a woman, a Russian, a Canadian, a Swedish Meatball Chef .. Leslie – everything you’re writing about is shady and/or debunked.

    …..everything you’re writing about is shady and/or debunked.

    Everything Leslie wrote about, and moar, is true and you are a delusional fraud.

  376. John Dale 2019-09-18 07:56

    “The closest I came to making love to a black woman was I masturbated to a picture of Aunt Jemima on a pancake box.” — Howard Stern

    mike from iowa, please sit down.

  377. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 08:28

    Criticizing President Trump is no longer necessary. At this point it only gives his supporters the opportunity to make you their opponent, when they’re already poised for a change.
    Trump is his own worst enemy.
    As David Axelrod (Obama’s strategic advisor) noted, “Let Trump Beat Trump”.

  378. mike from iowa 2019-09-18 08:29

    Johnny Fraud can’t even deflect worth a hoot. You have been owned. Live with it, fraud.

  379. John Dale 2019-09-18 09:15

    “let trump beat trump” – so a form of political masturbation. I like it.

    psyche mikey – just because you say something over and over doesn’t make it true.

    Careful or you’ll have your keyboard jockey license revoked.


  380. John Dale 2019-09-18 09:17

    psyche mikey – ” he sexualizes his daughters”

    To ignore the context of the conversation in which Howard Stern was trying to get his goat, is intellectually dishonest.

    You, by repeating it over and over, are the true perverter of ideas.

    Your tactics only drive people away from your point of view.

    Good, I suppose.

    “we ought to send these people up to bear mountain for a picnic” — Bob Dylan

  381. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 09:20

    I like it, more. Trump is helping turn the GOP into a dying, xenophobic party.

  382. John Dale 2019-09-18 09:26

    Porter Lansing – more fantasies. Great.

    If Trump’s popularity is dwindling, what the hell happened in NC?

    And what of the isht-show happening in the judiciary committee?

    Troves of Democrats are realizing that the neo-liberal and neo-conservative agenda are two heads of the same sordid globalist movement.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you can still find all of Alex Jones’ content at – he wasn’t banned from The Internet .. he just was refused entrance to The Internet’s ghettos.

  383. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 09:29


  384. mike from iowa 2019-09-18 10:36

    When Donald Trump was watching his 16-year-old daughter Ivanka host the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant, he turned to the then-Miss Universe and asked: “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?”

    New York magazine interview, December 2004

    “Let me tell you one thing: Ivanka is a great, great beauty. Every guy in the country wants to go out with my daughter. But she’s got a boyfriend.”

    On The Howard Stern Show, October 2006

    Stern remarks that Ivanka “looks more voluptuous than ever”, and asked if she has received breast implants. Trump engages in the discussion, saying she has not.

    “She’s actually always been very voluptuous,” Trump responds. “She’s tall, she’s almost 6 feet tall and she’s been, she’s an amazing beauty.”

    Rolling Stone interview, September 2015

    “After I met Ivanka and praised her to her father, he said, ‘Yeah, she’s really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t happily married and, ya know, her father . . .’”

    On the Dr Oz show, September 2016

    The Republican was discussing long-awaited details about his health, and was joined on stage for the pre-record by Ivanka. After they kissed, the host commented: “It’s nice to see a dad kiss his daughter.”

    According to several studio witnesses, Mr Trump replied that he kisses Ivanka “with every chance [he] gets”. The comment was apparently edited out of the final cut of the show when it went to air.

    Take Stern out of context? You lose again, loser fraud. Your obsessed with defending this perv.

  385. John Dale 2019-09-18 10:50

    mike from iowa – Your own obsession with incest notwithstanding, there is nothing damning in those quotes.

    “President” Trump is proof that people promulgating false notions as you do have very little effect (thankfully) on the human condition.

    Your ideologies are a devolution of culture, and fail to recognize the dangers of the weaponization of language ..

    .. you totalitarian fool.

  386. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 11:00

    The show’s over, J Dale. You’re just not entertaining, anymore. You, Trump, Alex Jones, Stern et al haven’t had an original thought in years. The shock value of hate has a short shelf life. There’s little to no value in arguing with or criticizing any of you. What you fear most is being ignored. It’s the vacuum where you’ll whither. South Dakota deep thinkers know what happened. It doesn’t matter why. They know where this game was headed and it’s already been slowed to a crawl. We of the Deep State are victorious. Giving you occasion to respond to our repugnance is all you have left. And your responses are now just tedious.

  387. John Dale 2019-09-18 11:10

    Porter Lansing – “We of the Deep State are victorious”

    The first step to solving a problem .. is admitting you have one.

    Flag waving for the deep state, now? That’s new! :D

    The confidence game was over in 2011. The beginning of the end was in 2002. Now, we are in a quickening toward the end game.

    Who will be victorious? If ideas like “deep state is meritorious, just, equitable, ethical” are squashed .. we all win.

    Everything in your post is a projection of your own ideologies, fostered in the last 8-16 years.

    So, what is the measure of the success of your unsupported predictions? Trump loss in 2020? Losing the Senate and the House in 2020? Your beloved “deep state” launching a bio weapon or successfully fomenting another civil, race, or world war?

    When these things do or do not happen, we can evaluate the efficacy of your statements. Otherwise, in the meantime, your utterances come off as intellectual oral flatus.

  388. mike from iowa 2019-09-18 11:25

    Johnny fraud is failing/flailing away at deflection and is losing bigly. Drumpf’s words and actions over the years irrefutably proves his unhealthy obsession with his oldest daughter and all yer deflections doesn’t change that, loser fraud.

  389. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 11:29

    The Deep State is victorious. *Nothing deflates a conspiracy theorist as much as involving him in one.

  390. John Dale 2019-09-18 11:39

    What does a Trump victory in 2020 do to your guys’ mind sets?

    I think you’re closet Retrumplicans.

  391. Porter Lansing 2019-09-18 11:42

    You’re boring, Dale. You’ve Been Cancelled.

  392. John Dale 2019-09-18 11:48

    What kind of wand did you use, Porter Potter?

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