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Blog Year in Review: 88 Most-Viewed DFP Articles in 2023

Hey, what have you been reading? Here are the 88 Dakota Free Press posts that got your attention at least 2,000 times in 2023:

Title Views
Daughter’s Brave Stand Forces Joel Koskan to Admit Incest; Judge Gives Republican Rapist 10 Years in Prison 17,925
Noem and Lewandowski Jet to Fun-Filled Friday in Paris! 11,488
Noem Picks Daughter’s New Father-in-Law for Transportation Commission 11,367
Noem Lies About Inviting Aldean to Sioux Falls After Release of Racist Song-Video 11,317
Noem’s Friend Donnell Says Mount Rushmore a Masonic Altar to Demonic Communist Witchcraft 9,508
Noem’s Brothers Defy Dad’s Advice, Plan to Sell Land to Riverview Dairy 8,996
Tupper and Harley-Davidson Disagree with Governor’s Portrayal of Sturgis Rally as Family Event 8,788
RVers Lose Tax Haven in South Dakota; Mail-Forwarding Addresses Invalid for SD Unemployment/Tax Purposes 7,497
Awkward: Right-Wing Media Realizing Kristi Noem Sides with Global Climate Change Profiteers, Not South Dakota Property Owners 7,320
Kristi Does Comedy, Accurately Shows Broken Pipes and Scared Patients 7,226
Noem, Niece Bag Bears in Saskatchewan 7,116
Sturgis Rally Needs to Market Diversity to Survive 6,353
SD Department of Health Discourages Use of Masks to Prevent Disease 6,026
Mountain Lion Passes Through Madison 5,655
Minnesota Launching Free Tuition Fall 2024; Does South Dakota Share North Dakota’s Concern? 5,292
Noem Calls Woster Liar for Pointing out Noem’s Stonewalling of Local Press 4,927
Noem Gets Naked on Committee Desk During Midnight Health Care Hearing 4,896
Noem Breaking Law by Spending Emergency Funds Intended for State Use to Deploy Guard to Texas 4,581
Signs North of Madison Shout Contradictory Lies About Biden 4,460
Did Noem’s Attack on Thune-Rounds-Johnson Prompt Return of Lewandowski Affair Story? 4,393
Summit Carbon Solutions Wrecking Beans, Digging Deep Holes and Trenches on Farm on Proposed CO2 Pipeline Route 4,375
Noem Takes Day Off Work to Eat Pork, Continue Coronavirus Disinformation 4,120
Noem Chose Insular Ignorance During Pandemic 4,112
Noem Reduces Freedom of RV Voters 4,087
Noem Speaks to Right-Wingers in Paris; Trump Phones In 3,983
Fake Money, Fake Veto: Noem Doesn’t Stop Central Bank Digital Currency with Veto of HB 1193 3,913
Slow Mansion Builders Allege Sioux Falls Hates Ukrainians 3,816
Noem Lied About Phone Hacking, Falsely Implicated January 6th Committee 3,774
Senate Suspends Frye-Mueller, Keeps Reason Secret, Cites No Legal Basis for Punishment 3,514
Governor’s Press Secretary Earns Advanced Degree in Political Communication, Noem Not Overjoyed 3,496
Read Second Amendment Literally: Ban Making and Selling Guns 3,482
Noem Flies to Florida Again for GOP Fundraiser 3,417
Yellow Trucking Turns $700M Pandemic Loan into Bankruptcy 3,380
Noem Pays Joy $60K to Twirl Her Batons; Manhart Starts at $46K in SOS Office 3,222
South Dakota 5th, Minnesota 1st Among Midwest States in Paying Workers $15/Hour or Better 3,212
Boobgate: Frye-Mueller Gives LRC Staffer Lewd Advice About Husband’s Help in Breastfeeding 3,210
Move from California to South Dakota, See Income Loss Four Times Greater Than Tax Savings 3,200
Scull Sells State Land for Rapid City Shooting Range, Makes $19.1M Bid to Build Project 3,156
Noem’s Dad Stories Provide Primer on How Not to Parent 3,035
Noem’s Son-in-Law Seeks to Oust Anti-Schoenbeck Paulsen from Watertown City Council; Redemske Notes Peters’s Short Tenure in Town 3,018
Minnesota, California, Delaware Have Bubblier Economies Than South Dakota 3,010
Koskan Accused of Raping Daughter for Years 2,975
Lawsuit: Grand Gateway Refused Service to Whites from Wisconsin 2,938
NDN Collective Plans July 4 March in Rapid City; Mayor Frets that Indians Don’t Seek Permits to Protest 2,936
If You Can’t Beat ‘Em… Beseiged Landowners Should Propose Their Own CO2 Pipeline Through Schoenbeck, Noem, Lederman Properties 2,915
Noem Participates in GOP Lies About Terrorists Coming from Mexico 2,911
Harold Salem Dies After Dec. 3 Hospitalization with Coronavirus and Pneumonia 2,864
Most Important Subject of Budget Address: Kristi, Kristi, Kristi. 2,815
Let’s Go Branding: South Dakota NASCAR Car Finishes Last at Richmond; SD Worx Wins Tour de France Femmes! 2,779
GOP Candidate Jankord: Life Nicer Where People “Look a Little Bit More Like We Do” 2,757
Good News: Noem Picks Practicing K-12 Superintendent as Education Secretary! Bad News: It’s Joe Graves. 2,736
Noem: Yelling and Disrespect Disqualify Presidential Candidates, Republicans Only Responding to Culture War Pushed by Democrats 2,699
Schoenbeck: Noem Administration Has No Talent 2,650
SF Catholic Diocese Promotes Idea That Taylor Swift Is Summoning Demons 2,604
Trump Falsely Claims Biden Has Caused Economic Depression 2,601
NDN Collective Says Central States Fair Security Forced Indians to Conceal AIM, Wounded Knee Logos 2,597
Noem Tramples Thune, Rounds, Johnson in Quest for Trump Favor 2,593
Koskan’s Impersonation of Heinert Influenced Guilty Plea and Prison Sentence for Felony Incest 2,464
Noem Says SD Universities Stink (of Liberal Indoctrination and Relativism) 2,450
SD Republicans Sell Out to Trump 2,393
Va-Va-Vroom: Noem Commissions Race Car Face Wrap 2,387
SDSU Nursing Student Peddling Old Fascist Tomes Online 2,370
DOH Secretary: More Babies and Moms Dying under Noem 2,342
Contact 2,311
Noem’s Ohio Advertisers Appear to Have Plagiarized; Kristi-As-Welder Was Lawrence & Schiller’s Idea 2,305
IRS Data: California More Popular with South Dakota Movers than South Dakota Is with California Movers 2,264
Schoenbeck: Noem Fired Polak to Further Delay $200M for Housing Development in Turf Feud 2,248
Noem: Let Ukraine Die, Keep Putin in Office 2,218
Schoenbeck, Noem Family Raising Money for Sauder for Distrct 4 Primary Against Deutsch 2,197
Rapid City Billboard Calls Attention to Pedophiles Among Catholic Clergy 2,196
Kristi Noem Raising Money in Ohio Tonight; Ohio GOP Teen Web Noisemaker Prefers Local Talent 2,181
Noem’s DSS Pick Threatened to Fire Sexual Harassment Victim If She Didn’t Shut Up About Priest’s Abuse 2,153
HB 1221: Free School Meals for Every Student in South Dakota! 2,150
Kristi on Christmas: Be Nice, Think of Jesus. Holiday Donald: “ROT IN HELL.” 2,130
Will You Vote for a Convicted Felon for President? Johnson and Thune: Hommina-Hommina…; Rounds: Tim Scott! 2,124
LRC Chides Noem for Using Gendered Pronouns 2,115
Lewandowski in the West Wing…at Noem’s Inaugural? 2,104
SDGOP Bringing Trump to Rapid Rally September 8 2,093
Former Chief of Staff #5 Says Noem Needs to Run for President 2,070
Amelia Joy Takes Plunge for Male Headshippers 2,054
Kids Change Dead Man’s Mind: Noem’s Dad’s Spirit Supports Selling Family Land for Dairy 2,053
Dennis Wants Dusty for Governor in 2026, Leaves Marty out in Cold 2,050
Nom Nom, Say the Robots: Amazon Begins Throwing Sioux Falls Workers into Its New Grinder 2,047
No Threat, No Harassment, No Heavy Breathing… Only Thin Evidence That Goss Spoofed Noem’s Number 2,043
Hess: Monae Johnson May Be as Bad as Ravnsborg 2,041
Korean USD Law Grad Can’t Pass Multiple-Choice Bar Exam, Seeks Alternative Pathway to Practicing Small-Town Law 2,015
Schoenbeck: Noem Drives People Away, Has No Bright Political Future 2,008
Noem No-Show at Girls State? 2,005


  1. Dave Spier 2024-01-01 09:54

    Noem and her most well-known paramour is old news now. Though others got the credit/blame for this being in the mainstream news shortly after DJT was in Rapid City this past fall, I think it was her own campaign that put this out. Being old news, it would less likely hinder her chance at a VP nod.

    You may have upcoming stories garnering more views, Mr. H. Use of the Future Fund AKA Governor’s Slush Fund may be one. The recent Future Fund contribution to a group formed this spring and headed by US senator John Thune’s
    son-in-law comes to mind. One of the partners in this group is an outfit wanting to build the CO2 pipeline. South Dakota is working hard to maintain the status of one of tbe most corruot states in the Union.

  2. larry kurtz 2024-01-01 11:32

    Thanks for all you do here, Cory!

  3. 96Tears 2024-01-01 15:20

    Time to drop another tip in the jar. Cory, that Joel Koskan story was going nowhere until you put the court record online before it got sealed and stuffed away. Justice, as close to justice as you can get in a rape case, was served. The Pierre Insiders game got short-circuited. It’s a prime example of what your contribution has been to a more effective South Dakota journalism. Thank you very much for your great work, as always.

  4. Mark Mowry 2024-01-01 18:48

    Mr. Spier, Would you be speaking of Luke Lindberg, husband of Brittany Thune? He’s apparently a bright little whippersnapper who is coming up in the world and especially in South Dakota —

    Yes Cory, I would definitely like to see some follow-up on that lead; and Happy New Year Greetings to you both!

  5. Dave Spier 2024-01-02 10:27

    Yes, Mr. Mowry, that is the name of the gentleman I spoke of.

    Thank you to Mr. H who provides a public discussion forum where I have not noticed that differing thoughts are censored or removed like some other places. I also appreciate that most writers are identified by their real name or a handle other than anonymous.

    Future Fund might be something the SD legislature needs to closely examine as past uses have been rightly questioned and maybe highly questionable.

    The new campaign finance reports should be coming soon. I expect 4 time US Senator John Thune’s massive war chest to be surpassed by the totals of Noem’s state and federal hope chests. It is always interesting to see how and where funds flow.

    A Healthy Happy New Year to you two and the others here!

    Dave Spier

  6. e platypus onion 2024-01-02 11:07

    Mr Spier, My name is and always has been, yours for the asking. I used to blog under mike from iowa and I will return to that moniker soon. My name is Mike and I am and always have been an iowan in iowa. One final noite, there are a handful of trolls on here who will never get my name from me, for security reasons.

  7. Dave Spier 2024-01-02 12:27

    Thank you for that, Mr. Mike. I am a real Republican and I know my viewpoints often differ from you and many others, including Mr. H, on here, but that should not prevent us from having respectful discussion. There are many issues we do agree on and possibly we are all more alike than we are different.

    I have little problem discussing issues with my local democrat/independent/ libertarian/republican/etc friends or people I don’t know.

    It is people in political offices, no matter what party, that I have issues with. Right now in South Dakota, most politicians in office carry an “r” by their name. The childish, immature, hateful behavior and language, the abuse of perceived and real power, the misuse of public funds, and worse and more from these public servants/employees are actions I have little tolerance for.

    At times you may see me talk/write harshly with that kind, but I strive not to do that with a regular common person like I am.

  8. Spike 2024-01-02 14:32

    Koskan should have got 30 years. His privilege even showed in his sentence. And all those Mellette county repubs STILL voted for him.

  9. Arlo Blundt 2024-01-02 18:33

    Mr. Spier: as a former member of the GOP I can sympathize with your position, but the Party is definitely suffering from too much success. To maintain its’ success, its’ huge majority in elections, the Party leadership is forced to cover too much political ground, literally the Big Tent it occupies is now full to the brim with constituents demanding adoption of legislation which is counter to what the GOP used to strive to deliver…Good Government. Instead, the GOP legislative agenda is full of bills seeking to satisfy fringe elements in the Party, who are loud, demanding, and divisive, and whose interests have little to do with a sound business environment, equality under the law, or a conservative, but productive tax policy which supports the building of vital infrastructure. With the Democrat Party reduced to a skeleton organization, this chaotic destruction of the GOP is likely to continue.

  10. grudznick 2024-01-02 18:36

    Mr. Spier, there are many out-of-state name-callers, whose monikers are all that matters. Nobody cares about their real names. That, and that they are out-of-state name-callers. That leaves them no credibility here, although they provide much mockable entertainment. Like, for instance, Mr. Mike, who is from Iowa.

    There are many others. Many out-of-staters, a few of whom are not full-on name callers, but with a fixation on the Great State of South Dakota, or a bad case of Noem Derangement Syndrome. Regardless, here they be, and they entertain me.

  11. leslie 2024-01-02 19:17

    MFi, thank goodness, i have missed you! EPO!! All right:)

  12. leslie 2024-01-02 19:29

    Arlo, consider figuring out the real name of your adversary, the Democratic Party, which on the world stage keeps you honest (at an extraordinary cost in these days of your party’s only value, disinformation and worse, of course, in your attempt to hold on to raw political power, despite the reality of a demographically changing world.

    you can observe it daily ad nauseum from grdz above. dicta for one has had enough of it!! Spier exhibits a nature of good will and conscience. That should be all of our end goal.

  13. grudznick 2024-01-02 19:31

    grudznick mostly agrees with Mr. Blundt. The tent in which I reside, had gotten so spread out we have wingnutters and whackjobs and frankly just those insaner than most who live in the dark recesses of the canvas, where it is sloped towards the ground. Mostly these fellows keep their faces outward, down in the dank earth, next to a tent spike, and you can tell by the slope of their foreheads and the clammy sheen on their faces from the morning tent dew. That slight tent mold smell impetrates their hair.

    To grudznick’s point, and despite the swell fellow Mr. Blundt fleeing the tent in fear, grudzick and my fellows choose to try to support the main posts of the tent which protect the majority, and we will root out the dark corners and then snug the tent up, square it’s corners, and make warmth and dry space for those not insaner than most. Those fellows will be sent over to the Libertarians and the Witches, where I also have dabbled and have many friends. It’s just better that way.

  14. e platypus onion 2024-01-02 20:00

    Leslie, don’t forget the tale of the lady who saved a snake from freezing only to be killed when the snake warmed up. Goatzilla is and will always be that snake.

  15. Arlo Blundt 2024-01-02 21:27

    Grudznick–There is a saying among the Hmong

    “You have let a Tiger loose in my house
    And now you ask me to throw the Tiger out”

    I think mainstream Republicans will have a very difficult time Throwing out the Tiger. Look at Mr. Jackley (who I suppose is considered “mainstream” adopting the position that there should be no controls, at least as far as magazine capacity, when it comes to automatic weapons. We have innocents slaughtered nearly every day. The Tiger is loose.

  16. Mark Mowry 2024-01-03 10:33

    I also take this opportunity to commend DFP for it’s non-censorship practices. This appreciation is especially true for me because I generally present views that are antithetic to ‘South Dakota’s True Liberal Media’, as DFP’s motto states.
    What’s more, DFP is unique among it’s South Dakota blogging peers in regard to censorship. My comments have have been deleted or rejected by War College, South Dakota Standard has conveniently ended ‘comments’ publication, and another blog (don’t know if it’s still active) sponsored by a former Lyman County citizen (Garnos surname) booted me off its readership altogether. The only reason that I can come up with is that these entities simply don’t like seeing or hearing the things I have to say. So again — Thank you Cory!

  17. grudznick 2024-01-03 12:31

    You just like typing “among the Hmong” don’t you, Mr. Blundt? It’s ok. grudznick likes reading it.

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