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Noem Takes Day Off Work to Eat Pork, Continue Coronavirus Disinformation

September 18 was a Monday, a regular work day for most state employees. But Governor Kristi Noem’s work was to go eat pork at a campaign fundraiser in Midland, Michigan.

Michigan State Rep Bill G. Chuette, tweet from Midland, Michigan, photos taken 2023.09.18, posted 2023.09.19.
Michigan State Rep Bill G. Chuette, tweet from Midland, Michigan, photos taken 2023.09.18, posted 2023.09.19.
She's not in the office, so I guess shambling on stage in jeans and a loose blouse is cool. Schuette tweet, 2023.09.19.
She’s not at work, and Rep. Schuette didn’t dress up, either, so jeans and a loose blouse are cool. Schuette tweet, 2023.09.19.
That crispy pig may have dressed better for the MIdland GOP fundraiser than its keynote speaker. Schuette, 2023.09.19.
Nonetheless, that crispy pig may have dressed better for the Midland GOP fundraiser than its keynote speaker. Schuette tweet, 2023.09.19.

Noem trotted out the usual pablum about her dad’s dangerous child-rearing techniques and her persistent misinformation about coronavirus:

Noem said she was shocked when she visited Michigan in 2020 and saw the COVID-related mandates in place. Back in South Dakota, she presented information to the public and said, “We’re going to use common sense and the number one thing that you can do to beat this virus is to wash your hands” [Isabella Pasciolla, “Kristi Noem Encourages Problem Solving, Conservative Values to Midland GOP,” Midland Daily News, updated 2023.09.19].

Noem just can’t do science. Washing hands is an important part of preventing the spread of diseases, but coronavirus is a respiratory disease, not barbecue sauce, so, as this January 2023 study from Bhutan reminds us, “Face mask use has a greater role in reducing COVID-19 due to aerosol transmission of it.”

Noem made that unscientific comment the same day her Department of Health posted its latest discouragement of wearing masks as a public health strategy.

But hey, two weeks before jetting to Michigan for this pig feed, Noem added a video to her worker recruitment video series showing her standing in front of her Second Floor desk and saying, “Now If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got my real job to do.” Oh, that Kristi, always telling whoppers.

Bonus itinerary: You can see all of Noem’s whoppers in this video (I only provide a screen cap below, as NTD doesn’t allow embedding of its videos) of the full September 18 Midland GOP event. Noem takes the stage around timestamp 1:13:00 and speaks for nearly 39 minutes. During her remarks, she notes that she was in New Orleans the day before with hubby Bryon. She said Bryon missed the Michigan event because he had to fly home to work. Noem said she was headed to D.C. Tuesday. Noem won’t share her travel plans with the public and press back home, but apparently she’s fine with sharing that information with out-of-state donors.

SLightly hunched posture, hand in pocket… how can a politician this coached and image-conscious project such weak stage presence? NTD video, screen cap, 2023.09.18.
Slightly hunched posture, hand in pocket… how can a politician this coached and image-conscious project such weak stage presence? NTD video, screen cap, 2023.09.18.


  1. Bryan Donahue 2023-10-06 07:55

    What a petty bunch of nonsense. Try being a journalist instead of an activist.

  2. sx123 2023-10-06 09:37

    When shoveling grain bins, washing hands is more important than wearing a respirator. 😳🤣

  3. O 2023-10-06 09:41

    3,190 people in SD dies from dirty hands?

  4. Dave Spier 2023-10-06 10:24

    Dear Mr. H.

    I respectfully disagree with you saying KLAN took a day off work. She was hard at work out of state (once again) getting exposure for herself at the national level. Her January 2023 state campaign finance report showed an impressive number of out of state contributions to one of her political hope chests. She is really making bank from out of state people for herself. No doubt her next report will surpass the previous one.

    I was saddened to hear her husband was unable to attend these current events with her, but no doubt she will have another support person or two along on this campaign swing.

    Thanks for the video link from the Michigan event! I could only stomach the first couple minutes of her speech, but it left me with a question maybe someone can answer. When did they start calling that Custer buffalo round-up “Governor Noem’s Buffalo Round-Up??

    I look forward to the video from her next reported stop at Washington, DC to learn what she is doing for South Dakota.😁😁

  5. grudznick 2023-10-06 12:56

    The NDS is strong with you, Mr. H.

  6. Dicta 2023-10-06 13:09

    The fact you think anything of a woman openly angling to be the VP of a man you know is a sociopathic liar is more concerning, Grudz.

  7. All Mammal 2023-10-06 14:16

    The way they use those cheap, tawdry, Chinese-made American flags as their faketriot props at these events makes my hair curl. It’s like watching your kid sister go to the school dance with the handsy, greasy, groper-Rudy Giuliani. Get your limey mitts off my sweet baby flag! You’re tainting her!

  8. jkl 2023-10-06 18:00

    Well the blouse may have been loose, but fortunately the jeans were tight. She is very stylish for someone who acts like an idiot, I’m done fishing for the day.

  9. John 2023-10-06 18:09

    I belatedly figured it out.
    Noem’s legacy is prisons. Women’s prison, new prison in Rapid City. New penitentiary near Sioux Falls (Lincoln County).
    The legislative, prosecutorial, prison industrial complex is Noem’s economic legacy for South Dakota.

    Perhaps the Harrisburg Tigers with rebrand as the Harrisburg Jailers. Noem’s lack of planning fails to show a future for the present prison site in Sioux Falls. Clearly a better solution would be to rebuild on the Sioux Falls site. Clearly a better solution would be adopting measures to reduce SD’s over-wrought prison population. Clearly, Noem could have re-purposed another of the state’s under-whelmed state universities as a prison (Madison? Vermillion?) It’s not surprising that Lincoln County politicians, and the county commissioners were SILENT about SD’s interest in bringing the state penitentiary to their neighborhood. Noem’s administration does not believe in or practice open governance.

  10. Todd Epp 2023-10-06 19:11

    I am proud to announce that I am healthy enough to eat pork. For now. 🐷

  11. P. Aitch 2023-10-06 19:57

    Good for you, Todd. It’s the bread and potatoes that will kill you not the meat. Just sayin’.

  12. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-10-07 06:35

    Petty nonsense, Bryan? Everything I reported was factual. The only petty nonsense in this article is Noem’s debunked yet persistent claim that washing our hands is the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

    Journalism and activism are not mutually exclusive. In our Founding Fathers’ era, journalism and activism were inseparable.

  13. e platypus onion 2023-10-07 09:13

    Lewse blouse. Tight jeans. Lewse morals. Any questions?

  14. leslie 2023-10-07 11:39

    Asampe Bleza (Lakota) was chased on horseback along Spring Creek and shot down in the Badlands by area red-neck ranchers. His grave is there for all to see on Highway 44. These are the “folks” who killed the buffalo, killed the Indians, built their ranches, and now vote for Kristi while giddy about their/her buffalo roundup.

    Rittberger published that he thinks Hin Han Kaga Paha
    (Lakota for the granite summit now renamed Black Elk Peak) sounds like “two owls screwing”.

    Newland, here, mentioned this same kind of history on the SD/WY border.

  15. grudznick 2023-10-07 11:46

    That now dead Sioux Falls newspaper, once a legitimate media outlet, was killed by partisan hacktivision. They were not “journalists” like Mr. PP has been documented as being.

  16. larry kurtz 2023-10-07 11:56

    If Republicans failed at marketing sex appeal with Sarah Palin they have more than made up for it with South Dakota’s Earth hating governor so if you wanna sell a heartless christofascist autocracy with BDE get a pretty girl in blue jeans and f*** me pumps to recite the narrative.

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