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Koskan’s Impersonation of Heinert Influenced Guilty Plea and Prison Sentence for Felony Incest

California psychologist Dr. Michelle Kalehzan has posted on this blog and elsewhere online that convicted Republican incestophile Joel Koskan impersonated Democratic Troy Heinert online after Koskan’s arrest last fall in an attempt to tamp down Kalehzan’s online advocacy for Koskan’s conviction. Kalehzan also said Koskan called her local police department and lodged false accusations against her. Perhaps most notably, Kalehzan has claimed that her reporting to law enforcement of Koskan’s impersonation of Heinert and campaign against her played a part in Judge Margo Northrup’s decision to sentence Koskan to ten years in prison for repeatedly raping his daughter.

Yesterday Dr. Kalehzan posted a message she says he received from South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation agent Jake Niedringhaus supporting Kalehzan’s story:

Dr. Michelle Kalehzan, tweets, 2023.04.13.
Dr. Michelle Kalehzan, tweets, 2023.04.13.

So Joel Koskan pretended to be the Senator he tried three times to replace, just to get one avid Tweeter to stop talking about his incest charges and to peddle his desperate ploy to keep his daughter from cooperating with prosecutors and helping put him in prison. Hmmm…publicly pious Joel seems unable to follow any of the edicts of honest Christianity.


  1. CK 2023-04-14 08:55

    What an epic POS Koskan is, and if we didn’t have brave women like the good doctor and Echo, we would never know….

  2. Francis Schaffer 2023-04-14 10:27

    Don’t forget the enablers, we can’t ever forget the enablers.

  3. Cully Williams 2023-04-14 11:25

    Lest we forget the account’s name was “Cully Willy”. Gee, wonder where Koskan came up with that name from? I’m sad that DCI isn’t pursuing this farther, it gives me the impression that anybody can imply they’re another person and wreck reputations. At least his post-indictment actions helped show the judge that Koskan’s narcissistic behaviors are still strong.

  4. Francis Schaffer 2023-04-14 11:49

    Not really. He was the groomer at least with the available information. By enabler I was meaning those who suspected or knew; stood by and did nothing. Some people could be both a groomer and an enabler. Sort of splitting hairs. An example would be let’s say a priest who gives gifts, special treatment, trips, sleep overs, etc. to a 12 year old boy and eventually sexually abuses(rapes) the boy. The priest is the groomer of the boy. The enablers would be house keepers, cooks, associate pastors, etc. who would see the boy frequently in the presence of the priest and doesn’t question or confront the priest. When reported an enabler would be the bishop or other hierarchy personnel; who moved the priest to another location without reporting him to the legal authorities. I am currently on page 299 of 463 of the Maryland Attorney Generals Report on the Baltimore Archdiocese. The pattern has very consistent behavior by all actors with the exception of the victims. In this situation, reports extend back to the 1930’s. Real right to life advocates.

  5. P. Aitch 2023-04-14 14:25

    When is Mr. Koskan up for parole? I’m sure Cory will keep us informed because …
    *(this is how our intrepid journalist/blogger is portrayed by a reader of the Republican blog from Brookings.)
    “Go back to the National Socialist blog run out of Nebraska by herr shortyberger where this is his kind of garbage that he feeds to his little minions.”
    **Just a little humor to make your weekend, Cory. :)

  6. grudznick 2023-04-14 17:18

    What’s this Nebraska nonsense referred to by Mr. P.h? I thought Mr. H lives I. Aberdeen where he’s a neighbor and constituent of Mr. Novstrup, the elder.

  7. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-04-14 20:37

    It is important, in my opinion, to recognize that SOMEONE posed on Twitter for months as “CullyWilly” aka @SDTruth605 for months on end. I actually researched and discovered that a very good guy named Cully Williams, who had once worked on Senator Troy Heinert’s campaign, was the person whose name he was playing off of. Worse yet, he copied word for word some of the profile description used by the real Cully Williams and then renamed himself as CullyWilly. I actually reached out to Cully Williams to inquire about who might be impersonating him as I saw he had posted questioning the same. We soon discovered the common denominator of Senator Troy Heinert, who Joel Koskan was already impersonating in his string of manipulative messages to me. I thank Cully Williams profusely for his integrity and willingness to even communicate with me, a complete stranger to him. The DCI knew about the attempted effort to co-opt the Twitter profile of Cully Williams. Did they call you, Cully? I bet they DID NOT. I also told the DCI of another female who had contacted me to tell me she had been a victim of Joel Koskan’s stalking years ago. I gave the DCI her name and phone number. They never even called her! I also reminded the DCI that Joel Koskan had received a temporary restraining order filed on behalf of a Native woman and her young daughter about 10 years ago in SD. Silence. I grew up in SD and my ties there are very strong as I am a 6th generation South Dakotan on my dad’s side and a 5th generation on my mom’s side. I know how SD can be. That is what has prevented me from moving back over the past 30 years even when I received countless job offers as a Clinical Psychologist with Stanford University School of Medicine credentials. I do not know how to interpret the lack of action by the DCI when it comes to the impersonation of Senator Heinert and Cully Williams, and the harassment of me. I am not the type of person to let sleeping dogs lie. I’m not done with this.

  8. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-04-14 20:39

    Joel Koskan is up for parole in 6-1/2 years. Depends on his behavior in prison. I suggest he will do the whole 10 years. Maybe more.

  9. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-04-14 20:43

    P.S. I got a scolding call from the DCI within minutes of me posting the letter Cory copied above on my Twitter account. They told me it was a confidential letter to me as a victim and I needed to take it down. At first I complied, but then I got a little irritated in realizing how they kept all of us other victims of Joel Koskan out of the loop as they completed their investigation, and they did not use all the evidence I gave them to press further charges on this monster. Maybe a civil suit against Koskan Farms will wake them the hell up.

  10. grudznick 2023-04-14 21:13

    Marsy’s Law is a bitch, some say. Another reason measures and amendments, initiated, need to be outlawed.

  11. Bob Newland 2023-04-14 21:37

    I have witnessed several episodes of atrocious behavior as kind of a systemic disease within the DCI. Come to think of it, just about all of the episodes involved somebody diddling someone who would have rathered not. I doubt that Marty Jackley is even capable of recognizing the wrong in the behavior of multiple DCI agents. What I’m saying is, I don’t expect any huge shift towards decency among the DCI.

  12. Donald Pay 2023-04-14 22:14

    There you go, Grudz, talking out your rectum again. Marcy’s law in Wisconsin was not initiated. It was brought forward by Republicans, though it did have bi-partisan support. It passed and is now on the books here. Just another reason why Republicans need to be outlawed.

  13. David Newquist 2023-04-15 00:46

    South Dakota DCI has a bit of a problem dealing with foster parents who like to rape children of indigenous descent entrusted to their care. About ten years ago in Aberdeen, there was the case of Richard Mette who diddled a ten-year-old foster daughter. He and his spouse had a number of Lakota children entrusted to them. While treating one of the children, a physician found signs of abuse, and as required by law, reported it. This led to a court appointed child advocate and an assistant state’s attorney investigating the case and filing charges. There was evidence that the Department of Social Services had not given diligence to the handling of the children, and the state attorney general, the county state’s attorney, and the DCI got involved and grilled the children and challenged the testimony that provided. The DCI and their bosses ended up charging the child advocate and the assistant state’s attorney with witness tampering over the testimony they had obtained from the children.

    A retired judge from Sioux Falls was called to hear the case because the local judges recused themselves on the basis of conflict of interest. He dismissed all charges because of a lack of evidence and the apparent corruption of the agencies and people involved.

    Mette ended up with a 15 year sentence. There has never been a report on what happened to the children. Mette Case Special Report.pdf

  14. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2023-04-15 07:25

    Dr. Kalehzan, I’m really puzzled as to what stretch of logic would have made DCI think it can claim victim privacy requires you, the victim, to remain silent. You certainly have the right to keep conversations with DCI concerning crimes committed against you private, but, as with any right, you have the right to not exercise that right, to waive it and make your communications with law enforcement in this case public, as long as those communications don’t implicate other victims and improperly infringe on their privacy rights.

  15. e platypus onion 2023-04-15 08:32

    Jackley was involved in the Mette case. ‘Nuff sad.

  16. John 2023-04-15 08:49

    Ha, ha, ha, so let us get this straight . . . DCI doesn’t like it when, ‘anything they say can used against them?’
    Granted that all prosecutions are selective . . . but if one is embarrassed about a prosecution, or lack of a prosecution, then maybe should seek another line of work. Good job, Dr. Kalehzan.

  17. RST Tribal Member 2023-04-15 11:03

    Inept inbred Republicans protecting their own. I am not saying all republicans are like their guilty rapist Joe, just about 99.99999999% of them. Sometimes they get caught, most times not. The 2495 rapist loving voters in district 26 want their kind in Pierre to fit in with their kind in Pierre. Yet, their closet Indian child grooming rapist was exposed he wants to be something or someone else when caught with his nasty parts in a child turned into a young women.
    The legal machinery is back to the future with the cover up gang put back in place. If rapist Joe would have been exposed after January 1 of this god fearing year the narrative would be different. Another child, and an Indian too boot, forcing his or her self on the defenseless want to do good republican rep.
    Tennessee got exposed for kicking a couple black representatives from the white ranks of reps, yet SD legislators back in 2021 got a pass for eliminating the tribal-state relations committee to rid it of those pesky Indians. Now, in 2023 all is well, as long as certain pesky reps and senators behave and don’t get loud.
    Back to the future.

  18. Dr. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-04-15 13:17

    Well, since the SD DCI felt they could shut me up, they were wrong because I just filed this complaint with the US Department of Justice for the way they tried to restrict my free speech as a victim and got the way they failed to charge Joel Koskan for impersonating, a public official, harassment, stalking, filing a false police report, fraud, and Nevermind, failing to prosecute him for aggravated child rape, which technically was not incest since this girl was not biologically related to him. I feel the South Dakota DCI tried to minimize his crimes, and they want me to shut up, but I’m not going to shut up. I am my father‘s daughter, he was a fifth generation farmer and farm implement dealer from Columbia South Dakota, who taught me in his 83 years of life to always speak out. My dad has been gone three years but I still hear his voice and, Dad, I am listening.

    An official website of the United States government
    Here’s how you know v
    United States Department of
    Thank you for submitting a report to the Civil Rights Division.
    (w Report successfully
    Please save your record number for tracking.
    ~ Your record number is:

  19. David Newquist 2023-04-15 13:47

    While the DCI has earned a reputation for being less than sterling, the investigation and probable cause statement prepared by DCI Special Agent Brandon Neitzert, which Cory published in its entirety, was the guiding force behind the direction that justice took in this case. It is unusual in South Dakota for the public to hav access to such investigative documents. Law enforcement agencies usually hide behind this law: “1-26-2. Agency materials available for public inspection–Derogatory materials.
    Each agency shall make available for public inspection all rules, final orders, decisions, opinions, intra-agency memoranda, together with all other materials, written statements of policy or interpretations formulated, adopted, or used by the agency in the discharge of its functions. An agency shall hold confidential materials derogatory to a person but such information shall be made available to the person to whom it relates.”
    For example, when reporter Bob Mercer asked to see the investigative file in the death of Richard Benda in the EB-5 scandal case, he was refused. Here is the explanation Marty Jackley gave, if you wish to know more:

    I would like to hear how Cory obtained that probable cause document, but I realize he may have sources to protect. Nevertheless, with that document circulating in the public with reactions such as Michelle Kalehzan’s, it would be disastrous for the courts to accept the original plea agreement. The fact that it was even proposed raises questions to which, in the good old South Dakota tradition, we will probably never get answers.

  20. Jenny 2023-04-15 16:57

    Come back to SD and run for office Dr Kalehzan! SD needs you!

  21. Michelle Kalehzan 2023-04-18 19:17

    Thank you, Jenny! I would love to. I am at the age where I am dangerously unafraid of any bullies. Been there, done that. Next.

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