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Move from California to South Dakota, See Income Loss Four Times Greater Than Tax Savings

Gun and ammo makers who heed Governor Noem’s invitation to move from the coast to the prairie will enjoy some reduction in tax burden. The Tax Foundation reports that South Dakota’s combined state and average local tax rate is 6.108%. That’s lower than 35 other states’ combined rates. California’s combined state and local tax rate is 8.851%, 7th highest in the nation. Minnesota is right between us at 7.523%, 17th in the nation.

Of course, as we discussed last week, it’s a lot harder to make money in South Dakota than elsewhere. South Dakota’s median household income crashed down to $67,180 in 2022, ranking 38th in the nation. California’s median household income was $85,300, 13th highest. Minnesota median household made $90,390, 8th highest.

So the median household moving from California to South Dakota would see its state and local tax burden drop from $7,550 to $4,103. That’s $3,447 in savings! Yay! But their after-state/local-tax income would drop from $77,750 to $63,077. That $14,673 loss would swamp their tax savings.

The same is true for median households moving from Minnesota to South Dakota: they’d save $2,697 in state and local taxes moving from Pipestone to Flandreau, but they’d lose 7.6 times as much, $20,513, in income.

So sure, move from California to South Dakota if you want. But be prepared: for every dollar you save in state and local taxes, you’ll likely give up four dollars in income.


  1. e platypus onion 2023-09-29 09:09

    Big news coming out of California. Wait for it.

  2. buckobear 2023-09-29 09:35

    Yep!! Our taxes are low but we don’t get much for ‘em.

  3. grudznick 2023-09-29 10:09

    Freedom has no price. Freedom!

  4. O 2023-09-29 10:11

    More than traditional migration, I have seen people who cut the tether of living where they work. COVID let many professionals not be bound to a physical location for work. I have seen California salaries or California pensions (earned under a state with far more friendly worker rights laws) now want to take that earning potential and apply it to SD costs created under the “right to work” detriment of workers. I’m not sure everyone is suffering the wage loss to get the “freedom” of SD. Just another selfish, conservative pulling up of the ladder that made their success.

  5. Loren 2023-09-29 10:13

    Pretty much follows the Republican/MAGA “freedom” folks m.o. They NEVER consider, …”and then what?”

  6. P. Aitch 2023-09-29 13:39

    Losing income and paying less taxes? Do you ever wonder? What amenities do residents of low tax, low-income states not have to enjoy and help make their lives easier?
    Quality healthcare facilities – Educational resources – Recreational facilities – Public transportation – Community development programs – Access to fresh and affordable food – Infrastructure maintenance – Cultural and recreational programs
    I gladly pay the extra dime on a C-note to live better. Life’s too short to derive your enjoyment by denying yourself enjoyment. That’s just using German stubbornness against yourself.

  7. Mike Zitterich 2023-09-29 14:24

    I like the fact they move here, but their progressive politics can’t come here otherwise our taxes will go up…people come to S.D are gonna have to accept our constitutional beliefs, our protestant religious values, and our political culture of self dependency from governmental programs. The beauty of S.D are the people. Democrat or Republican our women are the finest…

    Right now, it most important that we save thr Brockhouse Taxidermy and keep them on Public Property, ans owned by the city. So I am preparing myself a petition to place on ballot. If any of you want to join me, I will welcome all of you to help the cause

  8. Mike Zitterich 2023-09-29 14:27

    My goal is reach out to both Republican and Democrat Precinct Committee people to hols joint meetings and to help with petitions

    2 people per 50 precincts I want to include democrats to fight this cause.

  9. Mike Zitterich 2023-09-29 15:07

    Larry, your rude, obnoxious, and a very terrible person how you talk to people. I do not appreciate the vulgar and violent means you talk to people who don’t agree with you. Do you see me calling you names? Do you see me attacking people based on their comments? I am calm, respectful. And honest.

    Relax, Calm Down, Be Happy.

  10. O 2023-09-29 15:08

    Mike, you sound like a socialist trying to get the government to fix your problem. Put up the money yourself and save it! Stand on your own two feet! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps! . . . or is freedom spending everyone else’s money for your pet projects?

  11. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 15:26

    Hey Zitterich, your pathetic philistinism is at least as offensive as your attempts at gaslighting a group of individuals whose intellects exceed yours by double digits.

  12. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 15:28

    Probably even triple digits.

  13. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 16:00

    Hey Zitterich, $20 says you’re laughed at, pitied or both by at least 95% of readers here.

  14. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-29 16:09

    Mike–Don’t apologize….pivot
    Don’t “teach”…we’ve all done our reading and are opinionated, and willing to defend our positions.
    Don’t mouth that prejudicial garbage about “Protestant Values”..I’m a fallen away Catholic..but once Catholic, always Catholic, and realize
    Catholics are highly diverse.
    Get off the Delbridge Mounts bandwagon. They are 1950’s taxidermy filled with Arsenic, which is highly toxic and for which there is no safe
    exposure level.
    Don’t pontificate. We fallen away Catholics have had enough of that.

  15. Mike Lee Zitterich 2023-09-29 18:10

    I am sorry that you guys do not my opinions or my thoughts on this page, but it is what it is. A t least I am a very calm, rational, and respectful person. and tend to take your s***t in strike. But I have been posting less and less on this forum more each week. I am sorry we do not agree, but I got a business to attend to, and people to help. So it is all good Next week is another Charter Commission meeting which are always fun to attend for anyone who wishes to participate in public discussions. I am free to meet any of you if you want get together in the future, just call me or email me, my door is always open at my office.

    Mike Zitterich
    (605) 376-0527


  16. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 18:31

    Hey Zitterich, post your flights of fancy at SDWC and see how your white nationalist jingoism flies over there. We’ll watch.

  17. e platypus onion 2023-09-29 18:53

    Always remember and never forget the story of the kind hearted lady who sves a snake from freezing only to discover too late a snake is a snakle is a snake. Even when it claims to be a patriot.

  18. Dicta 2023-09-29 19:00

    Is this the bi-weekly Zitterich is resigning kinda but not really and will continue posting as usual thread?

  19. All Mammal 2023-09-29 19:14

    Save the animals by not wasting them in the first place. The best thing we can do for animals is give them space and leave them be.

    People from California are a funky bunch. I am so thankful we have a state that does its own thing and has just the right extremes to balance out our end of the spectrum. We never hear them complain about immigrants either. California must be one heck of a place, which makes me super weary of the sort of Golden Stater who would willingly pick up their family to migrate to SD.

    They must not realize how hard we try to do things the opposite way they do out west. Like hate on LGBTQ kids and invite water poisoners to dump their 3M gunk in the rivers, never give any quarter to migratory birds and wildlife, and we would never give any sow room to turn around or lay down in her sty.

    Wouldn’t it be a gas if the governor’s invitation enticed the Californians she did not have in mind. I hope we get folks straight outa Compton and the barrio. Sell them some heaters and watch how quickly we see Karens run to the legislature to push for gun control. Ha

  20. Mike Zitterich 2023-09-29 19:51

    **** CALL (605) 376-0527 ****

    IF you want to bash me, go ahead, be a man and say it to my face!

    Dont be a Coward behind a Computer Screen

  21. blueboy 2023-09-29 19:52

    She’s trying to lure companies to SD, not workers. We could use more workers and fewer death merchants, so bad idea all around, but the factors mentioned in the article seem positive from the companies’ perspective. Less tax, lower wage costs.

  22. Anne Beal 2023-09-29 20:41

    I have known a lot of people who left California because housing costs were so high. They are scattered all over the country, not just here, and say home ownership was completely out of reach there.

  23. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 21:09

    It’s not that housing costs are too high it’s that stupid people go where housing costs have shed the smartest people.

  24. larry kurtz 2023-09-29 21:14

    Anyone who believes Mrs. Beal knows a lot of people fleeing California for South Dakota is probably in the mortuary industry.

  25. grudznick 2023-09-29 22:17

    Mr. Zitterich, stop sweating grudznick’s close personal friend Lar. You called it right when you noted he is an Out-of-State Name-Caller. You have more cache than Lar these days, even in Belle where they know him and you are but an East -River whack job.

  26. grudznick 2023-09-29 22:19

    This blogging place, Mr. Zitterich, is known as the home of Out-of-state name-callers. Mr. H encourages it.

  27. e platypus onion 2023-09-30 08:36

    Meanwhile, Ca,ifornia Senator Feinstgein poassed away and McCTurtlefartface will not let Dems appoint a replacement for her on Judicial committee meaning magats can stop Biden from filling any more judgeships before the next election.

    McCTurtlefartface claims Biden has appointed the worst judges ever. He must havbe not bothered vetting any of drumpf’s nominees lr dumbass dubya’s.

  28. John Dale 2023-10-01 11:43

    A good economic mind factors in the cost of living and human values at-risk.

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