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Did Noem’s Attack on Thune-Rounds-Johnson Prompt Return of Lewandowski Affair Story?

I told Kristi Noem she shouldn’t have slagged South Dakota’s entire Congressional delegation to smooch Donald Trump’s ample hindquarters for the VP spot. Now the party poobahs have let slip their dogs of amour to endorse the long-standing rumor that the family-values governor has been smooching much more of the man who coached her to be such a slagger in the first place, habitual harasser Corey Lewandowski.

Reports of Noem’s infidelity to her languishing and now long-cycling lesser half Bryon have hit the presses before, but this time, Daily Mail UK investigative journalists Ken Silverstein and Laura Collins put all the pieces together and top them off with multiple sources, including one who puts his name on the record:

… a investigation has uncovered extensive evidence of the couple’s romantic relationship: Dozens of trips that mixed business with pleasure, flights on donors’ private planes, and stays at luxury resorts where their intimacy was observed and noted.

Former Trump operative Charles Johnson wrote in a Substack post that he had seen them acting ‘in a very flirtatious manner’ at the August 2020 meeting of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) at The Cloister resort on Sea Island, Georgia.

Johnson told he had seen Noem discreetly take Lewandowski’s hand and put it in her lap. Lewandowski put his arm on her back at the same time.

The pair ‘seemed to be dating despite being married to other people’, Johnson wrote on Substack.

Two other sources who were at the RAGA event were surprised by the obvious affection between Noem and Lewandowski.

‘A lot of people were talking about it,’ says one, a conservative political strategist who saw the two as they were headed off for a long walk on the beach.

Event organizers were happy to have Noem on hand because of her star quality, but her presence was unexpected as South Dakota’s then-attorney general, Jason Ravnsborg, was there to represent the state [Ken Silverstein and Laura Collins, “Married South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem and {married} Trump Advisor Corey Lewandowski Have Been Having a Years-Long Clandestine Affair,” Daily Mail UK, 2023.09.15].

Team Noem should run a hard source indict on Johnson, an alt-right Trumpist troll who has shown no compunction about spreading big lies online. But his on-the-recordness opens the door for reporters to get other insiders to open up, like a Noem staffer not named Ian who says Kristi’s travels with Corey left her whereabouts unknown:

Noem and Lewandowski have often traveled together – frequently on private planes provided by Republican power brokers.

‘We often had no idea where she was, or even if she was in state or out of state, she would simply disappear,’ one staffer in Pierre, the South Dakota capital, told [Silverstein and Collins, 2023.09.15].

The Noem staffer named Ian is echoing something Noem said in her Trump rally speech last week, that President Biden and other candidates and political operatives and the media would attack her and her family for her endorsing Trump. But note, first off, that President Biden appears nowhere in this story. He hasn’t said anything about Noem’s endorsement of his highest-polling Republican rival. And the media are just reporting what several Republicans in the know are telling them are the facts about Noem’s morally and politically hypocritical and professional irresponsible infidelity.

But the operatives putting forward sources and stories of Noem Cor(ey)uption may not operating on behalf of other Republicans running for President. They may be operating on behalf of other Republicans quietly running for Vice-President who want some copies of the Daily Mail to roll up and whap Kristi on the snout (Down, girl, down! Bad dog!).

But the operatives willing to promote this scandal now after letting it go cold when served up two years ago by right-wing radicals may not be working for anyone running for the White House. Noem’s White House star isn’t really shining any more brightly now than it was two years ago, when various pundits hyped her a rising Presidential candidate. If I were advising Nikki Haley or Kari Lake or anyone else with a reasonable shot at either slot in the White House, I wouldn’t say we needed to drop bombs on Kristi Noem. She’s a complete fake who adds no Electoral College votes, no policymaking knowledge, no record of achievement beyond winning elections, no independent thinking or speaking skills, and now not even an element of surprise to a Presidential ticket. Just let Kristi be Kristi: she’ll flame out on her own, as she did with the little “Kristi for President” fantasy Corey put in her head, as people realize how boring, cold, and empty she is. (I have to wonder why Corey hasn’t realized that yet… but maybe that’s what he likes in his flings, scrawling his own fantasies on a blank sheet rather than respecting and loving a woman for who she is.)

If this report of Noem’s cheating on her husband and her professed and politically profitable values is at all an attack, it could quite logically have come from Senator John Thune, Senator Mike Rounds, and Representative Dusty Johnson, whom Noem needlessly insulted at last week’s Trump rally in Rapid City (which Lewandowski attended—was Noem just performing for him, showing him she still does the nasty tricks he taught her?). That attack struck numerous observers as a surprising breach of party protocol.

South Dakota’s comfortable Congress critters may have let the Governor’s endorsement of Trump slide, but they can’t let the leader of their own party rouse Republican donors and voters to boo them at a big rally. They can’t let a fellow powerful Republican say and do things that reduce their chances of raising money and coasting to victory in their next elections. If she’s going to put them down personally in public, then, by gum, they’re going to put her down, though far more artfully, with a few calls to their well-placed allies among other Republican operatives and in the halls of the Capitol with a few simple statements of unsavory fact on which the fingerprints of Thune, Rounds, and Johnson will not be found.

South Dakota Republicans will let each other screw pretty much anyone they want, as long as they don’t screw each other. But when Kristi Noem attacked John Thune, Mike Rounds, and Dusty Johnson in public last week in Rapid City, she was just asking for someone to throw her Lewandowski log back on the fire.


  1. P. Aitch 2023-09-16

    Gary Hart …

  2. sx123 2023-09-16


    Ballzy and next level stupid to [alledgedly] have an affair while Governor. Or anytime, but esp while Governor and possibly running for VP.

  3. leslie 2023-09-16

    “By gum!”

    Seeking evidence of a “democrat” deep-state ever undoing the work of Republican “patriots” (who still defend Trump, Proud Boys etc. as they face the criminal justice system), Republicans, mainly, have turned to UFOs and aliens. Why not?

    “According to (the federal government), our little minds just can’t handle (the truth), and that’s that arrogance,” he said. “I just don’t buy that.” Congressman Tim Burchett (R).

    NO evidence. Deep state. Fulminating chaos. Thune, Rounds and Johnson are bought and paid for. Republican game plan, whether by MagaRepublicans or “WiseRepublicans”.

  4. e platypus onion 2023-09-16

    “Neither denied the affair when asked by The Governor issued a statement attacking us for the timing of the article, while Lewandowski did not respond to a request for comment.”

    Noem (biblically speaking) will likely get rewarded because she apparently didn’t lie by denying she is a cheating phony kristian the likes the magat party is full of.

  5. Tim 2023-09-16

    “I have to wonder why Corey hasn’t realized that yet… but maybe that’s what he likes in his flings” Cory, maybe she’s just really good in bed. Everyone is good at something, she certainly isn’t any good at Governor.

  6. Eve Fisher 2023-09-16

    I think you’re on to something: she shouldn’t have blatantly (if namelessly) attacked Thunes (who helped her political career), Rounds & Johnson. That’s not “nice”, and I figured someone would come after her for it. And we all know that she’s spent as little time in this state as possible, chasing a political career OUT of this state with all her might. And perhaps more chances for hook-ups with Corey. (I remember back in December, 2019, when they bought matching dogs here in South Dakota…)

  7. Tom 2023-09-16

    I heard she lost her ‘ranch’ since she couldn’t keep her calves together….bah-dah-ding! I’ll leave now…

  8. Donald Pay 2023-09-16

    Yeah, it was pretty obvious for years. I think the first inkling of this affair I had was at some Rose Garden event Noem attended. I saw it on CPAN, and you could tell the lovebirds were acting like they couldn’t wait to get to the Lincoln bedroom.

    Is being a cumslut grounds for impeachment?

  9. Bob Newland 2023-09-16

    As is oft-repeated on cop shows, “Everybody’s bangin’ somebody.”

  10. jakc 2023-09-16

    Perhaps Kristi endotsed Trump not for the VP slot, but rsther to get a date ….

  11. Monty 2023-09-16

    I was just thinking about the dust up over the Valhalla guest list.

  12. DaveFN 2023-09-16

    ‘As Governor Noem said during that endorsement speech: “Yes, I will be attacked for speaking the truth to all of you tonight. Yes, I expect Joe Biden, these candidates, their political operatives, and the media will perpetuate ugly, hateful misinformation in an attempt to destroy me and my family because of my opinions.

    ‘It’s nothing new. I’m getting used to it honestly.” ‘

    In other words, “I’m getting used to my dishonesty.”

  13. e platypus onion 2023-09-16

    Can’t tell you if their spouses and their gawd forgives them, but I can just about guarantee magat voters would vote for Noem again.

    I wonder if bareback riding was Noem’s first rodeo?

  14. Noem Nemesis 2023-09-16

    Just to remind everybody, Noem’s official state government website has always included the following pledge: “Many Americans – and even many South Dakotans – are losing their trust in government. This is particularly true of younger generations. Stories of government ineptitude and scandal doesn’t [sic] help much. I’m committed to building the most transparent administration South Dakota has ever seen.”

    Anybody still believe that? Did anybody ever believe that? And why would we? If you’re incompetent and dishonest, secrecy is about your only option. Now, I’m not claiming to know whether Noem is sleeping with Lewandowski, a truly despicable douchebag, but I would suggest that they really deserve each other. Hell, thanks to Noem’s refusal to be accountable for anything or answerabe to her public, we don’t even know how Corey weaseled his way back into the Kristi camp so soon after his Vegas meltdown caused her to publicly ostracize him. Maybe Noem learned that the claim he made to Trashelle Odom of his killing two people was just his bizarre sexual peacocking and wasn’t true. Kristi has never disclosed what prompted the Lewandowski resurrection. Indeed, she has never even acknowledged that he has been back in her good graces since early 2022, which is even more disturbing. And now with her endorsement stunt last week, the beautiful irony is that it was Corey who was standing by her side when Noem deserted Trump in a NYTimes interview in November, 2022. Most of this is probably going to be left out of part two of Noem’s autobiography, “This Ain’t My Second Rodeo, Either.”

  15. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-16

    It’s really none of our business what she does with her personal life as long as she doesn’t finance her affairs with government money. She has plenty of money of her own to spend on her private impulses. We have no real proof anything alleged is really happening and if we did, we do not know what the arrangement is between the Governor and her husband. What we do know is she is a fifty one year old grandmother who frequently invokes the blessings of the Deity, who she claims, is intervening directly in her life.

  16. jerry 2023-09-16

    Mr. Blundt, We pay for her body guards with tax money. If she wants to be a hinge heels, fine. Do it on your own dime.

  17. grudznick 2023-09-16

    Mr. Jerry, your tax money went for the fence, and the weekly yoga lessons. It’s my tax money that pays for the guards.

  18. jerry 2023-09-16

    Well the yoga lessons seemed to help her with those difficult leg lifts, so I guess my tax money should be given thanks from Lewandowski.

  19. e platypus onion 2023-09-16

    In less shocking news, Texass AG Paxton acquitted of all charges of corruption in his impeachment trial. Now his crimes will get exponentially larger from here on pit.

  20. Noem Nemesis 2023-09-16

    Noem, for her part, decided to take a very rare day off yesterday from posting a single word on her twitter account. Might she be reeling from the new publicity? To her “credit,” however, she––or Sparky––did manage to produce another of her comical press releases about our “god-given right to our guns.” It might have been more of an opportunity to publish another photo of herself in her expensive hunting gear, because even those who misinterpret 2A in some absolute sense have to be sick of her invoking god while preaching about guns.

  21. larry kurtz 2023-09-16

    Word on the street is that Kari Lake ratted out Mrs. Noem.

  22. leslie 2023-09-16

    Republican precedent now says, a president lying about his affair, shall be impeached.

    TX AG is awaiting an impeachment verdict for his rank corruption in office.

    Buh bye to Kristi’s political career.

    The lying Bill Clinton. The congressmen yelling “You Lie” during Obama’s SOTN. MTG, Gaetz and Bobert yelling lair at Biden in his addres and various public events. It is pretty clear who brought down the state of politics. Republicans.

  23. leslie 2023-09-16

    Wow! Paxton acquitted! Hadn’t heard.

    What is status on Trimp’s Sec Interior?

  24. e platypus onion 2023-09-16

    NY Post picked up on story and added many new details about the loving couple. I did not copy the article, just this tidbit…. that Bryon has left the mansion in :Pierre and they didn’t know/rep[ort his present living arrangements. Post also said they have known of the hanky panky for years.

  25. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-16

    New York Post has a daily gossip column about media figures and politicians (called page 3 or page 4, can’t remember which)…its a famous outlet for scandal news and the fact Governor Noem made the column is probably a first for South Dakotans.. ..the note that the Post has known about it for years and not reported it is evidence that the Governor’s national profile was so low, nobody in the Big Aplple would care about her piccadillos. I guess she’s made the Big Time. Kari Lake is a likely source.It’s owned by Rupert Murdoch.(Fox News).

  26. grudznick 2023-09-16

    I bet all you fellows who will go to the Governor’s Hunt will brush all this innuendo aside, for a few gristly steaks and a handful of mediocre macro beers. The NDS is strong in some of you, but the free parties are stronger.

  27. Todd Epp 2023-09-16

    As WKRP’s Ace newsman, Les Nessman used to say, “It’s all just so sordid.” 🥸

  28. DaveFN 2023-09-16

    “Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

    And their fruits are what pour from their mouth.

  29. jerry 2023-09-17

    lewendowedsky is what she calls him

  30. e platypus onion 2023-09-17

    While Noem was getting laid, was her security team watching or just getting paid for nothing?

  31. jerry 2023-09-17

    NOem is enjoying all of our attention on her sexual encounters. That way we don’t talk about what a failure she has made of South Dakota. NOem is a grifter, just that simple. Her example is the biggest grifter of all time, trump. trump didn’t just grift, he raped and plundered as well. Now our gal didn’t do that rapey thing, I don’t think anyway, she has certainly grifted and plundered. Naw, she can have her men to tickle her fancy playing one on one while keeping the insurance guy to clean up after her. As long as the money comes in, all is well. Dude is never home anyway

  32. Linda 2023-09-17

    Ok….alll you GUYS….

    You sound very sexist here.

    I am gonna stick my neck out, as a female in a room crowded with men. I am no fan of Gov Noem. … BUT

    Male politicians, Democrat or Republican politicians, tele-evangelists, they cheat, far more often than people realize. Uh, so do female politicians. They get themselves into compromising situations. Male or female. Blue or Red.

    She is not special. She just thinks she is. But how some of you are speaking is just as disgraceful. Not Cool.

  33. e platypus onion 2023-09-17

    Miss/Mrs/Ms Linda, you seem to have overlooked the sheer hypocrisy of Noem’s touting her phony kristian bonafides and then cheating and lying on her spouse of 30 years. Noem is Hall of Fame Hypocrite worthy. And, if you check the records you will find a surprisingly large number of magats listed as spouse cheaters, spouse beaters, child molesters, and just plain sinners. They all seem to think they only need their gawd’s forgivemess so they can sin some more.

    So far, Noem hasn’t asked anyone for forgiveness, although drumpf will likely pardon her hands on.

  34. jerry 2023-09-17

    Ruh oh, trump says that NOem will possibly be his vp choice. Wonder what she will need to do to get that job? Cancel Medicaid? Already done that. Show trump how much she hates Natives? Done that too. Stop doing the wild thing ? but the dog, who gets the damn dog? Hmmmm what could she do to ingratiate herself to trump, ye olde whatchamacallit grabber? Asking for a friend.

  35. leslie 2023-09-17

    Linda, have you ever watched Fox “News”?

    Kristi SELLS her sexuality. Nothing wrong with that. But don’t complain if the public responds in kind. She is NOT elective leadership material. NEVER has been.

    Her plastic surgery face plastered with make-up wearing combat fatigues—self projected image, or wrapping her self in the flag like Trump, belies her failure to grow up. Leaders need to be experienced grown ups. THAT is the criticism here. Sexism is a cheap complaint on your part. JFC she owns a flamethrower.

  36. sx123 2023-09-17

    @Noem Nemesis – I image they’ve been hunkered down brainstorming/strategizing how they’re gonna handle this.

    Advice to politicians or anyone in general: Don’t do stupid sh*t, especially [alledgedly] cheat and then you don’t have to worry about it.

  37. e platypus onion 2023-09-17

    Drumpf was on “Meet The Press” today lying about the 2020 election being stolen and claiming the evidence he has would prove him right if he could ever get it into a court. He’s a glitton for punishment since he has already lost around 60 court cases already. Plus he is a dumb phecker of the worst stripe.

  38. leslie 2023-09-17

    Biden is like Lincoln who had “extraordinary vision and empathy, the ability to see what his own generals and cabinet urging compromise could not see—that the very future of democracy was on the line, that there could be NO COMPROMISE ON SLAVERY.” (emphasis added)

    Niall O’Doud, Lincoln and the Irish, Skyhorse Publishing, NYNY (2018), at xv.

    Biden has 50 more years of experience, and legendary demonstrated EMPATHY that Lincoln used to end the Civil War. An assassin ended Lincoln’s reconstruction, the final chapter of a Civil War won.

    Republicans today are in a no-holds-barred armed civil war to uproot democracy. We must take every advantage of Biden’s immense political experience, and EMPATHY in the face of Mitch McConnell, John Thune, and the completely inept Kevin McCarthy who threaten EVERY institution of our democratic government in a power-mad assault in favor of their billionaire owners who will use racism, misogyny, climate denial and Putin-favored treason to block democracy’s highest ideals that do NOT favor economic inequality.

    Suppose Biden’s mental functioning deteriorates before his second term is complete? Democratic succession is available to hand off to a younger elected leader. No big deal. Kamala Harris is a worthy successor even now (unlike a Sara Palin or a rumored Kristi Noem).

    Do not forget. We will be voting on the two most important issues before our nation’s nearly 250 years, in 2024!

    1.) Global Warning-stem it NOW

    2.) Economic inequality-stem it NOW

    The entire globe is watching.

  39. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-17

    I’m with Linda on this one, fellows….Let the Gossip columnists handle this story and be easy with your judgements.

  40. P. Aitch 2023-09-17

    Daily Mail dumped this gossip on a Friday afternoon which means the smallest possible audience read it. Few even know who Kristi Noem is let alone care what she does. The people in SD may care but they’ll not vote for a Democrat and she’s term limited, isn’t she?

  41. Linda 2023-09-17

    Thanks Arlo. I appreciate the support.
    And regarding Noem’s term limits. P. Aitch brings a good point. She can’t run for Gov again. So what will she do with her time? Does she want to unseat Thune or Rounds? What if one of them decides not to run again, ala Mit Romney? Seems like Dusty would be more likely to step in.

    This is why she wants to be Trump’s VP. And, then, in her crazy dreams, she thinks she can become president the same way Gerald Ford did.

  42. Arlo Blundt 2023-09-17

    Linda–While I tremble to make a judgement, I believe Mrs. Noem has seen how multi-millionaires live, and it was an eye opener for a woman who spent her formative years in small town South Dakota where the credo is “You’re not better than me.” I think after trips through the DC culture and the wonders of big money experienced at MaraLago and country clubs in California, she’s thinking “Why not me”. There are a lot of possibilities in front of her that sure beat the farm south of Watertown.

  43. e platypus onion 2023-09-18

    It isn’t just floozy Noem. It is also Colorado congresswoman cum bitch in heat Boobalert mauling and being mauled in a public theater dressed as a street walker and acting like one. It is drumpf’s entire adult life as a hoo-haw grabber and sexual predator, tax cheat, pathological liar and all these and more claim to be gawd fearing kristians and they aren’t. Party of family values these hypocrites aim’t, not by a long shot.

  44. O 2023-09-18

    Arlo, EXACTLY! We may even trace this back to her Snow Queen exultation. She has been chasing that dragon ever since.

  45. P. Aitch 2023-09-18

    Good one, Jerry.
    Brent sez, “I’ll cut a hole in a popcorn box and turn “Beetlejuice” into “Wienie Todd” quicker than you can imagine.” #LaughOutLoud

  46. leslie 2023-09-18

    It’s not limited to South Dakota. Political sleaze. TX AG Ken Paxton is as corrupt as they come and political impeachment is ineffective.

    Civil war. Politics/religion back then was the same playbook Republicans use today. Two of our
    most highly acclaimed presidents were assassinated, of course.

    Arlo’s caution is respectable. But “both sides” allows the criminals access to a national/global brainwash/threat soapbox! Witness Trump’s recent prime time interview.

    And notice Alabama, much like SD. In June, the [SCOTUS] court ruled that Alabama’s congressional map violated the Voting Rights Act because, in a state with seven congressional districts and a 27% Black population, the GOP-dominated legislature had created just one congressional district in which Black voters are either a majority or close to it.

    The court’s 5-to-4 decision upheld a unanimous decision by a three-judge panel that included two Trump appointees; the lower court had required the creation of a second majority Black congressional district.***

    A series of negotiations, most notably [privately] between Chief Justice John Roberts and fellow conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh, transformed what many thought would be a ruling undercutting the Voting Rights Act into a forceful affirmation of the law.

    Kavanaugh however wrote, “the authority to conduct race-based redistricting cannot extend indefinitely into the future.” Flouting, Alabama hopes to flip Kavanaugh based on his warning.

    Hilariously (or i must have a gutter-mind about Trump), he said about Noem as VP, “She’s fantastic…she gave me a full-throated….” Geez!

    The media are not courts. If Noem wishes to bring defamation litigation, fine, but the free press must ring the alarm and we—who else, Arlo—are obligated to judge, at least preliminarily? We are not ostriches.

  47. e platypus onion 2023-09-18

    I have heard crickets from South Duhkota’s legislators or the fun bunch from DC about Noem’s impeachable transgressions. What gives?

  48. BobJ 2023-09-18

    If you did not see this years ago, you just weren’t paying attention. Lewdendowski is dirt, and Kristi is dirty. Nothing to see here folks, if you could not see it before.

  49. e platypus onion 2023-09-18

    Biib alert flew back to DC where she says her hands on date in Demver owns an LGBTQ bar that has drag shows and he is a registered stu…. er… Democrat and she claims to fave dunped him.

  50. e platypus onion 2023-09-18

    Maybe that will be Noem’s get out of heck card, Be a victim of opposition party.

  51. Algebra 2023-09-18

    This reminds me of a Director of Nursing I worked under who had six kids at home, a demanding job, and a 70 mile round trip daily commute.
    When the staff heard that her marriage was ending, one of my coworkers said the rumor was she was having an affair.
    “I don’t believe it, ” said one CNA. “She doesn’t have time.”
    All of us working moms contemplated the logistics, as well as the energy involved, and agreed it was improbable.

    When we found out the allegation was true,,we were astonished and impressed by her superior organizational skills.

  52. leslie 2023-09-18

    It has come down to this and it applies to Noem and Grdz here:

    Jason Karsh
    More and more I’m convinced Trump can win (if he stays out of jail) simply by lying. By and large the press have made their choice, they’ll put him on TV without any real accountability, so what incentive does he have to tell the truth? Roll the dice, lie big, why not? (twttr)

  53. e platypus onion 2023-09-19

    In the interest of full disclosure, I fervently defended W J Clinton’s BJ as he was elected to handle the affairs of the US gubmint. In fairness I have to acknowledge Noem has that same guiding principle for the affairs of state.

  54. e platypus onion 2023-09-22

    DOJ has indicted New Jersey US Sinator Robert Menendez (D) and his wife on bribery charges. Magats have yet to condemn the DOJ for politicizing the agency, like they do when magats are indictid.

  55. e platypus onion 2023-09-25

    Lewdandlusty redux…. Hired by a candidate in Looseranna, major donor to said candidate is mad as hell and wants donations back.

    According to a report from Politico, aspiring GOP candidate Jeff Landry brought on the controversial Lewandowski as an advisor to his campaign which led to donor John Odom — who has already contributed $100,000 — to flip out.

    At issue is the fact that Odom’s former wife was on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances by Lewandowski in Las Vegas in 2021 and the new hiring infuriated the donor.

    Gad what a cad! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

  56. e platypus onion 2023-09-28

    Noiem lustily invites California gun makers and owners to move to Northern Mississippi because a magat governor has nothing better to do than fiddle while Rome is burning.

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