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Schoenbeck, Noem Family Raising Money for Sauder for Distrct 4 Primary Against Deutsch

Senate King Lee Schoenbeck (R-5/Lake Kampeska) is using this afternoon’s Saints-Vikings game to build his bench in the Senate:

Lee Schoenbeck, FB, 2023.11.11.
Lee Schoenbeck, FB, 2023.11.11.
Schoenbeck and the SDGOP mainstream machine—represented at today’s soirée (oops—matinée? journée? we dare not call it a tea party!) by nepotism-scandal daughter Kassidy and politically ascendant crony-capitalist son-in-law Kyle Peters, along with Senate Majority Leader Casey Crabtree (R-8/Madison) and House Speaker Hugh Bartels (R-5/Watertown)—are rallying the SDGOP machine behind rookie Representative and Kristi Noem’s old babysitter Stephanie Sauder (R-4/Bryant). She is challenging her current seatmate, potty-patrolling theocrat Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-4/Florence) for the District 4 Senate seat. Riding a Noem endorsement and open criticism by the Governor of Deutsch, Sauder outpolled Deutsch in the 2022 primary by just 59 votes, less than a percentage point, and then underpolled Deutsch in the mostly meaningless, challengerless general by 677 votes, five percentage points.

Schoenbeck and this afternoon’s football watchers had better bulk up that primary turnout if they want to ensure the continued dominance of the Senate by the Schoenbeck-Crabtree mainstream and keep out the whackadoodle fringe that hopes to gain a greater foothold in the greater chamber with a Deutsch win.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-11-12 10:29

    Anyone who believes Fred has never groped a patient is delusional.

  2. Nix 2023-11-12 17:28

    Anyone that believes that Fred wouldn’t gas transgender humans is delusional.

  3. Bob Newland 2023-11-12 19:22

    I hate it when I have to support the likes of Lee Schoenbeck. It’s simply impossible to fathom that Steph Sauder could be worse than Deutsch. I suspect that’s the bar Schoenbeck set, too.

  4. Voter 2023-11-13 13:50

    Not a fan of either but at least Fred isn’t a puppet.

  5. Lakkan 2023-11-13 13:51

    I heard whackadoodle Barbie came to Europe to show daddy some Veep credentials, sans the lingo, naturellement.…Hopefully, this delusional crazy and her „companion“ who is not her (current) lover she says, already left Europe.
    Nuts like her we have ourselves; keep her in the cold, we beg of you…Merci beaucoup 😉

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