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Blog Year in Review: What Got You Talking in 2022? 112 Most Commented Posts!

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2023, here’s a list of the Dakota Free Press posts that sparked the most published conversation among readers. Out of 1,230 blog posts published here in 2022, these 112 Dakota Free Press articles drew 30 comments or more:

Abortion figured centrally in the top 20. So did rape and incest, religion, and Jason Ravnsborg. So did Kristi Noem’s Trumpism, travels, and tramping over the local press.

Making a surprise leap into the #7 spot was Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Tracey Quint, who sparked more conversation on this blog than she did anywhere else in the sphere of South Dakota political discourse with her proposal to throw public money at private schools. District 26 politicians made the top ten twice, first with District 26 Senator Troy Heinert and Representative Shawn Bordeaux working again to remove racist names from South Dakota’s maps and schools (Republican committees immediately killed all three proposals), then with Republican Senate candidate Joel Koskan being exposed as a rapist and incestophile (Republicans quietly asked for their campaign contributions back, then offered him a plea deal, now delayed until March, to keep Koskan out of prison and off the sex offender registry).

One quirky intersection of DFP interests, initiatives and meat, took the #15 spot, as Sioux Falls voters’ slight preference for rich pork producers over rich mansion owners (ah, so the initiative vote did smell like populism?) provoked a discussion of whether this whole meat business is obsolete.

Blog Post Published Comments
HB 1172: Jensen Revives Perennial “Teach the Controversy” Fake-Science Bill Feb 1 101
Ravnsborg Nearly Crashed into Cops with Inattentive Driving in Pierre, Huron in Weeks Before He Killed Boever Apr 6 101
Koskan Accused of Raping Daughter for Years Nov 3 96
Democrats Hosting Abortion Rights Rally Downtown Sioux Falls Sunday 2 p.m. Sep 20 91
Democratic Legislative Candidates Give Straighter Answers to KELO-TV Abortion Survey Than Republicans Sep 14 87
Alito Court Overturns Roe; Abortion Illegal in South Dakota Jun 24 72
Quint Would Throw Public Money at Private Schools Oct 27 72
Noem Cries “Fake News” at Ten-Year-Old Rape Victim; Ohio Police Arrest Confessing Rapist, Confirm in Court Child Had Abortion in Indiana Jul 13 72
Heinert, Bordeaux Back Three Bills to Rename Custer State Park, Scalpy Places, and Derogatory School Mascots Feb 4 70
Smith: Abortion Ban Dangerous, Noem Fighting Other Pro-Family Policies May 4 69
FBI Searches Mar-a-Lago; Noem Cries Politics Aug 9 65
Angry Election Liars Rebuff Rounds, Threaten Armed Violence Aug 21 64
Noem Travels to Houston Friday for No-Guns-Allowed NRA Forum May 23 63
Incurious Sheriff Volek Saw Boever’s Flashlight at Ravnsborg Crash Scene, Dismissed It as Reflection Jan 19 59
Sioux Falls Voters Clear Way for Second Slaughterhouse… To Be Made Obsolete by Test-Tube Meat? Nov 15 59
SD Abortion Laws on Mother-Child Relationship Imperil “Safe Haven” Adoption Law Jun 29 58
Majority of Christians Think Jesus Was Just a Good Teacher, Not Divine Dec 14 58
Ravnsborg Announces Crony Natvig’s Bid for Attorney General: Ploy to Block Jackley, Keep Ravnsborg in Pierre? May 10 55
Senate Praises Vaccine-Mandating Retirement Community in Sioux Falls Jan 25 55
Noem Still Shutting out Local Press, Breaking Gubernatorial Tradition of Openness Aug 18 54
Blogger, Lifelong Resident Leaves, Says South Dakota “No Longer the State I’ve Known for More Than Half a Century” Jul 11 54
State Not Requiring Koskan to Register as Sex Offender; Schoenbeck Says Vote for Bordeaux Nov 8 52
How Hard Will SD Democrats Fight for Women When SCOTUS Overturns Roe? May 3 52
GF&P Plans to Have National Guard Help Build Rapid City Shooting Range Jan 15 51
Noem Working to Purge Soye, Randolph, Mulally from House May 22 50
Mother-Child Relationship Depends on Choice, Not Biology; SD Abortion Restrictions Misread Constitution Jul 2 50
Noem’s Best Picks for Interim Attorney General: Tracy? Vargo? Jackley? Seiler? Jun 22 48
Secretary of State Candidate Monae Johnson Ran SD Chapter of Aglow International, Fighting Devilish Feminism, Working for Theocracy Aug 29 48
Lawrence Livermore Lab to Announce Progress on Fusion Power Dec 12 47
EMT: State Exploits Volunteers, Neglects Funding for Ambulance Services Jan 13 46
White Landowners Not Happy About Losing Land to Proposed Gregory County Power Reservoir Nov 8 45
Noem Hires Florida/DC Grad Student to Spin and Burn SD Press Dec 24 45
Ravnsborg Chief of Staff Thought Sheriff Didn’t Do His Job Night of Crash; Sheriff Ignored Boever’s Flashlight, Paid Great Attention to Boever’s Truck Apr 10 45
Compared to Coronavirus, Monkeypox Easy to Beat Aug 2 44
Pischke Pushes House to Block Child Support Updates Feb 18 44
Don’t Shoot Fez, the 1.6-Million-Dollar Robot Pheasant—He’s from the Government, and He’s Here to Help Feb 20 44
Republicans Use Grief as Excuse for Inaction; Biden Prefers We Solve Gun Violence Now Jun 3 44
Guns Killing More American Kids Than Cars Apr 17 44
Four Years of Misconduct Win Noem 44,000 More Votes Nov 10 43
Is Silence Complicity? (A Meditation for a Reader with a Fussy Email Server) Dec 7 43
Boring Is the Least of Our Gubernatorial Problems: Noem Still Downplays Vaccines in Favor of “Natural Immunity” Jan 12 43
Meade County Rejects More Dispensaries for Risky Drug Pushed by Big Corporations Sep 13 42
HB 1073: Let USD Law Grads Practice Law in South Dakota Without Bar Exam Jan 17 41
Robocalls Mobilize Citizens to Call Impeachment Committee and Urge Sensible Action Against Ravnsborg Jan 28 40
Without Evidence of Medical Necessity, Johns Flips, Allows Ban on Home Use of Abortion Pill Jan 7 40
Noem Clouds Location of Family “Ranch”, Exaggerates Risk Posed by 1994 Estate Tax Aug 5 40
Ravnsborg Submits No Witness List or Documents to Senate for Impeachment Trial; Prosecution Plans Eight Witnesses, Numerous Photos, Examples of Officials Punished for Misconduct Jun 3 40
Spearfish Non-Profit Offers Anti-Racist Inclusivity Workshop for Teachers; Governor Says No Way! Apr 28 40
KSFY: Jamie Smith to Challenge Noem for Governor Jan 30 39
SB 81: Recognize Buttocks and Inner Thighs as Zones of Criminal Sexual Contact Jan 19 39
Ivermectin for Everybody, Say Seven Republicans with No Medical Degrees Feb 11 39
January 6 Committee Sees Evidence of Coordinated Attack on Congress; Cheney Says GOP Must Choose: Constitution or Trump Jan 3 39
Sadly, Noem Refuses to Debate Smith on SDPB Jul 15 39
Business First, Workers Last: South Dakota Ignores Advantages of Paid Sick Leave Sep 21 38
South Dakota Needs More Shots; Noem Goes to Vegas Again Jan 20 38
Noem’s New State “Life” Website Not Entirely Helpful for Pregnant Women Jun 26 38
House Education Kills Noem School Prayer Bill Jan 22 38
Grant Destroyed Brown County Auditor’s Election Computer to Demand Hand Counts of Paper Ballots Mar 23 38
Bills Banning CRT and “Divisive Concepts” Hit House Education Wednesday; Noem Also Seeks Ban on Private Donations to Support Social Studies Feb 8 38
K-12 Enrollment Up 0.44%, Thanks to Sioux Falls; Oelrichs is Open Enrollment Champ Dec 28 38
Replace Diesel with Electric School Buses, Boost Learning Aug 29 38
Feds Tougher on Elderly Child Porn Viewer Than State Is on GOP Child Rapist Koskan Nov 25 37
SDEA’s First Impression: Proposed Social Standards Focus Too Much on Rote Memorization, Short-Change Critical Thinking Aug 16 37
Congress Blocks Rail Strike, Imposes Biden’s Contract, Leave Paid Sick Leave for Future Fight Dec 2 37
Christian Right Hopes South Dakota Becomes More Like Meloni’s Right-Wing Italy Oct 10 37
Flight Log 2019: Noem Flew Son, Nephews, Son’s Pal on State Plane the Weekend of Daughter’s Custer State Park Wedding Sep 8 37
Noem’s Border Guards Bored, Broke Tedium Playing Flashlight Tag with Migrants Nov 6 36
Mobridge Board Lets Seniors Invite Divisive Speaker to Graduation Feb 19 36
Zelenskyy Fights for Second Victory Day over Nazism May 11 36
Individualism Negates “Pro-Life” Values; Beating Pandemic Requires Community Thinking Jan 14 36
Noem Says Sponsors of Unconstitutional Laws Should Pay Legal Fees Jan 16 36
HB 1111: Allow Anti-Science Yahoos to Refer School Mask Rules and Other Health and Safety Measures Jan 27 35
South Dakota Taliban Oppress and Kill Women Dec 3 35
Hansen Vows to Shout Down Women and Voters Seeking Vote on Roe V Wade Amendment Sep 14 35
Senate Convicts, Removes, and Disqualifies Ravnsborg from Office Jun 21 34
Teachers’ Feedback on Hillsdale Standards: 10 Yea, 4 Meh, 230+ Nay. Sep 17 34
2021 Blog Year in Review: Wordiest DFP Commenters! Jan 1 34
That’s *Attorney General* Vargo—Noem Picks Impeachment Prosecutor to Serve Remainder of Ravnsborg’s Term Jun 28 34
House Republicans Reject Hansen Wackadoodles, Pick Schoenbeck Moderates for Leadership Nov 20 34
HB 1005: See a Transgender Kid in the School Bathroom? Sue! Jan 3 34
HB 1216: Ban Collective Bargaining in K-12 Public Schools Jan 31 33
Hughes County States Attorney: Noem Free to Fly Kids to Family Weddings on State Plane, Complainers Face Punishment Oct 26 33
Noem Flies to Florida Again This Week, Doesn’t Even Get Picture on CPAC Featured Speakers Roster Feb 22 33
Boycott Threat Fades, Business Allies Back Away from Transgender Cause Apr 4 33
Thune, Rounds, Senate GOP Block Health Care for Poisoned Veterans…Out of Pure Political Pique? Jul 28 33
Hillsdale Social Studies Standards Get First Public Hearing Monday, Sept 19, Aberdeen—Admins Ready to Oppose Sep 11 33
Augie Bringing New Hockey Coach to Sioux Falls on Private Jet Apr 19 33
The Sound of Freedom: Rapid City Shooting Range Heads to House Approps This Week Feb 27 33
Write Roe v. Wade into SD Constitution—Dakotans for Health Preparing Initiative for 2024 Vote Jun 30 33
Judge Blocks Noem’s Restriction on Abortion Pills Jan 27 33
Women Need Abortion Rights to Participate Equally in Workforce Jul 31 33
Before Incest Charge, Koskan Slacked Off on Campaign Fundraising; GOP Senators Sent $10K Week Before Charges Made Headlines Nov 5 32
Leaked Caucus Transcript Shows Investigation of Drunk Senators Was “Sham Committee” with Outcome Prearranged by Jackley, Bolin, and Rusch May 16 32
Watertown Teacher Declines to Use Students’ Preferred Names, Gives Students Candy and DVDs to Push His “Spiritual Truths” at Public School Apr 26 32
Dusty Still Dreaming of Dead Pipeline; Renewable Energy Will Yield Real Independence Mar 5 32
Jackley, Rhoden Nearly Lose Nominations; SDGOP Tosses Barnett, Picks Less Qualified Monae Johnson for Secretary of State Jun 26 32
Real Nurse Says Noem Could Be Prosecuted for Lying About Working as a Nurse Sep 26 32
Prevalent? CRT Non-Existent in SD K-12 Schools Aug 27 32
Talk About the Right to Abortion and Sign a Petition to Restore It! Dec 27 32
Does the Governor Need Us to Define “State Business”? Nov 2 32
Noem Rides Billionaire Jet to Alabama After Pizza and Party with Lewandowski’s Candidate in Massachusetts Aug 13 32
Noem Abuses Public Resources to Boost Truckers’ Highway-Obstructing Protest Mar 12 31
Biden Defends American Democracy at Independence Hall Sep 2 30
DSU History and Ethics Forum Hosts Wilson Speech on Recruiting Tech Workers Oct 21 30
Ravnsborg Using Noem’s Image on Campaign Website Apr 4 30
HB 1045: Give Counties Small Toke on GOP Marijuana Tax Jan 9 30
Hillsdale Standards—Pro: Noem/GOP/Hillsdale Hacks; Con: Teachers Sep 24 30
Minoritarian Manhart Says Only Small-Towners Like Himself Are “True” Americans May 21 30
Vaccine Mandates Are Not Hurting Rural Healthcare Staff; Anti-Vax, Anti-Mask Nutjobs Are Feb 24 30
Kline: SDPB Canned Me for Failure to Be Objective (Translation: Silent) About Attacks on Transgender Identity Apr 19 30
Complaint: Racist Rapid City Hoteliers Actually Denied Service to and Ejected Indian Customers Mar 25 30
Biden Stands with Ukraine and People Power in Poland Mar 27 30

Stay tuned for more blog stats as we review Blog Year 2022 and look forward to a big 2023!


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    Read Second Amendment Literally: Ban Making and Selling Guns

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    Read Second Amendment Literally: Ban Making and Selling Guns
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    Read Second Amendment Literally: Ban Making and Selling Guns
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    making it the highest (number one) most commented post from 2022.

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