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Koskan Plea Deal Not Advancing; Court Hearing Delayed Until March

Unsuccessful Republican Senate candidate Joel Koskan was so eager to cop a plea to stay out of prison and off the sex offender registry for raping his daughter for years that he and his lawyer, Clint Sargent, were negotiating with the Attorney General’s office through the summer and signed a plea agreement to submit to the courts two months before he was actually arrested and charged. Judge Margo Northrup said she’d decide whether or not to accept that curious slap-on-the-wrist plea agreement this coming Monday, December 12. But now that plea agreement must be hitting some bumps:

Koskan was originally scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning, but his court date was moved to 9:30 a.m. March 13, 2023.

At the time the charges were revealed a day ahead of Election Day in November, according to previous reporting. Koskan, a Republican, ended up losing his race in District 26 to Democrat Sen.-elect Shawn Bordeaux.

According to court documents, a motion for continuance was filed Tuesday [Annie Todd, “Court Date Moved for Former South Dakota Senate Candidate Accused of Child Abuse,” Sioux Falls Argus Leader via Yahoo, 2022.12.08].

Oh, that darnable passive voice: who filed the motion for continuance? Is the defense backing out of the plea deal, thinking maybe the Republican Party can buy the victim’s silence or even a full renunciation of her statements to police? Or is the state backing out, realizing that gently patting a Republican politician’s wrist while throwing the book at lesser sex offenders lays bare their own incestuous favoritism?

March 13: that’s the Monday after the main run of the 2023 Legislative Session. What—is the defense hoping the Legislature will pass some sort of amnesty for rapist incestophiles before his court date? Does Koskan need to wait until after Session so that his Republican pals have time to drive to White River and serve as character witnesses?


  1. Donald Pay 2022-12-10

    They are waiting for the Pizzagates to open.

  2. All Mammal 2022-12-10

    Meanwhile; rape away. Justice delayed is justice denied. I believe the speedy trial is guaranteed, not just for the accused, but is there also for the one living another quarter year of her young life in a bad way. C’mon. Let’s make this a less rapey state, one Koskan at a time. Hup, hup. There’s so many more to go.

    I realize finally how very little I selfishly want to see this in trial. Sad deal. Maybe the obscurity of most of these trials is what we all sort of passively allow in order for our own false protection. Is this at the thousands of victims’ expense and at the perpetrators’ advantage? I wonder if this behavior would dwindle down a bit if we had to endure every one of these trials and become so disgusted, we would inevitably put tons of pressure on the state to see our ideas of justice carried out. I picture angry mobs demanding to see blood and bits hacked off those who tried getting away with such abhorrent lifestyles. Plus, the victims might possibly be effected fighting in obscurity, feeling alone, feeling as if their community’s placidity is indifference. Feeling like it was no big deal? Maybe if we had more coverage that makes us uncomfortable, more would be done to prevent and support future victims of sexual abuse.
    Keeping the population informed is evil’s enemy. Thanks for the evil fighting, Mr. H.

  3. sx123 2022-12-10

    I predict in the long run he won’t be treated lightly. Most people abhor this behavior. They just need time to let things sink in and gather evidence, especially if it’s about someone they’ve personally known a long time.

  4. Jake 2022-12-10

    Meanwhile, sx123, the forces that protect the accused individual work the political, media, coffee-shop waves of humanity in deference to protection of the accused perp, hoping public opinion will somehow ‘improve’ (subliminally ‘approve’) of the criminal act-lessened, like grief, with the passage of time.

    This appears to me, to be orchestrated on behalf and by the power party in this state whose upper echelons (party bosses) lust for 100 % of the state’s rule making body to be a solid GOP wall. Thus, the justice system would because of appointive powers, be likewise, mostly.

    The victim in this case is being disregarded badly in favor of Koskan of the GO So terribly unfortunate that she happens to be his daughter.

  5. Arlo Blundt 2022-12-10

    Well…it’s incest that Koskan has admitted for which he is seeking a pass. Of course, it’s a messy case, having gone on for years, and being considered “family business”, by that isolated rural community. Incest is much more common than we might believe, especially in rural communities with little law enforcement or human services. Everyone in the community is uncomfortable when that rock is rolled over.

  6. grudznick 2022-12-10

    Bonk, bonk, on the head.

  7. Donald Pay 2022-12-10

    Arlo, I just don’t think child rape is common, even in isolated rural communities. I’m sure it is more common that we might believe, because I, for one, can’t believe anyone could commit that sort of crime. I do know that when child and spouse abuse and sex crimes were being toughened up in the 1990s lobbyists with certain “Christian” organizations wanted to protect “families” and “church communities” from being hauled in for such crimes. There is a scary amount of institutional power behind neutering laws against such sex crimes, and it centers around the same ilk of people who want to point the finger at the drag shows and the LGBTQ community.

  8. P. Aitch 2022-12-10

    If the perp could talk his daughter into giving up her virginity to incest, he most assuredly believes he can talk her into not testifying against “good ‘ol Pops”.

  9. larry kurtz 2022-12-10

    That Mr. Koskan stood for election after committing crimes then covering them up is a page right out of the Janklow playbook but suspending his Sixth Amendment rights and just bonk, bonking him on the head with a hammer is simply white rage on gravy taters.

  10. Nix 2022-12-10

    Anything short of a long incarceration
    and Registration as a sex offender
    for life is the absolute minimum this
    POS deserves.
    My fear is that this becomes another
    Dark chapter in a long GOP horror

  11. grudznick 2022-12-10

    At a minimum, this Mr. Koskan, the younger, should be made to vacation in Hawaii with Mr. Gosch, which is where he would have been if not for being trounced in the elections by the ineffective and slovenly Mr. Bordeaux.

  12. larry kurtz 2022-12-10

    It’s hardly surprising the SDGOP establishment sees tribal members as ineffective and slovenly. Recall Neal Tapio believes the people living in Oyate communities are victims of “incest and molestation” that lead to federal dependence, despair and high suicide rates.

  13. RST Tribal Member 2022-12-10

    Inept inbred nasty republican is what normal god-loving people should be seen with this icon of the Republican Party.

    Gee, 2495 voters in District 26 support daddies doing nasty to their daughters. Sick bunch of voters, probably mostly white, mostly privileged, and some domestic terrorists.

    Might be time for more daughters to tell on their nasty daddies and other aroused relatives, as it seems there might be a lot. Raping of young girls is acceptable behavior for 2495 adults in District 26 who voted for the soon-to-be unlabeled rapist, there were 1077 voters in Brule county, 106 voters in Buffalo county, 5 voters in Hughes county, 3 voters in Hyde county, 250 voters in Jones county, 520 voters in Lyman county, 195 voters in Mellette county and 339 voters in Todd county. At the most there should have been 4 or 5 voting for the violator of a young girl; the candidate, his supporting wife, and maybe a couple of close relatives. But 2495! That is fricking unbelievable. Maybe not, as we saw in the past, republicans like young children, boys or girls. Gender doesn’t matter, just age.

    Sick inept inbred nasty republicans will come together in January 2023 at the dumb dome, making it safe for young children back home for a few months. Holding the rapist accountable might deter others, as the ones in the past were giving a by or a slap on the waist, showing taking by force the body of a young child is ok with 2495 adults in District 26 and probably a lot of inept inbred nasty republicans in the state as many are voiceless for whatever reason.

    Keep in mind young ladies, the South Dakota inept inbred nasty republicans put a 3-year limit on seeking redress from your nasty daddies or other aroused relatives with Codified Law 26-10-25. Time for commencing civil action for damages resulting from childhood sexual abuse. The minute daddy rapes you, the republicans said the clock starts running, and you have 3 years to yell for help. It was targeted for Native children who were raped by priest, brothers and nuns, but it now could be applied to daddy’s girl.

  14. Mark Anderson 2022-12-10

    Just slip him some Medroxypogesterone instead of his Viagra. It’s better the locked door his wife recommended.

  15. bearcreekbat 2022-12-11

    RST Tribal Member, the federal statute of limitations for sexual abuse is the lifetime of the victim in criminal cases, and recently there has been a similar extrension of the statute of limitations in federal civil cases. These laws are designed to help Native American victims since there is federal jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against Natives occuring on Indian Reservations and federal property like the National Forests, military bases, etc, etc.
    under the Major Crimes Act (and some other criminal jurisdiction statutes) along with several federal statutes that give federal courts civil jurisdiction over such cases.

    On September 17, President Biden signed the Eliminating Limits to Justice for Child Sex Abuse Victims Act. This act eliminates the federal statute of limitations for those who were sexually abused as children to file civil claims. Sexual abuse crimes against children include sexual exploitation, sex trafficking and forced labor. Previously, survivors could only file federal civil lawsuits until they reached 28 years old or within ten years after the injury or abuse was discovered. There is no federal statute of limitations for criminal claims regarding child sexual abuse.,claims%20regarding%20child%20sexual%20abuse.

    There are also many ways in which a state statute of limitations legally is tolled so that it does not run at all during the time period of tolling. A state statute of limitations can also be waived by the conduct of the defendant. in certain situations Any victim of sexual abuse, regardless of where he or she lives, should always quickly seek legal advice and help before assuming his or her case may be barred by a statute of limitations.

  16. RST Tribal Member 2022-12-11

    Yep, the rapist probably learned the laws when he took in tribal member children. Raped his young daughter on non-Indian land in Mellette County (195 approved of his criminal behavior on November 8. 195! Dang is there no shame in that county), which is technically off the Rosebud Reservation (430 U.S. 584 (1977) ROSEBUD SIOUX TRIBE v. KNEIP, GOVERNOR OF SOUTH DAKOTA, ET AL.)(interesting note: Wild Bill Janklow started the lawsuit for the tribe and finished the lawsuit for the state, dang how messed up is the judicial system in SD?, Oh yea, the misdemeanor killing by the State AG comes to mind.)

    Then the inept inbred nasty republican icon continued to rape his young daughter in Watertown, until he didn’t want to share her with a boyfriend; his exclusive rape victim.

    Federal laws cannot help her or others forced into sex slavery by their adopted parents when SD state laws apply. The republicans are going to protect their own should a rape victim seek help. We know how this case will turn out in 2023 as the prosecutor already tried to white wash the rape to save the nasty icon of the inept inbred Republican Party.

  17. Dorothy Reil 2022-12-11

    It used to be that judges were supposedly just upholding the law, but now they seem to bend it in order to keep white, male, republican, bible banging rapists out of jail. Now if this had been a person of a color other than white, of another political ideal, and of course non male their patoots would have been warming a cell seat about five minutes after the arrest. It’s the same in North Dakota. Whites go for months if not years before getting their due, but boy oh boy, just let that skin be non white and the outcome is fast and furious and soon eating and sleeping on the state’s dollar!

  18. Dorothy Reil 2022-12-11

    It used to be that judges were supposedly just upholding the law, but now they seem to bend it in order to keep white, male, republican, bible banging rapists out of jail. Now if this had been a person of a color other than white, of another political ideal, and of course non male their patoots would have been warming a cell seat about five minutes after the arrest. It’s the same in North Dakota. Whites go for months if not years before getting their due, but boy oh boy, just let that skin be non white and the outcome is fast and furious and soon eating and sleeping on the state’s dollar!

  19. Arlo Blundt 2022-12-11

    Well…Dorothy…the Rapist is lawyering up, which he has since two months before he was charged. The delay is aimed at having the case just…fade….away.

  20. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-12-12

    Jake, I’m curious: is the SDGOP treating this case differently from how it treated Republican sex offender Ted Klaudt, who raped and abused his foster daughters?

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