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Top 28 Dakota Free Press Posts: Commenters’ Favorites!

One can rank blog posts my multiple measures: views, shares, personal favorites, etc. One measure I find interesting is the number of comments each post draws. Some of the posts of which I am proudest draw very few comments, while some posts that I don’t think warrant much conversation turn into gargantuan threads which may or may not adhere to the original topic. But according to Governor Noem and her spin machine, all that matters is that we get people talking, right?

So out of 1,288 blog posts, here the 28 that drew more than 100 comments in 2019:

Blog Post Date (2019)
Baumeister Considers Post-Impeachment Scenarios 10/04 483
Baumeister: Biden Not a Racist; He’s Democrats’ Best Shot 07/27 418
Trumpist White Boys Mock Native Men at Indigenous People’s March in Washington 01/19 372
China Suspends Ag Purchases from U.S. 08/06 321
Farmers Ignore Evidence, Contradictions, Believe Trump Trade War Will Work Out 11/08 247
Best Way to Fight Climate Change: Plant a Trillion Trees 07/05 236
Georgia Six-Week Abortion Ban Would Erode Women’s Equality; Do Women Dare Stay? 04/02 227
Fiona Hill Ends Trump Presidency 11/21 217
Regulate the Militia, as the Founders Intended 08/16 203
Pischke Offers Three Angry-Dad Bills Affecting Custody and Child Support 01/30 201
SD Complicit National Christofascist Legislative Push 04/11 196
Dusty Johnson Agrees: White House Abandons Kurds, Helps US Adversaries 10/17 195
Mass Shooters Mostly Male, Increasingly Driven by Trumpist Hate 11/20 150
Baumeister: Get Ready to Impeach! 09/28 149
Girls Stater Expelled After Posting Photo of Noem and Anti-Trump Message 06/16 132
Noem Embarrasses SD with Inaccurate Claims Against Industrial Hemp in WSJ Op-Ed 09/11 130
Governor Noem Continues Radical Campaign Against Women’s Rights by Signing Five Anti-Abortion Bills 03/21 126
China Wins New Tariff Delay and White House Poo-Pooing of Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Protests 10/13 126
Thunberg Pricks Global Conscience; US “Leader” Ignorant, Insulting, Irrelevant 09/24 125
The Dope Is in Pierre, Says New Bumper Sticker 09/20 119
Preserving the Republic Depends on Removing Trump 12/04 119
Citizens for Liberty Lists Who Responded to Impeachment Survey 10/22 114
Post-Recession, South Dakota Retreats More from Higher Ed Funding Than National Average 04/10 109
Thune Serves Baloney to Sturgis Brown HS Students 03/22 108
Arizona Jury Rejects Trump’s Persecution of Christian Compassion Toward Migrants 06/13 106
Baumeister: Biden Advocates for Women’s Rights, Not Abortion 11/03 106
House Judiciary Advances Amnesty for Undocumented Farm Workers (and Their Employers) 11/22 103
Nelson to Waste More Legislative Time with Feckless Resolution on Trump’s Wall 01/02 103

In 2019, the average number of comments per post was 20.2; the median was 12. 525 posts, nearly 41%, drew fewer than 10 comments.

Commendation goes to guest columnist Dave Baumeister for his newshound’s sense of the topics people want to talk about. Four of his seventeen posts drew over 100 comments; on average, Baumeister’s weekly missives drew 82.4 comments while my daily articles averaged 19.4 comments. Well done, Dave!


  1. grudznick 2020-01-01 17:43

    Clearly, Mr. Baumeister, his handsome visage, fancy hat, and thoughtful bloggings are a massive click baiting magnet, as our friend Mr. Flemming would put it.

  2. grudznick 2020-01-01 18:12

    grudznick had his granddaughter do some quick sorting of your top 28 bloggings. Her boyfriend, although a graduate of the SDSM&T, used what social sorting skills he has to categorize the bloggings by topic. Clearly, the topic of Mr. Trump dominates the bloggings here.

    Trump 1505
    General Libbyism 879
    Hate on Trump 738
    China 447
    Legislatures 413
    Hate on Noem 375
    Guns 353
    General Hate 227
    Overgodders 196
    Hate on Thune 108

    Grand Total 5241

    I sure expected the “Hate on Noem” category to score far higher.

  3. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-01-01 20:15

    “Hate,” Grudz? I prefer the term “Honest criticism.”

  4. leslie 2020-01-01 20:51

    Well if grdz was honest he would tell you he snookered us on the whole lobbyist thing

  5. Dave Baumeister 2020-01-02 23:34

    I guess I’d better get writing some more!! My time has been somewhat consumed during the holidays, but I promise to get back to my keyboard.

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