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Adelstein: Sutton Listens, Studies, Works for Good Policy

Predictably, Pat Powers is so focused on marginalizing Republican Stanford Adelstein for endorsing Democratic candidate Billie Sutton for governor that he can’t be bothered to talk about why Adelstein is endorsing Sutton. Luckily, real journalist Kevin Woster lets Adelstein explain himself:

“Billie Sutton is a man who keeps his word and leads with integrity and heart,” Adelstein said. ” I’ve seen it happen day after day in his service as a legislator.  He is a person who sacrifices personal gain to benefit his constituents.  He has a gift of listening and analyzing policy and appropriations to prioritize the needs of our state, not just the wants.  He has worked with legislators of all political stripes to promote the best policies for our state.  I believe that he will continue to do that as our governor and lead our state forward” [Kevin Woster, “Stop the Presses! (Uh, or not…) for the Adelstein-Endorses-Sutton Story,” SDPB: On the Other Hand, 2018.08.13].

Adelstein, who sponsors this blog, also explains why he doesn’t support Sutton’s opponent Kristi Noem, who sponsor’s Pat’s blog:

“I’ve watched his opponent stake out self-serving and inconsistent positions throughout her political career,” Adelstein said in the statement. “During her race for Congress, she touted her ag experience and promised to be a leader for us on the important Ag Committee, but at the first chance, she jumped to promote herself to a more prestigious committee and left us without representation for agriculture.  She campaigned on her commitment to represent us in Washington, but announced her run for governor just days after being elected to Congress, simultaneously transferring $1.6 million in political contributions” [Woster, 2018.08.13].

So, would any Republicans care to refute Adelstein’s observations? Would any Republicans care to join Adelstein in voting for the more attentive, more policy-minded, more bipartisan Sutton?

And are there any prominent and influential Democrats going the other way and endorsing Noem?


  1. grudznick 2018-08-13 19:52

    No, Mr. Stan is somewhat addled and prone to bouts of confusion. This is one of the cases where he’s mostly just sour grapes about being minimized and treated as a left-fringe of the GOP during his time in the legislatures.

    However, if Mr. Stan is willing to join with grudznick and other Conservatives with Common Sense who are voting for Mr. Seiler, we would gladly accept some of his cash.

  2. Anne Beal 2018-08-13 22:10

    I stopped after all the integrity yap. He says he’s pro-life but is having a fundraiser courtesy of Planned Parenthood. He says he’s against a state income tax but belongs to the Democratic Party.
    If he were really pro-life and anti-taxation, he’d be a Republican. Clearly, he’s confused.
    Until he gets his own head straightened out, nobody can trust him.

  3. Porter Lansing 2018-08-13 22:23

    Anne Beal ….. there you go, again. ツ

  4. Rorschach 2018-08-13 22:25

    An endorsement from Stan Adelstein is a good endorsement to have, as grudz has attested.

    Of course the straight ticket GOPs like Anne Beal don’t vote for anything but the R behind someone’s name, and nothing else but the R matters. Example: a cheating, lying, racist, corrupt R from New York about whom Anne has nothing bad to say.

  5. Kelly 2018-08-13 22:25

    Little Annie Beals shut up. You don’t know anything.

  6. Spencer 2018-08-13 22:53

    I wonder how many abortions it took to cut Billie Sutton that check he received at his little private party with Planned Parenthood?

  7. jerry 2018-08-13 23:18

    Spencer, that does not even make sense. Work on it man, work on it.

  8. Jenny 2018-08-13 23:24

    Oh run along and go work on your knitting, Grannie Annie, before you have a stroke over Billie. Don’t forget to take your smelling salts either.
    Honestly,why do pubs like Annie even come here when they know they can’t handle it.

  9. jerry 2018-08-13 23:31

    It is always good to see how other’s think about important topics, and then be thankful you don’t think that way.

  10. Debbo 2018-08-13 23:40

    Cory asked, “So, would any Republicans care to refute Adelstein’s observations? Would any Republicans care to join Adelstein in voting for the more attentive, more policy-minded, more bipartisan Sutton?”

    I noticed Mr. Grudz, Ms. Beal and Mr. Spencer didn’t touch that, just grumped and harumped. Apparently they’ve got nothing else.

  11. Jason 2018-08-14 00:06

    I have never heard of him. He’s pro murder and gives you money Cory. There is no way he is a Conservative. If he says he was a Republican, I doubt that he really was.

  12. Tara Volesky 2018-08-14 06:12

    Jason, quit being a hypocrite. Your candidate is partially pro-choice. There may only be one pro-life candidate running for Governor whom will get many Republican votes.

  13. Jason 2018-08-14 07:16

    Who is my candidate that is partially pro-choice?

  14. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-08-14 07:53

    Anne: Shantel Krebs and Al Novstrup have voted for hundreds of tax and fee increases. They aren’t really anti-taxation, so they obviously aren’t really Republicans.

    More importantly, notice that Anne doesn’t refute Adelstein’s assessment of either Sutton’s abilities or Noem’s political hackery.

  15. mike from iowa 2018-08-14 08:21

    Spencer, do you have any idea how many abortions PP has helped prevent? What services does Planned Parenthood offer?
    This is how its services break down:

    Planned Parenthood says 3% of the services it provides are abortions.
    323,999 abortions were performed in 2014, according to the organization.

    Sexual education

    Planned Parenthood says it provides sex education to 1.5 million young people and adults each year.

    Pregnancy prevention and birth control

    Planned Parenthood says it prevents an estimated 579,000 unintended pregnancies per year.
    Contraception accounted for 34% of the services it provided, according to the 2015 GAO report.

    In 2014, Planned Parenthood saw:

    2 milion reversible contraception patients
    941,589 emergency contraception kits
    3,445 vasectomies
    718 female sterilization procedures

    Pregnancy tests: 1.1 million tests done in 2014
    Prenatal care: provided to 17,419 people in 2014
    Sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment

    Planned Parenthood says this accounts for 42% of the services provided. (The GAO calculates 41% in 2012 by affiliates.)
    4.2 million tests and treatments provided in 2014
    This represents the largest proportion of medical services provided.

    Pap smears (cervical cancer screening): 270,000 per year
    Breast exams: 360,000 per year
    Research: Planned Parenthood said in its 2013-14 annual report that it participated in more than 70 research projects.
    According to the Guttmacher Institute (PDF), publicly funded family planning in 2014 helped women avoid 2 million unintended pregnancies.
    It found that 62% of Planned Parenthood health centers also offer same-day appointments, and 78% offer extended evening or weekend hours for those who have a hard time accessing care due to work or family responsibilities. Planned Parenthood is also more likely to facilitate the choice and uptake of a contraceptive method, as well as help a high volume of patients who need contraceptive care.
    Join the conversation

    See the latest news and share your comments with CNN Health on Facebook and Twitter.
    Guttmacher also says that Planned Parenthood health centers serve 36% of all clients obtaining care from publicly funded family planning centers and that in 2014, 20.2 million women in the US were in need of publicly funded family planning services like Planned Parenthood.
    According to a 2016 survey, 26% of patients at a Planned Parenthood site said it was the only place they could go for the services they required.

    You want to stop abortions, maybe your time and energies would be better spent keeping Planned Parenthood functioning.

  16. mike from iowa 2018-08-14 08:24

    Anne Beals, by pro-life you actually mean anti-women’s rights.

  17. Donald Pay 2018-08-14 08:27

    I’d just broaden out the discussion a bit. Generally, at least for how I decide to cast a vote, an endorsement from any politician or former politician is like a fart in the wind. I might catch the odor, but it’s gone in an instant.

    I’m going to the polls in Wisconsin today to vote for one of 10 candidates who will beat Scott Walker. I never look at endorsements from people. I do care about which groups endorse, but only slightly. I like to find out why they endorse, because that gives me some insight into what issues they feel most strongly about.

    I guess it is a bit newsworthy that Stan is voting for Sutton, but in the end Stan’s vote is Stan’s vote. Your vote is your vote. I don’t think it’s bad or good that Stan endorsed one candidate or the other. It’s his right, and it’s your right to ignore him. But to second guess why he’s voting the way he is seems a bit odd.

  18. Jenny 2018-08-14 08:30

    Planned Parenthood works to prevent unwanted pregnancies, I’ve used their services and they are nothing but very professional and also affordable. Before people like Annie bash PP, she should talk to some of the hundreds of women in SD that have used their services for the above things Mike mentions. Many many women would tell her that it is a reputable place to go for affordable birth control.
    Quit shaming PP and the women that use it!
    Get out of the 1950s, Annie! Women have a right to affordable and quality birth control services!

  19. Jenny 2018-08-14 08:39

    Go save a living baby at the Border, Anne, instead of worrying about what’s going on in a doctor’s office.
    Those ‘pro-living’ border babies would love to have people fighting for them to get them back reunited to their parents.

  20. Jenny 2018-08-14 08:44

    Oh, that’s right, Grannie Annie and the rest of the Pubs in SD only care about white babies.

  21. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-08-14 12:15

    Donald makes a fair point about the slim worth of any given individual endorsement. Nonetheless, Adelstein’s reasons for voting for Sutton rather than Noem are pretty strong and nonpartisan. Unlike Anne, who needs just a party label and a couple of misapplied hot-button over-generalizations to secure her endorsement, Stan offers criteria that any voter could apply to any candidate from any party.

  22. Adam 2018-08-14 12:18

    Stan’s endorsement is helpful.

    However, getting the business community behind a mild mannered rural wearing a cowboy hat is likely a fools errand.

    I am afraid that when the ads begin to roll, Billie camp is going to get bullied right into the ground and South Dakotans will find Kristi Noem the ‘stronger’ and thereby automatically the ‘smarter’ candidate.

    In SD, for decades now, politics has been more like a drunk conversation while sitting at the bar, jam packed with oneupmanship one-liners. In the end, quiet, shy types always loose on every issue. Marty Jackley tried to beat Kristi Noem by branding himself as the ‘boring conservative’ and it contributed to his very significant loss.

    In this era of Trump, right smack in our face, why is it that the smarter, more moderate South Dakotans STILL just simply refuse to get it? Find a nick name for Pea Brained Kristi, and use it to tell a story – like they did Crooked Hillary – or be a looser. Republicans have been doing it for decades because it works.

    Be punchy or go home.

  23. jerry 2018-08-14 12:31

    Mr. Stan is the business community Adam. The guy built one of the most respected business names in South Dakota on honor and integrity. This endorsement is a big one that is for sure.

  24. Jenny 2018-08-14 12:41

    Stan’s the man! The Pierre Pub Club is just jealous of him b/c he won’t hail to them.

  25. Adam 2018-08-14 12:48

    Over the last nearly 20 years, Stan has strategically endorsed a few Democrats – all of whom lost.

    So, don’t rest too many hopes on this endorsement.

    I like to hope for good things, but my brain and life experience help me keep my hopes in practical places.

  26. Jenny 2018-08-14 12:49

    I agree, Adam. Billie is playing nice so far but he has got to realize that Noem will participate in an aggressive campaign. Noem is going to go after him but will do it in a very passive aggressive way. She will act all nice and then alas all those negative commercials will start. One after the other, bing, bing bing – like coins coming out of a slot machine. Follow the money. She will have some catchy phrase negative slogan portraying Sutton as a big spending liberal. Her team will also try lying and saying he is not really pro-life.

  27. Jenny 2018-08-14 12:55

    And that’s how the pubs win elections in SD – just put a few negative slogans in front of the Democrat and there you have it. South Dakotans are very very narrow-minded voters and always vote against their best interests. Stupid is as stupid does. Never mind that Sutton is a pro-life moderate. He has that D at the end of his name and South Dakotans are brought up to believe that is bad, very bad. Idiots.

  28. Adam 2018-08-14 18:14

    THE thing I want SD Dems to understand (as embracing it naturally follows understanding it) is:

    That which you are against says more about who you are as a person than the things you support. Voters (especially in rural conservative states) are more easily able to personally identify, and draw common ground, with a candidate who is AGAINST specific things than they are able to side with a smart and positive message.

    Even while society is moving 180 degrees away from moving forward, Billie doesn’t get upset about anything – demonstrating what is naturally perceived as an almost inhuman lack of passion for everything he is talking about. Human beings both love and hate, never just love. They also have a cool head some or most times, but also get angry and sad sometimes too. Candidates truly do need to be well rounded enough to appear human.

  29. Jake Kammerer 2018-08-14 18:33

    Thanks Stan! I’ve always known there are GOOD Republicans out there and have supported them before, but all too rarely have they lacked your nerve to support those outside their party selected favorites. They remind me of sailors ‘tacking against the winds’ on the sea’. Sutton has the goods in this race–the only factor will be South Dakotan’s willingness to vote their hearts instead of party.

  30. OldSarg 2018-08-14 18:48

    I would vote for Billie. At least he has enough rational sense to understand a totally innocent unborn child is still a human. This one issue it probably the most important of all of his views. There are plenty of folks to review the state budget, who gets hired, nominated and all the other minutia but the ability to have compassion for the most innocent among us is something I could stand behind. The state would still be controlled by rational people who will keep our budget balanced. Having another Governor who supports the right of the child to live and not be butchered will allow us to move closer to having this horrible genocide of our nations future children end. I know, I know, I have heard all the arguments of “it’s a woman’s body” and all that crap but it isn’t a woman. It is a child that is growing and will become part of our society. Billie supports that child just as it says in our Declaration of Independence: We hold these truths to be “self-evident” (not needing to be demonstrated or explained; obvious) that all men are “created” (bring something into existence like a new life) equal; that they are “endowed” (Given as in property) by their Creator (Whoever that may be and it may not be God for you. It could be nature itself for you) with certain “unalienable” (unable to be taken away) rights; that among these are “life” (something existing in reality), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yes, he could get my vote.

  31. Porter Lansing 2018-08-14 19:40

    OldSoviet … Abortion is none of your business. Your opinion is thus meaningless.

  32. OldSarg 2018-08-14 21:02

    Porter, you can’t win. The world sees the left as weak, either fat or diminutive males with no balls or fortitude. You have lost and will continue to lose. You are a nothing just biting at the heels of success. You can’t win and certainly can’t compete. We will take your money and women! Ha!

  33. OldSarg 2018-08-14 21:03

    Be a man or butt out.

  34. OldSarg 2018-08-14 21:08


  35. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2018-08-14 21:19

    [Wow: another uncivil and irrelevant outburst of insult from OS. Argue the points are bag it, OS. Your macho bull proves nothing but your failure to make a reasonable point.]

    Note also, ladies, that OS dismisses any claim you make to control over your own body as “crap.” That’s the kind of thinking you get if you vote for Republicans this November. At least Sutton has a Lt. Gov. and a party caucus that will work hard to pull him back to respecting women’s autonomy.

    But again, Adelstein’s point welcomely transcends any lazy hot-button label. Adelstein speaks of overriding qualities that serve a Governor or any elected official well in dealing with any issue. Sutton listens, studies, and works with all parties to find a practical solution. Noem just does what makes her look good. If you get your head out of your single-issue holes, you’ll come to the same conclusion the rational, pragmatic Adelstein has: Sutton is better qualified to be the chief executive of a state and manage the state’s everyday affairs than Noem is.

  36. Adam 2018-08-14 23:06

    OldSovietDude, get bent.

    Cory, yeah, I thought of Katus right after I hit send – LOL – and he was a more-than-capable legislator. Weird dynamics in that voting district though – now, it’s gerrymandered into oblivion.

    The only real way that Kristi Noem could be a better Governor than Sutton, is if governing entailed obstructing everything the legislature passed.

  37. OldSarg 2018-08-15 06:01

    I don’t believe a single one of you would use a tool to cut up and kill a baby and then claim that was a good thing but the fact most of you also support Billie is proof you put party and power over others before morals and civility.

  38. mike from iowa 2018-08-15 07:31

    OldSandtoad- stone waste of white!

  39. bearcreekbat 2018-08-15 10:20

    Ah, SD prolifers like OS often do not consider the women involved in their crusade to enact laws to force unwilling women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term. If they would considered the health and safety of women, perhaps they would take into account these facts as reported by the RC Journal today (8/15/18):

    Giving birth to a child is one of the most dangerous things a woman can do today.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists pregnancy and childbirth as the sixth-leading cause of death for women ages 20 to 34 — more deadly than the flu, pnemonia or diabetes for this demographic.

    The United States is the “most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world, according to a recent USA Today investigation that reviewed safety records and court documents and examined the cases of 150 women.

    . . .

    . . . Each year, 50,000 women in this country are severely harmed in childbirth and 700 die. That is 26.4 deaths for every 100,000 live births. To understand just how high that is, note that there are 6.4 deaths in Japan, 7.3 in Canada and 7.8 in France. . . .

    Quotes from the RC Journal hard copy (sorry – I didn’t find an online link) at page C4 in a guest editorial by the Des Moines Register.

    Advocating that government bureaucrats should be empowered to make all family planning decisions for women is one thing, but doing so without regard to the consequences and harm caused to women by such exercise of governmental power seems a bit over the top.

  40. Adam 2018-08-15 12:49

    “Me only think about abortion even when both candidates are pro-life. Me unable to think any deeper about society than abortion. Me modern caveman.”

    I was in Las Vegas last weekend, took Lyft everywhere I went, and 9/10 Lyft drivers were far more intelligent and far more interesting than 99.9% of all the South Dakotans I have ever met over the last 15 years. How could this be?

    Not all South Dakotans are lame brained and suffering from deep stage cabin fever like OldSarge, but unfortunately, even most of the smarter ones are remarkably dumb and boring just the same.

    Seriously, get out a little and talk to some lower-mid income big city strangers, learn about life in a real economic engine and why Americans move to them from small towns all over America. If that sounds uncomfortable to you, then sorry to break the news, you are a weak minded puny brained redneck hillbilly (just a fact).

  41. Porter Lansing 2018-08-15 12:54

    Adam … I floated the notion on this blog that big cities are safer and friendlier than rural areas. It’s true but few here believed it.

  42. Adam 2018-08-15 13:09

    Cities life is about making more money and have more fun at the same time. Daily life in rural states is about boredom alleviation.

    In cities, there is a much larger trust in society and cooperation between people as you wouldn’t so much as walk down the street without trusting that 99.99999% of all people you pass will not mug you – and a great many people spend a lifetime walking down many/all streets with no problem(s) at all.

    Difference between daily life in the city vs. rural is the ability to pursue happiness via higher income and more fun things to do vs. the need to alleviate near constant boredom out in the figurative middle of nowhere.

  43. Porter Lansing 2018-08-15 13:14

    Agreed. The need to alleviate near constant boredom out in the figurative middle of nowhere is a reason for hard drug abuse and alcoholism. If there was legal marijuana (in the middle of nowhere) much of the boredom would be mitigated and the hard drug abuse would shrink to near nothing. The numbers in legal pot states bears that out.

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