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Pischke Asking for Criminal Prosecution of Frye-Mueller’s Suspenders

Senator Tom Pischke (R-25/Dell Rapids) says he’ll file a criminal complaint against the 27 Senators who voted last month to suspend his good friend Senator Julie Frye-Mueller (R-30/Rapid City) while the Senate investigated her workplace harassment of a Legislative Research Council employee.

I explained back on February 1 why such an attempt to criminally charge Senators for casting votes won’t pass muster in court. I thus defer here to  defendant and Senate boss Lee Schoenbeck’s (R-5/Lake Kampeska) assessment of the complaint Pischke is bringing on behalf of Frye-Mueller:

President Pro Temp Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown, was named in the affidavit. Schoenbeck said that Frye-Mueller’s behavior was “far beyond normal.”

“She should be embarrassed,” Schoenbeck said. “She and her bully friends need to go away and leave our workers and citizens alone” [Annie Todd, “Lawmaker Set to File Criminal Complaint Tied to Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller Suspension,” Sioux Falls Argus Leader, 2023.02.23].

Pischke’s complaint will surely go away quickly. He’s asking Hughes County state’s attorney Jessica LaMie to look into his complaint. LaMie is the brilliant local legal mind who said Governor Noem’s giving teenage boys joyrides in the state plane was state business and that complaining about that violation of state law was frivolous. If LaMie can spin out of prosecuting such blatant corruption by a powerful Republican, she’ll have no trouble dismissing Pischke’s far shakier complaint about the Senate’s exercise of its constitutional power.

Pischke and Frye-Mueller won’t secure any criminal convictions with this doomed complaint; they’ll only suck time away from the judicial system. Pischke and Frye-Mueller should take Schoenbeck’s advice and stop milking this situation for publicity.


  1. larry kurtz 2023-02-24 06:39

    Mr. Pischke is a patriot for exposing the SDGOP establishment as the bullies they are and Mr. Schoenbeck must realize that Republican voters favor the purge of RINO cowards working for the groomers at the Sioux Falls Diocese.

  2. sx123 2023-02-24 07:42

    Pretty sure in the corporate world if I told a mother co-worker that I sucked my wife’s breasts, at night, to get the milk flowing, I would be out of a job, pronto.

  3. Richard Schriever 2023-02-24 07:44

    So, I was told a few years ago by a County Sheriff (After the Couth DA said I had to take my complaint there vs. to his office) that they would not even investigate a white-collar crime committed by a government official unless the person DIRECTLY IMPACTED asked for those actions asked them to. I/E., a 3rd party (like a “friend”) could not entice them to do that. I was also told by the State AG that the job of their office was not to prosecute government officials, but to defend them. Just as a point of reference as to how this will go for Mr. Pischke??

  4. Richard Schriever 2023-02-24 07:51

    County DA. Blurry eyes from surgery recovery making it difficult to see what I type today.

  5. Tom 2023-02-24 09:18

    Camelot: “What else do the simple folks do?”

    “They survive, madam, they survive.”

  6. Mark Anderson 2023-02-24 10:48

    You would think they would leak out this information in a better way. It’s hard to compress all of it at one time. They should just bottle it for awhile before it gets too heated.

  7. CK 2023-02-24 13:43

    Piscke should cry harder for his seatmate, Frye-Mueller. SX123 is right. In any normal workplace, disgusting remarks like Frye-Mueller’s would be grounds for termination,

  8. Loren 2023-02-24 14:34

    Prosecuting these folks would be money ill-spent. It is money that could be used to inspect the contents of children’s underwear to see if they are using the correct restroom, or upgrading the Fox News communications booth, adding another tier to the sauna, or sending our governor to conventions and speeches with The Lew.

  9. Bob Newland 2023-02-24 19:53

    Has Tom Pischke done one useful thing in his life? Ever?

  10. Dicta 2023-02-24 23:51

    And I want a handie from Christy Turlington. Neither of us get what we want.

  11. grudznick 2023-02-25 17:31

    grudznick wins the blogging today. All shall celebrate with a juicy steak and cold adult beverages. Tomorrow, at the Conservatives with Common Sense breakfasting we will mock Mr. Pischke with much mirth.

  12. Mark Anderson 2023-02-26 06:33

    You won’t be able to read Dilbert at your Conservatives With Two Common Sense breakfast anymore Grudz. You can still read Mother Goose and Grimm however.

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