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Don’t Vote for Liars: Freedom Caucus Legislators Trying to Relitigate 2020 Election

The SDGOP spin blog notes with proper but insufficient disdain the latest sally from the election deniers in the Republican Party’s midst. The Trumpist Boebert-aping “Freedom Caucus” followed up on its overhyped announcement last week of new “time-sensitive” information about “election integrity” that they nonetheless kept secret with some vague hand-waving yesterday about counties’ contract provisions with Election Systems & Software. Whatever they are talking about, these Republicans are playing to the Big Lie, just as Republicans have across the country to foment distrust in our elections and complicate the work of election officials to make it easier for them to voerturn majority votes that don’t favor fascists.

The SDGOP spin blog says these election deniers’ ploy to relitigate the 2020 election is a “wacky crusade… Especially considering no one can identify any elections in the State that had their outcomes altered by the alleged fraud they claim to be searching for.”

The latest Freedom Caucus fabulation lists 24 legislators as signatories. The SDGOP spin blog notes with favor that five will not be returning to the Legislature in 2023 (Symens, Weis, Marty, Howard, and Dennert). Alas, ten of the signatories—Aylward, Deutsch, Frye-Mueller, Mills, Odenbach, Ernie Otten, Overweg, Perry, Sue Peterson, Pischke—will be back, as they face no opponents on their November ballots. Only a minority of this minority of Republican legislators have to convince voters this fall to send them back to Pierre:

  • District 9: Bethany Soye
  • District 11: Chris Karr
  • District 16: Kevin Jensen
  • District 25: Randy Gross and Jon Hansen
  • District 27: Liz May
  • District 33: Phil Jensen
  • District 35: Tina Mullaly and Tony Randolph

Voters in these seven districts should start their conversations with their Freedom Caucus candidates with one question: “Was the 2020 election stolen?” If they answer with anything other than, “NO“, end the conversation and vote for someone else. A candidate who will lie to you about plainly established fact does not deserve your vote or the honor and responsibility of public office.


  1. John 2022-08-23 13:15

    These fools were on THE SAME BALLOT. So, we should doubt their election, and, to follow their illogical argument – throw them out of office.
    It’s a cult. Not a political party.

  2. Arlo Blundt 2022-08-23 14:11

    This group of “Republicans” is not only dangerous to our Republic and a threat to the proper governance of our State, they are just silly. Gerald L.K. Smith, Billy James Hargus, and Jerry Falwell preceded them and prepared their way in their districts. Their positions are nonsense. In the words of Bill Barr, they are a “clown car” whose allegations are “total B.S.”

  3. Aaron Aylward 2022-08-24 19:15

    I had hope that you would get this one right, Cory. We released the letter because public information is being withheld from citizens of this state, and that information is set to be destroyed in the near future. We didn’t release the letter because due to the results of an election.

    I thought you were for government transparency?

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