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Kristi and Corey Together Again: Lewandowski Back on Team Noem

After witnessing Corey Lewandowski sexually harass Republican donor Trashelle Odom at a fundraising dinner in Las Vegas last September, Governor Kristi Noem’s team said she would distance herself from Lewandowski and promised Lewandowski “will not be advising the Governor in regard to the campaign or official office.”

That distance went to three feet at a Texas fundraiser in April, and now Lewandowski is back on Team Noem, giving her political advice and slaking her thirst at the hotel:

Three eyewitnesses spotted Noem and Lewandowski — along with several other people professionally associated with the strategist — on Wednesday morning at the Republican Governors Association meeting at the JW Marriott in downtown Nashville. One source told Daniel that Lewandowski was staffing or supporting Noem at the event. An aide to Lewandowski was seen fetching water for Noem at the hotel. He attended her panel at the RGA, according to a photo obtained by Playbook, and was also seen with her on a trip she made to California in April, according to a person familiar with the matter [Eugene Daniels, Ryan Lizza, and Rachael Bade, “POLITICO Playbook: New Poll Shows Huge Support for Gun Restrictions,” Politico, 2022.05.26].

Why would Noem let a serial groper back on her team? Perhaps because it takes a groper to connect with a groper:

Political analysts say Lewandowski, who remains close with many in former President Trump’s orbit, has helped open doors for Noem on the national stage.

“I think Lewandowski, by having been the campaign manager around the 2016 election, certainly knows the characters that are in Trump world,” said former University of South Dakota Political Science professor Michael Card. “I think that is likely what Governor Noem is trying to capitalize on by having him around” [Austin Goss, “Governor Kristi Noem Brings Corey Lewandowski Back On,” KOTA-TV, 2022.05.27].

Noem has made plenty of money from her national jet-setting without Lewandowski visibly at her side during the last seven months, and it’s not like she needs his East Coast advice to beat Steven Haugaard in the gubernatorial primary. But with her polling numbers for 2024 still not breaking out of statistical insignificance (when pollsters bother to include her name in their research at all), Noem evidently feels compelled to reuse the sleaziest bucket she can find to carry her water.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-05-28 08:02

    $20 says South Dakota’s governor was elected and remains in power with money raised by Trump-loyal motorcycle clubs that stash the proceeds from meth and sex trafficking tax-free in my home state.

  2. 96Tears 2022-05-28 11:47

    Apparently her husband has given up on being embarrassed like this.

  3. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-28 14:41

    Lewandowski has contacts
    Among the Lumberjacks
    Who give you facts
    When someone attacks
    your imagination
    She already expects
    They will all write checks
    To her stuck in the mud
    political organization

    with apologies to Bob Dylan

  4. Nix 2022-05-28 14:43

    Wow, the Lew must be hung like Kristi’s

  5. P. Aitch 2022-05-28 16:21

    Governor Kristi’s fairy tale life is opera material. Will it become a comedy, or will it become a tragedy?

  6. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-05-28 16:22

    Snarky, Nix. :) I like that.
    I’m not at all sure Kristi actually owns or has owned a horsey. As in personally feeding, exercising, currying, loving, petting, smooching on the nose, skritching an ear, doctoring, shovelling sh*t, and all the other chores a RESPONSIBLE and LOVING person does. She is incapable of that.
    The Palamino gelding Magic she rode at a rodeo a few years ago was owned by someone else entirely and was sold for $80,000 because (ahem) she had her legs around it.
    I can’t find the ownership of the horsey she rode at Sturgis, nor the one she rode at the Buffalo roundup. SHE HIRES HORSEYS FOR HER IMAGE.
    She’s worse than smoke and mirrors. She’s merely female genitals, expensive body modifications and cosmetics, and appeals to male South Dakota voters because they pretend they’re in the Wild West.

  7. Darrell Solberg 2022-05-28 16:32

    She continues to be an embarrassment to our state with her antics. How many times does she have to show that she is way over her head in governing before the voters of S.D. wake up? Has there ever been a governor other than Kristi, from South Dakota that has taken so many trips out of the state to forward her political ambitions? Amazing that her current commercials state that she puts South Dakota first, however all of her travels indicate that she is more interested in Corey and raising out of state campaign more.

  8. mike from iowa 2022-05-28 17:29

    Noem and LewdandLusty remind me of a battered spouse and the battering spouse who can’t get along without each other and the abuse.

  9. Kurt Evans 2022-05-28 18:22

    When he was working for Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, Corey Lewandowski dug his fingertips into the arm of reporter Michelle Fields hard enough to leave four distinct bruises, then publicly claimed that she was “delusional” and that he’d “never touched” her. Trump predictably turned his supporters loose on Fields by siding with Lewandowski.

    Fields moved out of her apartment because of threats to her physical safety and resigned from her job when her employer refused to back her up. Video evidence eventually surfaced showing clearly that Fields was telling the truth and Lewandowski was lying.

    Governor Noem’s campaign has suggested that Steve Haugaard is a misogynist based on the flimsiest of supposed evidence, but she apparently had no serious concerns about Lewandowski.

    Most of the regular commenters here at Dakota Free Press probably won’t like the analogy, but what Lewandowski did to Fields reminds me of what Governor Noem’s DPS secretary Craig Price has done to Jason Ravnsborg, with Noem in the role of Trump.

    Additionally, regardless of whether Jason Ravnsborg were 100 percent guilty, Governor Noem has deliberately and repeatedly violated the foundational American principle of the separation of powers by abusing the extravagant taxpayer-financed resources of the executive branch of government to disrupt the proceedings of the judicial and legislative branches.

    Governor Noem should resign.

  10. P. Aitch 2022-05-28 19:38

    Mr. Evans analogy of violence by Noem’s “people” toward reporters is a tell. A tell about what she considers proper people around herself. Remember Lieutenant Governor Rhoden threatening a videographer with violence? (a gut punch) It was captured on video but mattered little to her supporters.

  11. 96Tears 2022-05-28 20:22

    Arlo, if I had to pick a Dylan song fit for America’s Party Girl Kristi Noem, it would be “Idiot Wind” from Blood in the Tracks:

    Idiot wind
    Blowing every time you move your mouth
    Blowing down the back roads headin’ south
    Idiot wind
    Blowing every time you move your teeth
    You’re an idiot, babe
    It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

    Lyrics need no adjustment to fit the subject. Of course, I do love your taste in music. “Ballad of a Thin Man” is a mighty fine song!

  12. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-28 21:30

    Thank you for the compliment 96…
    Select lyrics from Dylan’s “From a Buick 6” and “Maggie’s Farm” are also prescient.
    Your appreciation for great American music is revealed in your alias…? and the Mysterians, brought to this country as migrant farm workers, were a great Midwestern Rock Band (Saginaw, Michigan)..their “one hit wonder” burns on 60 years later and is brought to mind by the slaughter in Uvalde, Texas. What contribution to America would those kids have made in their life times??

  13. 96Tears 2022-05-28 23:30

    Arlo – That’s the ultimate tragedy, and it threads back to Columbine and Sandy Hook. Noem has secured her place in the deepest bowels of hell this week with her stripper act Friday in front of the gun slobs at the NRA goon fest. She did this deliberately and with eyes wide open, stomping gleefully on the bones of children mutilated by military-grade assault firearms to achieve a political favor with like-minded fiends.

    I knew her daddy back in the day. A decent man who served his community. He might have been proud of Kristi’s ascension to the office of Governor, but he would be sobbing if he knew how cheaply she sold her soul and demeaned herself to pander to the worst elements of America’s dark side.

    The only reason she and the other Republicans dominate every statewide office and more than 90 percent of the legislature is the apathy of South Dakota’s voters. They don’t care about Pierre because they’ve decided Pierre doesn’t give a rat’s ass about them.

    So, until South Dakota voters wake up to the fact they’re getting screwed raw, all we can do is dance.

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