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Frontrunner Noem Has No Time to Participate in South Dakota Candidate Fora; Speech to NRA in Houston Still a Go

Republican gubernatorial candidate Steven Haugaard would like to have a few words with his primary opponent, Governor Kristi Noem:

In 2018, then-Congresswoman Noem and then-state Attorney General Marty Jackley shared a public stage together at least three times leading up to the Republican governor primary. After she won the nomination, Noem committed to two public debates against Democrat Billie Sutton in the general election campaign.

This spring is a different story. Governor Noem hasn’t responded to requests from at least three news organizations that she debate or even be on the same TV program with Haugaard. Her strategy instead seems to be to ignore him and run on her record as governor.

“I can understand why the governor would not want to debate me because she cannot defend her record,” Haugaard said Wednesday. “She campaigned on ‘Transparency’ but she has been anything but transparent. An honest debate of all the issues will be the best remedy for a lack of voter awareness.”

South Dakota Public Broadcasting invited Noem to take part in its upcoming meet-the-candidates series. Her campaign initially said yes, but hasn’t responded to set a time for an interview.

South Dakota Newspaper Association invited Noem to debate Haugaard at its recent statewide convention in Mitchell. Haugaard said yes but there wasn’t an answer from the Noem campaign. The debate wasn’t held.

KELOLAND News invited Noem and Haugaard to participate in individually taped segments for Inside KELOLAND last weekend. Noem’s campaign declined the opportunity. Haugaard’s piece aired [Bob Mercer, “Noem’s Refusal to Engage Is Frustrating Haugaard,” KELO-TV, updated 2022.05.26].

Haugaard has mailed out this notice of a candidate forum hosted by the Miller Press at the Miller High School Armory (there we go again, normalizing armament in school) on June 1, an event to which he and Noem have been invited:

Miller Press candidate forum, emailed by Steven Haugaard for Governor campaign, 2022.05.25.
Miller Press candidate forum, emailed by Steven Haugaard for Governor campaign, 2022.05.25.

Noem has time to fly to Houston today to speak the NRA, but according to her campaign talker Chris Hupke, the Governor probably doesn’t have time to drive 72 miles to Miller to spend an evening (evening, after regular Pierre work hours) with South Dakotans about her record and the primary election:

Haugaard suggested Wednesday that he and Noem would be at a June 1 candidates event hosted by the Miller Press. Hupke, however, said Noem’s campaign had only recently learned about it and likely would send a representative rather than the governor [Mercer, 2022.05.26].

Haugaard may be frustrated, but he can’t be surprised. When Noem had tight races against powerful candidates like Jackley and Sutton, she had to seek the mic. Against a candidate who has raised less money in his entire campaign than Noem drew from four out-of-state speeches, she need not deign to emerge from her fenced mansion, her private Fox video studio, or her borrowed jets to face South Dakota candidates or voters.


  1. sx123 2022-05-27 06:01

    I would be curious to know in what ways the NRA speakers changed their speeches in light of the school shooting.

    Noem has nothing to gain politically from debates or forums and probably would hurt her reelection chances participating.

    She can control speeches better than prepping to answer questions.

  2. scott 2022-05-27 06:50

    Noem will go where she can raise the most money and be able to hook up with Corey. That is not Miller, SD.

  3. jerry 2022-05-27 06:52

    NOem is Roxanne on the streets of a Texas town for all those fellers.
    You don’t have to put on the red light
    Those days are over
    You don’t have to sell your body to the night
    You don’t have to wear that dress tonight
    Walk the streets for money
    You don’t care if it’s wrong or if it’s right

  4. larry kurtz 2022-05-27 07:26

    George Washington was a warlord because enslaved people afforded him cannon, muskets, powder and ball. And, if they were alive today he and President Jefferson would be horrified to learn the US is operating on a manual written in the Eighteenth Century. Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt would be putting American Indigenous in concentration camps arguing it’s for their own protection.

    In 2018, a luncheon meeting in Vermillion hosted by the University of South Dakota Young Republicans went off the rails and off-script for then-Rep. Kristi Noem (earth hater-SD) who wanted to talk about her campaign to be a career politician but was overwhelmed by angry constituents abhorred by school gun violence and she blamed the victims!

    But prohibition won’t work. Raise the age of possession, operation and ownership of all firearms to 21, levy 100% excise taxes on the sales of semi-automatic weapons then tag the revenue for Medicaid expansion so parents have the resources to address the devastating effects of Fox News on American youth.

  5. ds 2022-05-27 08:01

    Beyond pale that Governor Noem would use South Dakota security detail and resources to bally-hoo the NRA in Texas. 21 families in devastating grief and she will boast about :our “God-given” 2nd amendment rights that apparently trump the lives of our precious children.

    Gov Abbott… categorizing a military style assault rifle that is designed to kill and lethally maim scores of humans in mere seconds as a “long gun” is like comparing a 450 HP sports car that will accelerate and corner at white-knuckle 176 MPH speeds
    to a “small car”.

    Oh no we don’t want to spoil the gun industry ‘s reign of death by instituting common sense background checks, mandatory gun safety certification. and banning 18-21 year old’s from possessing military assault weapons.

  6. Loren 2022-05-27 10:09

    Seems like Kristi will speak to anyone BUT South Dakotans! What? We don’t pay enuf? !!@#$%^&*

  7. 96Tears 2022-05-27 10:16

    Ghoulish. That describes America’s Party Girl Kristi Noem’s decision to serve as cheerleader for the NRA pep rally this week in Texas. She had a choice this week, and she chose to grab her pom poms and cheer on the NRA’s campaign of hatred and paranoia to fuel more gun sales. Like a strip tease artist, she’ll preen and tease in front of the drooling slobs, peeling away any sense of responsibility for the gory murders of 19 school children in Uvalde, and the two teachers who threw their bodies in harm’s way.

    This comes too easily to America’s Party Girl. She demonstrated for several months that she had completely severed her conscience as she mocked basic protections against using masks in public to protect her constituents from exposure to COVID-19. She demonstrated her fiendish joy in killing off pork plant workers by helping the corporate moguls fake a national meat shortage and deliberately shove hundreds of those workers (and their families and neighbors) in harm’s way so the moguls could squeeze record profits. She is responsible for two national super spreaders in 2020, the Sturgis rally and the Trump July 4 GOP rally at Mt. Rushmore, so she could her wave her pom poms in front of a national office.

    She called it freedom. We call it criminal neglect.

    Since she took office as Governor, America’s Party Girl Kristi Noem has been too busy running for national office to do even the most basic duties we expect from her office. She’s very accustomed to stomping on the bones of others to climb the political ladder.

    I expect they’ll cheer wildly in Houston when America’s Party Girl takes the stage to peel away any sense of moral responsibility for the NRA’s role in school massacres. A stripper’s pole would be a useful prop.

  8. ABC 2022-05-27 10:29

    Ban automatic weapons 100%, especially AR 15.

    Noem is a PIMP for the NRA. Her product: dead children, dead Veterans (who kill themselves, suicide) and dead people.

    We can BAN the Party of Death and GUNS. Grow Balls, Spine, Brain and Heart—Replace every Republican and Democrat that
    believes we “NEED” guns. ? We NEED people, alive, not GUNS.

  9. ABC 2022-05-27 10:44

    Noem is a PIMP for GUNS and NO MASKS, both of which have killed millions.

    What does a PIMP do? A PIMP can be of any race or gender. A PIMP sells something which illegal (prostitution) or wrong (AR 15s and long guns, and masks, which are heavily encouraged by Doctors, Nurses and Federal Agencies.

    A PIMP insists they are supporting free enterprise, hey people want this stuff.

    PIMPS usually get caught and put into jail.
    the current crop of
    Political PIMPS don’t care if the effects of their actions mean dead children and people in mass shootings, or 3,000 dead from COvid-19. They truly don’t care. Sociopaths.

    How do we erect ( !!! ) a politicial system for the people, not for the PIMPS and powers that be? With courage ! GUN-licking parties like Republicans and Libertarians HAVE to be defeated! How do we get the votes to do this every 2 years? Apathetic Non-Voters and Blue Collar-Beer Collar Voters are economically suppressed under our Capitalism which does NOT lift all boats!

    So we essentially have to support Center-Left candidates (the current crops of democrats is weak) and RAISE OUR ECONOMY somehow.

    Tall order? YES. Who can do it? We can do it so much faster than the Republicans ever will.

    Innovation is needed. We can change the State Constitution. We can move the Capitol OUT of Pierre. We can establish a State bank, like North Dakota. We can innovate! rather than wait.

  10. ABC 2022-05-27 10:49

    Erect a NEW Political System vs. supporting the old system .

    Democratic Party in Sioux Falls does NOT want to change the system. They want their Me Too I like Guns Too 2nd place Loser Status cemented into reality.

    Cause and effect.

    Voters are the cause. The effect is what we see now.

    We have to train all voters to think and dream and vote for change, somehow.

  11. mike from iowa 2022-05-27 10:50

    It isn’t so much magats being tone deaf to mass shootings of children, it is more likely they don’t give a spit about a fetus once they force it into this world.

  12. mike from iowa 2022-05-27 11:25

    Texass guv and guv lite, A-Butt and Sullivan have canceled in person visits to NRA convention. What has cardbored Mike been up to? Haven’t heard a peep out of him from any news source.

  13. mike from iowa 2022-05-27 11:30

    Interesting paragraph from RawStory….

    Even the manufacturer of the AR-15 style semi-automatic assault rifle used by the Uvalde shooter has canceled their appearance at the NRA’s convention, “due to the horrifying tragedy,” Daniel Defense said in a statement.

    Sounds like someone was given a name as a gag.

  14. 96Tears 2022-05-27 12:04

    Interesting. Yet America’s Party Girl Kristi Noem is not among those who realize exploiting their devotion to the NRA in Texas this week would be a disgraceful insult to the parents of 19 dead children and survivors of the two teachers who laid down their lives to protect their students.

    No doubt, she only sees this as a political opportunity to share the stage with fewer GOP luminaries. More spotlight time for America’s Party Girl!

  15. mike from iowa 2022-05-27 13:15

    That Soo Falls newspaper says federal charge rules South Duhkota is not following federal election laws. Paywall.

  16. mike from iowa 2022-05-27 13:39

    Charge should be judge above. My keyboard is being stubborn writing about atrocities.

  17. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-27 14:14

    Slaughtered children or no, the Governor does not leave money on the table. She’s of the belief that a prudent person should not avoid making a profit.

  18. 96Tears 2022-05-27 15:00

    Here you go from the PRAVDA Leader, May 26. By-line is J. Ellis.
    Judge Lawrence Piersol, of the United States District Court for the District of South Dakota, issued a wide-ranging opinion that sided with two South Dakota tribes, the Rosebud Sioux and the Oglala Sioux. The tribes brought suit in 2020, arguing that the Secretary of State’s Office was not adequately addressing federal law. The National Voter Registration Act requires state agencies to help voters register to vote when they interact with government agencies for other services.
    For example, voter registration opportunities must be provided under the act when people apply for drivers’ licenses, or apply for public assistance. When a person submits a change-of-address form for a driver’s license, the act provides that it should also serve as a change of address for voter registrations, at least when it comes to federal elections.
    Licensing and public benefits are under the auspices of the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Social Services. Piersol found that the Secretary of State’s Office was not providing enough oversight to ensure those offices were fulfilling their responsibility under the act.
    Piersol also found that the Department of Public Safety was responsible for transmitting voter registrations to the county auditor, but numerous errors were stopping that process from happening. Piersol also ruled that when the Department of Public Safety contracts with other government agencies to provide licensing services, the department is still obligated to comply with federal voter registration requirements. Such so-called “issue sites” include the office in Dupree, South Dakota in the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation.
    “To the extent an issue site provides driver’s licenses services, it must comply with NVRA, and the state cannot avoid this responsibility because the ‘issue site’ is run by an agency other than DPS,” Piersol wrote.
    Piersol also ruled that the Department of Social Services was not complying with the act because it was not changing voter registration addresses when those who receive food stamps or other aid change their addresses over the phone. And he found that state employees have mistakenly not provided registration services to convicted felons who are eligible to vote.
    Piersol argued that the Secretary of State’s Office had not provided adequate information to county auditors and the other state agencies that would help them comply with federal law.
    “The court finds the secretary of state, as the chief elections officer responsible for implementation of NVRA, contributed to these failings through inadequate training and oversight, and therefore grants summary judgment to plaintiffs on this issue,” Piersol wrote.
    No response from the Secretary of State. Pony Express went on vacay early.

  19. Mark Anderson 2022-05-27 15:22

    It’s simple folks, we must make Republicans admit that, to them, the second amendment is more important than killed kids. It must be true, right Kristi?

  20. larry kurtz 2022-05-27 16:42

    Mrs. Noem called us Marxists and Leninists during her remarks to the extreme white wing of the Republican Party today.

  21. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-05-27 16:51

    Oh, Mark, you are a scholar and a gentleman, and I truly wish it was that simple. It would be like making booger eating, baby raping, and dog kicking ball sacks repent and change their ways. Right Kristi?

  22. Mark Anderson 2022-05-27 19:18

    Larry, my name is Mark and I did write a paper on Lenin in high school. She’s got me. It’s really funny in so many ways. She didn’t win by any enormous amount and DeSantis barely won against bad candidate. Yet they believe they are God’s gift to earth and want to arm everyone. Its really an authoritarian nightmare but it will pass.

  23. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-27 23:34

    Marxists and Lennonists??? You bet. Groucho Marx and John Lennon.

  24. Marie 2022-05-28 07:46

    More U.S. guns–more U.S. gun violence–more U.S gun deaths.
    The world looks aghast at the U.S.–a nation littered with guns.

    5/27/2022 NPR
    12 stats to help inform the gun control debate

    5/26/2022 Blomberg News
    Gun Violence in the US Far Exceeds Levels in Other Rich Nations

    And on this Memorial Day weekend, more U.S. gun deaths than all war deaths.
    10-6-2017 NBC News

    The carnage continues.
    5-26-2022 Yahoo News
    The staggering toll of gun violence in the United States

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