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Police Report: Noem Told Lewandowski to “Stop Touching” GOP Donor Odom at Vegas Event

…Lewandowski Brags About Infidelity, Calls Noem Hot

Governor Kristi Noem thought she was putting the Corey Lewandowski scandal to bed Thursday by trotting out her spokesboy to boot Lewandowski from her campaign circle following allegations that the “acquaintance” she’d “known… for quite some time” and “worked with and had friendships with” had sexually harassed and menaced a Republican donor at a charity dinner he and Noem attended in Las Vegas last Sunday, September 26.

That donor, Trashelle Odom from Idaho, has just roused that scandal and then some with her statement to police about Lewandowski’s crime and Noem’s awareness of it.

The UK Daily Mail has obtained and posted the full text of Odom’s statement to Idaho police. Odom recounts appalling and threatening behavior by Lewandowski toward her and at least one other woman at the Vegas event, but it also indicates Governor Noem was aware of Lewandowski’s bad behavior that night and told Lewandwoski to knock it off:

While in the Villa, I saw Gov. Noem and intended on introducing her to my sister and stepson, who both had joined me on the trip. Gov. Noem told me that she had texted Corey to stop touching me. This was confusing for my sister and stepson.

At some point, after I briefly spoke with Gov. Noem, Lewandowski appeared and immediately came over to my stepson, sister, and me. He stated he wanted a ‘private tour’ and beckoned me to leave the group and take him on a tour. I immediately declined and walked off with my sister and stepson [Trashelle Odom, statement submitted to Boise police; in Hazel Jones and Shannon Thaler, “Married Trump Donor Tells Police She Feared for Her Safety When Corey Lewandowski Told Her ‘He Stabbed a Man in the Back of the Head and Killed Him’ as Her Husband Slams the Political Operative’s ‘Violent and Harassing’ Behavior,” UK Daily Mail, 2021.10.02].

“Gov. Noem told me that she had texted Corey to stop touching me.” Odom says Lewandowski’s behavior had been “so aggressive that others” at the dinner “began to notice and another guest even came over to ask if I was okay.” Whether Noem was among those who noticed or whether she heard about Odom’s predicament secondhand, Noem was aware of what her advisor was doing, told him to stop it, and told Odom that she had told him to stop it.

That was Sunday night. Noem’s office made no statement about Lewandowski until Thursday morning, after news of Lewandowski’s bad behavior broke.

Odom notes that her invitation to the charity dinner came as a bit of a surprise. She received a call that afternoon, apparently just hours before the charity event, inviting her “to attend a dinner with Gov. Kristi Noem by Jackie Siegal,” the founder of the charity Victoria’s Voice and Gov. Noem’s Florida socialite tarmac pal.

I was told that due to limited seating, I was the only one who could attend. Therefore, my family made other plans, and I changed clothes and arrived at the event at approximately 5:30pm to the Benihana private banquet room. At the event, there were seating arrangements, I was seated between Bubba Saulsbury and Corey Lewandowski [Odom, in Jones and Thaler, 2021.10.02].

Odom said the September 26 dinner and reception “were my first events as a member of the advisory board of this charity, so it was important to me to attend and be supportive.” But the invitation excluding her family and seating her alone among Lewandowski and a bunch of spineless guys who wouldn’t defend the married woman’s honor from his lecherous advances feels suspicious. Why not seat this new board member with other members of the board (a roster of which I actually can’t find on the Victoria’s Voice website), or at a table with Governor Noem herself?

Whoever botched the seating for this event, it should be almost certain that if Kristi Noem is in charge of seating at any future events, Corey Lewandowski will never be seated near Noem or her daughters. Odom’s police statement includes this gross objectification of Noem from the creep she thought was her friend:

Trying to change the subject, I asked Lewandowski about his wife and kids, as I am very proud of the fact that I am happily married, with children. Mr. Lewandowski replied that, ‘he does not do anything with his wife—he gets his sex elsewhere.’ Around that time, he commented that Gov. Noem is hot [Odom, in Jones and Thaler, 2021.10.02].

Noem just got done blasting an unsubstantiated rumor published by a conservative website last week alleging that she and Lewandowski were engaged in an extramarital affair. Now Odom has put on the record a statement from Lewandowski in which he implies to a Republican donor that he views the Governor of South Dakota is just another of his sex toys.

Governor Noem knew Lewandowski was harassing a Republican donor last Sunday night, but she made no public break with him until that information went public days later. Lewandowski’s sleazy talk now should make the Governor wish she’d never associated with this creep.


  1. mike from iowa 2021-10-03 16:44

    Lewandowski is a known sexual predator, like drumpf. Noem’s only excuse for having around her is her tunnel vision towards the mainstream media reports on piggish behavior. She likely dismissed all Lewandowski’s and drumpf’s peccadilloes as hit pieces.

  2. sx123 2021-10-03 17:09

    This is getting more and more interesting but I’m not surprised by any of it. Nice to know hot Noem can try controlling him with txt messages :-/ Ain’t that a little weird?

  3. larry kurtz 2021-10-03 17:14

    Dan Lederman must be soiling himself as he watches his political party commit suicide. It’s an inglorious day in his neighborhood.

  4. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-10-03 17:20

    Thank you for posting this, CAH. I refuse to turn off my ad blockers, so I wasn’t able to read the story at the UK Daily Mail.

  5. grudznick 2021-10-03 17:59

    I have heard that Governor Noem is a ninja black belt. If she wanted to, she could have disemboweled this guy with a wooden ice cream stick. Everybody at that party probably knew it. Worst case here, she radios in Mr. Roden who as you all know is basically like an immovable force.

  6. O 2021-10-03 18:43

    Ninja or not, Gov, Noem should not have to tolerate sexual harassment nor should she tolerate harassment of others. The timeline seems to indicate that absent Mrs. Odom’s complaint, Lewandowski would still be advising the Governor — even knowing he is a creep.

  7. Mark Anderson 2021-10-03 19:24

    Mrs. Odom was a rich donor. Think of all the others abused with no word. Making America great all the way.

  8. larry kurtz 2021-10-03 19:55

    “This scandal smells like my vag. . .” is how Republicans sell campaigns now.

  9. ds 2021-10-03 20:08

    Governor Noem stated this about her “friend” Corey Lewandowski in a SDPB interview:
    “I’ve known him for quite some time,” Noem said. “Obviously he worked on the president’s campaign in 2016 and then … no. Just an acquaintance. Someone we’ve worked with and had friendships with.”
    Yet during the Los Vegas fundraiser she told Republican donor Traeshelle Odom that she (Noem) texted Correy Lewandski to “stop touching” Trashelle. Yet Noem and Lewandski apparently left at the same time…
    Either Noem is jealous that Corey would pursue someone new or Lewandski was trying to provoke a jealous response with his part-time lover…
    Regardless, it just proves Noem is quick to disparage the news medias for ‘lies’ and “garbage” when in fact she is completely in the cover-up mode!

  10. grudznick 2021-10-03 21:03

    Mr. Lewandowski is indeed a bad, naughty man. Blog-boy Mr. H is righer than right to blog about it to you fellows.

  11. Jake 2021-10-03 21:19

    Yep, we notice, Grudz, that you’re always commentingin the forefront on salacious news like most of the GOP emboldened by your hero trump’s braggadocio re; his sexual prowess. What a sight that must be.

  12. grudznick 2021-10-03 21:21

    Mr. Jake, you have failed to notice that grudznick is anti-Mr.-Trump. Hence, I write you off as daft.

  13. sx123 2021-10-03 21:52

    “Eventually, Lewandowski left. Gov. Noem left.”

    At the same time? Together? One after the other?

    Can’t wait for the next episode of Days of Our Lives. Noem needs to make a big long video distancing herself and explaining campaigning with this guy for months if this is supposedly normal behavior for him, or she might have a rough road ahead. Why take so long to not need his services anymore?

  14. chris 2021-10-03 22:09

    Saw Larry’s comment about the ICIJ leak reports which are surely incoming. I wonder who the state uses as a liason(s) to promote those trusts to the world’s super rich, or if any of them have a special contact to SD state gov’t. To know how it all works would be fascinating to this have-not.

  15. cibvet 2021-10-04 00:16

    Sounds like a little jealousy going on here with Odom being much hotter than noem and a lot more money. Grutz might have to rethink his fantasy love life.

  16. happy camper 2021-10-04 04:47

    Noem released a statement saying Lewandowski was a volunteer. Somebody was paying him. Who?

  17. Bill 2021-10-04 07:36

    I’d like to see the list of the 81 investments in South Dakota! See Larry’s link above. So putting money in SD trusts is a little like putting money in off-shore accounts… who knew…

  18. Dana P 2021-10-04 08:10

    Exactly. Noem only ‘cut ties’ with him after the story went public. Rest assured, if this story hadn’t gone public, serial woman harasser and abuser would still be ‘advising’ Noem.

    But it begs the question. Lewandowski’s repeated bad behavior towards women weren’t rumors or innuendo prior to Noem latching onto him as an advisor. I would love to see Ian, er I mean Noem’s response, as to why she took him on as an advisor in the first place, knowing who he is and is abhorrent behavior, especially towards women.

  19. O 2021-10-04 08:21

    Did she text him on her personal phone or a state-issued phone? I’d like to know if there is a history of other texts warning Lewandowski to back off his harassment of other women at events.

  20. RST Tribal Member 2021-10-04 08:49

    Inbred Republicans’ 3-way goes off rails in Vagas. Unfortunately what was tried in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. One full of gossip, wonders if the text said “wrong one” instead of reported “stop”. Goodness campaigning bunch of republicans seems to be highly sexually charged. Queen Gov aka America’s Governor aka Bully Gov might get another aka if campaigning for higher office doesn’t slow down.

    Time to park the jet. Control the hormones. Evaluate friends, love ones and just friends. While cooling down body parts in Pierre, don’t try to govern, as this just leads to bigger in state messes. Just smile, nod and look queen like… worked many years ago might work today. Check on kids employment. Check on hub’s basketball career. Smile. 2022 is just around the corner.

    Screwed up gender issue. Check.
    Screwed up stop the Indians rioting legislation. Check
    Screwed up Republican killing innocent people walking on highway issue. Check.
    Screwed up handling pandemic issue. Check.
    Screwed up voters weed issues. Check.
    Screwed up bullying state staff on behalf of kid. Check.
    Screwed up social education standards. Check.
    Called bunch of educators, legislators, community helpers dumber then you. Check.
    Gave bunch of CARES money to donors. Check.
    Built a Fox News studio in Pierre. Check.

    2018 seems so long ago. 2022 seems so long away.

  21. John 2021-10-04 08:50

    Who knew that South Dakota banksters banked for the mob, for crooks? Certainly not the legislators who facilitated this every step of the way. Certainly not the lawyers who facilitated this every step of the way.
    Paraphrasing Mitch McDeere, ‘If you want to get the mob get their lawyers . . . and banksters’.

  22. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-10-04 08:59

    (I know everyone is excited about the Pandora Papers, but let’s stay on topic, and let’s not hijack threads. Stick with Noem’s involvement in Lewandowski’s sexual harassment here. Take discussion of the Pandora Papers to my new post on that topic.)

  23. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-10-04 09:01

    O, whether Kristi’s been texting Corey on her personal phone or her state phone, those texts are subject to subpoena in the police investigation of Odom’s complaint. I would like to be the cop who gets to look through that evidence.

  24. mike from iowa 2021-10-04 09:33

    Really, what does this Lewd and Lusty episode reveal about the fools that risk this kind of behavior from a habitual violator for his alleged expertise in politics?

    Desperate certainly comes to mind along with no moral/ethical compass. Maybe they just don’t care how it looks in red run states.

  25. Disgusted Dakotan 2021-10-04 15:35

    Any truth to Lewandowski having an apartment in Pierre? Of the SDHP dropping certain people off at that apartment? Any records of that or would those records be protected like her travel records were? Pretty serious dedication for a supposed unpaid volunteer to have an apartment in Pierre for her campaign. Was that apartment in his name or her campaign’s? It’s good to be the queen of political opportunism.

  26. happy camper 2021-10-04 23:07

    Someone was paying his bills. Who? Sure would be nice if South Dakota’s press was capable of reporting how he was employed during his period of volunteering, and for what was he volunteering? And what does that legally mean? Does it lessen his obligation to disclose? We have a right to know who has been influencing our governor, a term that can be used loosely in this case, and exactly in what capacity.

  27. Whitless 2021-10-05 11:06

    The statement of Mrs. Odom to the police is interesting and raises questions, including the following:
    1. When is an event considered charitable or political? Mrs. Odom says she was in Las Vegas as an advisory board member of a charity operated by Jackie Siegel. The “charity events” were held at the Westgate hotel, owned by David Siegel, husband of Jackie Siegel. The Siegels are major Republican donors. Odom states that she was invited by Mrs. Siegel to attend a dinner with Governor Noem. It is not clear from her statement whether the dinner event she attended was for the foundation or for the benefit of Kristi Noem. What is clear is that the dinner attendees included GOP operatives Chris DeWitt and Corey Lewandowski along with major GOP donors like Bubba Saulsbury. After the dinner, a reception was held in the Verona Suite, a suite larger and more luxurious than most people’s homes. At the reception an auction was held. Was it for the benefit of the charity or Kristi? At this event, Rick and Stacey Kofoed, also major Republican donors, helped rescue Mrs. Odom from Lewandowski’s verbal and physical assaults. Based on the attendees, these events sound more like a political event for Kristi’s benefit rather than the charity.
    2. What does Kristi’s association with Lewandowski say about Kristi’s ethics and morals? From Odom’s statement to the police, it is quite clear that Lewandowski’s sexual aggressiveness and generally uncouth behavior is well known by those who know him. Undoubtedly, Kristi knows the same about him. In her comments, Maggie Seidel hints that Lewandowski is reprehensible. Yet Kristi was slow to cut ties with him. What do her actions communicate to her daughters, other women and her husband? Is it ok to associate with a sexual predator as long as his actions don’t become public? To get ahead in life as a woman, do you need to embrace a morally corrupt man like Lewandowski?

  28. 96Tears 2021-10-05 11:59

    COVID Kristi and The Lew have been joined at the hip, running from state to state for donor getaways (including the Lake Charles resort for the rich and famous) for nearly two years. A QAnon-style blogger exposed an alleged affair between them last month. And now this from the police testimony in Idaho: “Mr. Lewandowski replied that, ‘he does not do anything with his wife—he gets his sex elsewhere.’ Around that time, he commented that Gov. Noem is hot.”

    That comment speaks volumes about COVID Kristi and The Lew.

    As in the case of uber-rich GOP donor Mrs. Odom, The Lew demonstrated he doesn’t care if his sexcapades prey on very married women, even in front her children and her close political friends. Apparently, The Lew’s experience shows him a wedding ring doesn’t matter.

    The fact that Noem is aware The Lew is an infamous hound and that she has some kind of leashing power over him tells me his “volunteer” status as her personal, intimate advisor involves a lot more than her political aspirations. What does she have on her husband that allows her to keep playing him as a sap?

  29. happy camper 2021-10-05 22:32

    “To get ahead in life as a woman, do you need to embrace a morally corrupt man like Lewandowski?” Noem was already morally bankrupt. This is all on her. She’s an embarrassment to the state. Power may be a strong aphrodisiac for those who desire it, but there is no proof of an affair between them. Accusations are not proof.

  30. quiche queen 2021-10-05 22:51

    Thanks to grudznick and whitless. So many questions relevant.. Hoping Heidelberger has some decent backup and is reaching out.
    This is a smoldering story.
    No one is covering it in big media. The issues are important.
    I must admit to supporting Mrs Odem., regardless of her political leanings. She is brave in calling out Lewdanskl and the apparent bizarre trap.

  31. V 2021-10-06 05:36

    This Lewd guy is as despicable as Steve Bannon and all the rest of Trump’s pals. They are like groundhogs, resurfacing where and when you don’t even want them. They do something despicable, receive publicity, and go back in their hole for some fund raising. When the next news cycle begins, they pop up somewhere else unexpectedly, like SD, Nevada, Texas, and maybe Florida. They seem to like places where the banks have foreign monies in trusts. Man, they must have tunnels everywhere.

    How do you contain this type of invasive rodent?

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