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Blogging on the Radio: CAH on Dakota Broadcasting 2021.09.28

I love radio! (Photo by Dan Peters, KSOO, 2014.08.22)
I love radio! (Photo by Dan Peters, KSOO, 2014.08.22)

Speaking of cranks on the public airwaves, Dakota Broadcasting allowed me into its (new! beautiful! sunny! downtown!) studio to talk about the fun I’ve had defending your initiative rights in court, Jason Ravnsborg’s impeachment, the still-not-filed Supreme Court ruling on Amendment A and the back-up initiatives marijuana supporters may circulate to replace that stymied amendment, and Amendment C, the Legislature’s effort to sabotage Medicaid expansion and future initiatives by requiring a 60% vote on taxing and spending measures. (Hey, it was only minutes: we couldn’t cover everything.)

Listen to my full sparkling conversation with Adam St. Paul on the above topics here.


  1. runs_with_fire 2021-10-03

    VOTE NO on C Next June

  2. grudznick 2021-10-03

    Like grudznick, a face for the radios and a voice for the bloggings or newspapers.

  3. Mark Anderson 2021-10-03

    Well Cory, the pandora state of South Dakota let you on, amazing.

  4. runs_with_fire 2021-10-04

    Go out and you have 1 vote
    Get a friend out to vote you just doubled your vote
    Get a group out to vote and you triple, quadruple, octuple your
    Amazing how that works

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