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Noem Skips Texas Trip, Stays at Work

You know, when it’s news that your Governor is staying home, your Governor has a problem:

KELO-TV, screen cap 2021.10.06.
KELO-TV, screen cap 2021.10.06.

Now this isn’t fair of me to pick on Kristi Noem for canceling her trip to Texas. I had just gotten done giving her grief for taking another day off from the office to go pose for cameras in Texas. After last week’s five-state barnstorm and five-scandal shitstorm (Kassidy, Corey, Trashelle, travel, and trusts—and did you catch the cancellation of the social studies standards?), we should give our Governor credit for realizing maybe she needs to spend less time up in the air and more time back at the office running the state.

KELO-TV says the Governor is staying home today “to monitor the response for the Auburn Wildfire which had burned nearly 1,000 acres as of Tuesday, and to prepare for a meeting with legislators Thursday on the upcoming legislative session,” which is the typical kind of work a Governor hangs around to do. Nine other Governors, including four from neighboring states, still appeared at Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s little xenophobia hoo-ha today. They probably breathed a sigh of relief that Kristi wasn’t coming to distract from the event (and come on, if you were a Texas reporter and Kristi Noem walked up to your mic this week, wouldn’t you want to ask her about real estate appraisals, South Dakota’s trust industry, Corey Lewandowski’s latest sexual harassment scandal, and the other issues of which she has direct knowledge rather than the border issues on which she is not an expert?).

But hey, let’s put on our positive pants: it’s nice to know that, every now and then, our Governor can buck her political impulses and stick around to do her job.

Now if only “doing her job” wasn’t news in Noemistan.


  1. buckobear 2021-10-06

    No way will the Auburn fire serve as an object lesson for klueless kristi. Maybe the “firewirks” aren’t a good idea ……………………..nah.

  2. ArloBlundt 2021-10-06

    Well…Corey…”doing her job” for Mrs. Noem seems to mean making an absolute mess, total chaosm of government in South Dakota from tp to bottom. Now she’s targeted that part of government closest to the people: the local school board in all 150 plus school districts throughout the state. She apparently intends tp extemperaniously clobber all local decision making in public education to ferment a complete disintegration of the institution of elementary and secondary education in the state. I hope I’m not overstating this situation. I have no idea what she believes will be the outcome of her malfeasance.

  3. larry kurtz 2021-10-06

    The grassland fire danger index will reach the extreme category again today for much of Kristi Noem’s failed red state creating conditions for widespread weaponized wildfire.

    This isn’t national forest being blocked from fuel treatments by radical environmentalists; it’s Republican ranch land decimated by a century of poor management practices. If livestock grazing is the key to preventing wildfires why is ranch country still suffering from near daily high even extreme grassland fire danger indices? Because Republicans are evil.

    Just a hundred and fifty years ago bison, wapiti, bighorn sheep, pronghorns and deer cleared the grasses driving western South Dakota’s fire years. If grasses remained in the fall tribes burned the rest.

    91% of fire departments in my home state are staffed by volunteers in a state where old Republicans are giving up the ghost yet Mrs. Noem is boasting she has recruited some 600 white supremacists to be cops but won’t commit to prescribing burns or bolstering fire departments.

    So, one solution to national forest and grasslands management woes is to move the US Forest Service from the US Department of Agriculture into Interior where Indigenous American nations could more easily assume additional responsibilities for stewardship on public land and be provided the resources to apply cultural fire to their own holdings.

  4. Mark Anderson 2021-10-06

    She should stand in a field near Conde and have some sense knocked into her.

  5. O 2021-10-06

    Oh, I think there is certainly a fire that Governor Noem realizes she needs to deal with — an it ISN”T the Auburn Wildfire.

  6. grudznick 2021-10-06

    Young Ms. Noem is indeed kicking butt, 99% of the time, so when even the blog boy, Mr. H, has to point out these obvious things it tells grudznick the Argus isn’t doing their job.

  7. ArloBlundt 2021-10-06

    Well…good point grudz…the Argus is fast asleep at the wheel.

  8. cibvet 2021-10-06

    grutz– the word is licking butt, not kicking.

  9. Porter Lansing 2021-10-07

    Governor K stayed home because the Texas event was centered around and hosted by her rival in the next Presidential campaign.

    HINT: His name rhymes with lose and he hides out in Cancun, during massive power outages.

  10. Eve Fisher 2021-10-07

    Good one, Porter!

  11. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-10-07

    Um, Porter? Governor Abbott invited Republican governors to his border stunt. Ted Cruz does not appear to have been on the guest list.

    It seems more likely Noem simply didn’t want attention to herself diluted by the presence of all those other governors and that the other governors didn’t want questions about her scandals distracting from the border discussion.

  12. Donald Pay 2021-10-07

    Well, sure, she’s got to yammer to the legislators about why patching up her failed social studies standards fiasco and her critical race theory jihad should be their priority rather than impeaching and removing her from office for dereliction of duty, nepotism and general sleazy behavior with a Donald Moeller-style sexual pervert/harasser/criminal, who was just let go as her advisor. I mean, really, who should get tossed out first, Noem or Ravnesborg? It’s a toss up. Knowing the SD Legislature, they don’t have the morals to toss either, so they’ll sit and eat up whatever Noem server.

  13. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-10-07

    But Kristi Lynn sure is a cutie, just as the male voters pointed out in Hot Springs when she was elected.

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