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Noem Spends Another Workday Campaigning Out of State

Governor Kristi Noem took a moment in the middle of the workday yesterday to Tweet-deny a rumor spread by a conservative website about her personal life. “Now I’m getting back to work,” she concluded in her 14:21 Tweet.

That’s 14:21 Eastern Daylight Time. Here’s the work Noem was getting back toin Columbus, Ohio:

Jackie Borchardt, USA Today reporter, tweet from Columbus, Ohio, 2021.09.29.
Jackie Borchardt, USA Today reporter, tweet from Columbus, Ohio, 2021.09.29.
Jane Timken, tweet, 2021.09.29.
Jane Timken, tweet, 2021.09.29.

(“Huge” crowd? I count around 80, including the dog, who appears to express the most honest response to a Noem speech.)

The Ohio primary takes place on May 3, 2022. Noem endorsed former Ohio GOP chair Timken in August, amidst a baker’s dozen of Republicans saying they’d like to replace retiring Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

Noem’s Ohio trip Wednesday brings her itinerary to five different states in five days. Noem has not informed the public where she will be today or when she will be back in South Dakota.


  1. I’m No Dr. Suess 2021-09-30 08:16

    She looks thrilled to be in that first photo, by the way.

  2. sx123 2021-09-30 08:50

    We could just borrow a neighboring states gov while ours travels around, raising publicity, and not necessarily the good kind… or we could just use that dog for our gov.

    Funny about the dog. It’s probably hard to give good talks when you’re wondering in the back of your mind what tweet replies youre getting today, or what else will be brought to light in the next 24hrs.

  3. larry kurtz 2021-09-30 08:54

    Mrs. Noem sez, “hold my beer.”

    Remember when the deplorables descended on former First Lady Michelle Obama for baring her shoulders? There has been nary a murmur about Kristi Noem doing it let alone calling out Melania Trump for her past as a hooker. Anyone who believes Kristi’s never been a victim of sexual harassment or unwanted touching is delusional.

    Is she compliant, infidelitous, or simply jaded?

  4. Loren 2021-09-30 08:58

    No sense in buying a new airplane unless you are gonna put some miles on it, right? ;-)

  5. Guy 2021-09-30 08:59

    Can we get back to the possible abuse of power case? I don’t care about Noem’s campaign distractions. There is an investigation going on over what happened to Sherry Bren in regards to Noem calling a special meeting to secure a certification for her daughter and a $200,000 “retirement settlement”.

  6. Vi Kingman 2021-09-30 09:07

    I agree with you Guy but we can multi-task. We’re Democrats.
    To me Noem has a lot of explaining to do about Sherry Bren. Time for a news conference but I bet she won’t so it.

  7. Guy 2021-09-30 09:13

    Vi, the problem with “multi-tasking” is when the media and bloggers include their focus on gossip, it rubs-off on their credibility. The affair gossip actually works in Kristi’s favor. She can use it to continue to play the victim card and question media/blogger credibility. Focusing on the affair gossip makes the media and bloggers look like the National Enquirer while diverting attention away from the Sherry Bren case. Credibility is very important in maintaining trust with the public who the media/bloggers are trying to inform over the possible abuse of power case. If the public views media/bloggers as if they are just National Enquirer rags than it plays right into Kriti’s victim narrative that they are untrustworthy and come up with gossip to attack her. Cory, think long and hard about what I’m telling you…you need to stay away from the affair gossip. Back to the possible abuse of power case. . .

  8. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-09-30 09:42

    At this point, I wish Ms. Bren had held out for a cool half mill. Think how distasteful it must be to her to have her name and professional reputation smeared by association with that baggage Kristi Lynn. Ugh.

  9. O 2021-09-30 10:32

    That is a lot of “Trump” shirts for an election he is not the candidate in.

  10. Ryan 2021-09-30 11:05

    guy – more content dictating, huh? cory has been helping us keep tabs on our wandering governor and we applaud his efforts in doing so. this article is about our dear leader abandoning the job she was elected to do and playing celebrity around the country. it’s a valid concern and a worthy article. if cory just posted the same corruption article ten times in a row it wouldn’t change the fact that we all know she is corrupt and we hope she is held accountable. what do you do for work? should cory come down there and prioritize your tasks for you? haha

  11. Guy 2021-09-30 11:55

    Ryan, I’m not “dictating”. I believe the affair gossip story was planted on purpose as a diversion to keep the media from focusing on the real issie: a possible abuse of power by Governor Noem in regards to Sherry Bren’s forced retirement.

  12. ArloBlundt 2021-09-30 16:29

    Guy-you are stuck on the Bren case…let it simmer…more will come out…the case will bring forth others…meanwhile Corey Lewendowski is having a public mid life crises as the Governor’s campaign chair and has taken all the fun our of Mrs. Noem’s fantasy life…She is now in danger of becoming a “shooting star”…she burned brightly but briefly.

  13. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-09-30 17:38

    Oh, ArloBlundt, I seriously hope you are SO right about Kristi Lynn’s trajectory. I’ve thought other venal, stupid, lying POS were destined to obscure, ignonimious failure, but here we are with Hump running again in ’24 and possibly selecting Kristi Lynn as VP. No crystal ball here–just expecting the worst. You give me hope.

  14. Guy 2021-09-30 18:21

    Arlo, I understand where you’re coming from. I never took the issues surrounding Corey Lewendowski seriously and I still don’t because I thought Lewendowski was a joke then… and I think he’s an even bigger joke now.

  15. Guy 2021-09-30 18:23

    … After all we’re talking about the same man (Lewendowski) who came up with thinking and trying to brand Kristi as “America’s Governor,” what a big laugh.

  16. Mark Anderson 2021-09-30 18:37

    You know Cory, the problem with Noem is not that she goes out of state, its that she’s an idiot at least in knowledge. Let her go, unless Idiocracy was correct, she won’t make it. South Dakota has screwed up so many times by thinking that one of theirs has gotten their britches too big. McGovern, Daschle, you name it, Joe Robbie although his tobacco side isn’t so nice, there are many others but they seem to leave South Dakota to make it big. If they had stayed people from the state would hate them. It’s a weird situation but true, I mean why do so many people on this site believe you have to live in South Dakota in order to talk about it? My early relatives settled the state and I care about it, my wife and I have brothers and sisters who live all over the state.

  17. grudznick 2021-09-30 18:37

    Oh Lar, I’ve seen many a groping by people besides my good friend Bill and at times other than late-night at the Robinsdale Lounge. You are righter than right that young Ms. Noem has probably danced with a few fellows who were all thumbs.

  18. ABC 2021-10-01 00:46

    I like the multi task idea!

    Old paradigm– Be democrat, vote in even numbered years, lose in even numbered years, complain in odd and even numbered years.

    New model– Be Progressive, Join a Progressive, democratic activist BUILDING organization, be elected a Governor once a week (or once a year) , BUILD JOBS, BUILD what the State Government is TOO CHICKEN to do, BUILD the seemingly impossible! Vote every 2 years in public elections, coalition with the former nonvoters and Progressive Democrats, republicans, Greens, Libertarians, and Independents to ELECT fully 100% Progressive people! Odd and even numbered years, never complain. DO ! And BUILD! Watch WONDERS being built, by US!
    In the new model, multi task means YOU are a Governor 365 days a year (if you want to be a Governor in a Nonprofit or Social Business), be a voter. As a voter and a Governor (realize in 2 years, you are a Governor for 730 days! and as a voter, you vote only once in 730 days!) you are BUILDING far greater things than a 5 billion a year Pierre budget can build!

    2 or 10 or 60 of us can DO more than 1000s of Republicans can do. Why? Because we are organized for ACTION, weekly , daily
    ACTION for Awe Inspiring Better Things! We do!

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