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DiSanto Wins ALEC Award for Threatening Constitution with Pro-Corporate Article V Convention

Oh, look! Rep. Lynne DiSanto got an award… from ALEC:

Rep. Lynne DiSanto accepts award from ALEC's Convention of States Action, August 2018.
She’s such a big supporter of corporate fascism, they couldn’t even fit her in the camera frame.

The press release I got from “The Convention of States Project” said Rep. DiSanto got the “John Adams Award for Exceptional Diplomacy in Service of the National Good.” An award for diplomacy?! For Lynne DiSanto, the woman who lost her realty job by shouting “All Lives Splatter” on Facebook after last year’s white-supremacist violence in Charlottesville? That can’t be right…

…and it isn’t. DiSanto got an award, but The Convention of States Project’s website says it was the George Washington Award for Unwavering Courage in Conflict, celebrated with this movingly scored video of a DiSanto House floor speech from last year backing a dangerous Article V Convention:

“…The most important vote you’re going to make this year”? Har de har har. I’d say far more important were DiSanto’s votes to repeal Initiated Measure 22. When DiSanto’s spoke to 2017 HJR 1002, the 2017 House didn’t seem to think the Republic was on any brink… or if we are, that that brink is perfectly comfy. The House rejected DiSanto’s exhortation twice, 31–34 the first time, then 28–40 the second time, suggesting that the more people actually listen to Lynne DiSanto, the more people realize she’s full of bull.

DiSanto accepted this great award in front of the bright blue banner of ALEC, the American Legislative Research Council. The Convention of States Project has ties to the pro-corporate ALEC, which, as I’ve mentioned before in posts on the DiSanto wing’s convention-of-the-states smoke-blowing, wants to call an Article V Convention to rewrite the Constitution to strangle the federal government and thus give its rich corporate backers even more room to roll over the liberty of workers and consumers. I just don’t think that’s what George Washington had in mind when he stood unwaveringly before the Redcoats.


  1. Adam 2018-08-16 23:35

    This woman is a disgusting waste of legislative space, but since SD conservatives prefer and vote for attractive and ignorant women (such as Sarah Palin & Kristi Noem) – using logic like, “I would do her,” and “she reminds me of women like me,” – awful women like DiSanto are get elected in rural elected offices.

    Women are so rare in GOP politics, DiSanto’s ALEC award was likely just a, “thank you, silly woman, for siding with mushy brained old white guys on the issues. Please accept this award which really just symbolizes our success in tricking a non-elderly women, here and there, into siding with us.”

  2. 96Tears 2018-08-16 23:52

    Lots of friends in Rapid City — Republicans and Democrats alike — were surprised DiSanto won the GOP primary and, second, are appalled at the thought of giving this fool the opportunity of representing District 35 in the State Senate on the heels of a sensible person like Terri Haverly. DiSanto is a brainless hood ornament for the most extreme views of the alt-right. Worse, she’s got a bad habit of playing the victim at the thought that someone might disagree with her. A real snowflake.

    A thin-skinned flake like DiSanto might be the social darling of the East Coast alt-right extreme goofballs. But what about District 35? Are they expected to do without a real State Senator working for their issues?

    DiSanto is an embarrassment on every level. Anybody who can fog a mirror can get an award from ALEC as long as they claim to be an extremist. District 35 can do a lot better than settling for a goofball who can only fog a mirror.

  3. Donald Pay 2018-08-17 09:31

    I used to live in District 35, which is known for sending some kooks to Pierre. It appears for every 2 good people they send, they have to send someone who’s more than a little bit crazy. Bill Napoli certainly qualified for King of Kook. He even has an eponymous term named after him: “to brutalize and rape, sodomize as bad as you can possibly make it, a young religious virgin woman who was saving herself for marriage.” The guy could run his mouth, but there was nothing of value that came out of it.

  4. 96Tears 2018-08-17 09:51

    Agreed. That Napoli quote was koo koo ka joob! But DiSanto takes the cake with “All Lives Splatter” on her Facebook page as her salute to the murder in Charlottesville of an anti-racism protester.

    In case she tries to weasel her way out of her tasteless meme, note that she added her own commentary: “I think this is a movement we can all support. #AllLivesSplatter”

  5. mike from iowa 2018-08-17 10:42

    Looks like her trigger finger is reaching for the plaque’s trigger. Muscle memory or unconscious gesture?

  6. Kal Lis 2018-08-17 20:54

    I think the guy in picture with DiSanto is David Horowitz. This little exchange should explain everything one needs to know about him.

  7. Donald Pay 2018-08-17 21:14

    Right around the time of the Sturgis rally there is this annual gathering of swamp creatures. This is the difference: the low class hookers go to Sturgis and the pricy escorts head to ALEC.

    Whoever that is with DiSanto must have had his nose buried somewhere dangerous, because he’s got a rather prominent bandage. Maybe he’s an ammosexual and was sucking on a firearm that misfired.

    A local legislator from my hometown has gone to the ALEC meetings for a number of years. She goes to document the kind of kooky legislation they’ll be bringing to multiple legislatures next year. She generally writes an article in the local paper exposing the meeting for what it is: an orgy for corporate whores. I wonder if DiSanto will make my paper.

  8. Kal Lis 2018-08-18 08:24

    Let’s try again. I found the exchange funny. This time I checked preview to make sure the link worked.

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