Video: District 3 Candidates Discuss 36% Rate Cap, Campaign Finance, Meth, and More!

If you think comparing our billboards is fun, compare Al Novstrup and me at the lectern in last Saturday’s District 3 candidates forum, posted online yesterday by fellow Aberdeen blogger Ken Santema.

The League of Women Voters and Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee put all six of us candidates on stage for one forum, our four House candidates with us two Senate candidates. We drew numbers for speaking order; remarkably, the random draw placed us in this perfectly symmetrical order, Republicans 1-2-3, Democrats 4-5-6, with each Senate candidate sandwiched between his House ticketmates—Al between Drew Dennert and Dan Kaiser, me between Nikki Bootz and Brooks Briscoe.

I’ll let you, eager readers, steer this conversation. Pick out the highlights and lowlights, maybe compare our performance with that of the Presidential candidates Monday night, and let’s talk about who sounds more like a Senator who’s eager to serve the people of District 3 and all of South Dakota.

19 Responses to Video: District 3 Candidates Discuss 36% Rate Cap, Campaign Finance, Meth, and More!

  1. Porter Lansing

    This forum was excellent. Well staged by the League. You all have opinions on the questions covered.
    Personally …
    ~ I liked Ms. Bootz. She conveys a deep compassion for people that will lead her to prominence in politics. It’s easy to see why she’s ridiculed by the regulars on Power’s Blog over her appearance, mannerisms and opinions. They SHOULD be afraid of someone with such heartfelt motivation. These insults to her are just what modern women live with every day and what we men should never accept as proper.
    ~ I liked Mr. Briscoe. He’s a man for the people. Not a man for his personal wealth. A solid foundation of service will follow him and be his guide. Given the choices a leader must make, he’s fundamentally ready for progress and thoughtful action.
    ~ Politicians come from diverse motivations, many selfish. Statespersons are born to help people. That’s Cory. He speaks with power and he speaks with sensitivity to the underprivileged. When Cory speaks even the opposition shuts up and learns.

  2. Very entertaining. On first view I have to say Mr. Kaiser impressed me like he never has before. Instead of being a non-talking only NO guy he actually stood up and called lame what was lame, and then sat there grinning, reading that pretty young Ms. Bootz computer as she struggled to tell us about her pappy and grandpappy. But golly she is pretty.

  3. Porter Lansing

    Your’re saying he’s being phoney for the camera, then? Or is he just inconsistent?

  4. I’m saying Mr. Kaiser was very entertaining in that movie, and I liked how he called spades a spade and sat there watching Ms. Bootz as she wiggled and fumbled around her answers. You will notice he does not watch as closely when Mr. H is up on his fast-paced spiels. I am not calling Mr. Kaiser anything but entertaining. He seems a more swell fellow than I previously thought.

  5. Porter Lansing

    lol ~ ? Porter got your goat … ?

  6. I do not think you understand the meaning of that word, Mr. Lansing. However, you do entertain me so please continue. I do wish, however, I had a goat key like that.

  7. G


    It does not work.

    I do not have your skills, young Mr. Lansing.

  8. Porter Lansing

    Kurtz answered every question I had about you. FYI … I’m way older than you and know exactly what “getting your goat entails”.

  9. I really miss Lar.

  10. Porter Lansing

    Yeah, I know what you mean.

  11. Porter Lansing

    He’s on Twitter, all day every day. He just made a snide insult about Cory four hours ago. Are you so averse to new things and ideas you’re not on Twitter, yet. ?

  12. Cory was outstanding; Novstrup was dull and off target. You folks in Aberdeen just have to elect Cory! The difference is night and day.

  13. Bob! It’s OK, I’ve been missing you too. Talleys?

  14. Porter Lansing

    I’ll meet you guys at Talley’s tomorrow morning. I’ll be the old guy with the goat. ?? Save me some gravy. I’m driving down from my place above the Silver Dollar in Central City. ⛏?⚰️

  15. I’ll be in the usual location, Bob.

  16. Mr. H, I was watching the movie again to see Ms. Bootz and also watch how Mr. Kaiser smiled and was clearly thinking deeply when Mr. Novstrup was speaking, and I noticed you employing a finger-locking technique as you spoke to keep your arms from flying wildly about. Is this an old high-school debate trick, or something your campaign manger suggested?

  17. Campaign manager? What campaign manager?

  18. Darin Larson

    Grudznick asked about your campaign “manger.” What, you’re even thinking of the animals at Heidelberger headquarters? That is very kind of you.

  19. Darin, you know my campaign is all about inclusion… unlike Al’s, which, as you can see in this very video, is about having America turn inward and selfish and turn immigrants away out of fear that their children might commit crimes here.

    Al’s campaign is thus also about an issue about which South Dakota State Senators have little to no say.