Study Your Sample Ballot and Vote (Today, If You Like!)

Early voting starts today, says that nice fellow on the radio:

All across South Dakota, registered voters can drop by their county courthouse and cast their ballots for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, South Dakota Legislature, county and other local races, and, best of all, ten big ballot measures! According to information I received from the Secretary of State’s office this morning, early voting stations are open in Pine Ridge, Wanblee, Wall, and Hill City. Another station will be open in Mission on Tuesdays and Thursdays; a sixth will open in Fort Thompson in October three days each week.

If you’re ready, vote today!

If you still have some thinking to do before you decide, that’s o.k.: you can now get your sample ballot at the courthouse or download your sample ballot from the Secretary of State’s website. The Secretary of State’s version of our Aberdeen/District 3 ballot is four pages; however, the sample I picked up at the Brown County Courthouse this afternoon squeezes everything onto both sides of one 8.5″×17″ sheet:

South Dakota District 3 Sample ballot (click to view full-size image!)
South Dakota District 3 Sample ballot (click to view full-size image!)

Updated 16:48 CDT: All candidates fit on the front of our ballot, as do Amendments R, S, and T. The other seven ballot measures all fit on the back. Perhaps fortuitously, the fake 18% payday lending rate cap of Amendment U appears right beside the real 36% payday lending rate cap of Initiated Measure 21, so voters can see the fake and real rate caps side by side and vote correctly (YES on 21, NO on U!). Your alignment may vary, depending on whether the number of local candidate races in your neighborhood.

So whether you vote today or wait until after trick-or-treating, study that ballot, mark those ovals carefully and completely, and make your voice heard in South Dakota!

4 Responses to Study Your Sample Ballot and Vote (Today, If You Like!)

  1. I like the part in the movie where you are sporting your unabomber hair and beard style, although I’m still partial to the tighter coiffed look as well.

    Lots of people ask me about these measures and why there are so many and they are confused, and I just tell them to vote no on everything and then you know you’re right.

  2. If you live in a voting district without a candidate whom you actually like (like me), running for State Legislature, then contributing to Cory’s Campaign is one of the most effective ways you could further your own sensible interests in Pierre.

    I’m half tempted to move to Aberdeen just to vote YES on Cory and NO on Novstrup – but then I’d have to move all the way back to my beautiful Black Hills ASAP.

    I am totally convinced that Cory can reason with radicals, work on both sides of the isle, and stay in close touch with the people he represents. THE PEOPLE really need to take this opportunity to make sure this guy goes to Pierre!

  3. Grudz, my hair hasn’t approached Unabomber proportions for quite some time.

  4. Yeah Grudz–be a typical SD GOP member and vote no against anything that benefits people over business.