Clinton Video: Protect Our Daughters from a Male Chauvinist Pig President

The President of the United States should reflect our best values.

Hillary Clinton reflects ambition, respect, and inclusiveness. Donald Trump reflects the jerk at the bar who should steer clear of the women in my life:

I’d welcome President Barack Obama to dine at my table with my daughter. I’ll welcome President Hillary Clinton to do the same. But Donald Trump? Never.

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  1. Roger Cornelius

    This is another great commercial from Hillary, all women in America need to have a protection order against this POS.
    Bruce Springteen rounded out the Trump week with this great line, “the U.S. is under siege by a moron”.

  2. Yep. Using Trump’s own words – delivered in his own voice – is a good campaign tactic. I would expect the Hillary campaign to make more of these.

    There will be one with quotes of Trump saying how smart he is, and finishing with his quote, “How stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?” followed by audio clips of him saying, “stupid” “stupid” “stupid.”

  3. Darin Larson

    My grade school age kids have remarked about Trump’s rhetoric. He certainly is not a good role model in the way Obama and HRC are. When male chauvinist pig doesn’t make the top five of Trump’s worst qualities relative to running the country as president, you know the guy is a piece of work. I’d rate his worst qualities in no particular order as:

    1. Racist
    2. Narcissist
    3. Psychopathic liar
    4. Without empathy
    5. Lacking intelligence

    It looks like a psychiatrist would diagnosis him with narcissistic personality disorder which would encompass many of his worst qualities:

    “Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a pattern of self-centered or egotistical behavior that shows up in thinking and behavior in a lot of different situations and activities. People with NPD won’t (or can’t) change their behavior even when it causes problems at work or when other people complain about the way they act, or when their behavior causes a lot of emotional distress to others (or themselves? none of my narcissists ever admit to being distressed by their own behavior — they always blame other people for any problems). This pattern of self-centered or egotistical behavior is not caused by current drug or alcohol use, head injury, acute psychotic episodes, or any other illness, but has been going on steadily at least since adolescence or early adulthood.
         NPD interferes with people’s functioning in their occupations and in their relationships . . . .”

    “While grandiosity is the diagnostic hallmark of pathological narcissism, there is research evidence that pathological narcissism occurs in two forms, (a) a grandiose state of mind in young adults that can be corrected by life experiences, and (b) the stable disorder described in DSM-IV, which is defined less by grandiosity than by severely disturbed interpersonal relations.”
     The preferred theory seems to be that narcissism is caused by very early affective deprivation, yet the clinical material tends to describe narcissists as unwilling rather than unable, thus treating narcissistic behaviors as volitional — that is, narcissism is termed a personality disorder, but it tends to be discussed as a character disorder. This distinction is important to prognosis and treatment possibilities. If NPD is caused by infantile damage and consequent developmental short-circuits, it probably represents an irremediable condition. On the other hand, if narcissism is a behavior pattern that’s learned, then there is some hope, however tenuous, that it’s a behavior pattern that can be unlearned.”

    So, the question is can Trump curb his narcissism if elected president? It seems self-evident that a narcissist that would ascend to be the most powerful person in the world would not curb their condition, but it would only grow and become worse than ever. That is the danger of Trump.

  4. Darin Larson

    Major Ohio paper endorses Clinton after years of backing GOP:

    The Cincinnati Enquirer, one of Ohio’s largest newspapers, is backing Hillary Clinton after supporting Republican presidential candidates for nearly a century.

    “Trump brands himself as an outsider untainted by special interests, but we see a man utterly corrupted by self-interest. His narcissistic bid for the presidency is more about making himself great than America,” the board said. “Trump tears our country and many of its people down with his words so that he can build himself up. What else are we left to believe about a man who tells the American public that he alone can fix what ails us?”
    While the editorial board are sympathetic to voters interest in the change that Trump could bring, the Enquirer concludes that not all change is good.
    “Our country needs to seek thoughtful change, not just change for the sake of change. Four years is plenty of time to do enough damage that it could take America years to recover from, if at all,” it wrote.

  5. The obvious question now for you is: would you invite Bill Clinton to dine with the women and girls in your life.
    While Trump is a boor, Bill Clinton has been accused by several women of sexual assault and using the power of his office to coerce women; and Hillary appears to have enabled it, working whack-a-mole on the “bimbo eruptions” for decades for Bill.

  6. Steve Hickey

    Good commercial . This one is too.

  7. There’s no denying it. Hillary and Donald have a lot in common. One thing they don’t have in common is that only one has the experience, the knowledge, and the temperament to be President. The other one doesn’t.

  8. Tim, I make no apologies for President Bill Clinton’s sexual misbehavior.

    That said, my child did meet President Bill Clinton at age 2, sort of, from her perch in my backpack-carrier when I shook the first President Clinton’s hand in Library Park in 2008. She also got to see Hillary Clinton that year in Madison. She’s seen more Presidents in person, past an future, than I had at her age.

    I can trust Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to behave in a civil fashion at my table. Since my child’s birth, I have never heard either of them say anything on the radio that my child should not hear. I would have Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton at my table next to my daughter.

    Donald Trump does not “appear” to be a jerk. His words make his jerkiness objectively obvious. Darin’s children can see it immediately in Trump’s own words. Kids are good at recognizing unpleasant people. As Roger and Ror note, it shouldn’t take anything more than Trump’s own words, not any spin or conspiracy theories to disqualify him from consideration for the Presidency or a seat at my table next to my daughter.

  9. Steve Hickey, the difference between those videos, between her husband and Bill Cosby, and between her words and Trump’s, should be decided in court. Bring the evidence. Bring Bill Clinton to trial the way Bill Cosby has been brought to trial.

  10. Steve Hickey

    The Courts/Justice Dept can’t stop these people, isn’t that evident by now? They are too big to jail. People who try, die. Case in point simply compare Rod Blagojevich – sold Obama’s Senate seat and does 15 years. Hillary gives 194 Clinton Foundation donors State Department appointments.

    Back to the subject of women. She’s stunningly callous toward woman her husband raped and continues to exploit. Their stories are valid. She’s callous toward women who choose life. She’s callous toward unborn women.

    Sorry to turd things up here with links. Here’s a NY Times article on how Hillary has killed feminism….

    Here’s a UK article on the let-down she truly is toward women:

    Hillary isn’t about women. Hillary is about Hillary. The woman card comes out as needed. I’d love a woman President and supported Carly Fiorina over the rest. I’ve mentioned here before there are some years I’m so disgusted with the sex scandals – the Anthony Weiners – that I’ve said I’m voting a strict no-penis platform. So, I’d love to be able to support a woman for the White House. Hillary is rotten to the core.

  11. mike from iowa

    Hey Hickey- the Breitbart article source for your 194 appointments is sourced from a Washington Examiner story which goes on to say- The Examiner is careful to note such appointments are not illegal or unprecedented, as “presidents and cabinet secretaries from both parties have long rewarded friends and contributors with high-level appointments,”

  12. mike from iowa

    Hickey- are you trying to validate the “Clinton Hit Squads” are real when you say people who try to stop HRC or Bill die?

    Do you have any proof Bill Clinton raped anyone? Anything other than he said/ she said? I seriously doubt it, but that doesn’t/hasn’t stopped righ wing nut jobs from carelessly throwing around these accusations.

  13. Richard Schriever

    That same article goes on to say this:

    “Some of the donors who received appointments to State Department boards were well equipped to serve in their advisory roles.

    For example, Clinton’s agency named executives from UPS and FedEx — two firms that have given generously to the Clinton Foundation — to its postal and delivery advisory board in 2010. Few would question the wisdom of such appointments, regardless of the checks those companies have written to the foundation.”

  14. mike from iowa

    He was a friend of Jeffery Epstein who held parties for wealthy guys who liked underage girls. People always talk of Bill Clinton’s friendship with Epstein.

  15. barry freed

    There are at least two D women I can vote for in November, but they haven’t presented their positions of my favorite single issue vote for this election: The 2nd Amendment

    I have already decided to vote against Hawkes… unless someone can show me a real commitment to preserve the Constitution. Since she is so secretive, I will assume she will vote to murder it.

    What is the Gun position of the District 32 Candidate? Conzet and Gorsuch alienated me by not responding to correspondence, but I won’t vote for any of them if she is a banner too.

  16. Darin Larson

    Steve Hickey says “The Courts/Justice Dept can’t stop these people, isn’t that evident by now? They are too big to jail. People who try, die. Case in point simply compare Rod Blagojevich – sold Obama’s Senate seat and does 15 years. Hillary gives 194 Clinton Foundation donors State Department appointments.”

    People who try, die? Really, Hillary had people killed, did she? Hickey, have you been asleep for the last quarter century? Republicans have been trying to jail first Bill and then Hillary for the last twenty-five years. How many of these Republicans are dead?

    You are a looney-tune if you are accusing HRC of murder. Its no wonder there is such a gap between the Republicans and Democrats. Republicans accuse HRC of murder and Democrats think Trump is a narcissistic psychopath. Which one has more evidence to support their case?

    As far as the Clinton Foundation donors getting appointments, who gets the Republican appointments? Friends and donors get the Republican appointments. I know who gets the call when Governor Daugaard needs to fill a legislative seat or make an appointment to a board or commission. Same with Rounds or Janklow. But you already know this and don’t give a crap.

  17. Mr. Freed, we can see the 2nd amendment, all 27 words, being what it is, unchanged. What part of the understanding of the Constitution do you not understand? What do you think would need happen to eliminated it? How many votes from both chambers? What about the prez? How about the Courts on this? Relax, what is needed is to keep crazy barstards like the new shooter in Washington from doing what they do. Close loopholes that allow them access. Hawkes just got endorsed by the Farmers Union, she would be an honest representative for our state that would actually work for it. What has NOem said about Trump’s new meme stop and frisk. How the hell would that work in South Dakota? Talk about abuse of the 2nd, here ya go. I can tell you that Hawkes would fight that, Thune and NOem, not at all. They are party zealots. I still have my NRA card from when I first got it, at 12 years old. I still love guns and go out of my way to see them and to use them. Fascinating pieces of machinery. Hawkes is all good man, worry about NOem and Thune, they are the true dangers as they seem something they are not.

  18. Hickey shows over and over on here that he is deranged. Accusing Bill Clinton of rape and Hillary Clinton of murder comes from the darkest ratholes of GOP Party conspiracy theory. It’s no wonder that someone frequenting those places got fired as a pastor and run out of the South Dakota legislature to avoid prosecution for petition fraud.

    I hope Trump is not too big to jail. Trump University was a scam of epic proportions that cost Americans millions of dollars. I haven’t heard if a case has been brought yet for Trump’s has solicitation of campaign contributions from foreign officials, but Republicans would be jumping up and down like monkeys if Hillary did that. And who could forget Trump urging his gun owning supporters to kill Hillary if she wins?

  19. Roger Cornelius

    Steve Hickey only reads and comprehends what he wants to and has not bothered to research Donald Trump’s opinion of women.

    Steve Hickey, if you want to relive Bill Clinton’s past history, how about we relive the past history of all republican sexual predators starting with former House Speaker Dennis Hassert. I’m betting Cory wouldn’t want him at his dinner table with his daughter.

  20. mike from iowa

    Hastert was into nubile high school boys, Roger. But there are numerous other wingnut candidates to be kept away from women and children.

  21. Mr. Hickey has seen and ridden the Nessie and recognizes it to be Trump without the orangeness or orange Nessie. Perhaps Mr. Hickey should try single malt and stop eating the Haggis as that is clearly causing his bowels to back up and give him such stinkin thinkin.

  22. mike from iowa

    Nothing in life is as important as making sure no one takes assault weapons off the street. Allowing innocents to be murdered is a small price to pay for sticking it to Obama and Clinton.

    As for defense, a shotgun will do everything an assault weapon can and there is that intimidating sound of a pump shotgun ejaculating an empty round for a fresh one. If that sound doesn’t scare a person, it can’t be done. Besides, emptying a 30 round clip into body is messier than blowing one very large hole in that same body.

  23. <Mike from Iowa, what brand of pump shotgun ejaculates the empty shells? It must be a modified sexual predator weapon, my standard pump shotgun used for hunting will only eject the empty shells.

  24. mike from iowa

    Try a ’97’ Winchester pump, if you can handle the weight. Remove the wooden duck plug for maximum perverted fun. Stoke her to the gills and have fun.

  25. Mike, stop! you’re probably turning all the ammosexuals on!

  26. bearcreekbat

    barry, if protecting your right to bear arms is your most important issue, then what do you think about Trump’s recent arguments we need an increased “stop and frisk” program that allows police to stop anyone that they think might be carrying a gun, frisk them, and confiscate whatever guns they might find?

    I am sure that Trump would argue that he didn’t mean the program to apply to only blacks, Hispanics and Muslims, after all that would suggest he is a racist and will discriminate based on religion. Hence even if you are a white law abiding male, Trump’s “stop and frisk” proposal means you lose the right to carry a gun and if you do carry a gun, police can stop you, search you and seize your gun.

  27. bearcreekbat

    Hickey, even though I have disagreed with some of your policy positions and debated with you about our disagreements, I previously held a deep respect for you based on several of the public positions you have taken, especially those on the death penalty and payday lenders. You seemed to have demonstrated love and compassion for your fellow human beings. Anyone who can stand up for preserving the life of a convicted killer, and protecting the poor from exploitation, demonstrates admirable compassion. Indeed, even your anti-choice views (which I disagree with) seemed to be premised on compassion for the unborn who you believe to be human beings.

    That image of you makes it difficult to read such hateful vicious comments from you about two other human beings. I thought you were better than attacking two people you have never even met or spent meaningful time with, repeating debunked conspiracy theories designed for only one purpose – to hurt those people.

    I am deeply disappointed that you have now joined the folks who attempt to harm others with vicious name calling and debunked conspiracy theories rather than to address policy issues honestly and openly. I truly believe that you are a much better person than that!

  28. One of the reasons many people have given up on the Republican party is because it has made lies contrived to inspire hatred, such as the Clintons running hit squads, an integral part of its political philosophy. And one of the reasons Christianity is seen by many as just another human aberration is pastors who preach the same kind of hateful defamations as the radical Islamic imams. When a pastor who interprets his religion for others cites spurious and disproven sources and factual assertions, one must be skeptical of everything he utters.

  29. I’m not surprised Mignon Mike, from the smaller end if Iowa, puts in the duck plug only to pull it out.

  30. grudznick, do you understand the definition of mignon?

  31. GOP Spin Machine Official Response to Commercial:

    “but … but … e-mails.”

    That’s the response of the GOP spin machine to everything in this campaign.

  32. Mr. Rich, I believe it means dainty. However Mike, who is from Iowa, asked me to call him Mignon, beef from the small end of a loin. I replace “loin” with “Iowa”. Get it?

  33. mike from iowa

    iowa has good stuff to eat. Dakota has wormy jackrabbits, mangy coyotes and Grudzilla, who is from outer space.

  34. Steve Hickey

    Amazing. This is a post about women. Women say they were raped. But I get skewered for believing them and not the powerful man with the known and proven inability to keep his zipper up.

  35. Mr. Hickey, I think you tell things how they are and some people get upset hearing it. I could probably be your grandpapa but we are sometimes two pods full of peas.

  36. Mr. Hickey, Bill Clinton is not running for president. I know this is a shock, but neither is the black dude. Here is how the deal works now. Hillary Clinton is running against Donald Trump. I thought you went to Scotland to become enlightened, looks like you just went so you could hide out for alleged voter fraud. BTW, how is that all working out for ya?

  37. Darin Larson

    We would never blame a man for the conduct of his wife, but HRC gets all the blame for Bill’s indiscretions. It just proves that sexism is alive and well.

  38. The Trumps are never welcome in my home (they would probably try to steal the silver), and neither are the Clintons (they wouldn’t want to come to South Dakota anyway….not a wealthy enough donor for them). I would have welcomed the Obama’s for the first six years, but then I got educated (even though I prayed that President Barack Obama would not be corrupted by corporate interests – I failed…did not pray hard enough…he still wants the TPP, etc.). I still hold out for the Bidens, the Warrens; however, I would absolutely love to entertain Bernie and Jane Sanders, Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, Dr. Cornell West, Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, and many more truthtellers and storytellers and inspirational folks! What a wonderful PARTY that would be!

  39. Oh, good ad HRC campaign….although, I have a feeling that American girls do not suffer Trump much…they probably already know he is a buffoon, and not for them……but who am I to say?

  40. mike from iowa

    Drumpf is accused of raping a 13 year old child. He is accused of marital rape. He is accused of sexually assaulting at least 2 other women. Solid kristian values, right Rev?

  41. “…..the powerful man with the known and proven inability to keep his zipper up.” Interesting, Mr Hickey. I think you were referring to Bill Clinton when you said this. Bill Clinton is not running for President.

    but let’s look at your quote again…” the powerful man with the known and proven inability to keep his zipper up.” Um, there IS a guy that IS actually the Republican nominee for President right now. Real time, not 20 years ago. That would be Donald Trump. And not only is he a proven philanderer, but in one of his books, he actually brags about it!

    So, wouldn’t comments about that man (reminder, he is running right now) be more relevant than something that occurred 20 years ago — about someone who isn’t running right now? And, wouldn’t comments about that man be more relevant to this blog post? Talking about how that man (proven to not be able to keep his zipper up) and his treatment towards women is?

    Oh, that’s right. You feel it is more relevant to post conspiracy theories. Ridiculous.

  42. Darin Larson

    Dana P., you are exactly right. I’m afraid the fog of Scotland has entered Rev. Hickey’s mind.

  43. barry freed

    I seek politicians who will work to strengthen the whole Constitution. Neither D not R is interested in reeling in Homeland Security spying. No D or R can show us meaningful results in their banning of our privacy. Every thought we write, every page we view, is known to them, but we can’t find out how much our Government spends on a coffee pot; it’s a matter of National Security, don’t you know. The 4th, 5th, and 6th are gone and when they get the 2nd, the course of events will mimic Guatemala or Nazi Germany. Note how the all of Trade Agreements have the same gun banning language. The power elite of the World want U.S. Citizens disarmed, but not our military. No D, or R, asks why.

    See the above, Stop and Frisk was unconstitutional, is unconstitutional, and Obama the Legal Scholar uses his EO’s to dismantle rather than rebuild the Constitution. He lets S&F pray on our minorities without comment, or more importantly, action. Doing something to curb Police harassment and shootings would be good affirmative action, IMHO.

    Trump is a fraud who entered the race to build Brand Recognition and now he would be Hitler, please don’t project on me just because I see Hillary in much the same light.

  44. Trump is somewhat correct about one thing – that the US compared to other nations is not as great as it once appeared. When ranked, the US is the 28th greatest nation.

    The evidence from the study and list clearly indicate that become a better nation the US must not turn to the right or to more crass capitalism; rather to improve its standing the US must become more socialist, must turn to the left.

  45. barry freed

    Most of the others were full grown women, some of whom may have had their own agendas, but Monica Lewinski was a sweet, innocent 22 year old intern, dogged by the most powerful man on the Planet. She may have been of legal age and thinking she was in love, but she was a small child in the world of Washington. That poor woman had her life ruined and can’t ever have the American Dream.

    Here is her video that speaks to on-line bullying.

  46. Hickey is just one more fake evangelicals that cannot preach the words of The Book as his own truth. History has shown that Bill Clinton repented for his indiscretions and held his family together. In the words of The Book Hickey claims to be studying “If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him” The train has long left the station Mr, Hickey, of Bill Clinton’s past. From the looks of what he has done since those days long ago, he deserves the very things you tell your flock each sermon, you know, the very words of your Book. That is, unless you do not believe a word in which you speak.

  47. mike from iowa

    Lewinski was essentially coaxed into pursuing a relationship with Clinton by her supposed friends Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg, Their purpose was to get audio tape to shame Clinton into resigning.

    I don’t see her as a victim of Clinton. She was taken advantage of by political agents with their own agenda.

  48. Hickey got run out of his church, out of the legislature, and out of South Dakota. He’s an angry partisan with Clinton derangement syndrome who is making a fool of himself in this thread. You skewered him, Dana P.

  49. In the big scheme of things, so what? Why should a wife be blamed for the younger days of raising hell. The dude got impeached for lying, his wife did not. She stuck with him and honored her marriage vows, even when he embarrassed her in public. That tells me more about character than folks like a hypocritical Hickey or an outright thug like Trump. More titillation from a sex obsessed oppressed American society.

  50. So what do you think, Mr Hickey? How about staying on topic here. Do you agree or disagree with the point about how horrible Trump’s treatment of women is? And do you have the ability to discuss that point without invoking Bill Clinton?

  51. Without ceding Rev. Hickey’s virulent distaste for Clinton, I will contend that a selfish Hillary Clinton will still work harder for policies that defend women’s rights than will a selfish Donald Trump. And Hillary Clinton has not uttered a constant stream of words from the bully pulpit that make her sound like the anti-woman bully that Trump’s words show him to be. To accept Hickey’s point, we have to accept Breitbartian conspiracy theories. To accept the argument of Clinton’s video and my post, we need only listen to the words Donald Trump himself has said and ask how we would respond if he said them to our daughters. I don’t have to work hard, I don’t have to spin, I don’t have to selectively choose sources to make the point that Donald Trump is not fit for the Presidency. I just have to play the tape.

  52. Mr. Freed, please show me the verbiage of the banning of guns in the trade agreements you speak of. I have not seen them, and don’t think they are there. Please show.

    If you are concerned about the price of a cup of coffee, you should direct the question to where it rightfully belongs, to the congress people we send off to Washington. To be clear, the president of the United States has more to do than reconcile an order form.

    Regarding the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments, they are alive and well. If you really want to see abuse of power, look to what the corporate entities are doing with Eminent Domain. I would say that Amendment 10, Powers retained by the states and its people, is the one that we here see abused to the max.

  53. bearcreekbat

    Hickey, I did not criticize you for believing a stranger’s allegation of rape, even though you apparently have never met the accuser or looked at the evidence considered by authorities. I criticized you for using that allegation with the sole intention of harming other people.

    And I criticized you for calling Hillary a murderer with the same motivation – to hurt her. As I said, I thought you had compassion for all people, but your comments seem to suggest instead that you have the desire to harm people you disagree with on political issues by repeating and spreading debunked allegations designed to cause them pain and to create animosity and hatred toward them.

    And just think a minute about this – publicly spreading false allegations of murder against Hillary, especially coupled with a claim that she is above the law, is likely to induce some deranged 2nd Amendment folks to take vigilante action against her. Indeed, if there is a murder or an assassination attempt against her, then anyone intentionally spreading the false allegations with the goal of diminishing the value of the Clintons’ lives by inciting hatred will have blood on their hands. Is that the club you want to identify with?

  54. bearcreekbat

    barry, I agree that stopping and frisking folks so authorities can take their guns away would eventually be found to be unconstitutional by the SCOTUS, yet whether his ideas are lawful or not doesn’t seem to slow Trump down one iota. On free speech and religion Trump’s ideas disrespect the 1st amendment. On treating people equally Trump’s proposals disrespect the 14th Amendment. His idea of how to treat people accused of a crime disrespects the 4th, 5th and 6th amendments. Based on his own statements, it is not hyperbole or exaggeration to recognize that if elected Trump would attempt whatever he wanted without regard to the Constitution.

    That said, I appreciate your decision not to support Trump. And I would urge you to consider the most effective way to keep him out of office – namely, by voting for a candidate that has a realistic chance of defeating him. We both know who that candidate is.

  55. Steve Hickey

    I missed the news where Bubba confessed his sin and asked for forgiveness. Apparently it still goes on. This from Colin Powell on why he can’t vote for them: because she’s a greedy defender of the status quo whose husband is “still ­d–king bimbos at home.” I know Bubba’s not running but the world knows they have long been a team: he can play all he wants if he helps her (money and power).

    It’s not just Brietbart – I think there are 17 women claiming rape of some sort. If Cosby is a serial rapist, apparently the other Bill is somehow a victim of this vast right wing conspiracy.

    Dick Morris was close to the Clintons, worked for them – he told Larry King that he left when HILLARY hired people to go after a woman victimised by Bill: “What really turned me off was what I call secret police. When she [Hillary] hired this fleet of detectives to go around examining all of the woman who had been identified with Clinton. Not for the purpose of divorcing Clinton. Not for the purpose of getting him to stop but for the purpose of developing blackmail material on these woman to cow them into silence that had a Nixonian quality that I hold against her and I continue to.”

    Hillary once told private detective Ivan Duda to give her the name and addresses of all of Bill’s girlfriends, so she could “get rid of all these bitches he’s seeing.”

    Read all about it here:

    Here’s what is true about the 1975 rape case where she defended the rapist:

    “She was vigorously advocating for her client. What she did was appropriate,” said Andrew Schepard, director of Hofstra Law School’s Center for Children, Families and the Law. “He was lucky to have her as a lawyer … In terms of what’s good for the little girl? It would have been hell on the victim. But that wasn’t Hillary’s problem.”

    ‘It’s put a lot of anger back in me,’ said Shelton, now 54, in an exclusive interview at her Springdale, Arkansas, home. ‘Every time I see [Clinton] on TV I just want to reach in there and grab her, but I can’t do that.’ For decades, Shelton said she had no idea that Clinton was the same woman as the lawyer who defended her rapist in 1975.

    My point is: her video on women should be considered in light of the rest of her story. She is no friend of exploited women.

  56. Darin Larson

    OMG, Hickey you are a piece of work. Nothing is too low for you apparently. You are now blaming HRC for providing representation to a criminal defendant? I suppose you and Trump would just burn him at the stake. No right to an attorney. No innocent until proven guilty. I guess we should all just assume people are guilty if they are accused. Let’s try them in the media and bring back the firing squad.

    And now you are up to 17 accusers against Bill Clinton? You are alt right to the core.

  57. Young Mr. Hickey is pretty moderate, although he has some religious views about religion and mythology that make him seem teapartist on some issues.

  58. I guess Bill confessed to his wife, as she is really the only one who matters in cases like this. What about you? I did not see your asking forgiveness for the lies you told about your petitions either. His lying to the court got him impeached, I did not see your asking forgiveness for the lies you told about your petitions either. Nor have I seen the actions resolved by Marty. Why is your lie different that his?

  59. Hickey has himself so tied in knots that now he’s accidentally accusing Hillary of being a good lawyer and loyal to her husband/marriage. She’ll accept that attempted aspersion I’m sure. Now contrast Hillary’s positive characteristics with Trump’s philandering and undermining of the constitution. Uh-oh, Hickey! Nice comparison, buuudddy. I’m with you on that one.

  60. I agree, Bill Clinton is kind of like those Fox news creeps like Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. .

  61. As for Hillary Clinton defending a rapist, she was appointed to do so by the judge and earnestly discharged her duties: The good reverend quotes the victim from the end of the Snopes article, but conveniently leaves out the facts of the case.

    The piece he links from The Political Insider comes from the book “The Clintons’ War on Women” which is actually a compilation of the Clinton hate conspiracies generated by talk radio and wing nut conspiracy sites on the web. It is so scurrilous that no reputable publications have acknowledged it, let alone review it.

    One cannot but wonder if the Rev. Hickey gets his theology from the same kind of sources.

  62. Steve Hickey

    Jerry and whoever else cares: Regarding the Bosworth/Hubbel petition crime/scandal payback attempt, before I left Marty Jackley said there was nothing there for him to pursue. People’s stories changed. I offered to take a lie detector test. He still knows my number(s) and could easily reach me.

    This summer I’ve been party to a petition lawsuit and was easily able to participate from here and would have happily appeared there if that was preferred or necessary.

    Would love to see Hillary take a lie detector. She and the DNC screwed the Sanders supporters over big time. Amazing how none of that matters to them.

    After ten years of being a regular on this blog, now the best political blog in SD btw, I’m still learning the rules. What I’m learning today is that everything anyone ever thought about Trump is true and even far worse and nothing out there about Hillary’s present or past is even remotely true. If you say, “hey not so fast, what about this/that” you are nothing more than a far right sexist pig and we are cast into her basket of deplorables.

  63. Steve Hickey

    Is this Anne Beal talking? Snopes is compromised. The MSM is for Hillary and no they aren’t reliable sources.

  64. Darin Larson

    Repeating unfounded allegations from right-wing nutso websites is deplorable. If you care to cite your sources with mainstream media references, we could have a discussion. Blaming HRC for her husband’s indiscretions is sexist.

  65. Darin Larson

    Hickey’s law: The mainstream media isn’t a reliable source, but Breitbart and some dark corners of the web are good enough for him to repeat.

  66. Steve Hickey

    According to Pew Research, your mainstream media sources are left-wing nutso websites. And I’d think further left today because the media and money players are doing everything they can to sink Trump and enthrone the entitled Queen of the Oligarchy.

  67. @Darin, then maybe you should spend your time on the Argus Leader comment section. Obviously, as you say, that is mainstream and reliable, and the level of curiosity and intellectual pursuit is paramount to their readers.

  68. Hillary is running against Donald. Donald is a serial philanderer and misogynist, not to mention racist. Hillary is hoisting Trump with his own petard – using recordings of his own statements about women. It’s natural for Trump apologists to want to change the subject.

    Hickey says forget about “the powerful man with the known and proven inability to keep his zipper up” who is running for President. Hillary is a good lawyer and loyal to her husband and her marriage. OK, Hickey. Have it your way.

  69. Steve Hickey

    I don’t watch Fox, haven’t for years. Don’t listen to Rush, Beck, Hannity though all of the above are on my tweeter feed – and should be for all who want to stay current on the political situation in America. I do look at Drudge headlines everyday and so does everyone in the White House and US Capitol, btw. If you follow my twitter or Facebook feed, as Cory does, you’ll see retweets from Indian Country Today, Huff Post, Al Jazeera, Salon, NYP, NYTime, WSJ, CNN, Politico, Reuters, Daily Beast, the Intercept, and mostly these days from BBC.

  70. @Darin, Jacques Ellul advised humanity to increase the number of sources of information they expose themselves to in order to protect ourselves from propaganda (Thank you Dr. Endre Gastony!). Seems to me like you would rather narrow and limit discourse in order to advance your cause.

    What is that saying….even a blind squirrel can find a nut once in awhile (or something like that)?

    IMHO, the American people want their democracy back, and they want the truth…and they are seeking it everywhere because the secrecy, disinformation and lies that are being perpetrated upon them are not working anymore.

  71. The people on the Hartford City Council who said you weren’t there when they signed your petition – which you subsequently signed under oath claiming to be the circulator – never changed their stories, Hickey. You were able to quit the legislature, get fired from your church, and slink away instead of being prosecuted. Count yourself lucky, but your spin on that issue isn’t any more convincing than the rest of your spin on this thread.

  72. Hickey, you never got prosecuted because you are member of the ruling class.

  73. Darin Larson

    Leo, what I actually said was we could have a discussion based on information from the mainstream media. You don’t have to believe them or take them at face value, but they are a starting point for discussions. Breitbart and the rightwing nutso websites have no regard for truth and will accept any rumor or innuendo without regard to source or validity.

  74. Darin Larson

    Leo says “Jacques Ellul advised humanity to increase the number of sources of information they expose themselves to in order to protect ourselves from propaganda (Thank you Dr. Endre Gastony!). Seems to me like you would rather narrow and limit discourse in order to advance your cause.”

    This sounds like a recipe for believing whatever the latest conspiracy theory is that comes down the pike. I’m all for increasing the number of sources, but you can’t just discount the MSM because there are liberals in the bunch and then accept the crazy wingnut stories on the web. I’m not saying you can’t use other sources, but you need to demonstrate that they are reliable sources. Not every source is equal and by and large the MSM is the best starting point (not the comments section).

  75. Steve Hickey

    Jerry, hardly. I’m a giant disappointment and an ongoing frustration to the ruling class – a thorn in the side on their big issues.

  76. Darin Larson

    Steve Hickey says “According to Pew Research, your mainstream media sources are left-wing nutso websites. And I’d think further left today because the media and money players are doing everything they can to sink Trump and enthrone the entitled Queen of the Oligarchy.”

    If this link was supposed to support your point that the main-stream media is far left, you have more studying to do. The story referenced a Pew study which ranked the various news outlets based upon the political leanings of their viewership. It did not rank the news outlets for their own political leanings.

    So when you say: “According to Pew Research, your mainstream media sources are left-wing nutso websites” you are entirely wrong. If this demonstrates your typical reading comprehension level, you better keep studying.

    It is a fascinating insight into your mind that you would read the Pew study as an indictment of the mainstream media and vindication for your rightwing sources when it is nothing of the sort.

  77. bearcreekbat

    Often it is helpful to actually consider what a person says about himself before deciding whether it might be true. In a 1997 Howard Stern interview Trump said that risking venereal disease from his sexual peccadilloes constituted his own personal Vietnam: “I’ve been so lucky in terms of that whole world. It is a dangerous world out there. It’s scary, like Vietnam. Sort of like the Vietnam-era. It is my personal Vietnam. I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

    In searching for Donald’s actual statements, I happened on to other Howard Stern interviews in which the focus of the comments are the Donald’s many sexual exploits and how he thought there was some truth to the idea that women like to be treated badly. Although he denied being the source of that comment, later in the interview he referred back to this idea stating that there was some truth to the proposition.

    I agree that we shouldn’t assume bad behavior occurred just because we heard someone make an accusation. But when the words are straight out of Trump’s mouth and recorded by video-tape, it is hard to understand how Hickey finds the courage to align himself with a person like Trump who openly admitted to the repeated sexual exploitation and demeaning of women.

    Maybe Hickey saw some statements by Hillary admitting that she has committed murder? Probably not.

  78. Darin, we are starting to get somewhere. It is my experience that the “best” liars in the world are the very ones that state the truth 90% or more of the time (still an A…LOL), but when by priority the liar determines the need to lie or deceive most people believe them because of their history. My point is that truth can come out from anywhere, even from the most hardened criminal (some believe in redemption), yet it is our reason and intellect that allows us to perceive it rather than dismiss it merely because of the source’s past history. Paradox!

  79. Believe me Darin, I am a skeptic…LOL.

  80. Hickey, you are a perfect example of why we need Amedment V to pass. You and yourn exemplify what the R really means beside your name. It means that you are entitled to a get out of jail card free. The only thing that botches that is when you bite the parties hand that feeds you. The gang up in Hartford called you a lying liar and you were not able to prove otherwise. William Jefferson Clinton lied and was not able to prove he did not. He got his arse impeached. You should have been punished for your lie, but you lucked out. Not because you did not lie, but because Marty must have made a deal of some sort with you.

  81. mike from iowa

    To listen to far right wing nutters, you’d think America lost the revolutionary war. That is how bad they claim our country is now.

    But they don’t want to hear or be bothered by the actual truth. This country has improved in most areas since the Black guy was elected. The real glaring sore spot is race relations. Drumpf has insulted and insinuated that non-whites are out to get whitey and his believers fall for this caca del toro.

    If Clinton wins, there will still be overt racism. The nutters will proudly add the misogynist notch to their shooty guns.

  82. Darin Larson

    Leo, that is a very optimistic if not idealistic way of thinking about people’s ability to use their reason and intellect to discern the truth. I’m afraid that I’m much more pessimistic on this front. It seems that everyone carries with them some form of bias that can overwhelm their reason and intellect at times. Thus, a story that should be discounted is given undue weight and another story that should figure heavily in one’s world view is discounted.

    As an example of the failure of reason and intellect, Rev. Hickey just cited a Pew study in a link above that to him was an indictment of the “liberal media” as biased beyond salvation. In point of fact, the study was of the political views of the people that watched these news outlets, not of the news content itself from each outlet.

  83. Steve Hickey

    Rorschach – I was asked to finish my legislative term out – in fact, the AG himself encouraged me to do so because a) I made a commitment to my district and because b) I would be opening myself up to this very accusation – that the timing would be construed as having something to do with the Argus article. Certainly minutes from our church leadership meetings are available to confirm my departure was a discussion topic months earlier. I’m happy to produce my school application, dated of course months before. And, I was asked by the church to delay my PhD program start by a year so there would be a better transition to a new pastor. They insist I preach when I come home. Fired?

    Now who’s making up crap purely out of hate and spite. You can talk to the AG yourself about people quoted in that article and hear it yourself.

    You are off topic in attacking me. The issue here is that Hillary is about winning, not Women.

    I forget, how many tens of millions have she and Bill received from countries – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc etc which have horrible human rights issues and oppression of women? Why is Hillary silent on Muslim treatment and teaching on women (and gays)???

    It’s true isn’t it, that Huma Abedin was the assistant EDITOR for a DECADE of the Journal of Muslin Minority Affairs which printed articles saying single and working moms should not be recognised as families? It also printed articles saying women are asking to be raped when they aren’t all covered up.

    The NYT last May interviewed 50 women about Trump in the private company of women:

    “What emerges from the interviews is a complex, at times contradictory portrait of a wealthy, well-known and provocative man and the women around him, one that defies simple categorization. Some women found him gracious and encouraging. He promoted several to the loftiest heights of his company, a daring move for a major real estate developer at the time. He simultaneously nurtured women’s careers and mocked their physical appearance.”

    Why doesn’t Hillary pay women on her staff more? Trump pays women 36% more.

  84. Steve Hickey

    The Pew study shows which outlets feed the political left and which feed the political right. If you are on the left you watch what feeds your point of view. You do so because you believe the outlets on the right are biased.

    Jerry, if you say it a few more times maybe it’ll be true especially if you say it and spit your spite at the same time.

  85. Steve Hickey

    It’s long past my bedtime. gn.

  86. Hickey, the article in the paper from Sioux Falls was very clear on what was said about you and the fact that you were not there to collect signatures. Why would so many signers say that you did not witness their signatures if that were not the case? Why would they lie? Simple answer is they did not, you did.

  87. mike from iowa

    Here is some grist for the rumour mill. Rev. Obama rilly is gay. See for yourself.

  88. Marty is about as believable as you are Hickey. Two peas in a pod, you both. Keep it up coming after an innocent person on a lie perpetuated by her husband and it just goes right back to the facts of your big fib. Ya got caught, pull on your big boy pants and stop bullying others with fabrications.

  89. Roger Cornelius

    Didn’t Dick Morris get canned by the Clinton campaign for spending campaign donations on hookers?

  90. Roger Cornelius

    Apparently Steve Hickey is too big to jail!

  91. Darin, I am sorry you are afraid and pessimistic. Rev. Hickey does not concern me at all…I’ll leave that to you and others. Here is what I would ask of you, although this political ad clearly identifies Trump’s terrible debasement of women (our mothers, our sisters, relatives and friends), do you really believe Hillary Clinton’s policies and priorities would protect them? I am not convinced Hillary Clinton has a core belief system anymore, and that really bothers me. I used to be a supporter of hers in 2008. Then, I steadfastly went against my corporate lawyer employers, because I believed that she truly wanted Universal Healthcare for all. I don’t think she wants that anymore, and I do not think she will fight for it at all. Her family will be okay, but will ours?

  92. Good one Roger C

  93. Roger Cornelius

    Steve Hickey

    I didn’t hear Bill Clinton repent or ask for forgiveness either.
    Truth to tell Steve, the only person Bill had to ask for forgiveness from was Hillary and he apparently did that since they are still together after all these years.

  94. bearcreekbat

    Leo, you ask “do you really believe Hillary Clinton’s policies and priorities would protect them?” (our mothers, our sisters, relatives and friends)

    Before I answer, can you identify the specific Hillary policies and priorities that you are asking about? Perhaps you know of some specific Hillary policies or priorities that we should be aware of before we should try to answer your question?

    And in contrast, what about Trump’s policies and priorities – which ones do you feel would either harm or protect women?

    As for whether Hillary Clinton has a core belief system anymore, what has she done or said to raise this doubt in your estimation?

  95. Darin Larson

    Leo, if anyone is going to get universal healthcare done in the next 8 years it is HRC. Trump will sign the bill overturning Obamacare and have no plan to replace it. He will cut the taxes of the wealthy instead of enacting jobs programs, education funding and help for working poor families like HRC. Trump will get us into trade wars which will not bring factory jobs back to the US, but will slow US and global growth and could spur the next Great Recession. Once he flushes our economy and the middle class down the tube with his policies and once people figure out all the promises of greatness are BS and that he doesn’t have a clue, Trump will start a war to distract from the fact that he is a miserable failure. Starting a war will be just like bankruptcy for him–a reset that doesn’t cost him anything and maybe gives him a chance for another term. He loves using other people’s money and he will use other people’s sons and daughters in the military to distract from his failed policies. We can only hope that he doesn’t get put into a corner where he thinks he needs to nuke someone to make himself look tough. He is going to find out quickly that his gut feelings have no relevance to solving complicated issues with no easy answers.

  96. It’s funny, Mr. Hickey, that each time you address the petition issue you never say, “I was there at the city council meeting, and I circulated the petition to the people who claim I wasn’t there. They were mistaken.” What you always say is, “I offered to take a lie detector test” (which are deemed too unreliable to be used in court either by the prosecution or defense), and “I wasn’t charged.” and “People (who are always unnamed in your telling) changed their stories.” Slippery. Slippery.

  97. Darin, Clinton said it herself: Some better idea (other than GOP Romneycare, aka, Obamacare) will never, ever come to pass. Now I know why you are afraid and pessimistic…you leader is too.

  98. Douglas Wiken

    Aren’t most issues that now relate to sexual rights and wrongs actually state issues that have next to nothing to do with any candidates for the presidency?

    Trump seems to be running for Comedian in Chief and Hillary as President for illegal aliens and women only. Neither of these seem to be winning strategies and perhaps explain both their low ratings in polls.

    Sad to say, somebody like the libertarian Gary Johnson? made as much or more sense today on Sabbath gasbag circuit as either Clinton or Trump.

  99. @Douglas Wiken, Of course, we only have to look at the National Mainstream Media and thank them for their disservice to democracy, and for their service to oligarchy. Open up the Presidential debates now! The League of Women Voters had it right. That organization took a stand and stated that they will not be party to committing fraud upon the American electorate. However, the RNC and DNC had no such values and so colluded to create the Commission of Presidential Debates. Now we have the farce to be perpetrated upon the American public on Monday night. Suddenly, I love football!

  100. Hillary Clinton reflects ambition, respect, and inclusiveness.

    Inclusiveness… like saying 1 in 5 Americans is irredeemable?

  101. I’m not a Hillary fan, but that is a very powerful commercial and will help her win the election. Every woman and young adolescent girl in this country can relate to the negative body images they have of themselves that society places on them.

    Trump would be further ahead if he wasn’t such a bully and had shut his mouth up.

  102. I’m not a Hillary fan either, but I welcome her one-term presidency over a Trump one-term presidency. And when the inevitable assassination attempt comes, her VP is mainstream as opposed to Trump’s wingnut radical VP.

  103. bearcreekbat

    mfi – your link’s writer is right on the money – thanks.

  104. Darin Larson

    Wayne B.– For the record, HRC called half of Trump supporters “deplorable”, not “irredeemable.” There is a difference. You can look it up.

    This is deplorable: “nearly three-quarters of Republicans who either don’t believe or doubt President Barack Obama was actually born in America, a figure that is so high in large part because of the efforts of Trump that go back to at least 2011.”

    Add up the polling results of Trump supporters who believe in “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or Islamophobic” ideas and you truly do have “a basket of deplorables.” If I was HRC, I would not have apologized for this statement. These people are not irredeemable, but their views are deplorable and need to be denounced by all citizens who hold America to a higher standard of values for humanity.

  105. Wayne, I can be an inclusive coach and welcome everyone on my debate team and still tell team members who are flipping people the bird from the back of the bus that their behavior is deplorable and needs to stop.

    I can also recognize that certain people are not going to flip and vote Dem. They are not going to shut off the Limbaugh/Fox/Breitbart/Harrison Bergeron headphones that zap honest, independent critical thinking right out of their heads. I can recognize that I don’t have time this election to drop a card off at the house flying the Stars and Bars and instead skip it and move on to the next house. But that’s a different sort of exclusiveness than the constant barrage of insulting and exclusive remarks Trump offers.

    Plus, when Clinton says “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic” rhetoric is “irredeemable” and un-American… well, she’s right. Her assessment of that behavior is honest. She does not harm my daughter when she says such things. Trump’s objectification and verbal abuse of women is obvious and appalling. Trump himself may be irredeemable in that regard. And Trump threatens my daughter with harm when he says such things.

  106. Darin Larson

    Wayne B.- My mistake–I see that later in the speech about the deplorables HRC did say that “some” of the “deplorables” are “irredeemable.” But let’s contrast HRC with the Trumpster. HRC says that some of the half of Trump supporters in the basket of deplorables are irredeemable, while the Trumpster says that Mexicans coming to America are rapists and criminals and he says that” some, I assume, are good people.”

    If you look at the two comments, HRC is saying that some people hold deplorable views and some lesser number of that group are irredeemable because of those views. Trump is saying that Mexicans that come to America are criminals and rapists and he assumes that some smaller subgroup are good people.

    Trump has been insulting and denigrating people throughout his political career and really throughout his life. The feigned outrage at one admitted generalization by HRC that was not that far off the mark of truth when you look at the polling is ridiculous. Equating HRC’s remarks with Trump’s is ridiculous.

  107. bearcreekbat

    Hickey says: “This is a post about women. Women say they were raped. But I get skewered for believing them and not the powerful man with the known and proven inability to keep his zipper up.”

    Great point Hickey – so do you believe this Plaintiff too?

    Or is she just a 13 year old slut lying?

  108. Darin Larson

    How about Trump logic: picking a woman for VP would have been pandering, according to Trump’s campaign manager.

  109. Darin, permit me to one-up you with Trump himself: Lester Holt asks Trump what’s up with his comment about Clinton not looking Presidential, and Trump ends up saying that Rosie O’Donnell deserved his sexist insults.

  110. Darin Larson

    The latest Trump disclosure is troubling, but not surprising, and it just confirms that he is a repugnant human being who needs help dealing with his misogynist feelings. He thinks his celebrity allows him to get away with sexual misconduct and he takes his marriage vows about as seriously as an alley cat. How evangelicals and anyone can back the likes of this scumbag is beyond my comprehension.