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Madison Still Celebrates Blackberry

Falling further down the Madison/LAIC rabbit hole, I notice the good old websiteDiscover the Unexpected!™—still advertises Madison’s tech-hipness by displaying a Blackberry with a stylus on its Events page:, Events page, retrieved 2023.09.05., Events page, retrieved 2023.09.05.

Folks still keeping track of their appointments on Blackberries—now that’s Unexpected!


  1. jerry 2023-09-05

    Next up, floppy disk days!! Woo woo.

  2. Eve Fisher 2023-09-05

    5″ or 3.5″, Jerry?

  3. John 2023-09-05

    South Dakota’s politicians, Regents, and university staffs need a good dose of the education of exponential transformative change, and it’s antithesis the exponential collapse of obsolete technologies.

    In virtually all the S-curves of exponential transformative change, South Dakota is solidified at the late adopter (last 10%ers) of the S-curve: electricity, the motor vehicle, the phone – then the cell phone, wind power, solar power, geothermal power, broadband, etc. This late adaption for change is a systemic cultural flaw that retards the South Dakota economy and the ingenuity of its citizens.

    Matt Ferrell explains exponential transformative change and its exponential S-curves of adoption using crops! and solar. It should be no shock that some of the initial observations came from Iowa via crop research and its adoption, or lack thereof. Tony Seba at ReThinkX, and others used the foundation of this work with their past 10-20 year projections of technology adoptions.
    Best 15 minutes of education you may have this year:

  4. Ska sunka 2023-09-05


    This means NOTHING regarding Dakota State. It simply means LAIC still uses a stock photo that it hasn’t thought about in years. Like those who complain about “liberal indoctrination” stop by campus some time and see for yourself. It might blow you away.

  5. grudznick 2023-09-05

    Get a grip on yourownself, Mr. John. grudznick despises the universities as much as the next fellow, but this is not their ad. Look to the Madison Town Board to unleash your criticism upon.

  6. P. Aitch 2023-09-05

    grudznick despises the universities as much as the next fellow,
    Universities are for the curious. AI is for the very curious.
    By the way, why do people despise?
    It is generally understood that this negative attitude towards universities arises from personal insecurities, lack of understanding, fear, and deep-rooted biases. – Common Knowledge

  7. Daniel Buresh 2023-09-05

    This isn’t the LAIC website. It is not a publicly owned website by any government entity or quasi-public-private entity. It is privately owned by a citizen in Madison and probably hasn’t been updated in 5-10 years.

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