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Anderson Recruiting Fellow Election Denier to Wreck Minnehaha County Elections

South Dakota War College usefully reports that election denier turned Minnehaha County Auditor Leah Anderson is hiring fellow election denier Mike Mathis to help destroy the integrity of elections in South Dakota’s largest county:

Had an interesting rumor from the field today from a tipster:

Minnehaha County Auditor Anderson has hired Mike Mathis (with SD Canvassing Group) as her new Elections Coordinator. She secured Mike a starting pay two pay classes higher than election previous coordinators. 

We’ll be able to confirm this pretty quickly as soon as it rolls through the County Commission so we can compare what the new coordinator is making in comparison to the old one. But the part that’s far more concerning is where Minnehaha County Auditor Leah Anderson is said to be using to tap for her talent.

Mathis… was active in the SD Canvassing group, where in the linked clip he was claiming that he has “no confidence” in the elections [Pat Powers, “Is SD Canvassing Group Being Put in Charge of Minnehaha County’s Elections by Auditor Leah Anderson?South Dakota War College, 2023.08.30].

Republicans will reap the fruits of electing fruitcakes next year when underqualified Anderson and her fellow conspiracist hires make a botch of counting ballots in the 2024 elections. Are you Republicans ready to repent by working hard for a candidate who’s actually willing and qualified to do the job instead of latching onto the conspiracy theory du jour?


  1. P. Aitch 2023-09-01

    In the style of F. Scott Fitzgerald ~
    Amidst opulence and decadence, a society consumed by victimhood emerges. Fragile egos and self-pity cascade through their veins, seeking solace in grievance. Each interaction tumbles into a performance of victimhood, as they relish in the attention bestowed upon them for their perceived injustices—a tragic waltz of entitlement and discontent.
    AI GENERATED ~ fully curated & edited by P. AItch

  2. John 2023-09-01

    Could we, will we please circumvent these election denying nuts through law suits to disenfranchise them from their constitutional positions via Section 3 of the 14th Amendment? I’ll donate to that suit. ACLU? Southern Poverty Law Center? Brennan Center for Justice?

    The quicker, more effectively that we the people put a silver cross through these vampires, the sooner that we return to civil governance. We have no obligation to tolerate their unconstitutional authoritarian quasi-criminal nonsense.

  3. Richard Schriever 2023-09-01

    P. Aitch; Your AI is one smart cookie.

  4. Scott Ehrisman 2023-09-01

    I am a little nervous about the upcoming city election in April. While the city does run it’s own election it uses the county to count the ballots. And while assistant city clerks Denise and Tamara are very capable of managing, it is Leah’s fingers in the process that worries me. We also just installed a new LEAD city clerk who does have election experience but on a much smaller scale in Boxelder. Tie that in with the ultra-right groups that are recruiting city council candidates and you could have yourself a mess. I highly suggest we have DOZENS of poll watchers that night watching them count the votes. This will also be Leah’s first election we will see how she handles a 5% voter turnout.

  5. P. Aitch 2023-09-01

    @Richard Schriever – She’s like a Lamborghini. Learning to drive her is a blast. She’s a prude, though but that’s ok.

  6. Dave Baumeister 2023-09-01

    I don’t know if the county commission is letting Anderson get away with her antics because they support those antics, or they know she will just end up hanging herself (As I respect our commissioners, I suspect the latter). Anderson and the South Dakota Canvassing wing-nuts would no doubt screw up tried and true election methods to elect Trump, who would have won the county and the state, anyway, under the regular system. Which means they will screw up how elections are done to accomplish nothing. There is empirical evidence that our elections are above board, because, if they were rigged, Anderson never would have beat auditor Ben Kyte in the last primary election (since the auditor “controls” the elections, and that is what they are complaining about). I need to start writing editorial for the DFP again!!!

  7. Jeff Barth 2023-09-02

    As an independently elected official the Commission can set her, the Auditor’s, budget to include how many employees she can hire but they can’t say who she can hire.

  8. Mike Zitterich 2023-09-03

    Patiots do not break the rules, we simply organize people to defend and keep to their oaths, the constitution, we are not causing harm to any American, we are not attacking anyone’s beliefs. We use the Constitutional and legal process of placing our men and women in positions of where we can get our own candidates elected, appointed, and installed into public offices, with the intent to enforce, and uphold the constitution itself, both the Federal and State Constitutions. Unlike Democrats, “WE” do not restrict any ones right to free speech, nor the right to review, audit, and hold the government accountable. We use the true power of the people to our advantage, in holding public meetings, conventions, and elections while restricting the process of electing and appointing public officials to ONLY “qualified” S.D Voters.

  9. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    You’re an Intel, aren’t you, Mr. Zitterich? Chauvinist and follower are synonyms of patriot.

  10. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    You’re an incel, aren’t you, Mr. Zitterich? Ever have a date with a woman in your life?

  11. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    The subculture is often characterized by deep resentment, hatred, hostility, sexual objectification, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity and self-loathing, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, blaming of women and the sexually successful for their situation (which is often seen as predetermined due to biological determinism, evolutionary genetics or a rigged game), a sense of futility and nihilism, rape culture, and the endorsement of sexual and nonsexual violence against women and sexually active people.

  12. jerry 2023-09-03

    Whoa, is mikey z the same ast Tim Scott from South Carolina? Or Lindsey Graham from South Carolina? hmm I wondered about that too….hmmm

  13. M 2023-09-03

    Wow Larry, you just described over half the people of S.D. It’s no longer a subculture here, it’s the majority. Even though our fearless leader, King Kristi, is a female, she hates women unless they tote a gun.

    This Mike Z makes me cringe….too many like him in Mobridge, where King Kristi and her women haters just zapped funding for family planning. Ironic when it’s called that, hmmmmm around here there are many fatherless homes and have been since the early 70’s when we made the state record. I’m sure Mike Z has sowed some oats and abandoned a few kids. It’s the S.D. way and perhaps the patriot way.

    This attack on democracy must be the patriot way as well. The defenders of democracy need louder voices and more of them to straighten S.D. out. She is sinking very quickly under King Kristi into a less family friendly state and more dangerous for women and children. We are a border town where too many go missing.

  14. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    It was suspected some time ago but it’s becoming increasingly clear why Mr. Zitterich has such an affinity for other incels like Jason Ravnsborg.

  15. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    Incels James Holmes, Eric Rudolph, Jared Loughner, Wade Michael Page, Eric Frein, Stephen Paddock, Anders Breivik, Nickolas Cruz, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, Payton Gendron and Salvadore Ramos now Mike Lee Zitterich?

  16. grudznick 2023-09-03

    Mr. Zitterich, like Mr. Krause, is indeed on the spectrum.

  17. larry kurtz 2023-09-03

    Mr. and Mrs. Pat Powers have a slew of kids on the spectrum, right grud?

  18. e platypus onion 2023-09-03

    and hold the government accountable, my ass! You haven’t said a bad word about the worst criminal ever to disgrace the White House, donald j drumpf. Your bragged on honesty is worthless.

  19. grudznick 2023-09-03

    Mr. onion, to your north, not in Iowa from whence you hail, there is a prison riot. The liberal policies exploded into riots behind the walls. They say it is headed south. Beware. the policies Mr. Trump is causing in the prisons.

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