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Monae Johnson’s Panel Doesn’t Discuss Funding County Election Audits

Secretary of State Monae Johnson’s summer study on election integrity appears to have wrapped up its third and final meeting without discussing much of substance, including how to reimburse counties for responding to all the right-wing freak-outery about false or projectionist claims of election fraud:

Mike Buckingham of Rapid City, a former legislator, said he would be involved again in the next step as a state Elections Board member, when the proposed rules are presented for the board’s formal approval, possibly in September.

“There’s a lot of work left to do,” Buckingham said. He noted what wasn’t discussed: The new law says the Secretary of State Office is responsible for reimbursing counties. “That to me is a big question yet. I think when it comes to Pennington County versus Hand County there’s going to be a big difference,” he said [Bob Mercer, “South Dakota’s Post-Election Audits Group Finishes Work,” KELO-TV, 2023.08.22].

Election deniers like Monae Johnson are great at making noise about imaginary problems, but they are terrible at coming up with real solutions and real money to take pay for the election audits they say we so desperately need.


  1. Mark B 2023-08-23

    Well said, Cory!

  2. Dicta 2023-08-23

    Is there anyone that thinks she has done a good job thus far? Sane people think she’s a loon and election deniers think she hasn’t done enough to stop… whatever it is they want stopped.

  3. Donald Pay 2023-08-23

    It makes sense to do some randomized audits of election equipment after each general election. Wisconsin does this, and pays for the expenses counties have as they do the audits. It’s important to note that it is NOT a full audit, which would be massively expensive, and not necessary. It is randomized by the various equipment used in elections by various clerks offices. You want to make sure the equipment is working to specifications. Of course, it’s extra-work for election folks, but the state pays for it. Local election officials catch most of what passes for “voter fraud,” which amounts to a few cases each election.

  4. Jake Kammerer 2023-08-23

    Dicta; those ‘election deniers’ and believers in “The Big Lie” will only be satisfied when just the GOP Republicans are authorized to vote in
    this (and some other red) states. Allowing and encouraging a “free exchange” of ideas among society is always to be discouraged or threatened by the MAGA crowd. Only pay attention to what the “idol” (like the biblical “Golden Calf”) has to say in his tweets and to his crowd
    at rallies intended to gain more $$$ for his lawyers and defense. Shame, shame, shame.

  5. All Mammal 2023-08-23

    How are we going to stop her when she subverts the will of the majority so she can seize glory for her Heavenly Father/Husband/God in her selfish divine mission?

    The poor persecuted Conservative Christian complex can justify the usurp of individual rights by any means necessary. That includes steal-lie-cheat-kill. All in the name of shaming slvts.

    ‘Those women deserve to be forced to have that baby. It’s her own fault and she should have to deal with her consequences. I love babies and don’t give a damn. I’m a good Christian.’

    I am curious how the Aglowing SOS will get the vote tally she wants when our amendment and initiatives are counted. My money is leaning towards her just turning them to ashes in a dumpster fire with her cackling Aglow sisterhood.

  6. Dicta 2023-08-23

    To be honest, she seems radioactive now. I don’t see her doing much of anything other than some impotent flailing that she may fail to even accomplish, given her reticence to apparently do much of substance. The established names are keeping her at arms length at best. Thank god she is so damn incompetent, as a person with her beliefs with a modicum of ability would do a lot of damage.

  7. Arlo Blundt 2023-08-23

    I believe most errors occur when the voter puts the ballot in the machine “wrong side up” and somehow manages to have it pass through.

  8. Dave Spier 2023-08-23

    Continuing the one and done streak in the SD SOS office.

  9. grudznick 2023-08-23

    How do we know that’s really how to spell Monae? I think she’s making that up.

  10. All Mammal 2023-08-24

    Doing some vetting on our new SOS revealed many disturbing insights into who the SOS is as a woman. And therefore, who we are as a state.

    During a SD Right to Life speaking engagement, Ms. Johnson shared her great love of the Lord and her hobby of adopting babies who are enrolled in SD tribes. She also explained her calling to stop women and girls from having abortions and recalled her mother hanging up a photo of a reciprocal filled up with aborted remnants… on the kitchen refrigerator in her home when she was a child. I couldn’t listen any further than that.

    The current SOS is officially a card
    carrying member of a Fetus Fetish Cult!

  11. P. Aitch 2023-08-24

    Thanks All Mammal – Such a small population for so many extremists.

  12. leslie 2023-08-24

    National American University Holding Inc – >10% Owner (02/24/2011)

    (much like Trump University imo)

    Robert D. Buckingham, Carriage Hills Dr RCSD and also now Surprise AZ, the most prestigious, wealthy, old time Fox-a-Holic Republican in western SD, and…

    … father of Mike Buckingham, election board member.

    I guess we can thank SD’s more rational beauty queen, Ferris Bueller’s gf Sloane Peterson (00:00:28, I mean, what ever her name is … (Cory will know), for putting the Richest Most Conservative West River Republican on our state election board to protect the little people trying to vote to free SD from GOP’s lock, neutering Linda Lea (if the Judge is still there) and replacing the Republican, though intelligent and experienced, Mitch LaFluer Esq. (my jhs pal). Shantel Krebs, thats it!

    Geez, back to the Duhamels and Buckinghams ruling west river!

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