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Frye-Mueller Anti-Doctor, Anti-Science Crusade Fails

In another predictable defeat for censured Senator Julie Frye-Mueller’s whackdoodlery, Senate Health and Human Services rejected Frye-Mueller’s attempt to play doctor on opioid prescriptions. Wednesday the committee heard Senate Bill 122, which would have limited opioid prescriptions and told doctors what to say to patients about those drugs. Real health care providers told the committee to fry this bill:

“Why can’t a little extra time be taken in the doctor’s office when a life is at stake?” Frye-Meuller said.

Opponents included Sanford Health and Avera Health, and the South Dakota Pharmacists and State Medical associations.

Opponents took issue with, among other text in the bill, a part that says, “a person receiving treatment for substance abuse, including opiate or opioid abuse” is excused from the rules in the legislation.

“This would seem to allow someone who is suffering from addiction issues, from these substances, to be able to bypass any of the protections set forward in this bill,” said Mitch Rave, a lobbyist with Sanford Health [Joshua Haiar, “Attempt to Block Covid Vaccines from Required School Immunizations Fails in Committee,” South Dakota Searchlight, 2023.02.15].

Senate Health and Human Services killed SB 122 on a 7–0 vote. The committee gave similar treatment to SB 125, Frye-Mueller’s attempt to strip the Department of Health from adding to the vaccines required to attend school, including coronavirus vaccines. Proponent testimony for this anti-science bushwah revealed that District 8 voters managed to avoid electing another anti-vaccine nut who thinks Googling makes her smarter than public health professionals:

Proponent testimony included members of the public who said they have done their own research about vaccines – like Heather DeVries of Madison, who thinks no new vaccines should be mandated. She said the internet has enough information to ensure parents make the right choice about immunizations.

“We have the ability to research them because we have the internet,” DeVries said. “We have a voice to say ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ it’s our choice” [Haiar, 2023.02.15].

DeVries ran against incumbent Noem appointee and Schoenbeck lapdog Casey Crabtree in the District 8 primary last year. Despite radical right-wing Representative Scott Odenbach’s investment of $1,000 in DeVries’s campaign, Crabtree creamed the political unknown 79% to 21%. I don’t usually celebrate the GOP establishment tools that my friends back in Madison like electing, but in this case, District 8 voters avoided electing a Frye-Muellerian regressive, so good work, District 8!


  1. Nick Nemec 2023-02-17

    Someone needs to tell DeVries and other anti-science types that doing a Google search and looking a a couple websites that reinforce your view is not research. Research is setting up double blind studies involving hundreds or even thousands of patients and carefully analysing the results.

  2. leslie 2023-02-17

    We live in a traumatized society and Trump and other unqualified and incompetant “wacksdoodles” are an example of “this what happens when you ….” *

    Everyone who is traumatized is self-dealing with their own mental health issues. When we have one political party that usurps power and acts on it, we see January 6, Faux News, William Barr, Kevin McCarthy, George Santos, Rep. Greene, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and Rush Limbaugh. Imagine Rush Limbaugh being faux-honored for his toxicity with the nation’s highest Medal of Freedom.

    Besides mockery, we also get doomsday preppers with guns and ammunition who eventually are either arrested under red flag laws, or shoot thousands of rounds of automatic weapons fire into a concert audience in Las Vegas. Cops too, are traumatized, cloaked in great power, can and do kill anyone who crosses them. Like George Floyd.

    So what do we do? We laugh.

    And we stop electing wackadoodles into positions of power, No matter what Republicans say and no matter what Fox News says. “We “build local movements while simultaneously being part of a worldwide force that seeks to overthrow race-based police brutality and hierarchies of racial inequality and to achieve the total liberation of Black People.”

    Our 10% of SD’s population, our neighbors, see this vividly every day.

    * The Big Lebowski

  3. Richard Schriever 2023-02-17

    Oh, come on Nick. You know the standard “conservative” response to such a suggestion would be that yours are the remarks of an elitist, “over-educated, college boy” and not worthy of anything other to their hard-working grievance-laden commoner’s scorn.

  4. leslie 2023-02-17

    Which political party?


    The Wackadoodles.

    POTUS said to the invited audience before the screening: “That’s why we can’t just choose to learn what we want to know and we have to learn what we should know. We should know everything about our history. And that’s the — great nations do. Great nations. And we’re a great nation.”

    From ‘Birth of a Nation’ to ‘Till’: Confronting Racism in the White House Screening Room
    “History matters,” President Biden said before showing a movie about Emmett Till, whose murder galvanized the civil rights movement.

    Historical archives show “…an unserved 1955 arrest warrant for Carolyn Bryant, listed on that document as “Mrs. Roy Bryant […in the filed …] suit last week against … the current Leflore County sheriff, seeking to compel [service of the] the warrant on Bryant, who now goes by Carolyn Bryant Donham after remarrying.

    Till had traveled from Chicago to visit relatives in Mississippi in August 1955. Donham accused him of making improper advances on her at a grocery store in the small community of Money. A cousin of Till who was there has said Till whistled at the woman, an act that flew in the face of Mississippi’s racist social codes of the era.

    Evidence indicates a woman, possibly Donham, identified Till to the men who later killed him. The arrest warrant against Donham was publicized in 1955, but the county sheriff at the time told reporters he didn’t want to “bother” her since she was raising two young children.

    Weeks after Till’s body was found in a river, Roy Bryant, Donham’s first husband, and his half-brother J.W. Milam were tried for murder and acquitted by an all-white jury. Months later, the men confessed in a paid interview with Look magazine.

  5. Loren 2023-02-17

    Doctor: “I have an undergrad degree, a medical school diploma, an internship and residency in this specialty.”
    Me: “Yah, well, Alexa said…”

  6. Mark Anderson 2023-02-17

    Well boys and girls and everyone in between, sheriff’s are now constitutional scholars and legislatures are the new doctors. Pretty soon your doctors won’t have to wear a pesky mask when they operate on you. Freedom lives

  7. grudznick 2023-02-17

    Ms. Frye-Mueller is c-c-ca-carazy and a giant whackdoolerie-doer. Insaner than most. grudznick is embarrassed she represents the District Numbered 30.

  8. Bob Newland 2023-02-17

    The rest of us are embarrassed grudznutz claims residency here.

  9. Bonnie B Fairbank 2023-02-17

    I agree with you, Bob. I’ve not been here recently because there are worthier causes than insane and slimy SD HBs, SBs and voters, and I don’t have to put up with grudznutz. My modest cash contributions are going to women’s reproductive rights.

  10. grudznick 2023-02-17

    Right on, Ms. Fairbank. grudznick is a huge supporter of women’s reproductive rights.

  11. Bob Newland 2023-02-17

    Prove it, grudz, you miserable POS.

  12. Mark Anderson 2023-02-17

    Come on folks grudz is grudz, live with it. I would love to have a conversation at Mollie Malones at happy hour with the man. Breakfast is too early for me.

  13. Bob Newland 2023-02-17

    Thing is, grudz is not grudz. Grudz is a POS.

  14. Nick Nemec 2023-02-18

    Who is grudz?

  15. grudznick 2023-02-18

    Hi Nick. I am.

    So are your neighbors and friends. If you look around, you may find many grudznicks amongst your family and friends. Some blog here, no doubt, as grudznick.

  16. Nick Nemec 2023-02-20

    “I am Spartacus”

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