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Adelstein: South Dakota Deserves Better Than Noem’s Bullying and Lies

Another former Republican legislator wants Jamie Smith in and Kristi Noem out. Stanford Adelstein, who represented Rapid City in the Legislature from 2001 through 2006 and from 2009 through 2012 (and who also spends good money to support Dakota Free Press), urges all South Dakotans to replace Noem with a real leader:

South Dakota deserves better than being kicked around by Noem’s cronies who care nothing for us. We deserve TRUE leadership that is representative of our South Dakota values.

We can show Noem that all her bullying and out-of-state money can’t buy our election. We can vote her OUT on Nov. 8 [Stanford Adelstein, “How Low Will She Go Noem’s Campaign Attack Ad Smears Respected Community Leader, Shows Lack of Decency,” South Dakota Standard, 2022.10.20].

Adelstein’s endorsement of Smith is far from the first time Adelstein has troubled his party leadership. Adelstein spoke out for Noem’s Democratic opponent, Billie Sutton, in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign.

Adelstein bases his missive against Noem on one of her numerous attack ads, this one featuring a 2020 Twitter pic that Smith posted of himself with Black Lives Matter protestors in Sioux Falls on May 31, 2020, that Team Noem manipulates to make Smith look like he supported violence that broke out in the Empire Mall parking lot in Sioux Falls after that peaceful protest. Another Sioux Falls man in the photo, Vaney Hariri, asked the Noem campaign to remove his image from the ad, as he did not consent to the use of this public photo by the Noem campaign.

Hariri has not consented to my use of this public photo on Dakota Free Press, either, but I post this public photo along with the video showing Noem’s use of this public photo so readers may compare the images and draw their own conclusions:

Rep. Jamie Smith, tweet, 2020.05.31.
Rep. Jamie Smith, tweet, 2020.05.31.

Adelstein concludes that Noem chose this photo for her ad as an unsubtle racist smear meant to appeal to her fearful apartheidist base:

Again! What did Mr. Hariri do to deserve this attack? He had his photo taken with Jamie Smith, who attended the event with an expression of caring and concern about the people he wants to represent. Yet many people have taken photos with Jamie, and Noem doesn’t feature them in disturbing ads.

What, specifically, about Mr. Hariri merited having his image in an attack ad, then zoomed in — to make sure we didn’t miss it? Hmmm [Adelstein, 2022.10.20].

The major point is not the use of the photo but the racist lie Noem tells for political advantage. Smith and Hariri did not participate in or promote violence on May 31, 2020, in Sioux Falls. Smith and Hariri stood up for justice and equality along with millions of Americans who were outraged at deadly police violence against minorities while Kristi Noem stuck her head in the sand and told Black Lives Matter protestors to shut up. Kristi Noem now tries to portray Smith, Hariri, and anyone else who speaks up for justice and equality as dangerous extremists instead of concerned neighbors who want to make South Dakota a better place for everybody.

And in this case, that point is being made by a former Republican Senator who recognizes that South Dakota would be better off with a Democratic Governor who cares about all South Dakotans.


  1. sx123 2022-10-21 08:09

    About that “Extreme Jamie Smith: Endangering Families” video…

    Vaccine ‘mandates’ endanger families? Krisit, this is getting old. It’s also getting tiring emphasizing the fact that all kinds of vaccines are already ‘mandated’ for kids to attend public school. Why? because they _reduce_ family endangerment. Life isn’t as simple as just running a state as a free for all.

    I cannot name one thing that the Noem administration has done for South Dakota that is of any positive significance.

    Can someone, preferably on Team Noem and not a farmer/rancher, enlighten me? I mean, I want an example of something real, not ‘keeping the state open’ during covid. How much has business activity and general wellbeing improved during her term? Do South Dakotans now work together better? Stuff like that…

    Maybe she’s a great governor. I can’t tell. If she is, 1) you should have no problem providing examples. and 2) I shouldn’t even need to ask for examples.

  2. CJ Ryan 2022-10-21 10:15

    I am a registered Republican and I will not be voting for Kristi Noem. I find her political ads against Jamie Smith dishonest and dirty politics. I watched several of Jamie Smith’s discussions on TV and he did not say what Noem is twisting the ads to have voters believe was said. Voters need to research Noem’s time as SD Governor to understand the job she has done for our state. In my opinion, Kristi Noem falls very short of what a good Governor should be. Don’t just blindly vote republican, do your research before voting.

  3. All Mammal 2022-10-21 11:28

    Noem and Thune are deranged. According to Ranch Radio :

    Noem’s ad is as racist as one of those old Reefer Madness films. Why is BLM dangerous to be affiliated with? The woman kicks up her boots with SEDITIONISTS and SEXUAL PREDATORS* for god’s sake! She is the one endangering our daughters and sons and our precious Earth. She is the one putting our grannies and grandpappies to death in hellholes. She is the one risking our few, hardworking caregivers and educators. She is the one battering our LGBTQ juveniles. She is the one granting herself gifts on slave labor. She is the one hoarding gwop money for evil Tzars. She is not letting up on our working families, using them as her cash cow to show off to her cat face ‘friends’ in higher places. She is dangerous and watch closely to whatever she accuses Rep. Smith of in her diabolical campaign ads because I can prove so far her accusations are exactly what she is up to her neck in.

    *Trump, Lewandowski, Herbster, Walker….

  4. Jake 2022-10-21 14:32

    Thank you, Stan Adelstein, for being one of the very, very few South Dakota Republicans (popular or unpopular, known well or not so well) with enough courage to speak up against this erstwhile governess. Why is it so hard for a Republican to admit one “of theirs” is a ‘clown show’ in action-like Noem or Herschel Walker and about 287 others (GOP) this year running on the basis of “The Big Lie?” Yet, we will see after Nov. 8th how many Republicans across America would vote for ending our democracy as we know it –just because they could vote Republican,.
    I guess that’s why Trump chose to run as a Republican and then completely take control of that Party because it’s “Big Tent” was swelling out the sides full of those who didn’t want to face hard choice decisions, only had to vote R or D. So simple minded and trusting. Nizon, Trump, and others we all know of too well.
    Again, thanks Stan. You and John Tsitrian are 2 patriotic Americans. Like Cheney and Kenzinger.

  5. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-10-21 18:17

    Frankly, South Dakota voters (mostly MAGA Reptilians West River) DO deserve Noem’s bullying and lies. They’re too stupid to vote in their self interest and are so scared their Scandinavian and German sprogs might attend a school with “those – you know, NOT OUR KIND, Rebecca” (overheard in the Hot Springs Public Library last August.)
    This makes me homicidal. If I can’t escape drooling, idiotic, racist, and evil people in the library, what am I supposed to do?

  6. John A Raap 2022-10-21 19:13

    So very, very well eloquently said. Our state truly needs a leader with at least some common sense. Noem has not demonstrated any of that in the last 4 years. Thank you for your article and support of Smith.

  7. larry kurtz 2022-10-21 19:31

    It’s important to remember that Stan Adelstein has absolutely nothing to lose by urging voters to jettison Mrs. Noem. His conscience is clear, he’s South Dakota’s second richest man and if he isn’t in Scottsdale by now he will be soon before the unending strings of below zero days set in.

    Y’all should flee South Dakota while you still can.

  8. All Mammal 2022-10-21 23:30

    I have some home cooked stink bombs brewing for special occasions, BB Fairbanks. I am scared of them. I believe they are military grade by now… just sayin. Oh! I also make a mean fake snot. Spray a little dry lube, slap down some fake snot, whoop whoop whoop bonk! Just like a cartoon on an oil slick. Best to have a good vantage point with binoculars for that one. There’s more where that came from. Why would we want to go elsewhere when we have all these ripe Rebeccas right here? No harm, extremely foul.

  9. Joe 2022-10-22 01:20

    I’ve known Stan Adelstein my entire life – went to school with his kids and our parents were friends. He’s a smart guy and doesn’t suffer fools and phonies.

  10. M 2022-10-22 07:41

    Why did the first woman governor of S.D. have to be such a Sarah Palin minus the glasses? Noem has even won a slap in the face characterization on Saturday Night Live. She’s an embarrassment to women, this state, and to the human race.

    Hillary Clinton is despised by Republicans because she’s assertive, effective, and highly intelligent. History will show that she has been the most qualified PERSON to ever run for president of this back ward country.

    Instead, Noem who is an aggressive gun slinging moron with no business being involved in politics is admired by the people I am surrounded by. Nobody can change stupid unless stupid wants to be changed. Dummy everything down and have an uneducated electorate and that’s the great makings for another Noem come back.

    Maybe I should not use stupid or dumb, could be ignorance for those who don’t know better. However, S.D. will never change with the lunatics running the nut house.

  11. grudznick 2022-10-22 21:55

    grudznick’s good friend Mr. Stan, who lines in the woods these days, is far from a true Republican. He’s at best a moderate Democrat. But golly he has hosted some raging parties at his big house on the hill, eh Stan?

  12. grudznick 2022-10-22 22:10

    Mr. Jake, grudznick is just like Cheney. Not the pretty young lady, the daddy.

  13. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-10-23 07:36

    Noem’s entire term as governor has been marked primarily by deception. She pretends to be doing great things while her record consists mostly of not doing things, either by unwillingness to act—i.e., not responding to coronavirus sensibly, not supporting repeal of the food tax—or inability to execute—failing to get bills through the Legislature. SX123 above is correct—Noem has no lasting achievements of which she can rightfully brag. Noem has also consistently deceived us about her focus, pretending to be governor while focusing more on her national aspirations. Noem has consistently tried to keep secrets—hiding her travel schedule, trying to stifle the GAB ethics investigations of her nepotism and plane use. Her lies in her ad about Jamie Smith and Vaney Hariri are just another part of her great gob of self-serving deception.

  14. M 2022-10-23 07:37

    Very poorly worded opinion grudz. You didn’t finish the 2nd sentence. It should read…Not the pretty young lady, the ugly old daddy. Or it should have read Not the young one but the daddy. If you’re going to be descriptive of one, do so with the other. Now I can visualize what you look like. Tip those waitresses more for having to put up with the likes and looks of you for breakfast.

  15. mike from iowa 2022-10-23 08:49

    Did Grudzilla just admit to shooting a lawyer in the face, just like Dick Cheney? And commit treason?

  16. grudznick 2022-10-23 09:03

    Indeed, you would think the gruesome visage of grudznick darkening the entryway of a breakfasting joint would cause some to recoil, but instead they cheer and welcome my patronage.

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