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Tyson Pulls 500 Jobs from Dakota Dunes to Consolidate Corporate Ops at Arkansas HQ

South Dakota’s “strongest economy in the nation” is apparently too much for Tyson Foods. The world’s second-biggest meat-maker is “building its future” by shutting down corporate offices in Dakota Dunes, Downers Grove, and Chicago and moving all of its corporate workers to world HQ in Springdale, Arkansas:

Metro Sioux City is losing about 500 white-collar jobs as a result of Tyson Foods’ plan to close its offices in Dakota Dunes.

…All of the approximately 500 employees in Dakota Dunes will be eligible for assistance to relocate to Northwest Arkansas, company spokesman Derek Burleson said. Those who chose to stay will be eligible for severance, with packages determined on an individual basis, he said.

The relocations, scheduled to be completed in phases, will begin in early 2023 [Dave Dreeszen, “Tyson Foods to Shutter Dakota Dunes Offices, Costing Metro Sioux City About 500 White-Collar Jobs,” Sioux City Journal, 2022.10.05].

Tyson workers who choose to give up the splendor of tax-free Dakota Dunes will pay Arkansas state income tax of 2.0% to 5.5%. Arkansas also levies a corporate income tax of 1.0% to 5.9%, which somehow hasn’t pushed Tyson to move its HQ from Arkansas to South Dakota. Evidently the Arkansas state income tax doesn’t stop Tyson from enjoying “closer collaboration… team member agility and… faster decision making“:

“Tyson’s diverse portfolio of products and brands provides us with an unmatched strategic advantage to serve our customers,” said Donnie King, President & CEO, Tyson Foods. “Bringing our talented corporate team members and businesses together under one roof unlocks greater opportunities to share perspectives and ideas, while also enabling us to act quickly to solve problems and provide the innovative products solutions that our customers deserve and value.”

Tyson is also announcing the expansion of Tyson’s world headquarters, which will include indoor and outdoor spaces designed to foster collaboration, connection and creativity. It will also include a number of features to enrich Tyson Foods team members’ work experience by accelerating change and innovation through diverse and dynamic spaces including state-of-the-art technology [Tyson Foods, press release, 2022.10.05].

In June, WalletHub ranked Arkansas 43rd for economic strength. On that same scale, South Dakota ranks 37th.

Tyson suits who don’t want to go south could consider driving north on I-29 to Sioux Falls and applying to push paper at the impending Wholestone Farms pig plant. The ad hoc butcher shop probably won’t need much management, but in a couple years, Wholestone will probably need a couple dozen office staff to manage its wiener operations.

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  1. Joe 2022-10-06 12:34

    Whatever one has to say about the corporations headquartered in NW Arkansas (and there’s a lot to say), their presence has induced educated folks from all over the globe to move there, spinning off cultural, shopping, educational amenities far superior to anything in Sioux City (or Sioux Falls, for that matter). It’s a lovely setting in the foothills of the Ozarks too.

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