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Kristi and Corey Featured in New Diehl Massachusetts Campaign Video

Massachusetts Republican gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl had the good sense to delete from his Facebook page a picture of Kristi Noem and Corey Lewandowski together outside a Boston pizzeria during her most recent known cross-country campaign excursion on August 12. But then the knucklehead leaves the Kristi-Corey shots in his endorsed by Noem video:

Geoff Diehl campaign, "Diehl for MA - Thank You Kristi Noem," campaign video posted 2022.08.26; screen cap at timestamp 0:58.
Corey Lewandowski (blue blazer, white shirt, right side of photo) has some sense… [Geoff Diehl campaign, “Diehl for MA – Thank You Kristi Noem,” campaign video posted 2022.08.26; screencap at timestamp 0:58].
Geoff Diehl campaign, "Diehl for MA - Thank You Kristi Noem," campaign video posted 2022.08.26; screen cap at timestamp 0:59.
…of when he needs to get out of the picture. [Diehl, 2022.08.26, screencap 0:59].
Geoff Diehl campaign, "Diehl for MA - Thank You Kristi Noem," campaign video posted 2022.08.26; screen cap at timestamp 1:04.
Corey, as he stares at the ground: I’ve been coaching Kristi for three years, and she sounds as boring and bored as the day I met her. I wonder what Leah here is doing after the show… [Diehl, 2022.08.26, screencap 1:04].
There was no sign of Lewandowski serving as another brick in Noem’s man-wall at Golf Addiction in Sioux Falls last night. but she was on Fox this morning trying to blow kisses to Corey and their guy in Florida while gazing coldly through Steve Doocy’s doubt-casting on Il Duce’s mishandling of top-secret documents. (Noem said only three words that were accurate and relevant: “…I don’t know…”—the rest was parroting the party excuses for criminal activity and peddling the idea that the FBI planted documents at Trump’s resort.)


  1. larry kurtz 2022-08-31 14:09

    When they wear matching blazers, blouses and bloomers like that it might make a cynical observer wonder whether they’re wearing matching thongs.

  2. Arlo Blundt 2022-08-31 14:24

    Governor Noem is as big, and as committed a Trump supporter as the Incredible Rudy. Her loyalty knows no boundary.

  3. P. Aitch 2022-08-31 15:30

    It’s a thing, ‘ya know. #grins
    August 17, 2022 BOSTON, Mass. – On Wednesday, Geoff Diehl, the Republican party’s officially-endorsed candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, publicly rejected an invitation from the Boston Globe’s editorial board to “interview” for the paper’s endorsement. “I’m not going to waste time participating in a charade with one of the most liberal newspapers in the nation,”…

  4. jim 2022-08-31 15:39

    She is accused in the press of having a personal relationship with an abusive and obnoxious Corey Lewandowski, cuts him loose and then rehires him? Or is it – he is doing this for “free”?

    How does she explain this to her family? To her staff?

    This is so weird.

  5. Jad 2022-08-31 15:56

    Her family has been absent from all campaign materials that I have seen. Makes me wonder if all is well within the family.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-08-31 16:06

    I wonder if they played charades at that billionaire’s house after the fundraiser, and if so, on whose team Noem played.

  7. grudznick 2022-08-31 16:38

    They’re saying in that Sioux Falls newspaper…I think it’s still a newspaper…that Ms. Noem put her mom on the Twitter. I don’t understand how she can do that, it’s like saying “grudznick put Mr. Gibilisco on the blogs and then took him off.”

  8. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-08-31 17:03

    Grudz, click the link I gave. It shows the video with mom that Kristi put on Twitter.

    I’ve never put my family on my campaign websites. I prefer candidates not try to make their family members campaign props. I notice the front page of Noem’s website does not show her family members. I see Trump, Ben Carson, Larry Rhoden, and lots of Kristi in western garb, but no Bryon or the kids. Noem’s About page keeps family details minimal and tied to messaging: “Nothing, however, exceeds Governor Noem’s dedication to raising her three children Kassidy, Kennedy and Booker with her husband, Bryon. All have a deep love for their family and an even deeper love for the Lord. The prosperity of South Dakota is important to her for the same reason it’s important to everyone else in the state – it’s home.” But no family pictures there, either, just Trump, Carson, and cowgirl garb again.

  9. mike from iowa 2022-08-31 17:28

    Magats claim they want to be in the big leagues then turn around and only accept nerf ball queries from magat sources. You won’t learn a thing from Fake Noise interviews of magat candidates.

  10. jerry 2022-08-31 17:32

    Wonder if NOem’s ma got paid for the act.

  11. Loti 2022-08-31 19:38

    Radio says shes the darling of the republican party.

  12. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-08-31 20:25

    Who among us can ever forget @govkristinoem’s righteous Twitter statement in re: Corey Lewandowski and Las Vegas
    “These rumors are total garbage and a disgusting lie. These old, tired attacks on conservative women are based on a falsehood we can’t achieve anything without a man’s help.
    I love Byron. I’m proud of the God-fearing family we’ve raised together. Now I’m getting back to work.”
    12:21 PM – Sep 29, 2021

    Totally catty of me, but it’s ALSO time for Grandma Kristi to get adult, serious hair, stop with the pouty lips and facial fillers, retire the Gypsy earrings, quit emulating the Kardashian hoes, and generally act and LOOK like an adult instead of pandering to the adolescent fantasies of male South Dakota voters.

    Jeez. Did I type this out loud?

  13. Curt 2022-08-31 21:27

    Bonnie hit the mark with that one.
    But please, let’s put some bucks in Jamie’s pocket to knock down this ridiculous BS about him allegedly voting to confiscate guns. Jamie Smith is a good man and he needs our help – NOW!

  14. Bonnie B Fairbank 2022-08-31 21:39

    Curt – I’ve contributed to Smith’s campaign, and should have done so sooner.
    Please, all of you that can do so, heed Curt’s advice.

  15. Curt 2022-08-31 21:44

    Please read Dr Newquist’s post entitled (cleverly) “American Lesion”. On my screen, it’s conveniently offered as a link in the column to the right under “Blog Roll: Mostly Political”, as “Northern Valley Beacon”. Put it in the time capsule.

  16. mike from iowa 2022-09-01 08:30

    Creepy Noem and her pervert campaign adviser have their own “New Diehl” cooking for Fascist America?

  17. mike from iowa 2022-09-01 08:46

    Quick OT bit of good news…. for the first time in history, Alaska will be represented in Congress by a Native American and proud Democrat. Best news is Palin will not be the Coingress varmint. She lost again.

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