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Dusty: More Justices on Supreme Court Bad; More Nazis in U.S. Military Not a Problem

Dusty’s fishing trip to the Great White North sounded spiritual, but it didn’t screw his head back on straight. South Dakota’s lone Congressman came back to Washington to holler for a Constitutional amendment to cap the number of Supreme Court justices at nine:

U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson’s proposed constitutional amendment to limit the number of justices on the Supreme Court failed to gain consideration in the House on Wednesday.

The bill, H.J.Res.11 or “Keep the Nine,” was Johnson’s first bill of the 117th Congress in January 2021.

…“This attempt to pack the court is all about power,” Johnson said. “It’s all about getting the kinds of decisions that the House majority wants.”

…“If we can just put into the Constitution to keep the nine, we will be able to somewhat insulate the court from the most corrosive political maneuvering that this body is capable of,” he said [Jordan Rusche, “House Rejects Johnson Bill to Prevent Adding More Justices to US Supreme Court,” SDPB Radio, 2022.07.14].

Sure, Dusty, because Republican political maneuvering—refusing to allow President Obama to name Merrick Garland to the Court under the pretense that the President can’t name judges nine months before an election, then rushing to confirm Trump’s gal Amy Coney Barrett to the Court one month before the election—isn’t a corrosive power play at all.

While Dusty is keenly worried about Democrats packing the Court, he’s not worried about white supremacists packing the military:

The House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to improve transparency about the ongoing problem of white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the military and federal law enforcement. Every single Republican present voted no.

The party-line vote was 218-208 in favor of an amendment sponsored by Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL) to “direct the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of Defense to publish a report that analyzes and sets out strategies to combat White supremacist and neo-Nazi activity in the uniformed services and Federal law enforcement agencies not later than 180 days after enactment and every six months thereafter.”

…Extremism is a real problem in the military. But Republican lawmakers have opposed even talking about the issue, suggesting that doing so is an attack on servicemembers and veterans [Josh Israel, “House Republicans Vote Against Measure to Track White Supremacist Activity in Military,” American Independent, 2022.07.14].

Our grandparents shot and bombed Nazis. I don’t think they and their soldier descendants would mind if we keep an eye out for Nazis trying to infiltrate the United States Armed Forces.


  1. Vi Kingman 2022-07-15 08:27

    And putting three far right justices on the court isn’t packing the court?
    I guess when Democrats do it it’s packing.
    Plus the three that Trump appointmented lied to get on the court

  2. Donald Pay 2022-07-15 09:00

    We’ve got a broken system, and Dusty wants to make sure it stays broken. Dusty’s philosophy is “if it’s broke, don’t fix it. Make it worse.”

    Let’s talk about real reform. The role of the Supreme Court should be taken on by Justices rotating from the various courts of appeal. They should get ten year terms, then they are done. No lifetime appointments for anything anymore.

  3. Donald Pay 2022-07-15 09:01

    And, yes, the number of justices should be 21.

  4. cibvet 2022-07-15 09:05

    Republicans fail to understand that they are only useful to the Nazis till they are not.

  5. Loren 2022-07-15 09:22

    We only sent Opie Taylor to D.C. because Barney Fife refused to run. Is this rubber stamp really the best we can do?

  6. W R Old Guy 2022-07-15 10:31

    Dusty only supports the military when it suits him. The US House and Senate recently passed a bill giving VA benefits to veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan who were exposed to burn pits and later developed certain diseases. It also gives benefits to Vietnam Era vets who served in Thailand and a few other locations who were presumed exposed to dioxin based herbicides and developed certain diseases The Senate version of the bill went back to the house for a second vote because of amendments inserted by the Senate.

    Dusty voted against the bill both times as well as Rounds and Thune voted against it in the Senate.

  7. Mark Anderson 2022-07-15 10:31

    Why Cory, you really aren’t asking Republicans to investigate their base are you?

  8. Jake 2022-07-15 11:17

    Republicans SHOULD investigate/listen to their base Mark for sure, because that’s what gave them their present cancerous kangaroo ex-POTUS who is dragging them knowingly into the abyss of reality. Their “lock-step” gestapo marching in solid ranks (other than Cheney & Kenzinger) behind tfg and McConnell will take them into where they belong-a drastically failed party.

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-07-15 11:45

    If it takes two committees 435 Representatives, 100 Senators, and 1 President to decide legislation, what would it hurt to have 13 or 21 judges working on interpreting the Constitution? 21 heads are better than 9.

  10. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-07-15 11:46

    Mark, yes. I’m asking all patriots to be on the lookout for Nazis. If unAmerican scum are infiltrating our military ranks, we should know about it.

  11. Arlo Blundt 2022-07-15 15:15

    Well…the Southern Poverty Law Center recently sent me a map which indicates there are 4 active Neo Nazi, White Supremacist or Anti-Constitution groups active in South Dakota. There map indicates active groups of this nature in Rapid City, Lemmon, Pierre and Sioux Falls. I believe they are under reporting or that other groups with similar interest are acting ad hoc.

  12. Mark Anderson 2022-07-15 16:23

    You know Cory, you are absolutely correct. The Republicans have allowed crazies of various types into their party after decades of keeping them at arms length. William Buckley Jr. kept them out. The firing line man is spinning in his grave. I believe the Republicans knew they needed more votes and still thought they could keep them under control and now with Trump, it’s the other way around. It’s so sad to see normal conservatives biting their lips and trying not to be Rinoed out of the party while crazier and crazier Republicans primary them. What happened to the intellectual leaders of the party?

  13. ABC 2022-07-16 02:33

    The pro nazi Party.

    Nazis in our military? No problem!

    Billboards to un elect Dustin Johnson, supporter of nazis in our military.

  14. mike from iowa 2022-07-17 12:17

    Sheila kennedy names names of some of the evil people behind magats agenda. You’d probably never guess the Koch bro is involved and some of these non-0profit magat sites are misnamed. Plus they include deep thinkers like Ben Carson and Betsy Devil DeVois.

  15. Steve Pearson 2022-07-20 13:45

    All of you are either stupid or just care to spout politics because your butt hurt.

    Presidents nominate justices but the Senate has the ability to put them up for a vote or not. Republicans had the majority. Too bad for you. Trump had three vacancies and a Republican Senate. Not court packing.

    If it were reversed you’d be bitching at Republicans complaining. Get real.

  16. leslie 2022-07-20 18:58

    No, Pearson! Not so fast as you claim “Senate has the ability to put them up [SCOTUS nominee Judge Merrick Garland] for a vote or not. Republicans had the majority. Too bad.

    That is NOT the rule. You obstructionist Republicans violated the constitutional Advice and Consent provision.

    Failure to act is consent. Nice try, dude.

    NLRB v. Noel Canning, Justice Scalia wrote: “Of course, where a governmental practice has been open, widespread, and unchallenged since the early days of the Republic, the practice should guide our interpretation of an ambiguous provision.”

    Two centuries of governmental practice!

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