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Anti-Indian Education Noem Gets Quilt from Indians

Governor Kristi Noem removes references to American Indian history and culture from a draft of revised K-12 social studies standards, and the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate gives her and her Lieutenant Governor Larry Rhoden nice quilts:

Department of Tribal Relations, FB post, 2022.05.20.
Department of Tribal Relations, FB post, 2022.05.20.

Noem’s Tribal Relations Secretary, Dave Flute, is the former chairman of the Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate. Secretary Flute’s man on the Governor’s new rigged social studies standards committee, Fred Osborn, still can’t get his Indian Education Advisory Council to muster a quorum to discuss the Governor’s campaign against talking racism against Indians and others in school. They failed last week Wednesday and failed again this week Wednesday:

The special meeting was supposed to be on the anti-CRT executive order that Governor Kristi Noem had issued on April 5.

State Office of Indian Education director Fred Osborn said nine of the council’s members were on the call, three short of the minimum needed to meet.

Osborn said the governor’s order would now be placed on the agenda for the council’s next regular quarterly meeting. He said that must occur by June 30 [Bob Mercer, “S.D. Indian Ed Panel Lacks a Quorum, Again,” KELO-TV, 2022.05.18].

June 30 is a Thursday; maybe that will work better.


  1. All Mammal 2022-05-20 12:12

    Purposely obscuring American history is not wise. Thankfully, I got to learn in school about Manifest Destiny and all the wonderful doctrines from our past. Ain’t no way in hell I would trust a gifted blanket from the government.

  2. P. Aitch 2022-05-20 13:15

    Red Racism and the American Indian
    – The Allotment and Assimilation Period of the 1870s to 1920s, for example on this blog, when two-thirds of tribal lands were divided among non-Indians, and Indian children were placed in federal boarding schools designed to destroy tribal culture and language, was also the height of Jim Crow and racist violence against African Americans.

  3. DaveFN 2022-05-20 13:45

    Speaking of “quorum,” the Faculty By-Laws of one of South Dakota’s universities stooped to define “quorum” as “the number of members present,” apathy was so great. So much for faculty governance.

  4. Spike 2022-05-20 14:00

    Same people that said “NO COMMENT BECAUSE OF PENDING LITIGATION” on the racist hotel momma statement.

    I feel bad that Sisseton tribe and the fact they ignored Noems efforts to suppress the true history of South Dakota.

  5. mike from iowa 2022-05-20 14:16

    Noem’s likely thinking blue looks good as a heat houser on her horse.

  6. mike from iowa 2022-05-20 14:19

    Is noem really wearing corner roach kickers on both feet?

  7. Bob Newland 2022-05-20 17:07

    Mile from Iowa, your metaphors are colorful, but indecipherable.

  8. Mark Anderson 2022-05-20 18:28

    Well, its easier than ever to look up anything on the internet. Children, just look it up, discuss it at dinner.

  9. Bob Newland 2022-05-20 19:15

    Hmmmm. Haven’t heard much from Rhoden lately.

  10. DaveFN 2022-05-20 19:36

    Would like to have photographs of the full quilts and their designs. Rhoden’s could be a star quilt design although it’s not in the traditional colors.

  11. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-20 20:29

    Let me tell you, the worst thing Hippies ever did was tell straight people about blue jeans. The price went through the roof and the straight people started tearing holes in them.

  12. Sion G. Hanson 2022-05-21 07:29

    On Friday, May 20, I attended the grand opening of the new Bison Education Center at Custer State Park. A small crowd of 100-150 people were in attendance. It is a very nice facility, and I am in favor of teaching people about the animal. What I witnessed was a glaring absence of Native Americans. Nothing but well to do white people back-slapping and glad-handing each other. No drums. No native singing. No mention of genocide nor stolen land. Nothing of the role this iconic animal played in native culture. At a time when race relations in western SD are strained, it was nothing but a lost opportunity to bring people together. Once again, it was obvious that Pierre does not care about making any effort towards mending race relations. Everything is about money.

  13. RST Tribal Member 2022-05-21 08:00

    Sad. There are good solid people within the former Sisseton reservation boundaries. They are just not in these pictures.

    This particular tribe donated funds to a proven Indian hater running for Governor for economic considerations with their enterprises. It worked that. Might not work now.

    Don’t know what this inept inbred Republican queen bee can, or will, or might, probably not, offer to get her picture with some of the Oyate, but not all of them. Her Indian was able to gather enough for a picture, not enough for a decision. As it is known in Indian Country, not being in there, is a decision.

  14. grudznick 2022-05-21 08:16

    Mr. Rhoden looks like Batman in a colorful cape. I’m just sayin…

  15. mike from iowa 2022-05-21 09:08

    Mr Newland, corner roach kickers are sharply pointed cowboy boots to get at roaches who feel safe in 90 degree angles of walls where round toed boots can’t touch them. Not all boots have those sharp points.

  16. All Mammal 2022-05-21 10:26

    Mfi-I own a pair so pointy, I could probably impale a roach with the toe. Like Vlad. Muah ah ah.

  17. John 2022-05-21 10:46

    Sion’s welcome observations about the new Bison Center will fall flat with the South Dakota Tourism Department’s efforts in marketing to out of state tourists. Those tourists want to see and hear the full colorful tapestry of the history of our region — not some Noem-approved white-washed version of that history.
    Sion’s correct in that Pierre does not care about native culture and race relations.

  18. Lottie 2022-05-23 09:05

    Raised on the rez, we would say “politics” and roll our eyes. Today i say “i’m not a fan” & let it go. Maybe its old age.

  19. Pat Meyer 2022-05-24 00:27

    Noem doesn’t deserve their good will…. she would never do them any favors or even pretend to represent them as a “governor”… why did they waste their time?? She doesn’t do anything unless it benefits her directly… sad set of affairs, South Dakota. Maybe should look around for a better choice for Gov??

  20. mike from iowa 2022-05-24 09:37

    Native American girl in Oklahoma told she had to remove eagle feather from her cap at graduyation or she couldn’t graduate. Here we go again with stuck up wasicus demanding adherence to white culture.

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