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Fiksdal: South Dakotans Rejected Minority Rule in 2018, Should Do Same by Voting NO on Amendment C Today!

John Fiksdal, whose company Media One is part of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, is taking the Chamber’s call to Vote NO on Amendment C quite seriously. Fiksdal has produced this video giving seven reasons to oppose the Legislature’s effort to require initiatives related to taxes and spending from simple majority to 60%:

Among his excellent points, Fiksdal reminds us that we rejected the Legislature’s 2018 proposal, Amendment X, to increase the vote threshold for amending the Constitution from simple majority to 55%. That rejection happened at a general election that saw 64.89% voter turnout; that’s why the Republican backers of Amendment C decided to rush their even-harder-to-sell 60% proposal to the 2022 primary election, where they can expect voter turnout in the low 20-percents consisting mostly of base Republicans friendly to their anti-democratic measure.

South Dakota voters in general showed in 2018 that they agree with Fiksdal and me that minority rule is not cool. Don’t let the backers of Amendment C sneak their continuing push for their minority’s rule through their primary. Share Fiksdal’s video, and Vote NO on C!


  1. Arlo Blundt 2022-05-19 16:36

    John Fixsdal is a very bright guy and I’m pleased he is volunteering his talents to oppose this repulsive proposal. We have lived with majority rule in South Dakota for 130 years and nobody I know ever went broke by voting….the Republican position on Amendment C is nonsense.

  2. Bob Newland 2022-05-19 19:25

    I voted today. The ballot is dismal. I registered Republican recently to try choose R candidates less likely to return us to the Inquisition. There are none available, as far as I can see. The most productive thing I did was vote NO on C.

    I simply didn’t vote in most of the candidate races because there were no decent candidates in them. I did vote for Haugaard against Noem, and I am not happy with that. It’s just that Noem has abrogated her right to be governor. Haugaard’s a butthole, but he has yet to sue the voters for suggesting weed should be legal.

  3. grudznick 2022-05-19 20:04

    Bob, did you vote for Goodwin and Krull, or go with the Frye-Mueller and Ladner devils-you-know?

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