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Sign of Trouble: State Police Search Bandidos’ Rapid City Clubhouse

South Dakota law enforcement put the Bandidos Motorcycle Club in the headlines yesterday. A bunch of masked Highway Patrol and Division of Criminal Investigations officers searched the gang’s Rapid City clubhouse yesterday morning. None of the cops or reporters have told us what for. The only interesting detail in the reporting that I noticed was that KELO-TV says the gang’s sign “has officially been removed from the motorcycle club’s meeting space.” The original report on KELO said their reporter saw law enforcement removing the sign.

CAH, tweet of KELO-TV story on Bandidos raid, 2022.04.28.
CAH, tweet of KELO-TV story on Bandidos raid, 2022.04.28.

What, was the sign hiding drugs and guns? If Governor Kristi Noem wants to preserve her image as a rogue cowgirl Freedom™ fighter, she’d better put on her cutoffs and high boots, ride out to Rapid City, and get law enforcement off those good outstanding riders’ backs… and put their sign back.

In 1991, the California Department of Justice named the Bandidos as one of the “Big Five” outlaw motorcycle gangs. The international Bandidos have lived up to their outlaw name on multiple occasions, including citations and arrests in the Rapid City area.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-04-29

    It’s important to note this raid didn’t happen when a Trumper was the US Attorney for the District of South Dakota. Hells Angels, Bandidos and other crime syndicates own property in the Black Hills area to serve as bases of operation for sex and meth trafficking much of it through what appear to be legitimate businesses.

  2. leslie 2022-04-29

    The slightly encrypted “1%ed” legend on the criminal Bandido sign reminds me of idiotiotic heavily armed militia, the “Idaho III%er’s” and others that bragged they provocatively “rolled up” on an FBI tactical unit deployed near the Cliven Bundy family take-over of Oregon’s federal


    Republican’s elected fuc*ing Trump who infamously called for those and others to “stand by, stand back”. Kristi wants to put his puss on Mt Rushmore. JFC.

    I asked RCPD to do something about these MC monsters decades ago. The response was “free dumb”. Waltzing around town, perhaps LEO finally investigated. Retired MC members embedded in the community in leadership positions (e.g.,460314250/

  3. larry kurtz 2022-04-29

    So, in one of his last efforts before he left as US Attorney for the District of South Dakota Ron Parsons announced the indictment of 37 people including Bandido-linked Kelly Barker who has been peddling cannabis and other banned substances in the Black Hills since I moved to Deadwood in the late 70s.

    An image of Breaking Bad’s Walter White and Jesse Pinkman was posted on the Faceberg page of Barker’s co-defendant, Darwin Toof. In 2019 another white biker told Faceberg he’s a meth dealer then got popped for being a meth dealer: South Dakota stupid on parade.

  4. larry kurtz 2022-04-29

    That Serenity Dennard was lured away by Bandidos with help from the Children’s Home Society crossed my mind very early in her disappearance.

  5. Mark Anderson 2022-04-29

    South Dakota law enforcement going after a Republican base? What’s next? You know lawlessness will only get you so far and the Republican base is increasingly so.

  6. cibvet 2022-04-29

    These are kristicon’s freedom loving people that she invites to SD. Guessing they forgot
    to mail in their political donation so when envelope of cash appears, the sign can go back up.

  7. larry kurtz 2022-04-30

    A 2015 shootout in Waco, Texas between the Bandidos and Cossacks resulted in the deaths of and injuries to several members of motorcycle clubs encouraged by a law enforcement industry that benefits from programs like Policing for Profit. Nobody was ever convicted because Texas has a “stand your ground” law.

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