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After DFP Report, Noem Removed from Sloppy Ravnsborg Campaign Website

Killer Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg appears to remain an avid reader of Dakota Free Press. He was checking this blog on his phone moments before plowing his car into pedestrian Joe Boever on September 12, 2020. Then last week, just one day after I posted that he was still using Governor Kristi Noem’s image on his campaign website, Ravnsborg—or, at least, whoever is in charge of his campaign—appears to have directed his webmaster to scrub that image of the Governor who wants his head from his website

Last week, Ravnsborg’s “Jason for South Dakota” website featured a banner rotating two images: one of him at his busy desk while his chief of staff, Tim Bormann, stands beside him with more papers, then an image of Ravnsborg seated next to Noem:

Jason for South Dakota campaign website, one of two homepage banner images, screen cap 2022.04.04.
Jason for South Dakota campaign website, one of two homepage banner images, screen cap 2022.04.04.

I check Ravnsborg’s campaign website this morning and find Jason’s picture with Kristi has been removed from the banner. The home page banner is now a static image, the photo of Jason and Tim at the desk, shrunken and overlaid on an American flag. The metadata on the page gives a publication date of “Tue Apr 05 14:13:23 UTC 2022,” indicating that the webmaster updated the home page one day after I published the above awkward screen cap.

newly, sloppily cropped Ravnsborg campaign website banner
Jason Ravnsborg campaign website, screen cap 2022.04.11; annotated by CAH/DFP.

Noem’s hasn’t gotten Ravnsborg’s head yet, but the webmasters did get Bormann’s, or at least part of it. The webmaster, still listed as the PR Marketing Group run by Republican Representative Trish ladner and her husband Bobby, shrank the picture of Jason and Tim and cropped the top half of Tim’s head. This cropped banner image also chops off Jason’s hands and desk, which were visible in the previous version. When we could see his hands and desk, the image at least conveyed the impression that he was busy working with lots of papers. The papers on the desk gave Jason’s and Tim’s eyes a reason to be focused downward, away from us. This new crop leaves no image of the work on the desk. The image thus leaves Jason looking inactive, passive, waiting for his chief of staff to hand him something.

The webmaster also moved Jason’s name and title from the clunky grey box below his portrait at the left to the top center, but in their haste, they failed to adjust Jason’s image, leaving Jason’s head and torso floating detached from the banner image below. This graphic error recurs on the Meet Jason and Contact pages.

And in general, I would suggest that there is no good reason to cut a picture through any subject’s hand or head. Sloppy work, web designers.

But hey: Incompetence in web design, incompetence in driving, incompetence in legal practice—that’s Jason Ravnsborg!

Related Web Trivia: The keywords embedded in Ravnsborg’s campaign website indicate his web people haven’t updated the code for his website since the 2018 campaign.

<meta name="keywords" content="Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota Attorney General, Randy Seiler, Marty Jackley, John Thune, Retired Randy Seiler, Attorney General, South Dakota Attorney General, Marty Jackley Attorney General, District Attorney, Vote for Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota Jason Ravnsborg, Jason Ravnsborg for Attorney General, Best Attorney General, Lance S Russell, John Fitzgerald, South Dakota SB 70, South Dakota SB 71"/>

<meta name="description" content="A graduate of the University of South Dakota with a B.S. in Political Business and History as well as an Army commission through ROTC. Your support is appreciated."/> [Jason Ravnsborg campaign website, meta tags for keywords and description, retrieved 2022.04.11]

Those keywords aren’t working all that well: when I search for the last two terms Ravnsborg tucks into his keywords, Google responds with just 17 links on “South Dakota SB 70” and just 6 on “South Dakota SB 71”. Most of the former results refer to the 2013 justice reform package; the latter are split among 2019 SB 71 (a failed bill that would have prohibited sentencing severely mentally ill people to death), 2021 SB 71 (the failed and swiftly obsolesced bill to make Juneteenth a working holiday), and 2022 SB 71 (the South Dakota theocracy‘s latest expansion of its stealth vouchers). None of the Google results for either keyword point to Ravnsborg’s website, but searches on each term do bring up Dakota Free Press and my mention of Jason’s website keywords in the comments under last week’s post.

Jason, how much are you paying Trish Ladner for Google juice? Maybe you should buy an ad on Dakota Free Press instead.


  1. Lottie 2022-04-11 09:36

    Perhaps cut the photos altogether. We have seen enough, esp. of KN and her country theme.

  2. buckobear 2022-04-11 12:43

    Perhaps they were looking at their phones while making the web page …….?

  3. Richard Schriever 2022-04-12 10:11

    Goes to the notion that the “quality” of people relocating from Blue states to SD has to do at least in art with their inability to function competitively in their former environments, thus the relocation to somewhere “less demanding”.

  4. All Mammal 2022-04-12 14:48

    A recent reverie had me thinking about my dad’s axioms, which summoned my better angels, and I began thinking about the creatively cruel names I have invented to call Governor Noem and AG Ravnsborg and their franchise of chicken heads (oops). I wondered if I should apologize for saying really mean things and if I need to knock it off. So, I ventured onto the world wide web to decide whether or not I would change my tune if standing face to face with any of the actual ridiculed GOP pricks (my bad, again).
    Since it was acceptable to cite Wikipedia as a credible enough source while attending university, I typed Kristi Noem and hit her Wiki page to get information, and most importantly, unclouded objectivity on the creature governing our state.
    What I found out is that my conscience is sanctimoniously fortified.
    That woman’s bio is disturbing. She has not one single semi-evil vote or bill sponsorship in her entire career. Everything she has ever been involved with is FULL-BLOWN evil. Now I know such ugly observations I have expressed are too kind. What a sleazy, skuzzy, mean Earth raper. Diabolical she is. Greedy centipedey beelzebub. Her track record shows a baby Hitler in the making. The more I read, the scarier it got. People need to read the governor’s Wiki page. It is imperative to see it spelled out in black and white. There is no denying what she is. And same goes for any uptight, chronically constipated, counterfeit Christian honky (slipped again; my better angels must be distracted) with intentional affiliation with her.
    I picture a Venn diagram. The two sets do not intersect. There is the blob representing the evil set. It can have all kinds of sub-sets within. The other circle (or heart, if you will) is a separate set. They cannot mix. Ravnsborg has his own special circle with a slight toe tip representing his military service not within the evil circle where his remaining 99% is within the depth of Noem’s ingesting, greedy, evil blob set. It’s quite a simple visual.
    I hope when folks simply read the facts, they will easily see the actions taken by our leaders and conclude they do not want it anymore.
    It would be an added bonus if the charlatan GOPslopper (it slipped) reflected on their own political scorecard and their constituents’ frustrated and hurt criticisms. Then decide to squeeze out of the evil blob and osmotically join the other set. As a mathematical function, evil purges truth. They don’t commingle.

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