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Ravnsborg Often Stopped by Cops, Used Official Title Multiple Times to Get out of Tickets

The Republican majority of the House impeachment committee said Monday that killer Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg hasn’t abused his office in any way that warrants his impeachment.

But besides breaking the law, killing a man, and lying about it, Ravnsborg has abused his office. Among the 200 redacted documents released Wednesday from the investigation file on Ravnsborg’s killing of Joe Boever, KELO-TV finds this report from the South Dakota Highway Patrol indicating that Ravnsborg has used his office to get out of traffic tickets.

According to the report, printed March 10, 2021 (scroll down to page 6, “Supporting Narrative by Shane Snyder, 10/03/20 14:14”; particulars on traffic violations begins on page 10), Ravnsborg was stopped by South Dakota Highway Patrol officers nine times between March 2015 and July 2020, including two instances where he was doing over 80 in a 65 zone. SDHP stopped Attorney General Ravnsborg three times—twice for speeding, once for improper lane change—after he took office and before he killed Boever. The report also lists four times that local police stopped Ravnsborg during his 2018 campaign and six additional traffic stops in 2019 and 2020, including a stop sign violation in Huron on September 6, 2020, six days before Ravnsborg killed Boever.

Recall that in the midst of this traffic violation spree, on January 27, 2020, Ravnsborg told the Aberdeen City Council, “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s driving.” That long record of traffic stops suggests there is no thing Ravnsborg is good at.

The SDHP report notes that Ravnsborg frequently cited his official title not just for identification but as part of apparent excuses for his violations:

4/27/19 – Speeding (40 in 30 ??)– SDHP Trooper Jordan ​Staab – Verbal

  • Immediately identified himself as AG

6/1/19 – Speeding (41 in 30) Traffic Stop – Cuming County [Nebraska] SO Deputy Vance – Warning

  • Told officer he was the AG en route to NG training in Freemont driving State vehicle / video ​obtained

…2/26/20 – Speeding (50 in 35) – Gettysburg PD – Verbal warning

  • Told officer he was the AG and was in a hurry to go meeting in Clark,​ felt speed was necessary due to meeting / video only available with a letter of intent

6/20/20 – Speeding (65 in 55) – ​ISP ​Warning

  • Produced badge and identified position / video of stop ​obtained [SD Highway Patrol Officer Shane Snyder, “Supporting Narrative,” 2020.10.03, narrative, in SDHP Case Report HP20004565CR, printed 2021.03.10, pp. 11–12].

Recall that on the night Ravnsborg killed Joe Boever, when Ravnsborg called 911 from the scene of the crime on the shoulder of Highway 14 west of Highmore, the first thing he said to the dispatcher (after “Hello”, “Can you hear me?” and “Hello”) was “Ally, This… well… Ally, I’m the Attorney General.” As I noted when that 911 call was released, Ravsnborg did not open that urgent call with his name. He opened with his official title, signaling that his first impulse in a tough situation is to invoke his title to insulate himself from consequences. SDHP’s report on Ravnsborg’s quick use of his title in multiple previous interactions with law enforcement supports the conclusion that he uses his office to get out of trouble.

Related Record-Keeping: The Ravnsborg file also includes information on SDHP’s interactions with Joe Boever. The file shows one record prior to the fatal meeting with Ravnsborg, a May 23, 2017, citation for driving 6 to 10 mph over the limit on a state highway.


  1. larry kurtz 2022-04-01

    US Representative Bill Janklow at least resigned and blamed diabetes after he ran a stop sign killing Randy Scott.

  2. Loren 2022-04-01

    Who does he think he is, Kristi Noem?? ;-)

  3. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-04-01

    Loren, I was thinking it’s more like he thinks he’s Bill Janklow. But as Larry pointed out, Janklow at least had the decency to take responsibility for his killing and resign. Janklow was also an effective lawyer.

  4. Spike 2022-04-01

    Interesting video DaveFN. Listening to the committee I sense their mind was already made up. Ravnsborg killed literally a good average Joe and democrat so who cares. He was not on duty at the time? Seriously? That committee is as phony as they come. But why would we expect anything else out of Pierre.
    I am not a lawyer that prosecutes for a living but seeing all this information really makes a person wonder if due diligence was really done. I’m not from Joes kin but a part of me thinks I would have preferred to seen him face a felony charge that he might not be convicted of rather than some bs misdemeanors he didn’t even have to show up for. And hired Tim Rensch??? geezuz.
    Ravnsborg lied, he avoided taking responsibility, never bothered to apologize to Joes family, misused his authority, he continues to lie, he’s a freakin dangerous driver, his cronies in Pierre are letting him go for political favors and spite to Noem. Every investigator, police officer and patrolman involved in this case is disgusted. Seeing the anguish on Joes wife is painful and saddening. Unreal.

  5. Arlo Blundt 2022-04-02

    Thnk you Spike…your comments sum it up very well. Sometimes we forget how absolutely Reptilian these Republican politicians have been in conducting this “investigation ” and how cruel their neglect of the truth actually is.

  6. mike from iowa 2022-04-02

    Shankllow did finally quit, but. I was under the impression after he declared congressional immunity, people brought alot of pressure to bear on his sorry ass to get him to resign. Am I wrong?

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