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Pischke Pushes House to Block Child Support Updates

Representative Tom Pischke (R-25/Dell Rapids) served his primary constituency yesterday—himself and his caucus of angry deadbeat dads—by crying his way to a vote against House Bill 1278, which seeks to increase child support payments. Pischke wailed that he can’t afford to do more for his ex-wife and the kids of whom she won custody:

Representative Tom Pischke, R-Dell Rapids, fought against the changes. “The non-custodial parents are already having a hard time paying,” he said.

Pischke currently pays about $1,200 for three children, he said, and his payment would go up about $300 under the new schedule.

“That’s going to hurt me personally,” he said, his voice cracking. “Half of every marriage ends in divorce in this state” [Bob Mercer, “S.D. House Refuses to Update Child Support,” KELO-TV, updated 2022.02.18].

Rep. Mike Stevens (R-18/Yankton), who worked on the child support committee that studied the need for updating our child support requirements, said he plans to move to reconsider the bill next week. South Dakota hasn’t updated the child support formula since 2016.

But apparently in Pischke’s world, inflation only matters when Republicans need an excuse to blame Joe Biden for something, not when their ex-wives need the support they deserve to take care of their kids.


  1. Monica Campbell 2022-02-18

    Maybe he needs a second or third job as so many custodial parents do to support their kids.

  2. O 2022-02-18

    The outrage: responsibility for children is falling on the sperm provider. Maybe if this happened more, there would be less talk about abortion — potential fathers would be more cautious.

  3. Eve Fisher 2022-02-18

    Wait until he finds out that “life begins at conception” means he owes for 9 months of child support on every child he fathers before it’s born.

  4. Tom 2022-02-18

    sad…this clown is from my home town…man up, mother fo’!

  5. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    The way you guys talk about Tom is disgusting.

    The current schedule already compensates for those who get paid more or get a pay increase. The parent who has a higher salary pays I higher percentage of expenses that don’t get computed in the child support calculation. I think it’s despicable those who don’t want to support their kids. This bill goes way to far and just ends up created more legal fees by means of lawyers. No wonder Mike Stevens loves this bill. This bill mostly hurts non custodial parents who pride themselves supporting their kids. This system doesn’t work. State loves higher child support because it receives federal dollars for it.

    Count your lucky stars if you have never been part of this process. There is not much that is more dehumanizing then the whole custody/child support process.

  6. M 2022-02-18

    Maybe both partners need to be prepared for the consequences of pregnancy. Whether you chose to have children or not is none of my business, but it is my concern when I have to take care of them because of neglect. Marriage, having children, and divorce were optional last time I checked.

    Allen, there was no process when my mom raised 5 kids on her own while her husband slithered on to sire at least 3 more who were abandoned as well.

    Stop whining and pay the child support, it’s the least you can do. Then talk to your children about birth control.

  7. Bob Newland 2022-02-18

    Pischke would be easier to sympathize with if he weren’t such a piece of jerky.

  8. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    M, – go fund yourself. My kids are loved and well taken care of. Don’t be mad at me because of your own issues.

  9. Donald Pay 2022-02-18

    I agree with Allen Jeris that the child custody/support system can be dehumanizing. It tends to create more division, but it also assures support for children. I think kids need to be the priority, and if parents can’t agree on that the state has to step in.

    My ex and I never went through that process because we figured out everything before hand. We lived by our own system for a time before we divorced, so it became status quo for us. This was back in the late-1980s, so maybe we couldn’t do that under today’s statutes, but it worked for us without any trouble. It helped that we agreed on fifty-fifty split in physical custody, and because we made roughly the same amount of money it was pretty easy for the judge to agree to it. If you are divorcing, figure it all out yourself. Make your own plan that includes joint physical and legal custody, nail down the money details as best you can, and be prepared to negotiate things out when life changes occur.

  10. mike from iowa 2022-02-18

    Can’t get blo0od out oi a turnip.

  11. mike from iowa 2022-02-18

    Can’t get blood out oi a turnip. And no amount of jail time for contempt of court is gonna pay the bills, either. Been there, done that and I have more contempt for the child support racketeers and judges than I had before.

  12. jerry 2022-02-18

    Old Tom Cat should resign from the legislature and get a real job.

  13. All Mammal 2022-02-18

    Mr. Jeris and Mr. Pischke ought to form a support group for child support grievances. The Mister Mister club.
    Don’t forget to have that discussion with your sons and daughters.

  14. jerry 2022-02-18

    Good point All Mammal, I wonder how the kids feel about having their laundry aired to the public by their bitching fathers.

  15. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    All Mammal-

    I already support my kids. I am not a huge fan of the lawyers, the legal system and state taking advantage of divorced parents. I if they really cared about our kids, they would support shared parenting so people like me don’t have to spend 50k in five years on legal fees. That’s an extra 10 k per year that could have went to them.

    You seem to think you know everything about me and lump me into a group that thinks I don’t need to support my kids. So just because I disagree with the bill I deserve some kind of negative label?

    Maybe I should give you my address so you can tell it to me how it is.

  16. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-02-18

    Allen, the way Tom Pischke uses his Republican brand to get out of paying child support is disgusting.

    Tell us exactly, please, how does HB 1278 go “way too far”? It provides an update that was supposed to be done two years ago but got delayed for the pandemic, so Pischke already got a two-year break. It doesn’t contain any language about lawyer fees—how does it create any additional footholds for lawyers?

    Are the increases too high? For a divorced couple with net monthly income of $4,501 (just over $54K/year), expected child support for a single child remains the same; for two kids, the increase is $40, 3% up after a six-year pause. For six kids at that monthly income level, the increase is $201, 9.45% from what was set six years ago.

    Remember, child support is a choice: if you don’t want to pay it, either don’t have kids, or don’t get divorced.

  17. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2022-02-18

    …or, like Donald shows is possible, if you can’t keep the marriage together, put the kids first, don’t fight, and make a plan that doesn’t require hiring lawyers.

    We don’t need to know one thing more about you, Allen, to recognize that you, like Representative Pischke, have made a choice and don’t want to live with the consequences.

  18. Arlo Blundt 2022-02-18

    Well..sorry boys but I have no sympathy for the guys that whine, complain, and avoid their child support obligations. If you are married the biggest obligation you have financially are your children, why should it be any different if you are divorced. I’ve known many cases when men shirked or avoided paying child support. In general, I found these guys selfish, immature, and highly materialistic as well as being as being lazier than most married guys. Grow up and do your duty.

  19. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    Hey Cory, are you not the guy who only a couple years ago with a microphone yelling how dehumanizing it is splitting up families at the border? Your a hypocritical pos. I dont think you have read most of what I said. I am not avoiding taking care of my kids. I think it’s disgusting that people don’t or try to get out of it. No wonder you don’t get elected. Your a self righteous hypocrite and voters can’t stand it. Any time any place.

  20. larry kurtz 2022-02-18

    When I met the mother of my daughters she was paying child support as a non-custodial parent after her ex married a woman who worked for a Brookings County judge and urged the father to sue for custody. Needless to say, after the ruling animosity reigned supreme between the parents until the child aged out at eighteen.

    South Dakota compels states like Montana to cause the loss of a driver’s license if child support payments are in arrears. It’s lunacy.

  21. Mark Anderson 2022-02-18

    Why would anyone marry a Republican anyway? You can’t go lower than that. Gosh, they must pay for their kids, boo hoo.

  22. All Mammal 2022-02-18

    I find only a certain kind of mister almost cries when telling the the body that his child support payments are, “going to hurt me personally”.

    Like you had your bone density sapped to build three skeletons. You can’t feed three kids for one weekend for a few benjies. Times that by 4.. And if they like lights and heat… there you go.

    Quit turning kids into a burden dang. One day they might think the bill for your nursing home is too high and decide to set you up in a cold, rat infested, drippy dungeon with cat food rations. Be nice.

    The best thing you can do for your lilluns is treat their mother with respect and open that wallet and shell out those ducketts. Thats what dads do. Babies need new shoes! And be nice to M and Mr. H too!

    Form a mister mister grievance support night. Using Mr. H’s graciousness for allowing the exchange of ideas is awesome even when opinions tick you off. Its a great way to have interesting things to discuss when one actually does interact with adults outside of work. I know what I’ll bitch about later on when I want some attention. Thanks.

  23. larry kurtz 2022-02-18

    The ex who won custody went on to work for the State of South Dakota seizing Indigenous American kids in defiance of the Indian Child Welfare Act in a state where the foster home industry and Children’s Home Society actively market children in the dark web.

  24. Porter Lansing 2022-02-18

    Allen Jeris – Research shows you were physically and verbally abusive to your wife. Do you deny that? “Any time. Any place?” That’s a threat. Are you prepared to have another violent threat presented to the judge in your case? Hmmmm? It’s probably best you pay out the rear and never influence any children, ever.

  25. larry kurtz 2022-02-18

    Hard to admit for sure but the faster voters realize South Dakota is irredeemable the better it will be for white people.

  26. jerry 2022-02-18

    Allen Jeris, it’s clear to me why and how you got your fanny divorced. Any idiot who would pay 10 grand a year in legal fees in a divorce, doesn’t have too much in the melon. I see you and your former bride, having too much money and not enough sense to come to any kind of agreements on anything. I hope your children do not take you and your bride’s hate and distrust of one another, as normal.

    Now mix yourself a cocktail while scheming on how you can get back at her. I wish I could feel sorrow for you, but I only feel that towards your damaged children.

  27. All Mammal 2022-02-18

    Mr. Kurtz, that is what I have been ranting since Serenity Dennard disappeared from the Children’s Home Society. My instant reaction was follow the money. Low and behold, Denny Sanford had just donated $55,000,000 to that one facility right before she vanished.

    Snatching kids is undeniably a big industry here. I have been making ‘say their name’ posters and precious Serenity is the only child mentioned online. She is also the only caucasian. The deeper I dig, the more I want to go vigilante/homicidal just to climb out of how depressing it is.

  28. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    Porter Lansing-put your big boy pants on, I’m talking about debating, not fighting. Quit trying to gas light.

    Jerry- my kids are doing great and have a great situation were they are loved by both their mother and of course me.

    Larry Kurtz is right in that indigenous kids have been taken away by courts unjustly. It’s criminal and said like most of the comments I here on here.

  29. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    By the way Porter- I never abused anyone nor have I been in a fight outside of competing MMA. I bet I could go through these texts making threats on these blogs also. You must think your so cool.

  30. Allen Jeris 2022-02-18

    I bet I could go through these texts *and find you making* threats on these blogs. You try to be a big bully but I’m not going to you bs.

  31. jerry 2022-02-18

    Allen Jeris, if there is so much of that love thingy going on between you and your bride, why are you spending 10 grand a year in the courts? That’s a whole lot of ka ching. It’s okay man, somebody’s fibbing and methinks it’s you.

  32. All Mammal 2022-02-18

    Got me laughing out loud with the mention of MMA n then with wise Mr. Jerry’s himthinks ya fibbing; I’m at an all out raucous chortle! Eyesthinks its him, too. Have a bitchin’ night everyone(:

  33. Linda 2022-02-19

    Child support was instituted to ensure that a child did not suffer as a result of the their parents’ decision to separate. When the parents were together the child had the benefit of the income of both of them. Thus, the child support schedule uses the combined income of the parents and designates each parent’s responsibility based on their relative share of the combined income.

    Arriving at the appropriate child support is data-driven based on the cost of living and the cost of raising children. Adjustments are always made due to the lower income in SD. .The last change in the child support numbers was in 2017, which was based on economic data from 1998 -2004. This one is based on data from 2013-2019. Our children deserve proper support.

  34. Allen Jeris 2022-02-19

    O Jerry, how miserable do you have to be to take shots at me and my kids. None of you I’m sure would ever say this to my face. You are a keyboard warrior with no spine.

  35. Roger Elgersma 2022-02-19

    I grew up trusting the law. But I knew the divorce court was extremely wrong. I went back to where it happened and found from his relative that my exes first boyfriend, a biker who had been inappropriate with his seven year old daughter and my five year old daughter had written me up after I told the sheriff. I did not know why the sheriff had blown me off and also the parents of a sixteen year old girl who lived next door to him which he had sex with, until later I found out that he was the local narc. Now I find out that he lied and told the cops and they interviewed the people involved and found out that he had lied about me. So the courts taught my girls that the lying whore wins and the righteous man disappears. So my daughters do not trust a good man to stay and think that their mom’s wrong method works. That is dysfunction taught by the courts and a bad mother. I am not suggesting that all lawyers and judges are crooks, but I no longer trust that type again. The judge that took away joint custody did lose his job for that and other things after being a judge for fifteen years. Her lawyer became a judge and lost that job after a couple years for to many DUI’s. Maybe he drank because he had a conscience, but not enough conscience to undo his wrong. The local vet said I was the best parent around. But it is not just one bad judge, about five hearings in a row I was forced to sign the judges opinion and the wording said that by signing it I had read it when they did not let me read it. I was just signing their lies and every time I told them they were trying to make me sign their lies and every time, five times in a row, the judge, more than one, would promise that this would never happen again. If it should not happen again, it should not have happened the first time, but they know how to legally cover their demonic asses. When I waited with sex till marriage and never cheated and she was the county whore, the judge ordered that I be castrated for not complying. God protected me. When I told him that I did not know he would do that, he proudly sat up straight because he thought he own, no justice of course, and smuggly told me that the next time he would do it himself so there would be no glitches. By what the court and a bad mother taught her, my youngest daughter was a whore from twelve to thirty two, until as she told me herself, her mother got beat to death for being a whore. My other daughter who I talk to a lot more would not tell me how her mother died, but was concerned that they were not going to do an autopsy. The wrong and the coverups that the law does when they are evil is disgusting.

  36. jerry 2022-02-19

    Allen Jeris easy to see why you get to spend 50 grand in 5 years on a divorce, dumb. Ya got some anger issues along with being easily provoked, kinda a dumb guy. Too many head bumps in your MOMA competition.

    On the contrary, I support your children and hope the best for them, considering what you’re putting them through. Chill out dude, go to Flandreau and sign up for some medical pot. If there is anyone in the whole state that needs to chill, that be you bro.

  37. Roger Elgersma 2022-02-19

    When I got divorced women would tell me that when I married her I was expecting that she would raise my kids. I had seen some warning signs that she might not me the best mother but I was going to be a farmer and thought I would be there for the kids. When the kids depend on you and suddenly you are gone for a week at a time, they definitely lose trust in you. Also mother that bad talk the father, parental alienation, greatly drive a wedge between the children and the father. The way women would tell me this is that they would say that eventually the kids will figure it out. This was when women were trying to convince the court that the mother was always best. The journal, Social Work, put out by the American Association of Social Workers, Jan Feb 1994 has research that shows that five years after the divorce eighty percent of the Dad’s who had the best relationship with their children before the divorce had not seen their kids in three months, and eighty percent of the worst non engaging Dad’s before the divorce were visiting their kids every other weekend five years after the divorce. The mothers had cooperated with the bad Dad’s real well to keep them as a free babysitter, if they were not a threat to get custody, so they could party every other weekend with no child care cost.

    But we need a solution where money grubbing lawyers can not mess it up. When women told me that I intended for her to raise my kids, we should have a law that says that when people marry, they both intend to parent and support the children and that will be shared after divorce. South Dakota already has a law that divides the child support by adding up the income of both parents and both support by their share of the income. The same should be done with child care. If it is agreed by marriage licence that children will have two parents that agreed to be the parents, then if one refuses to parent, they could be charged more child support. But also that the other parent can not block one from doing the parenting. We already have laws to protect children from a bad parent and those laws should continue to be enforced just as if the parents were still living together. When someone says that they had to spend $50.000 on lawyers, when the kids could have benefited from that money, then we need to keep the lawyers out. My neighbor told her 31 year old daughter who was a single mother never married with five kids, that when a woman finds a better stud, she divorces. Then blaming the man for disappearing when a bully comes along is not necessarily a fair judgement on the Dad.

  38. RST Tribal Member 2022-02-19

    In 2010, then Governor Rounds signed into law HB 1104 effectively quashed lawsuits brought by Native Americans against the Catholic Church for sex abuse that is alleged to have frequently occurred in the church-run boarding schools of the past. Those alleged victims are now well beyond the age of 40.

    HB1104 was crafted by a Catholic Church attorney, who was a state legislator, to protect the Catholic Church. Convenient. Shameless.

    Yep, get elected to SD legislation then advance your personal or professional situations. The ineptness and inbreeding started years decades ago amount the republicans. Legislation has been crafted to an art without shame or moral pushbacks. A deadbeat parent elected to legislate can standup professing a proposed bill will help him not fulfill his legal obligation. Convenient. Shameless.

    Children of any race beware from January to March each year as SD inept inbred Republicans will be after you; one way or another. Convenient. Without shame.

  39. bearcreekbat 2022-02-19

    Reading the comments of Roger and Allen confirms a fundamental and unfortunate reality: When two battling individuals look to a Court to resolve their differences, one of the two litigants is virtually guaranteed to be upset with the decision.

    Too often, the losing party then engages in misplaced aggression by venting their anger to condemn the judge, the court system, the justice system, or the lawyers.

  40. Porter Lansing 2022-02-19

    As I’ve said before, there’s no person named Allen Jeris in the entire USA. So, let’s try Jerry Allen in Belle Fourche. Frequent blog poster Jerry and I both picked up on the antagonistic tendencies of the fella’. How many wife and children abusers admit it? Hmmm …. I’d wager that 99% will deny being an abuser because in their mind it’s normal. It doesn’t matter though, does it. He came to us complaining. We didn’t do anything but give our impressions of his story. Oh, well ….

  41. Roger Elgersma 2022-02-20

    bearcreek, when the courts rule, why blame anyone else when they are seriously wrong? That is not misplaced blame. A lawyer once told me that he saw that my ex dad in law paid off the judge, except that lawyer lived in Chicago back then. They will try any bait to get money, I simply ignore them. They have proven they are not capable of making a correct decision. blaming someone who points out wrong is just an excuse, but it is not your business so you would rather just blow it off than find out anyway. Besides, it is not your kids so what do you care.

  42. bearcreekbat 2022-02-20

    Roger, the point is that from a many, if not most, losing litigants’ perspective someone besides that losing litigant must be wrong, as the loser generally considers his or her position to be right no matter what the judge concludes. Hence, the loser too often blames the judge, the court, the justice system, the lawyer, or whoever else he or she can think of that might make the loser feel better about himself or herself.

    As for crooked judges that take bribes, that has absolutely nothing to do with either the court, the justice system, the lawyers, nor anyone elkse not involved in the bribe. And, as in every single possible type of work, whether as a judge, lawyer, carpenter, or newscaster, there is always one or more people that are dishonest. That dishonesty is a result of the dishonest person, not the field that they work in.

  43. jerry 2022-02-20

    Red said “Everybody’s innocent in here. Don’t you know that?” Shawshank Redemption. We are all innocent, but the judge is not. What kind of lack of logic is that? When you lose faith in the law, you get trump, the biggest con man, treasonous crook of the likes we’ve ever seen before.

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