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Noem Returns to Vegas!

Maybe part-time Governor Kristi Noem has been slow to respond to her primary opponent Steven Haugaard’s criticism of her spendy sauna because she was away from her decked-out mansion this week enjoying and being enjoyed at the South Point Spa, Casino, and Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas!

South Point Hotel, Casino, & Spa; website screen cap, 2021.12.02.
Uh oh—that coronavirus mask requirement couldn’t have gone over well with Covid Queen Kristi. South Point Casino/Spa/Hotel/Bowling Alley(!); website screen cap, 2021.12.02.

Vegas! Is that why she was trying out her Elvis costume a few weeks ago?

Kristi Noem, tweet, 2021.10.31.
Kristi Noem, tweet, 2021.10.31.

No, no—Noem was away from her side gig governing doing her full-time job, campaigning, in the guise of keynote speaker at the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association 2021 convention. From the looks of this photo of Noem’s speech from Rodeo News, Noem misread the hotel’s face-covering requirement as “fur covering”:

Kristi Noem delivers keynote address at PRCA national convention, Las Vegas, 2021.12.01. Photo from Rodeo News, FB page, 2021.12.01.
I had to ask Troy Heinert five times before he’d lend me this jacket…. Kristi Noem delivers keynote address at PRCA national convention, Las Vegas, 2021.12.01. Photo from Rodeo News, FB page, 2021.12.01.

Hey, Senator Troy Heinert—check your closet! It looks like Kristi might have snuck off to Vegas with one of your fine fur frocks. Either that, or GF&P was able to string together a few opossum scraps for Noem’s Vegas vestment.

The PRCA convention appears to be Noem’s first trip back to Vegas since September 26, when unpleasant trip prompted her public breakup with trusted Presidential campaign coach horrible bum Corey Lewandowski. Funny that she hasn’t tweeted yet about getting back on her interstate travel horse. I’d think someone on Team Noem would have put together some nice clips on Kristi’s triumphant return to Vegas….


  1. marvin kammerer 2021-12-02

    the PRCA needs their butts kicked for inviting this woman to be their main speaker representing the gov. of sd. there are many past rodeo queens the would of more than fill the bill!

  2. Mark Anderson 2021-12-02

    What can anyone say? Its just so perfect.

  3. Bob Newland 2021-12-02

    Oh, I don’t know, Marv. I think a bunch of steer- and calf-torturers fit pretty well with the Snow Queen.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-12-02

    Just think, Marvin: if Billie Sutton had gotten 11,459 more votes, the PRCA could have invited an actual Governor who actually competed in rodeos.

  5. Spike 2021-12-02

    Yes Cory,
    How far we have fallen.

  6. DaveFN 2021-12-02

    “PRCA’s National Convention’s keynote speaker, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, spoke today at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa. She talked about how the sport of rodeo is a strong example of what America stands for; love of country, family and the rural western American lifestyle.”

    The comments people made to her post make me want to vomit on my shoes.

  7. DaveFN 2021-12-02

    …not that her git-up wasn’t enough to have the same effect.

    She obviously has a fashion consultant as she’s not bright enough to pick out her own clothes. Nor is she smart enough to fire same.

  8. V 2021-12-03

    Great humor Cory!!!! I’ve been away from the news for a few days and really needed this. Let’s not forget Noem’s purchase of a state plane that’s better than any other gov’s from what I’ve read.

    DaveFN, I will never be a good example of what America stands for I guess because I don’t do rodeo. I do biking and hiking, more along the lines of Ansel Adams kind of America….quiet, peaceful and away from furry predators like Noem and her gun slingers who exemplify the worst of American popular culture.

  9. Juli Adams 2021-12-03

    Her outfit makes her look like Melvin P. Thorpe in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. All she’s missing is the sock roll.

  10. Mac 2021-12-03


  11. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-12-03

    Ho-LEE To-LEE-do! Somebody take and keep that infant away from that nasty egomaniac. Poor thing, I guarantee you it will be hauled to plastic surgeons, image consultants, and beauty pageants before it’s six years old.

  12. jerry 2021-12-03

    Goodwill store in Vegas finally got rid of those moldy duds that have been gathering dust mites. Corporate cowboys only need to count to 8 for the most part and that fits perfectly the IQ required to listen to her drivel and take it as serious. Where was Lewandowski?

  13. O 2021-12-03

    Mac, ” . . . high plains grifter”– brilliant.

  14. mike from iowa 2021-12-03

    Are those Chia Pet jeans she’ stuffed into and are those wrinkles fertilizer sticks? Them thangs git t9ighter and she’ll replace Barry Gibb in the Bee Gee.

  15. marvin kammerer 2021-12-03

    cory, if sutton was our gov.i would still approve & support rodeo as ii know he would. one of my daughters was miss rodeo queen of sd. she worked hard as the rest of us to keep this outfit from being cannon fodder for the realtor crowd & ellsworth air force base.we did not burn up the road going to horse shows & a lot of rodeos.we couldn’t. a that so I’m still on land that i will always treasure. it is a resource not a commodittee. and i might add by treaty it is still belongs to our native brothers & sisters.

  16. Arlo Blundt 2021-12-03

    Spend my nights with a dealer, trying to get ahead

    Spend my days at the Holiday Inn, Trying to get out of bed

    OOOO Las Vegas, Ain’t no place for a poor boy like me

    Every time I hit your crystal city

    You know its gonna make a wreck out of me

    Gram Parsons
    OOO Las Vegas
    From “Return of the Grievous Angel” with Emmy Lou Harris

  17. Bonnie B Fairbank 2021-12-04

    I’ve never understood why South Dakota (even West River) has ever been considered a Western state. Every good ol’ wannabe cowboy I know wears sh*tkickin’ shiny cowboy boots, brand new, never sweat-stained cowboy hats, and drive enormous new Dodge 3500 Rams.
    North and South Dakota territories were admitted into the Union at the very same moment and were considered pretty lame, but, eh, whatchoo gonna do?
    Why must state citizens put up with all this rootin’, tootin’, shootin’ crap about the wild, wild west? Yeah, some maladjusted wankers slummed around in Lead and Deadwood, but is that any excuse for seeing (*shudders*) Kristi Lynn on a horsie wearing absolutely new cowgirl regalia her devoted hubbie had to return to Cabelas?

  18. Porter Lansing 2021-12-04

    BTW, Bonnie … It’s a pleasure reading your opinions garnished with your unique verbage. :)

  19. larry kurtz 2021-12-04

    Doom scrolling,
    Zoom trolling,
    Gloom polling:
    This is why we can never have nuthin’ nice.

    The guy who killed some 60 people in Las Vegas was a white supremacist bent on starting a race war.

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