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Weiland: Safer to Be in Florida Than Sturgis

Rapid City doctor Kevin Weiland thought about running for Congress in 2010, the year Kristi Noem won her first statewide election. Now Dr. Weiland is running from Governor Kristi Noem and her coronavirus-ignorance and spending Superspreader Rally 2 in Florida:

While Gov. Kristi Noem frolicked with bikers at the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally amid a nationwide surge of the coronavirus on Monday, Dr. Kevin Weiland watched and worried from afar.

Weiland, a Rapid City internist, told The Daily Beast he went to Florida to “escape the Rally”—despite a raging outbreak in the Sunshine State. The doc’s concern: that the massive South Dakota gathering—organizers say more than 700,000 people were expected to visit the Black Hills, setting an all-time record—could be dangerous, as the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreads across the nation.

“Safe as I am in a gated community, I have strong feelings as to what our governor is doing,” Weiland told The Daily Beast of his new digs down South.

Weiland went on to claim that “the very first South Dakota resident to die was my patient,” arguing that like ex-President Trump, Noem was a coronavirus rogue and denier who “should be exposed” [Tom Lawrence, “Covid Doc Flees to Florida as Gov. Kristi Noem Sends Death Cult into Overdrive,” Daily Beast, 2021.08.09].

Far be it from me to question Dr. Weiland’s assessment of public health risk. But Florida’s Governor is at least as reckless of pandemic safety as South Dakota’s, and Florida is part of the Deep South hotspot. Florida has a current covid rate of 127 cases per 100K population, the highest in the nation, while South Dakota’s reported covid rate is 6 per 100K population, the lowest in the nation (though who knows if we’re getting reliable data from South Dakota’s Department of Health? Are we even testing anyone for covid any more?). But with our Governor making a point of rallying the reckless, I’m keeping away from busy places in South Dakota, too.


  1. jerry 2021-08-10 09:40

    Hope Weiland stays safe. Good doctor but terrible candidate. Gated community still has holes in the gate.

  2. Porter Lansing 2021-08-10 10:57

    Inquiring Minds Want To Know:

    Where are the doses of hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) being stored?
    How long is their shelf life?
    Can they be donated to lupis patients, with economic hardships?

  3. Porter Lansing 2021-08-10 10:58

    Sorry. It’s spelled lupus.

  4. Mark Anderson 2021-08-10 12:04

    Well our kingship DeSantis will continue to lose in court, those lovely Norwegians just kicked him to make their passengers safe. Parents and school boards are going after him. He’s just playing cheap theatrics to the trumpie base of losers and killing people on the side, he doesn’t care. He has to act tough, he has a girly voice after all and he was a shortstop, not a center fielder. It will be fun to see trump destroy him and pick kristi for his VP, but thats a bit ahead. He got his shots, so did trump and Kristi. She got hers in public didn’t she? Shame on her she’ll have to do penance on that one even though she’s a foursquare. We used to play that during recess, but it can also be played as a religion.
    I’m sure that everyone acted respectfully and practiced social distance as the CEO of the Buffalo Chip said. Acts like Kid Rock in Sturgis encourage people to do that don’t they? At least they are helping to make America GREAT again aren’t they?

  5. John Dale 2021-08-10 15:14

    That’s been true for about 55 years.

    It’s why people go there.

    Ever seen a hill climb or a dirt track race?



  6. Vi Kingman 2021-08-10 16:45

    meaning what John Dale?

  7. cibvet 2021-08-10 17:34

    Vi Kingman, He doesn’t know what it means. He took a dump and read the turd in the toilet bowl and that’s what it said.

  8. Mark Anderson 2021-08-10 18:09

    Well after decades of bikers relieving themselves at this event. Millions of people, what do tou think people will call the yellow cave formation that forms in the Pahasapa Limestone?

  9. Guy 2021-08-10 21:40

    Mark Anderson, you commented : “It will be fun to see trump destroy him and pick Kristi for his VP…” Because, after all you’re admitting that’s what it’s all about for Kristi. She badly wants to get reelected, so, we can pay her to live in her Pierre mansion for two years (2023-2025) and do partisan campaign broadcasts from her capitol studio, also paid by us. So, if we reelect Kristi, we are basically paying her to campaign for two years and IF…IF she gets elected to higher office, it’s “adios South Dakota, thank you for paying for my campaign to the Vice Presidency!” When will the people in this state WAKE UP?!? You’re being played by a rodeo queen who wants to be America’s Queen!!!

  10. Guy 2021-08-10 23:07

    Intense smoke from the NEW Richard Spring Fire in Southeastern Montana just blew into Spearfish late this afternoon. The smoke was so thick, you could not see Crow Peak from the Black Hills State University campus. The rally goers are in for some heavy smoke the rest of the rally with this new and growing fire. Visibility has been dramatically reduced in the Hills. We are just down wind from the fire that has led to mandatory evacuations of communities on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Rosebud County, to include the Ashland and Lame Deer. The fire is just a few miles southwest of Colstrip, the coal mining town. If the fire keeps growing at the fast pace it is, it will become the largest wildfire burning in Big Sky Country. Bikers should avoid US Highway 212, as it is currently closed from Broadus to the Crow Agency in Montana.

  11. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-08-11 07:53

    Couldn’t see Crow Peak? That’s thick smoke. Our clean air is one of our selling points; if climate change is going to light the continent on fire and make South Dakota smoky all summer, how can we advertise our great outdoors as a reason to visit and buy a house here?

    Florida has hurricanes, but at least you don’t get respiratory disease from them.

  12. Guy 2021-08-11 08:14

    Sad, but true, Cory. I was looking forward to my stroll after work and was greeted by choking smoke half-way through my walk. When I got back to my car I was very nauseated to say the least. On the bright side and there is one this morning in Spearfish with a clear blue sky. However, if the winds shift, we are back to coughing, hacking and red eyes. So, I’ll be grateful and count my blessings this morning.

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