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Support the Troops: U.S. Military to Require Coronavirus Vaccine

Following the pro-science, pro-readiness sensibility of General George Washington that saved the American Revolution, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced he will seek Presidential approval to require all members of the United States military to get coronavirus vaccines by mid-September. Commander-in-Chief Joe Biden supports the military vaccine mandate:

Secretary Austin and I share an unshakable commitment to making sure our troops have every tool they need to do their jobs as safely as possible. These vaccines will save lives. Period. They are safe. They are effective. Over 350 million shots have been given in the United States alone. Being vaccinated will enable our service members to stay healthy, to better protect their families, and to ensure that our force is ready to operate anywhere in the world [President Joe Biden, statement,, 2021.08.09].

The Pentagon says refuseniks in uniform will face some sort of discipline.I’d say nuts to discipline—just send unvaccinated troops back to Afghanistan to sneeze on the surging Taliban.

But biological warfare by anti-vax troopers might not work, since even the Taliban, who opposed polio vaccine efforts as Western infiltration ploys, have recognized the value of coronavirus vaccines:

Despite the Taliban’s history of disrupting public health and education efforts, the group has taken the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic seriously. It has emphasized the provision of public health services as a part of a wider effort to reduce the spread of the virus and number of fatalities. In April 2020, the Taliban took concerted efforts to reduce the spread of Covid-19 in areas under its control, including declaring a ceasefire, giving permission to health workers to enter their areas, executing awareness workshops on public health, giving out medical equipment to the public and setting up quarantine centers.[18] It also implemented a new rule that Afghans returning from Iran, where the pandemic was proliferating, would need to serve a two-week mandatory quarantine in their homes, in contrast to the inadequate screening of thousands of people entering the country each day by the Afghan government.[19] The Taliban also committed to working with healthcare workers and providing them the necessary assistance. The group’s unexpected approach to tackling Covid-19 gave a ray of hope that it might pause its hostilities and cooperate to contain the pandemic [Roshni Kapur, “The Afghan Taliban and Covid-19: Leveraging the Crisis or a Change of Heart?” Middle East Institute, 2021.04.13].

The Taliban can attest to how lacking vaccinations undermines operational readiness:

The current vaccination drive in Afghanistan is taking place in a volatile environment amidst increased fighting between Afghan security forces and the Taliban. The Taliban’s unexpected response to Covid-19 vaccines may been partially driven by the fact that many top members of the Taliban including Haibatullah Akhundzada and Sirajuddin Haqqani have contracted the virus.[20] The virus sweeping through the upper echelons of the group not only left a leadership vacuum, but it affected their approach to the intra-Afghan dialogue, military operations and money-making ventures[21] [Kapur, 2021.04.13].

Of course, the Taliban are still attacking hospitals, destroying vaccine stocks and other health care supplies, and making it hard to impossible for Afghan civilians to seek coronavirus vaccines and treatment.

But hey, soldier: if we need to go back to Afghanistan to straighten things out, we need you in top shape, not hooked to a ventilator, laid up with brain fog, or incapacitating your platoon. Follow your orders and get your shots!


  1. jerry 2021-08-10

    Good deal. Gov. Killer Abott of Texas, now is begging NOem for help for his out of control Covid. NOem will have to beg someone else for the beds and staff we will need here in 5..4..3..2..—-and-asks-hospitals-to-p/

    Thanks to the power of the vote that we have Biden/Harris in charge of the country. The leadership we are now getting is the way of the government to work for all of its people. Now to rid the vermin republican governors that plague this country with their reckless, murderous, treasonous behavior.

  2. Mark Anderson 2021-08-10

    It is absolutely reckless, murderous, behavior jerry. It is so far from good government it’s crazy. A party that’s lead by a lying losing con artist grifter wouldn’t have been believed if it was in a fiction novel earlier in my lifetime. Now you have the younger versions out on the loose. Voting them out is also being made more difficult, but it will happen. They are going nuts because they see their end. They can all move to Hungary for the Hungary games,( sorry I have to do that it’s in my nature). At least the military is still following the science.

  3. John Dale 2021-08-10

    Insane to me.

    Article 138 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) gives every member of the Armed Forces the right to complain that he or she was wronged by his or her commanding officer. The right even extends to those subject to the UCMJ on inactive duty for training.

  4. jerry 2021-08-10

    John Dale, better put would be to show any member of the military who has not complained about their commanding officer. The troops will do like we have always done, stand up and take their medicine, just like you did when you had your covid shots and move on smartly.

  5. cibvet 2021-08-10

    You are correct Jerry, most will stand up and take their medicine and will also complain about it as they do everything else. What they won’t do, is whine like some others we know. As for me, if there are some who refuse, discharge them as an undesirable”. Let them try civilian life with that hanging around their neck.

  6. Mark Anderson 2021-08-10

    Oh John, it gets tiring but it only takes a few minutes to look at your scuttlebutt. The particular governing regulation on vaccines is AR 600-20 PARAGRAPH 5-4. What do think this is Anthrax?

  7. John 2021-08-10

    Thankfully the newly radicalized Rapid City school board with its Karens are not in charge of COVID protocols at Ellsworth AFB. (This board of nuts was elected because American voters are bums who won’t vote in their local elections – allowing the 7% of the nutcases to represent them. (13% voted. The nuts won so 7%.) We get what we deserve.) Without citing any science – because they have none to cite — the board on Monday swept away the school districts COVID protocols. This, despite that school workers had COVID in the recent school year.. Despite the best science that when school kids are masked the incidence of COVID is >1% or less and 13-16% COVID cases when the kids are unmasked (summary of studies of over a million kids across half a dozen states).

    The RC school board says that children’s health is not district or school business. The board says its not the board’s duty to monitor student or staff COVID transmission, or COVID reporting, Willful blindness in the face of a pandemic.

    The Karens on the board:
    The science (PBS, 6 minutes, 10 Aug): (links are available to the study).

    Folks, if your kid / grandkid is 12 or older get them vaccinated If your kid / grandkid is under 12, find an alternative way to do school.

  8. Mark Anderson 2021-08-10

    Oh John, I’m helping our military, I’m attacking you get it forward boy. Where did the anthrax boys end up anyway?

  9. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-08-11

    John Dale continues to put national security in jeopardy by raising irrelevant arguments to deter people from getting coronavirus vaccines that have been administered to tens of millions of Americans and have shown no negative effects that outweigh the impacts of covid-19. The vaccines have not killed people. The vaccines have not shut down the economy. The vaccines have not kept kids from school. The vaccines have not taken soldiers off the battlefield and put them in quarantine.

    Commander’s orders match doctor’s orders: Be a patriot and get your shots.

  10. Porter Lansing 2021-08-12

    John Dale is a Russian Influencer:
    -We know he was educated in Cuba.
    -We know he has no job or visible means of support.
    -We know he spews Covid disinformation like a Hereford spews methane.
    -Odds point to his involvement with Russian misinformation agents.
    -Why would he be in SD?
    -It’s a great place for foreign agents, that know IT, to hide.
    -There’s already an international money laundering operation among the secret trust fund laws.
    TODAY – Facebook has removed hundreds of accounts it said were part of a disinformation campaign largely run out of Russia that also used social media influencers to peddle fake claims about coronavirus vaccines, including that some shots could turn people into chimpanzees.

  11. jerry 2021-08-12

    John Dale has been vaccinated for Covid with his two shot regime. He is trolling just like Tucker Carlson and Kristi NOem. Same birds, same crap.

  12. Porter Lansing 2021-08-12

    PS … Comrade Dale knows that 5G will expose his involvement and stymie his subversive, online security protocols.

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