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Sanford Doctor Aids and Abets Anti-Vaccine Misinformers in Sioux Falls

Eat an extra apple today to keep this doctor away. Sanford eye doctor Mick Vanden Bosch joined an anti-vaccine demonstration outside his employer’s campus on Grange Avenue Friday where anti-science sociopaths held up lying signs like this one captured by that Sioux Falls paper’s photographer:

That Sioux Falls paper, Twitter photo at anti-vaccine protest, Sioux Falls, SD, 2021.07.30.
That Sioux Falls paper, Twitter photo at anti-vaccine protest, Sioux Falls, SD, 2021.07.30.

“There is NO Pandemic,” reads a sign held by a woman who somehow missed the 2,043 extra South Dakotans from coronavirus. Dr. Vanden Bosch didn’t go out to talk some sense into this woman; he went out wearing his doctor’s coat and Sanford badge to encourage such stupidity and public health recklessness with his own sign saying, “Where there is RISK… There must be CHOICE!” He also made this devious comment:

Among the people at Friday’s protest was a Sanford doctor in uniform with his white coat and ID badges. Mick Vanden Bosch, a Sanford physician, said the protest was more than just a private employer mandating something for its workers, it was forcing them to do something they didn’t want to do.

“I’m not against the vaccine per se, although I have my issues,” Vanden Bosch said, “I’m against mandating it. I think we should have a choice” [Alfonzo Galvan, “Group Protests Sanford Health’s Covid-19 Vaccination Policy Outside Medical Center,that Sioux Falls paper, 2021.07.30].

Mick Vanden Bosch, anti-vaccine ophthalmologist at Sanford Health Sioux Falls.
Mick Vanden Bosch, anti-vaccine ophthalmologist at Sanford Health Sioux Falls.

Note the trick Vanden Bosch tries to play: he says he’s not against the vaccine, but he adds the unnecessary qualifier per se to give the doubters around him a foothold for their doubts. He then dilutes that statement to meaninglessness by then claiming to have issues, reinforcing the unscientific opinion of the knuckleheads around him without having to cite any sources or be pinned down to any specific refutable claim.

Vanden Bosch works for an employer that requires him to be vaccinated for flu and for coronavirus. Nursing students doing clinicals at Sanford (or anywhere else in South Dakota) must be vaccinated for hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, and influenza, all of which immunizations have risks. Vanden Bosch and everyone else who works at Sanford and every other health care facility do have a choice: get your shots to protect your patients, or go work somewhere else, far away from people with health conditions that prevent them from getting vaccinated, and far away from essential health care personnel whose vaccine-bolstered immune systems are under unnecessary assault from hordes of misinformed unvaccinated people.

You’d think a doctor would understand basic immunology better than Dr. Vanden Bosch does. But whatever his issues, he’s supporting protestors in spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic and the safe, effective vaccines we have available to stop it. That’s unacceptable behavior from a man who took an oath to do no harm.

Dr. Vanden Bosch is creating a risk to his Sanford patients. Patients should exercise their choice to take their business elsewhere.

Related Risk Analysis: Vanden Bosch is a big enough Trump supporter that he paid a thousand bucks to hang out with Trump and Kristi Noem at their big fundraiser in Sioux Falls in September 2018.


  1. Richard Schriever 2021-08-01 09:37

    Is he credentialed by Rand Paul?

  2. John 2021-08-01 09:39

    Let’s hope Sanford follows thorough with its mandate and terminates his employment.
    Let’s hope and encourage the appropriate medical board, SD Optometry Board, revoke his license.
    Let’s hope the “professional” organization, SD Optometric Society, ACT professionally to lead the revocation of his license.

    The long history of “professional” governing boards and organizations is they act with hyper-conservatism to the point of doing and exacerbating harm when it comes to disciplining bad behavior and acts of their governed or members. This unfortunate state of nature leaves the discipline to the slow, blunt instrument of the lawyers and courts.

  3. sx123 2021-08-01 10:00

    @Richard… I was just going to ask: what’s up with eye doctors?

  4. cibvet 2021-08-01 10:09

    Like many politicians, people in the military and now the medical fields, the oath they swear to uphold is meaningless. I fear the America is more and more becoming a country of liars and cheats.

  5. John Dale 2021-08-01 11:47

    My instincts tell me …

    This “game” is mathematical.

    There will be Nuremberg style trials.

    But let’s say I’m wrong. If this offensive succeeds and the rank and file succumb to these prions (delta variant), there will be targeted assassinations for 1000 years.

    Most of these assassins would be from people who are not yet born, who would be gifted messages of what really happened to “US”.

    If you think this is a naturally occurring viral pandemic, and that we somehow figured out how to cure the common cold, you are contributing fuel to this genocide.

    Where is Bill Gates? Where is Schwab? Where is Fauci? Filtered bunkers in NZ?

    I have so many questions.

    As answers to my questions, I usually get useless personal attacks from strange little men.

    The kind of little men that are of little use in battle.

  6. jerry 2021-08-01 12:39

    It’s clear that none of the anti vaccine folks have ever been in the infantry. Just a bunch of REMF’s. Had they been anywhere near where the fight is, they would know that there is no way in hell you can be tracked. We didn’t know for sure where our sister units were and you can ask any trooper that has served in the sandboxes the same. If the military doesn’t know for sure where a company of men are, how in the hell can you inject a tracer. The term “friendly fire” is not a pool party.

  7. Tim Gebhart 2021-08-01 13:22

    This “doctor” performed my annual eye exam in April. I’m in a higher risk category for COVID. The exam was delayed more than a year due to the pandemic and I scheduled it to coincide with being fully vaccinated. Given his comments, I presume he wasn’t vaccinated when he saw me. If so, I am furious I wasn’t informed of that by Sanford or the clinic. That failure violated my right to exercise free choice in selecting a physician. I will never return to that clinic.

  8. O 2021-08-01 14:33

    The battle cry of this movement boils down to “nobody can tell me to do anything?”

    Millennials everywhere are saying, “. . . and people thought WE were self absorbed.”

  9. jerry 2021-08-01 14:37

    cull the herd republican style. They eat their own.

  10. Bob Newland 2021-08-01 15:00

    “The kind of little men that are of little use in battle.”

    Were I in battle, and John Dale were assigned to my foxhole, I would shoot him and use his otherwise useless bulk as part of my rampart.

  11. Bob Newland 2021-08-01 15:02

    “But let’s say I’m wrong.” –John Dale

    No problem. –Bob Newland

  12. jerry 2021-08-01 15:21

    Damn Bob Newland, cold, but spot on.

  13. jerry 2021-08-01 15:24

    Vanden Bosch, from Orange City, Iowa, had eaten to many Diamond Vogel paint chips as a kid.

  14. W R Old Guy 2021-08-01 16:12

    It’ not just Sanford. I was in the Monument Health ER (Rapid City Regional) a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I told the ER Doc that we had completed our COVID vaccine shots. He said he has not taken the vaccine and would not until the FDA gave full approval. instead of the “emergency use” authorization. “We don’t know what side affects will show up months or years down the road.” He was wrong on my diagnosis also. He surmised that it was probably a delayed reaction to the vaccine.
    I was back in the ER next day and admitted for a week of antibiotics to combat an infection.

  15. Sion G. Hanson 2021-08-01 16:53

    Part of the appeal of this blog, is seeing John Dale insulted.

  16. Mark Anderson 2021-08-01 17:21

    At least it’s hitting the “right” people now.

  17. Buckobear 2021-08-01 19:36

    So, this doctor is pro choice.

  18. DaveFN 2021-08-01 21:31

    “Where there is RISK… There must be CHOICE!”

    Asinine slogan. Risk of contracting and spreading a virus gives me a choice to go ahead and do so? If one is a pervert, yes.

  19. DaveFN 2021-08-01 22:37

    Robert Reich, new and improved slogan: “News flash: If you’re anti-vaccine, you’re not pro-life.”

  20. ABC 2021-08-02 04:35

    The current daily toll of Coronavirus in South Dakota– 30 new infected people a day during July.

    Do the math. 30 x 365 = 10. 950 new cases

    That;s 11,000 cases a year! So 1.2% of the population gets infected in 1 year !!!!! Because they refuse to get vaccinated and believe the Trump and Noem lies ????

    My question is— WHY isn’t the Democratic Party EVERY DAY— POUNDING the Republicans on this ???

    I don’t see it on the Front Page of SD dem Party website???

    Is 11,000 sick people a year OK and compatible with “freedom” ???

    Look, Vaccine MANDATES are legal, according to the Supreme Court–

    As in, OK, you live in South Dakota, you must get Vaccinated.

    Hate to say this–but both Rep and Democratic parties do NOT support a VACCINE mandate.

    So why support the Democrats in South Dakota? Weak, and they don’t do stuff.

    From the article–

    State and local governments can require their residents to get vaccinated
    So long as Jacobson remains good law, state and local governments may require their residents to get vaccinated. Indeed, states currently require their residents to get a wide range of vaccines by mandating that children be vaccinated before entering school or certain forms of child care. The only reason why a Covid-19 vaccine mandate would need to apply to adults is that the virus recently emerged, so most Americans were well past school age when they needed a vaccine.

    SO we require kids to get vaccinated before they enter school.

    But WE DON’T require everyone 12 and up to get Covid Vaccinations? Covid has killed 4,000,000 people across the world !!!,

    I understand that this blog, with a lot of information and news, is basically more of a “Bitch and Complain” Board and not an “ACTION” Board, are there any readers who AGREE vaccine MANDATES should be passed by Mayors (since Noem has predetermined back in 2020 that 600,000 could get infected,
    science says this, there’s nothing we can do about this, etc.)????

    How about a Initiated LAW requiring Mandatory Vaccinations? It might pass, maybe.

    I get it. The Republican and Democratic Parties are AGAINST Mandatory Vaccination. Even though the Supreme Court says it is legal.

  21. ABC 2021-08-02 04:42

    US Covid response in 2020 and 2021 is “genocide by default”, possibly according to the article.

    Does anyone really believe the Democratic Party of South Dakota is protecting us? They are only protecting their forever minority party status in SD.

    Republicans say–Trump won, vaccines are dangerous. Democrats say–hey we’re with you, no vaccine mandate, no mask mandate, too.

  22. John Dale 2021-08-02 05:28

    If Bob Newland was in my foxhole, I would have compassion and help him change his diaper.

    Hey Bob, how much does it matter to you now that a sneeze will clear a room just as fast as a fart?

    Life has changed, and not for the better .. but don’t worry, real salt-of-the-earth South Dakotans are on it.

  23. John Dale 2021-08-02 05:32

    Dear Sion G. Hanson;

    I’m not insulted by anything written here. I also have fun with the barbs.

    I am insulted, however, knowing that good front line workers are going to have their careers fraudulently (IMO) ended.

    I see signs and posters at hospitals, clinics, and urgent care facilities saying how much we value our front line workers.

    Talk is cheap, isn’t it?

    Stop abusing our front line workers by forcing vaccinations on them to prop-up terrible business models in the medical industry through snake oil .. I mean MRNA science.



  24. John Dale 2021-08-02 05:52

    Dear Bob;

    I just have to say …

    You are the Mini Spooners to my Frosted Mini Wheats .. the Berry Colossal Crunch to my Captain Crunch .. the Cinnamon Toasters to my Cinnamon Toast Crunch .. the Pinto to my Porche .. the Jackass to my Burro .. the Justin Bieber to my Frank Sinatra .. the chop sticks to my spoon .. and so on.



  25. John Dale 2021-08-02 05:57

    From a fairly credible source. This should be verifiable independently:

    “Gibraltar, Iceland See MASSIVE Covid Spike Despite Over 90% of Population Vaccinated”

  26. Mark Anderson 2021-08-02 06:10

    Why not comment on New Zealand John? I’m sure your credible source could find something. Dig boy, dig.

  27. Mark Anderson 2021-08-02 06:45

    In terms of Iceland, it’s easy to look up. June 26 they got rid of all domestic restrictions, 112 people caught the delta covid. 87% have at least one shot. They freed everyone who is fully vaccinated two days ago, again. Not doing as bad as South Dakota, 30 dead out of 356,991. What is South Dakota, just under 885,000? 2043 deaths from Covid. If you had the policies of Iceland you’d have what, 70 or so dead. It’s easy to look up the Full picture on anything John, you should try it.

  28. M 2021-08-02 06:59

    How did he become a doctor? Don’t they take an oath to save live?

  29. mike from iowa 2021-08-02 08:30

    Fairly credible source…..Infowars?

  30. mike from iowa 2021-08-02 08:46

    One does not have to feel insulted to be insulted. Didn’t Alex Jones ever tell you that nugget, Johnny Rabbit? Now wander off into the bewilderness and perfect covid roulette.

  31. O 2021-08-02 10:32

    Mr. Dale, does your linked article say Gibraltar saw 30 cases in 40,000 people? Up from 1 to 30? That is a crisis?

    Could you (and InfoWars) sensationalize a headline any further with misleading statistical obfuscation?

    This is why I (and others) mock the “news” you reed — and worse yet — disseminate.

  32. mike from iowa 2021-08-02 11:39

    I hope this is the last time this need be posted…..

    Overall, InfoWars/Alex Jones is a crackpot, tin foil hat-level conspiracy website that strongly promotes pseudoscience. The amount of fake news and debunked conspiracy claims, as well as extreme right-wing bias, renders InfoWars a non-credible source on any level.

  33. jerry 2021-08-02 12:47

    Getting covid after you have been vaccinated means you have an excellent chance of surviving. like almost 100%, just like you would if you caught a cold. What kills ya is not getting the jab. Source Infojerry, a source you can count on.

  34. mike from iowa 2021-08-02 13:15

    Right arm and farm out, man. :)

  35. Erica 2021-08-03 01:16

    Thanks for highlighting this optometrist as I have been needing a new one and a based one is a great one.

  36. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-08-03 08:22

    Opthalmologist, Erica. If you need eye surgery, this vaccine-denier is apparently your guy. Sad that you’ll encourage such reckless and un-Hippocratic behavior. I prefer a doctor who follows science and his oath.

  37. jerry 2021-08-03 09:07

    Begs the question, Why Erica, “have you been needing a new one”? Did the one you had before sicken from your ignorance and suggested you seek someone just as ignorant? My guess is yes. Embrace your new doctor, cough on each other and then quietly disappear.

  38. Erica 2021-08-04 02:35

    Jerry, I mean, the way all you covid fearmongers think, all of us who haven’t masked up since Mar 2019 or who haven’t been vaccinated should have been long dead by now.

    We all be fine.

  39. v 2021-08-04 05:47

    About 10 years ago, I worked in a school that had a breakout of pertussis or whooping cough amongst the staff. All personnel were TOLD to update their vaccinations and give copies of proof to the secretary. The clinic staff was busy for a week when most of us discovered we needed the Tdap (3 in 1). Turns out, the students already had the shot because of their regimented schedule. Fortunately, we didn’t have enough cases to shut the school, however, there were no subs to be found.
    Looks like young people are use to being jabbed a great deal. And those of you adults that are anti shots, well, take a look at the life saving vaccines that students are required to have for most public schools.

  40. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-08-04 06:59

    “Fearmongers”—when a disease kills more people than the Civil War, it’s not fearmongering—it’s sensible public health guidance. Get your shots.

    When a doctor participates in a protest where citizens claim “there is no pandemic,” the doctor is helping mong fear about non-existent conspiracies and about non-existent problems with safe and effective vaccines that, if they were universally accepted, would shortly allow us to say, “There is no pandemic any more!”

    But go ahead, Erica, go see Dr. Vanden Bosch for your eye surgery. I hope you find he has lots of new openings after his sensible patients cancel.

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