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Wyoming, South Dakota Get Largest ARPA Aid as Percentages of State Budgets

Governing puts American Rescue Plan Act dollars (you know, the last batch of pandemic recovery cash President Biden and the new, better Congress put together last winter) in the context of state budgets. Guess which states are getting the biggest slicest of socialist stimulus relative to their normal state budgets? Rootin’-tootin’-pinko-shootin’ Wyoming and South Dakota:

Barb Rosewicz, Mike Maciag, and Melissa Maynard, "How Far American Rescue Plan Dollars Will Stretch Varies by State," Governing, 2021.07.06.
Barb Rosewicz, Mike Maciag, and Melissa Maynard, “How Far American Rescue Plan Dollars Will Stretch Varies by State,” Governing, 2021.07.06.

20.1% of South Dakota’s total FY 2020 spending of $3.911 billion equals $786 million.Governing and their friends at the Pew Charitable Trusts must not be counting all the ARPA cash South Dakota state government is receiving this year; previous reports have put that figure at $974 million. And that money going straight to Pierre is only a sliver of the whopping $11.08 billion—nearly three full fiscal years of state spending here in South Dakota—that the federal government has sent to South Dakota governments, businesses, and workers to keep our fair state afloat through the coronavirus pandemic. No wonder Kristi Noem hasn’t had to make any hard budget decisions (besides what color jet to get): the federal government has put South Dakota budgeting on cruise control for two years.

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  1. Mark Anderson 2021-07-11

    You know the Democrats play fair it sucks. The trumpie party has always tried to screw over Democratic states and take money from them to feed the junkie states. I Guess the states that work and pay will have to continue to pay for the states that don’t have it in themselves to pay for their own.

  2. Richard Schriever 2021-07-11

    Mark – the essence of Federalism. Not really a one party vs. the other aside from one party believes in using Federalism for the good of the whole nation and the other – well, they believe in taking advantage of Federalism for their own enrichment. Welfare queen indeed.

  3. grudznick 2021-07-11

    That is sure swell.

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