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Friends of Guard Protest Noem’s Guard-Pimping with Billboard

Families and friends of South Dakota National Guard members purchased 24 hours of electronic billboard space on West Main Street in Rapid City this weekend to honor the Guard. The sign, less than a mile for the Guard’s Camp Rapid, responds to Governor Kristi Noem’s pimping out our weekend warriors to Tennessee billionaire junk man Willis Johnson for a political photo opp and misguided political campaign ploy in Texas:

Family and Friends of the South Dakota National Guard, billboard, West Main Street, Rapid City, SD, 2021.07.10.
Family and Friends of the South Dakota National Guard, billboard, West Main Street, Rapid City, SD, 2021.07.10.

These patriots have received so much support and cash pledges for their patriotic support of a non-partisan, non-privatized military that they may be able to deploy their “Not For Rent” message on I-29. Keep your eyes peeled….


  1. Nix 2021-07-11

    As a Matter of fact, on my last trip to
    Rapid City, I noticed that there were
    A couple of open billboards very close
    to the Pierre exit on I-90.
    A perfect place for a big red arrow pointing north on one of them with
    and a photo of our horses ass on it.
    Maybe we can get a 2 for 1 deal from
    the billboard company.
    I’ll be the first to contribute.

  2. Dave 2021-07-11

    Here at M&M Enterprises we fully support this use of the South Dakota Guard. Please consider expanding the scope to include the Air Guard.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder

  3. Mark Anderson 2021-07-11

    Well Cory, it is a very nice thought, but apparently it isn’t true. They have to get more aggressive, they are too South Dakota nice and that doesn’t cut it anymore in trump world. Great to see however.

  4. Eve Fisher 2021-07-11

    I LOVE IT.

  5. John Dale 2021-07-11

    Thank God! We’re saved!

    Finally, somebody is doing something?

    SD National Guard was not rented-out.

    They are on-mission, I presume, in a Southern Border war zone of sorts.


  6. leslie 2021-07-11

    The delta variant infects in 5-10 seconds. Put it on the billboard!!

    Kristi Noem does it from her bully pull-pit, saying:

    Call me when you are an American; Dr. Fauci has made many mistakes; Georgia US Senators are communists; I took a billionaire’s money to send our National Gaurd to the Texas border; she mouths Oath Keeper motto “Not on my Watch” wearing camouflage, dog whistling paramilitary militias like Trump’s Proud Boys he encouraged to “Stand Back, Stand By” firectly leading to the 1.06 attack on our Capitol; whines about not being able to shoot a fireworks photo op in a national monument in the middle of a very dry national forest.

  7. Guy 2021-07-11

    Governor Noem: You need to return that $1 million donation back to Tennessee Billionaire Willis Johnson and LEAVE our National Guard out of your partisan political campaigns. I once served in the National Guard and what Noem did is not right.

  8. Guy 2021-07-11

    I also agree with Cory that publishing the faces of our National Guard Soldiers before they head down to the border was very misguided. It was a violation of OPSEC (Operational Security). As a former Soldier, I would find those photos on the internet and in the media to place my life and my fellow Soldiers in danger if the bad actors at the border saw them.

  9. mike from iowa 2021-07-11

    Bet the bad guys could find the relatives of guardsmen and women pretty pronto because Noem had to assuage her limitless ego.

  10. Mark Anderson 2021-07-11

    Oh I’m sure its a war zone Mr. Dale, you’d better get down there quick. Its so nice to know that a rich person can pay to have South Dakotans wherever they want. The trump grifters love it. They have to keep upping the ante. Maybe a few North Dakotans next time, but their already keeping the Canucks out.

  11. Mark Anderson 2021-07-11

    Well John commenting with you is like playing wack a mole. So now I have to check on Tucson, why? Because its crime ridden. Well the most violent city in Texas is Texarkana, that Arkansas border is treacherous, they should really build a wall to keep out those Arkansonians its pretty close to the Louisiana too. Hopefully those South Dakotans will help. Chicago, been there several times. Everyone should go to the Hideout for cheap beer and the best music in Chicago. Neko Case was a waitress there.

  12. grudznick 2021-07-11

    Governor Noem, it is swell that Tennessee fellow just wants to send our Great State of South Dakota money. Do not spend it in Sioux Falls, please.

  13. Jake 2021-07-12

    Truth be Known, Rapid City’s crime rate is nearly as bad as Chicago’s, John Dale. Use your calculator, before your mouth.

  14. O 2021-07-12

    Good news: Governor Noem is officially part of the 1%
    Bad News: “Part of the 1%” refers to her straw poll support for the GOP nomination at CPAC.

  15. Lottie 2021-07-12

    Our interesting world on this side of the Border. A few of my adult nieces and nephews live in Phoenix and complain about weather and crime. They won’t consider moving to SD in spite of everything. I imagine every state has crap to deal with like a governor who is actually a comedian.

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