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Libertarians Announce Candidates for US House and Governor, Want Ravnsborg Out

Lost in the week’s explosion of Ravnsborg disgrace and impeachment news was the Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s call on Sunday, before the Governor and Legislative leaders and the cops all officially turned on Jason, for our killer Attorney General to resign:

The Libertarian Party of South Dakota calls for the immediate resignation of Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg. South Dakota has lost all confidence that Ravnsborg will faithfully execute his duties as Attorney General due to the crimes he has committed in causing the death of Joseph Boever.

In regards to the criminal charges determined by the Hyde County State Attorney’s Office, presented by Deputy State Attorney Emily Sovell, to excuse away the fact that both Sheriff Volek and Ravnsborg walked by the body of Boever claiming to not have see it, to claim that “there was a very, very thorough investigation for every step of the way” when no breathalyzer or blood draw was given the night of the accident, to say that “nothing was indicative of him [Jason Ravnsborg] being under the influence of alcohol or drugs” when Ravnsborg left his lane of traffic and killed Joseph Boever carrying a flashlight, to completely disregard the fact that Ravnsborg lied on his 911 call about seeing something in the “middle of the road,” to completely disregard the fact that the Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek did not properly investigate what Ravnsborg hit and instead borrowed Ravnsborg his personal vehicle, clearly demonstrates that the Hyde County State Attorney’s Office, responsible for determining charges in this case, has severely neglected their duties and has done an extreme disservice to South Dakota.

“The logical fallacies and misleading ‘facts of the case’ presented by Hyde County Deputy State Attorney Emily Sovell and Beadle County State Attorney Michael Moore are nothing short of absurd. It is clear that Ravnsborg is being protected from justice by the same legal system he is leading as Attorney General,” says Communication Director Devin Saxon, who questions the Hyde County State Attorney’s judgment in not filing more serious charges than misdemeanor [Libertarian Party of South Dakota, press release, 2021.02.21].

As an undercard, the press release also casually names the Libertarians’ marquee candidates for 2022: Corgan Larson for U.S. House and Austin Eastman for Governor. Eastman appears to be a 2015 Sioux Falls Roosevelt graduate, meaning he’d be running for Governor at about age 25 and denying a potentially resurgent Billie Sutton the youth vote. Larson appears to be of a similar age, having voted for the first time in the 2020 election.

I don’t know if Eastman has put out much press about his candidacy yet, but Larson joined his Libertarian leaders for their February 21 Hedgehog Watchdog podcast to talk about his candidacy and help fry Ravnsborg:

Now if the Libertarians can just find a good lawyer to run for Attorney General….


  1. Mark Anderson 2021-02-27 10:34

    Well Grudz swears the boy wasn’t drinking, but the libbies cast doubt on that one. They are libbies right? I refer to them as pubs who smoke dope, but I could be wrong.. Perhaps I’m wrong about the sheriff, haven’t talked to him in 40 years, but the libs seem to imply that he helped cover up a manslaughter. I think at the very worst he screwed up because he believed his boss. He was negligent and should have followed procedure, whatever that is in this case. He’s near retirement anyway, he was a good guy when I knew him. The AG deserves jail for manslaughter at least. He’s lied about it, could that up the charges?

  2. Sion G. Hanson 2021-02-27 12:25

    This whole story just stinks SO bad! The whole truth will never be known. There are too many dishonest people involved.

  3. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2021-02-27 15:55

    Sion, I assume you mean the Ravnsborg story, not the story of good young Libertarians running for high office. ;-)

  4. grudznick 2021-02-27 17:14

    I agree with Mr. Hanson, and appreciate his first name being Sion.

    It is indeed a stinky story about these two young fellows. What we need in the Libertarian party is more of the old dogs of the Party running for office, not just kids in favor of the demon weed.

  5. robin friday 2021-02-27 17:26

    I for one (inasmuch as some people call me “libbie”) see no evidence to conclude that R. was drinking. As simply a lay member of the press-consuming public, I see far more evidence that the sheriff’s office failed to do their job, failed in a very costly-to-the-public and shameful way to do their job. It really has little to do with conservative-liberal, it’s just a matter of everyone concerned screwed up big time. But I will say that if R. had half a brain, he would have resigned and got out of the state while the getting was good. Misdemeanors? You’ve got to be kidding.

  6. Sion G. Hanson 2021-02-27 19:23

    To clarify, yes; I was speaking of Ravnsborg. As to Libertarians, I’d like nothing more than to see these young people get a toe-hold in this state. Entrenched Republicans that supported Trump are no longer a party with any kind of decency. Politicians only want the support of the 100m Trump supporters, not the approval and head-nod from Trump. I was a life-long Republican in SD. I signed on as a Libertarian about 4 years ago because of Trump. Noems’ support for Trump convinced me that I have made the right decision.

  7. Cody 2021-02-27 20:17

    Here is a case of a distracted driving accident that ended with a fatality.

    Here’s an excerpt: “A Sioux Falls man who killed a motorcyclist in 2012 while speeding and texting on Minnesota Avenue was given a nine-year prison sentence Tuesday.”

    Pretty clear to me the AG got preferential treatment.

  8. grudznick 2021-02-28 19:24

    Mr. Hanson, thank you for the clarification. I, for one, have often thought about becoming a Libertarian again. I have many friends who are really gung-ho Libertarians, and that turns me a little to the side. You, sir, seem to be on the mark.

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