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State Supports Sioux Falls CBD Dealer with Coronavirus Relief Cash

Governor Kristi Noem and her minions insist South Dakota isn’t ready to legalize medical marijuana. Voters approved opening South Dakota for medical marijuana business come July 1, but the Governor has said she hasn’t had enough time to study the issue to properly launch a program this year. (Not enough time to study? What does she do with all her time on the airplane?)

Yet Noem apparently thinks businesses that could capitalize on medical marijuana are ready to receive government assistance. According to the state’s accounting of Coronavirus Relief Funds,  our Small Business Start-Up Grant program gave CBD Centers of Sioux Falls $5,830 to get up and running. That shop opened at The Bridges on 57th in October, vending all sorts of oils and gummies and what-not made from Midwest certified hemp.

Apparently Governor Noem isn’t entirely opposed to promoting cannabis products… as long as she can do it with someone else’s money.

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  1. Mark Anderson 2021-02-25

    Maybe she’s thinking of the Libertarian vote, you know those Republicans who smoke dope.

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