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Trumpublicans Overbook Fascist Fest, Sell More Tickets Than Coronavirus Contract Allowed

Trumpublicans will always screw their own. At the Florida fascist fest attended by Governor Kristi Noem on Saturday, hundreds of young ticketholders ended up locked out on the street after the West Palm Beach convention hall reached its coronavirus capacity of 2,000. It turns out organizers signed a contract agreeing to that capacity cap but went ahead and took ticket money from far more than that limit:

Hundreds of frustrated students with tickets were stranded outside, many maskless and crowded together, unable to hear the evening’s A-list lineup of speakers that included Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, ex-presidential aide Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Palm Beach County Administrator Verdenia Baker said Turning Point “oversold their contract capacity by 500 to 600 people,” Baker wrote in a statement. “The Convention Center is adhering to the contractual agreement with Turning Point with a 2,000 person capacity; this leaves 500-600 people unable to enter the Convention Center.”

…Besides students, Turning Point allowed into the event dozens of media — most from far-right outlets like OANN and Breitbart — and VIPs, whose donations subsidized hotel bills and admission fees for the students.

Turning Point spokesman Andrew Kolvet denied that the group had oversold the event — which drew 5,000 students last year — or that it had violated the contract. Turning Point set up an outdoor LED screen and chairs in a nearby parking lot as an overflow venue [Christine Stapleton, “Turning Point Opens Summit with Focus on Pandemic and Angry Crowd—Not President Trump,” Palm Beach Post, updated 2020.12.21].

Notice that Kristi still doesn’t make the Florida paper’s A-list. Darn, Kristi—you’d better get more speech tips from Corey Lewandowski!

But now these hundreds of rabid youths will come back from their winter break to their hometowns, spreading the virus of fickle exploitative fascism along with more cases of coronavirus. The work of protecting public health and democracy is never done….


  1. Mark Anderson 2020-12-21 09:48

    They can all kiss and make up.

  2. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-12-21 10:44

    Unfortunately, what happens in Palm Beach doesn’t stay in Palm Beach.

    You’d think after being stiffed at the door that some of these bright young people would figure out that they are being used by Charlie Kirk and his fellow Trump fawners for personal gain.

  3. Donald Pay 2020-12-21 11:36

    The total number of Hitler Youth wanting to attend was down nearly fifty percent from last year. Fascism had it’s day in the USA, but now it’s passè. Noem is on the D-list.

  4. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-12-21 12:10

    That’s a relief, Donald… either that or their mommies and daddies said they were grounded by coronavirus for Christmas.

  5. Nix 2020-12-21 12:11

    News reports from West Palm Beach FL. say that there have been sightings of a Rodeo Queen on an old gray mare riding out of town heading North on A1A carrying a tattered American Flag that looks like it was drawn on a My Pillow bedsheet with a sharpie.

  6. Jake 2020-12-21 15:03

    good ‘n, Nix. Hope she stops in the Peach State and the ole gray mare dies. Corey boy with her, ridin’ double?

  7. Scott 2020-12-21 20:45

    Law abiding Republicans.

    Now I should not be using those words in the same sentence.

  8. grudznick 2020-12-21 21:23

    This is like the Rally, or the party concerts in Aberdeen, or even like the sporting events with many children or restaurants that don’t keep their waiting areas empty for only those with reservations.

    People need to just. stay. home. And wear a mask when you go out in public to castigate those who aren’t staying home.

    These kids will probably be OK, but they should maybe get a spanking.

  9. Dicta 2020-12-22 08:26

    I agree with you, Grudz, but avoiding such events and even wearing a mask has become so wrapped up in politics that, for some, doing so amounts to acquiescence to Stalin. It’s absolutely nuts how weird the narrative has become. Refusing to wear a mask doesn’t make you Patrick fricking Henry.

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