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Trump Brings Martial Law Advocates to Oval Office, Pillow Guy Advocates Military Overthrow of Election; Where’s Noem?

Remember how Republicans and Russia-bots fomented rumors that President Barack Obama would declare martial law to hold onto power?

Donald Trump is actually having people in to talk about declaring martial law and rerunning the election at the points of military guns:

President Donald Trump convened a heated meeting in the Oval Office on Friday, including lawyer Sidney Powell and her client, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, two people familiar with the matter said, describing a session that began as an impromptu gathering but devolved and eventually broke out into screaming matches at certain points as some of Trump’s aides pushed back on Powell and Flynn’s more outrageous suggestions about overturning the election.

Flynn had suggested earlier this week that Trump could invoke martial law as part of his efforts to overturn the election that he lost to President-elect Joe Biden — an idea that arose again during the meeting in the Oval Office, one of the people said. It wasn’t clear whether Trump endorsed the idea, but others in the room forcefully pushed back and shot it down.

The meeting was first reported by the New York Times [Kevin Liptak and Pamela Brown, “Heated Oval Office Meeting Included Talk of Special ounsel, Martial Law as Trump Advisers Clash,” CNN, 2020.12.19].

Trump surrogate and pillow vendor Mike Lindell is calling on Trump to impose martial law:

Mike Lindell, tweet, 2020.12.19, screencapped by Erin Maye Quade, 2020.12.19.
Mike Lindell, tweet, 2020.12.19, screencapped by Erin Maye Quade, 2020.12.19.

Mike Lindell is speaking at the same fascist-fest in Florida this morning that Governor Kristi Noem addressed yesterday. Noem warned the young people assembled by Charlie Kirk that “we have seen unprecedented attacks on our freedoms in this country this year.” I hope she stuck around to tell Lindell, with whom she has made other public appearances, to back off his own and Trump’s own unprecedented attack on our freedom to elect our leaders.

Mike Lindell, tweet, 2020.09.17.
Fascists of a feather flock together? Mike Lindell, tweet, 2020.09.17.

Trumpublicans are a clear and present danger to our liberty. Our Governor and every patriotic American needs to denounce Trump’s flirtation with a military overthrow of our election. Our Governor and every patriotic American should denounce every Trump supporter who suggests martial law as a proper remedy to their personal and political grievances.

Related Republican Radicalism: The South Dakota Republican Party spin blog, Dakota War College, continues to advertise the “Presidential Recount Fund,” even the recounts are over and have all found that President-Elect Joe Biden really did win the election. I’d be embarrassed to have such a seemingly fraudulent ad on my blog in support of a traitor to our Constitution. Having failed to buy ballots, what will the Republicans use that “recount” money for now, buying bullets?

DWC Presidential Recount Fund Ad 20201220
SDGOP spin blog Dakota War College raises money for “recounts” to support a traitor to our Constitution, screen cap 2020.12.20.


  1. mike from iowa 2020-12-20 09:58

    Like i said, wingnuts won’t rein in incompetent/dangerous leaders so maybe Cory should declare martial law and take over the lege in Pierre. Lawd knows wingnuts ain’t doing their jobs. John Tsitrian for guv.

  2. mike livingston 2020-12-20 10:02

    25th amendment now!

  3. grudznick 2020-12-20 10:02

    Don’t media outlets and journalists supported by advertising, like Mr. PP, need to run the ads their advertisers pay for? Mr. Stan continues to blow money touting himself on your bloggings, Mr. H. It look like he and the Democratic Free Lunch crew are the only payers, so you run their ads. You can run whatever ads you want, grudznick defends your right to do so. I’m just sayin…

  4. mike from iowa 2020-12-20 10:20

    ES and S machines counted votes in numerous states where wingnuts received far more votes than pre-election polls suggested they should get. Wingnuts even admitted these machines were flipping Biden votes to drumpf. So there likely was vote fraud on a massive scale perpetrated by wingnuts.

    Calls to impound Dominion machines are a false flag to avoid the real crimes to be looked into.

  5. grudznick 2020-12-20 10:43

    I am glad, Mr. H, you seem to have started to differentiate between Trumpublicans and other forms of Republicans. Thank you, and may your post-church-service brunch be better than usual this fine day.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-12-20 11:12

    Grudz, if one of my advertisers were committing fraud or sedition, I would pull the ad. And if I knew one of my advertisers were committing a crime with an ad, and I continued to run that ad, arguing that I had a contract and thus had to run the ad would not fly with a judge.

    [I also reject brunch as a threat to my gastrointestinal integrity. My tummy requires three meals a day and is not convinced that some combination of two meals into one is satisfactory.]

  7. Bob Newland 2020-12-20 11:54

    Gruzfecal, however, eats crow and yellow-striped skunk all day, every day, while he gives ponderance to what worthless comment he will gurgitate next.

  8. jerry 2020-12-20 12:46

    GNOem has her pom-poms out to cheer on the sedition. Treason/grifting be her name.

  9. mike from iowa 2020-12-20 15:22

    Wanna bet pillow guy has sold no pillows to drumpf or noem because they are cheapskates?

  10. Mark Anderson 2020-12-20 15:31

    What can you expect from pillow guy? Just watch his ads, they don’t differ from the SNL parody of them. Hes a blowhard and as long as he and Kristi are on the same page its great for Democrats nationwide. You know the Democrats did win the house. Its up every two years so they have won it twice. You would think the Republicans won it by all the blowhardiness of their blowhards. The pubs might even lose the Senate since they have very bad candidates in Georgia. Peedew and Laffler are real whiners. Trump lost by over seven million votes folks. Biden is just letting the idiots rage and why not? Nothing they can do about it. Its kind of funny that the Republicans are winning all the little rural states, even Rubio’s talking about maybe, just maybe starting to support the working class. Republicans haven’t at all, the Democrats continue to support the lower and middle class but it needs to be sold ala Hubert Humphrey a true South Dakotan if there ever was one. Those days are a long way off. For Democrats to win they have to win big and they have been and will continue to do so.

  11. jerry 2020-12-20 15:45

    So, where is Waldo…er GNOem? She should be ordering vaccines for us, but nope, she is busy lining her pockets with grift.

    ““Pfizer is not having any production issues with our COVID-19 vaccine, and no shipments containing the vaccine are on hold or delayed,” the company said in the statement. “This week, we successfully shipped all 2.9 million doses that we were asked to ship by the U.S. Government to the locations specified by them. We have millions more doses sitting in our warehouse but, as of now, we have not received any shipment instructions for additional doses.”

    Biden and Harris will take care of this, January 21, 2021 cannot come soon enough.

  12. Owen 2020-12-20 17:00

    Noem has to be called for supporting this BS. I want this virus to end to be able to talk to her here in South Dakota.
    Hopefully she’s kissing her political future goodbye.

  13. mike from iowa 2020-12-20 17:19

    drumpf accused former aide Bolton of being one of the dumbest people in Washington DC and then called reports about martial law meetings fake news. Losing the election has not changed drumpf.

  14. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-12-20 17:54

    Note also the fascist pose Trump assumes in his “recount fund” ad on the SDGOP blog. Advertisers always choose their photos for a reason. Trump’s raised fist symbolizes the military takeover he is willing to stage to save his own neck.

  15. grudznick 2020-12-20 18:38

    Mr H, who said anything about upsetting your tender tummy with but two meals a day? I referenced brunch, the meal between breakfast and lunch, sometimes called Second Breakfast. Eating it does not deprive you of lunch, or an afternoon snack, and certainly not steak for dinner and a variety of snacks and beverages before bed time.

  16. grudznick 2020-12-20 18:42

    Hey, Bob, when you said this

    Gruzfecal, however, eats crow and yellow-striped skunk all day, every day, while he gives ponderance to what worthless comment he will gurgitate next.

    you were remembering that night, years back, when we danced together to

  17. Spike 2020-12-20 19:27

    SD should sue Kentucky. Or else maybe Seiler and Johnson could do it for us. Their lawyering skills are made for this. Maybe the Russians elected Mitch. Or else the Kentucky Gnomes meddled with the machines for their illustrious hero. Or perhaps the keebler elfs stuffed the ballot box.

    Really somebody needs to save us from seeing mcconnell on tv for 6 more years with thune stumbling around in the background. We do not deserve it.

  18. sx123 2020-12-21 08:22

    Was Noem at that White House Christmas party? Looks like some mega-church pastor caught covid there.

  19. Loren 2020-12-21 11:26

    Have been listening to the audible book “Dishonest” by Michael Cohen. The part where Don decides to run for Prez and brings in Lewandowski is very , shall we say, “entertaining?” His description of Lew is so comical when you realize Lew is now an influence on our, what we would call “governor.” I know some may say that it is written by someone who does not care for Da Lew, and Michael admits such, but if you just go by what you have seen/heard from Lew, it REALLY makes you wonder about Kristi. Maybe all that makeup is leaching thru to her brain! ;-)

  20. leslie 2020-12-21 17:13

    Replying to
    Britain is now all but cut off from the rest of Europe, and the disruptions have stoked fears of panic buying in supermarkets. It’s all adding up
    up to a chilling preview, 10 days before a deadline to negotiate a post-Brexit trade agreement.

    Police computers have been linked to death threats sent in Germany, and far-right chat groups have been found in several police departments, raising alarm about the extent of extremist infiltration.

    And in the US, Democrat “subpoenas for Alex Azar, the health and human services secretary, and Dr. Robert Redfield, the CDC director.”

    AG Barr is padding his nest before scurrying home….

    “Barr just said at his final press conference:
    NO election fraud undermining Biden’s win
    NO to seizing voting machines
    NO to special counsel to investigate election fraud
    NO to a Hunter Biden special counsel
    AND he said Russia, not China, hacked the US systems.”

    The other fat fu*k joined Barr:

    @nytpolitics Dec 20
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Russia was “pretty clearly” behind the recent hacking that infiltrated dozens of government and private systems.

    After the friday nite freak fest “White House General Counsel Pat Cipollone was fired …. “From my hours with the guy Friday night, that would be the smartest thing Trump could have done. Scheming worm worrying about his next job and what socialite parties he might get invited to.” 9:39 PM · Dec 20, 2020· [disappointingly—story discredited]

    In conclusion, “The ad wars in Georgia’s two Senate races, which have soared past the $450 million mark and saturated the airwaves at previously unheard-of levels, reflect the stakes of one of the most unusual special elections in American history.”

    Unusual? Not lately. Living in the USA.

  21. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2020-12-23 06:34

    Noem was using a flamethrower, it was in the newspapers!

    Write to Dusty, ask for impeachment of Trump for doing 0 since November 3.

    Write to your Republican legislators, ask them to impeach Noem. This is what democracy is for!

  22. SD is 20 per cent nonwhite 2020-12-23 06:37

    Hunting and playing with a flamethrower on Instagram? Noems job right now is stop Covid in SD. She’s not doing the job! Impeach her!

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