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Republicans Win 69% of County Offices in Races in 30 SD Counties

The carnage of Republicans slaughtering Democrats went all the way down the ballot to this year’s county races. 31 of our 66 counties had races for county offices, mostly county commission, with a smattering of contests for auditor, treasurer, state’s attorney, and coroner. One of those counties is Minnehaha, which still has not reported its results.

In the 30 counties that have reported complete results, 49 official positions were up for grabs. Republicans won 34 of those positions; Democrats won nine; independents won 6.

Democrats took first place over Republicans in just four contests:

  • Democratic candidate and incumbent Bennett County auditor Angela Hicks beat Republican Ami Jo Allen 72%–28%.
  • Democratic candidate for Lincoln County Commission James C. Jibben beat Republican Marlene Sweeter 52%–48%.
  • Democratic candidate and incumbent Sanborn County Commissioner Paul Larson beat Republican Craig A. Brueske, but only two votes, so watch for a recount!
  • Democratic candidate and incumbent Ziebach County Commissioner Bill Henderson beat both and independent and a Republican. (The independent, David Pesicka, is also an incumbent and gets to keep his seat, since there were two seats up for election.)

Every other Democrat who won an elected county position yesterday either faced no Republican opponents and only had to vanquish independents or, in Clay County, lost to one Republican but beat another in a pick-three race.

Clark and Jones counties each saw indy-on-indy action, with none of their county candidates declaring a party affiliation. In other races where indies faced a partisan opponent, four out of seventeen indies prevailed. Nine out of 32 Democrats running for county office won. 34 out of 42 Republican county candidates won elected office.

The conclusion, of course, is that if you plan to win an election in South Dakota, large or local, you’d better have an R in front of your name or plan to work really, really hard.


  1. jerry 2020-11-04 18:25

    The slaughter continues, 100,000 more trump virus today, each day. One thing for certain, my taxes, in these republican strongholds, are not going down. trumpian republicans are tax and spenders.

  2. jerry 2020-11-04 18:39

    Hey trumpian republicans, guess what..Biden/Harris are gonna be president and vice president!! Booyah!! A woman!! Man that beats all.

  3. jerry 2020-11-04 19:49

    The beat goes on 937 new trump virus `14 dead.

    “The South Dakota Department of Health reported 937 new COVID-19 cases across the state Wednesday and 14 new coronavirus deaths.

    Wednesday’s report brought the state to a total of 49,791 cases, 35,423 recoveries, 13,908 active cases and 460 deaths.” Rapid City Journal 11.4.20

    Every day is winding road of death and destruction here in South Dakota. Thankfully we can now smoke some legal pot to do like GNOem, grin,

  4. leslie 2020-11-04 20:53

    jerry: “Clink!”

    grdz—the inappropriateness of further discussing a new hairstyle in the Boever flashlight thread is so patent, that answering your question here is instead, as follows:

    “The carnage of Republicans slaughtering Democrats” is illustrated by the depth you sink to hurt a Democratic commenter you have written about in the last few days here.

    You fein as if you do not know who you have written about, and then distract by changing your words from “hairstyle” about her, to “hairline” of some other fantasy of yours.

    You have learned well from your mentor Trump. You have also placed Cory in a precarious place. Republican carnage is that Republicans do not care about anything other than greed, imo. This opinion seems to annoy Steve the Dodo (he called me a moron! :)

    Losing the competence of CPA Susan Wismer in the Legislature is tragic.

  5. Jake 2020-11-05 11:02

    No, Leslie, losing Wismer was a long dream of the SD GOP, as they didn’t need someone like her questioning their numbers and urging a “look-see” at some $$$ shenanigans the GOP committed.

  6. Cory Allen Heidelberger Post author | 2020-11-05 11:53

    UPDATE: Minnehaha’s results are in, and they add to the Republican dominance. Minnehaha County elected two Republicans to county commission and a Republican for treasurer, all over Democratic opponents.

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